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4Tips for Smart Donations The gap between the rich and the poor has existed in the society for a long time. Some people enjoy the luxuries of fine hotels and chic lifestyle, but many individuals are seen struggling with basic needs of life. Several Samaritans have been striving hard to overcome this gaping gulf between the opulent and the famished.

For the purpose of improving the life of severely famished and poor individuals, different charity organizations exist in the society. These organizations comprise of enthusiastic individuals, who help the needy with food, clothing and education. However, for their smooth working, they require funds, which they gather through donations.

Before you donate to any of these bodies, take a look at these four tips, which will help you to contribute wisely.

1> Plan Your Budget Don’t fall directly to the campaigns carried by charitable bodies. Under the influence of strong emotions, you may end up donating a lot more. Plan your budget for all charitable contributions and always stick to it.

2> Be well informed At times, certain charity trustees may turn out fake, and may embezzle money through contributions. Keep a watch on such trusts. Always know the whereabouts of the trust before lending them money. This way, you will know that your money is used for good purpose.

3> Ask for receipts Some trusts are known to give receipts for all the funds granted to them. Receipts speak loudly about authenticity of the organization. Moreover, certain organizations also send email confirmation on reception of funds. Choose such organizations as they are authentic.

4> Never give anonymously Always ask for proofs of donations and seldom opt for anonymous payment modes. All funds given to NGOs, in the form of check or cash, can be used for seeking special tax benefit from the government.

These are four wise ways of donating.

4 Tips for Smart Donations  

Know about the 4 smart donation tips before doing charities. Spread the words.

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