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Summer 2012 : create, interact and learn @ the AcA!

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AcA’s Creativity @ the Center summer art camps offer creative, challenging and meaningful hands-on experiences for children. The limited group size provides opportunities for up-close and personal attention for each camper. We believe in an approach to teaching and learning that employs stimulating ideas like selfinquiry and self-expression. Although the activities are learningbased, they are also designed for lots of summer fun!


TEACHING STAFF Creativity @ the Center’s teaching staff brings an exceptional breadth and depth of experience as working artists and as educators. They have extensive backgrounds working with children of all ages and learning levels. The staff regularly works together to design innovative and challenging activities that provide campers the opportunity to express their creativity through artwork of their very own. For complete teaching staff bios, visit OUR MISSION The mission of the Acadiana Center for the Arts is to create, facilitate, nurture and fund arts and cultural activities to enrich quality of life and place. The AcA’s Creativity @ the Center is an annual series of handson workshops for young people, families and adults built upon our award-winning core programs. Creativity @ the Center offers students of all ages opportunities to study traditional arts disciplines under the guidance of professional artists, educators and guest lecturers.


QUESTIONS Contact Paige at 337-233-7060, ext. 232 or


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creativity @ THE CENTER


Summer 2012

CitySmarts Art & Science Camp......................................4-5

2 camps

AcA Summer Art Studios: Art in Nature: Drawing and Painting..................................... 6 The Music in You.................................................................. 7 Passport to the Arts............................................................. 7 Young Masters Series........................................................... 8 Summer Arts Intensives: Documentary Filmmaking, Architecture, Graphic design, Fashion design....................... 9 Acting Up (In Acadiana) Summer Youth Shakespeare Ensemble........................... 10 Louisiana Folk Roots Cajun & Creole Summer Camp for Kids........................... 10 Registration Form............................................................... 11

Hours: Tuesday - Saturday | 10 AM - 5 PM 101 W. Vermilion Street, Lafayette, LA 70501 337.233.7060 | 3

Crash, Boom, Plunk! Sounds Like Percussion and Keys! June 25–29 Sounds are made when something vibrates. Why do wind chimes stop making sound when touched? Let’s create a wind chime with recycled things! How distant is thunder and how can it be measured? Let’s use drums to mimic nature sounds and talk across the yard in a make believe language! Let’s draw a repeated pattern that reads like a song! What sounds makes our song seem happy? Help solve these questions and more as Super Sound Detectives!

Acadiana Center for the Arts & Lafayette Science Museum team up to bring your kids The Art & Science of Sound.

Hum, Pick, Toot! Sounds Like Strings and Wind! We believe that learning is most effective when it’s hands-on. When children actively participate and experience something firsthand, their learning comes alive! That’s why the Acadiana Center for the Arts and the Lafayette Science Museum have teamed up to offer your child a funfilled and educational summer camp experience. Each five-day session is packed full of hands-on activities and opportunities that inspire campers to create and explore. With only 20 campers per session, you can be sure that your child is nurtured in his or her learning experiences!

The Theme

Sound—it’s almost impossible to imagine a world without it. It’s the first thing you notice when you wake up in the morning and the last at night. CitySmarts campers will become “Super Sound Detectives” as they listen to, imagine and create sounds. Art and science activities are designed to help campers develop an awareness and understanding of the many kinds of sound and sources of sound that surround us. Activities will be approached through the eyes and ears of scientists and artists, blending their experiences into a creative and challenging adventure.


July 23–27 Vibrations make sounds. Let’s use things like string and wind instruments to make the sound of dripping water, the howl of a dog, or an approaching tornado. How can a hose and a funnel sound like a tuba? Now see how that tuba works just like our ears. Let’s create a sound symphony from recycled things. What is that strange sound and how can we measure its distance? Help solve these questions and more as Super Sound Detectives! DETAILS AGES: 6–12 WHERE: Campers spend part of their day at the Acadiana Center for the Arts, where they are immersed in the visual and performing arts. The other part of the day is spent at the Lafayette Science Museum, where campers are challenged in the world of science. WHEN: Each morning at 9:00 am, campers start their day at the morning campsite. At noon, CitySmarts staff members escort campers to the afternoon campsite, where they eat a bag lunch (provided by you). Campers are picked up at 4:00 pm from the afternoon site. LUNCHES/SNACKS: Bag lunches must be sent with campers each day. Snacks are provided. FEE: Each session is $180 per child, and includes all supplies, snacks and a CitySmarts t-shirt. AcA and LSM members: $160. All supplies and material costs included.

The Lafayette Science Museum presents science, technology and math through exhibitions, Planetarium shows, hands-on interactive experiences, films, workshops and other programs for children, families and adults.


art summer

The summer art studios teach basic skills in the arts.


