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Kate Wingrove A2 Photography Coursework Project 2: Essay title: To what extent can I create experimental and original portrait photographs using both digital and art based techniques?

My Pinterest of Initial Ideas in response to the brief

Photography Mood Board

Nigel Tomm

David Abrahams

John Rankin Aline & Jacqueline Tappia

Photography Mood Board

Lukasz Pukowiec Richard Avedon

Photography: Nagi Sakai Artistic direction: Leslie David

Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin

Photography Mood Board

Nick Knight Juergen Teller

Corinne Day

Terry Richardson

Photography Mood Board

Henrik Adamsen Alejandra Villasmil

Pauline Darely

David Abrahams - Artist Analysis •

After finishing university, David Abrahams migrated to London from France to work as the Head of Fashion Photography and Lighting Director of Selfridges, Jaeger and LK Bennett. Constantly shooting and developing his unique style in his own time Abrahams has taught himself the lighting and retouching techniques that he uses in his work today. After 5 years in the industry Abrahams has recently joined the diverse, creative agency MBK London. David is now enjoying the freedom to shoot new and diverse projects both commercially and editorially. Some of his clients include: Ogilvy, Urban Outfitters, Bella Freud, Dominic Jones, Jaeger, Shortlist, Men’s Health, Selfridges & Co, Scott Wilson, Sparks London, Volt, Hunger, Fashionisto, 1883, Idol and many more. He was also Nikon Student of the Year 2008 and AOP student finalist 2008. The things about this image which I find aesthetically pleasing is the bright bold colours which creates a solid impression. Not only does it make it eye catching and striking but creates a fantasy and unserious mood to the piece. The main focal point of the image is the model articulating quite a negative expression , however the collaged background helps to distract us and change the mood of the image to a more uplifting one. The background image reflects influences of Any Warhol's main theme of pop art due to the eccentric colours and the layering of images of hotdogs. However, in the fashion industry models are only seen to be accepted if they reach the right weight requirement which is extremely underweight. Therefore, it could be interpreted that the model in the image reinforced by her expression may reflect her relationship with food, especially fatty ones. The photographer may have produced this juxtaposed piece in a way to convey two opposites within the industry. Similarly in his other works, he has created pieces in this style however collaging other influences for the background. The things about this image which I find visually attractive is again the use of bold colours and layered images which makes the audience interested into looking at the image for a longer amount of time compared to if it was just the subject models with limited colour and no background. By looking deeper into the image it may make the audience question why the artist has used an assortment of older aged people, and in some images only focusing on certain parts of their faces such as wrinkles around the mouth. The artist may have chosen to do this in a way to make a comparison between youth and maturity in terms of physical appearances, and also the facial expression expressed by the serious tone of the models, and the content matured people used in the background.

Lukasz Pukowiec - Artist Analysis •

Lukasz Pukowiec was born in 1991 in southern Poland in the Silesian Province which centres on the historic area of Upper Silesia. As with many other photographers, it all started with getting a camera as a gift. At the age of 18 he was already shooting his first editorial for Fashion Magazine (Poland): “- I don’t know if it even was a hobby, everything came kinda spontaneously. I absolutely didn’t think that I would become a fashion photographer, although I’ve always had a weakness for fashion.” A year later, he has shot for other publications such as Vanity Teen, Fiasco magazine, and Umno magazine, and is still currently working on shooting for more magazine issues. Pukowiec is a nature enthusiast with a passion for fashion, admired for his distinct techniques and creativity. The things about this image which I find aesthetically attractive is the lively bold colours which constructs a solid impression. Not only does it make it eye catching and prominent but creates a slightly warm mood to the piece despise the model’s facial expression. The main focal point of the image is the model articulating somewhat a negative expression , however the bright colours used and spotted pattern on the clothes helps to distract us and change our thoughts on the piece with one that has links to nature, creating a more relaxed and uplifting mood. The photographer Lukasz Pukowiec is a nature enthusiast so there are some strong links within his work which represent this theme. The background image reflects tranquillity as the slightly cloudy light blue sky shares positive connotations, and also the palm trees creeping into the top of the image may help reveal the full background which could be on a beach, another nature influence. The things about this image which I find visually stimulating is the main influence of the colour turquoise. This juxtaposes with the colours in the previous photograph as it reflects a more colder image with slight negative connotations. This creates a more striking, serious tone reinforced by the subject’s facial expression. Influenced by this aspect, I want to capture a similar facial expression of the model I will use within my own work. However like the previous artist I analysed, David Abrahams, I have taken inspiration from his choice of background and I will collage images which each have a theme which differs with the stature of my model in order to create a contrasting piece of work. Reflecting back to the image on the right and by looking deeper into it may make the audience question why the artist has decided to take a completely different approach to fashion photography and ignoring his common theme of influences of nature. The artist may have chosen to do this in a way to convey his different attitudes towards fashion, and in this image by the choice of colours may reveal a negative aspect to fashion and how in the fashion industry it’s not all happy and fun as reflected by the bright, bold colours in the image above

Artist Inspiration for Initial Images

Artist Analysis: Ellen Rogers •

Ellen Rogers was born in Norfolk in 1983 and is an English photographer and visual artist, known for her "all-analogue" approach to image making. Using traditional darkroom processes and development techniques, she is noted for the exclusive use of film in her photographic work. She is best known for her work in fashion photography and portraiture. Rogers developed an interest in photography at a young age, assisting her father with his own photographic work, and gaining an early appreciation for film and the collecting of film cameras.

Idea Two - Portrait Photography  
Idea Two - Portrait Photography