Art in Nature June 4–8

Art in Nature: Drawing Students will learn a variety of drawing techniques to expand their understanding of the principles of 2-D art. Students will learn about native plants and animals and develop skills in observation and drawing in a range of materials such as charcoal, pencils, pen and ink, and oil pastels.

Art in Nature: Painting

The Music in You

June 12–14: Ages 6–9 July 31–Aug 2: Ages 10–14 There is a musician in everyone ready to be discovered! Learn how to express your ideas and emotions through music and create your own songs. We will be recording our music and designing artwork for CD covers and T-shirts…with a final performance to top it all off. DETAILS AGES: 6–14 WHEN: June 12–14 (ages 6–9), July 31–Aug 2 (ages 10–14) from 9 am–4 pm LUNCH/SNACKS: Bag lunches must be sent with students each day. Snacks are provided. FEE: $120, $110 for AcA members. All supplies and material costs included.

Passport to the Arts

July 2, 3, 5, 6 Explore world cultures through art making. This multicultural art camp encourages children to explore the vitality of other world cultures through the visual and performing arts. Sign up for one day, or spend the week with us!

Monday, July 2: India

India has one of the world’s oldest civilizations with a history of rich and diverse artistry. With textiles, jewelry, stoneware, woodwork, pottery and painting, we’ll never run out of inspiration!

This beginner painting class will teach the basic skills for students to create their own masterpiece using nature as inspiration. Students will learn about the color wheel, the use and care of painting tools, some basic techniques and still have plenty of opportunity for their personal touch.

Tuesday, July 3: Russia

Russia has a rich tradition of excellence in every aspect of the arts and has had considerable influence on world cultures. Join us for an exploration of this beautiful country!

Ages 6–9 9 am–12 noon Drawing 1–4 pm Painting

Thursday, July 5: Brazil

The country of Brazil is a cultural melting pot of heritages from around the world. The music, dance and visual arts are like nothing else. Let us take you on a colorful journey of this spectacular culture!

Ages 10–14 9 am–12 noon Painting 1–4 pm Drawing

Friday, July 6: Australia

The visual arts have a long history in Australia, with Aboriginal art dating back at least 30,000 years! Contemporary artists keep the rich tradition of the arts alive. Trek into the outback with us!

DETAILS AGES: 6–14 WHEN: June 4–8 LUNCH/SNACKS: Snacks provided daily. If registering for both classes, bag lunches must be sent with campers each day. FEE: Cost for each class is $100 for the week, $90 for AcA members. For both classes, the cost is $180, $160 for AcA members. All supplies and material costs included.

DETAILS AGES: 6–12 WHEN: July 2, 3, 5, 6, from 9 am–4 pm LUNCH/SNACKS: Bag lunches must be sent with students each day. Snacks are provided. FEE: $40 per day, $35 for AcA members. For all four days, total cost is $140, $125 for AcA members. All supplies and material costs included. (AcA summer art studios continued on page 8)



art summer

(continued from page 7)


art intensives

The Summer Arts Intensives for teens ages 15–17, are designed to give students an in-depth study in many areas of the arts. Participants gain insight about the skills necessary to work in a particular field of the arts.


Documentary Filmmaking

June 26-29 In 2011 Louisiana had more than 100 films produced here—more than any other state in the country. Needed: Interviewers, interviewees, director, assistant directors, camera operators, lighting designers, sound technicians, video editors, producers, and event planners. Use your individual strengths and talents and collaborate to help make a short documentary film with the assistance of Acadiana Open Channel, Acting Up (in Acadiana) and the Acadiana Center for the Arts.


Young Masters Series

July 30–Aug 3 Get to know the world’s greatest artists in the Young Masters Series, a week specially designed with the young artist in mind.

Morning sessions (9 am–12 noon): Art is all around us.

Who created it all? Artists did. In this camp, we’ll study a different master artist each day, learn about their lives and replicate the techniques they used to create their artworks.

Afternoon sessions (1–4 pm): Contemporary Louisiana artists. Have you ever met an artist? Chances are that you have! Our community is filled with artists, creating work in the mediums of painting, printmaking, collage, sculpture and photography, to name a few. We’ll focus on a different artist each day and study their techniques and inspiration.

DETAILS AGES: 6–12 WHEN: July 30–Aug 3 from 9 am–4 pm LUNCH/SNACKS: Bag lunches must be sent with students each day. Snacks are provided. FEE: Cost for each session is $100 for the week, $90 for AcA members. For both sessions, the cost is $180, $160 for AcA members. All supplies and material costs included.


June 26–29 From concept to the concrete; learn how the built environment that you occupy everyday is designed and constructed in this four-day architectural design immersion course. Architecture will be explored through informal lectures, tours and hands-on creation of drawings and models.

Graphic Design

July 10–13 Learn the basics of graphic design by creating an original logo and poster design. This four-day course, led by a local professional designer, will take you through the entire creative process and will include lessons on concept, illustration, photography, typography, composition, and color theory.

Fashion Design

July 10–13 Interested in the world of fashion? Learn what it takes to be a fashion designer during this four-day intensive. Begin with a concept and illustration and finish with a creation of your own!

DETAILS AGES: 15–17 WHEN: Tuesday through Friday from 9 am – 3:30 pm LUNCH/SNACKS: Lunch and snacks are provided each day. FEE: Each intensive is $300 per child. AcA members: $250. All supplies and material costs included. The GEAR UP initiative of the Lafayette Parish School System works collaboratively with higher education and business partners to provide students with the skills, access, preparation and information needed to enter and succeed in post-secondary education.


summer camps other

@ the AcA

creativity @ the center | summer 2012 REGISTRATION FORM (also available online) (one form per child) Child’s Name__________________________________________________ Age______________________Grade next fall_______________________ Parent/Guardian_______________________________________________ Phone____________________Alternate Phone_____________________ Address______________________________________________________

Acting Up (in Acadiana) Summer Youth Shakespeare Ensemble July 8–22 and 26–28 9:00 am–5:00 pm 10-Year Anniversary! Students ages ten to senior in high school study all aspects of the performing arts with professional faculty members and an extensive support staff. Each day begins with an hour-long company class followed by small group workshops where students study in age and experience-based groups. Afternoons are spent applying what they have learned in their workshops to their full production of Shakespeare’s Love’s Labour’s Lost. For details, visit

Louisiana Folk Roots Cajun & Creole Summer Camp for Kids June 18–22 9:00 am–5:00 pm There’s nothing like Louisiana Folk Roots’ Cajun & Creole Summer Camp for Kids. Our week-long day camp focuses on music instruction in a culturally immersive environment. Learn accordion, fiddle, guitar, Cajun and Creole vocals and more at a relaxed pace in and around the Acadiana Center for the Arts in downtown Lafayette. Our top-notch instructors coordinate an exciting array of culture-based activities. From band lab to cuisine to dance and other great activities, we’ll share a great and memorable week together! For details or to register, visit Acting Up (in Acadiana) is the resident, professional theatre company at the Acadiana Center for the Arts. They are committed to developing the next generation of performing artists through quality youth programming such as the Summer Youth Shakespeare Ensemble.

Louisiana Folk Roots was founded in 2000 to nurture, share and perpetuate Louisiana’s traditional cultural expressions, with an emphasis on our Cajun and Creole heritage, through performance and related educational activities.


City/State/Zip_________________________________________________ Email_________________________________________________________ SESSIONS (please check all sessions you want to register for) CITYSMARTS ART & SCIENCE CAMP q Percussion & Keys q Strings & Wind

June 25–29 July 23–27

ACA SUMMER ART STUDIOS q Art in Nature: Drawing q Art in Nature: Painting

June 4–8 June 4–8

q The Music in You (ages 6–9) q The Music in You (ages 10–14)

June 12–14 July 31–Aug 2

q Passport To The Arts q India July 2 q Russia July 3 q Brazil July 5 q Australia July 6 q Young Masters Series

SUMMER ARTS INTENSIVES q Documentary Film q Architecture q Graphic design q Fashion Design

June 26–29 June 26–29 July 10–13 July 10–13

PAYMENT We require a $50 deposit per session to hold a spot for your child. *Full payment required for Passport to the Arts. q Check enclosed q Please call me so I can pay with a credit card. Contact name and phone for payment: ________________________________________ ________________________________________ For information about cancelation policy, visit our website or call 337.233.7060.



Consider what arts and culture mean to you and become part of the creation. By becoming a member of the AcA you are able to help support a first class exhibition series, education, arts and culture as well as receive all the benefits of being a member. We have various membership levels for everyone ranging from Student/Artist/Senior Memberships at $25, Individual Memberships at $50 a year, Family Memberships for $100 that includes up to 5 family members. We also have a more permanent Lifetime Membership at $2,000. Membership also offers discounts on our Family Performance Series, Louisiana Crossroads performances, Summer Camps, Workshops and much more. Already a member? We appreciate your support of the AcA and its programming. We ask that you help us please spread the word about the great things the AcA is doing. It’s very simple, if you see something on our website that someone you know may find interesting simply click the “Tell A Friend” link at the bottom of each page.



Whatever your donation, be it large, small, donating your time or sharing AcA events and programs with a friend, you can help the AcA maintain the high caliber programs we offer to the community. Become a member today and save money on all of our summer camps!



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AcA Summer Camp Catalog 2012  

AcA Summer Camp Catalog 2012