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Polish presidency in the European Union Council


Dynamics, positive energy and solidarity are the values which the logo symbolises. It shows Poland as a modern, young at heart country, inspiring positive changes in Europe.

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The author of the presidency logo is Jerzy Janiszewski- the author of well- known logo of The Solidarność, which has become a historical symbol of polish way to freedom and democratic changes in this part of the world.

184 days 1200 educated experts

European integration as a source of growth Internal market E-Commerce

Business negotiations

80 connecting officers among about 3000 candidates

Beginning of negotiations

Finishing negotiations

430 million of Polish zloty- the whole budget of the 2010-2012 Presidency

with Ukraine, India,

over 10 million savings thanks to the support of the business

Eu budget connected with


the European patent

MŚP access to capital


and Malaysia

Europe 2020 strategy

partners 50 ministerial meetings in 5 Polish cities

Lowering roaming fees

over 30 000 delegates- participants of Polish meetings

2014- 2020 EU bugdet


The role of the Cohesion







and Common Agricultural

over 300 expert meetings and 200 events patronized by the Presidency around 1500 meetings in Brussels and Luxemburg



Intellectual capital




with Rundy Doha

in infrastructure and human capital

Europe benefiting from openness The expansion of the Eu Neighbourhood

Policy of

Signing the Accession Treaty

The expansion of the Eastern partnership

with Croatia

(the PW summit in Warsaw)

Continuing negotiations


with Turkey

Northern Africa

Progress in negotiations with Iceland

New strategy of EU relations with the




The most important meetings of the Presidency take place in the five cities of Poland. There are: Sopot - July Wrocław - September Kraków - October Poznań - November Warszawa - December In the many places in the whole country expert





events under the auspices of the Presidency

Arabic world

Supporting European aspirations of West Balkans

Safe Europe security

Common politics





and security The analysis of the state

discussion over

Foreign Policy

Strengthening the EU ability

the future

of the energetic policy

to plan

Common Policy

and executing

Agrarian policy

operational ability recommendations for


improving common of the external energetic Policy

Effective usage

Strengthening the EU ability




developing the

keeping the orientations


for the market

1/07 Official inauguration of the presidency (Warsaw) 8/07 Common sitting of the Cabinet of Poland with the European Council (Warsaw) 2-3/09 informal meeting of the ministers of foreign affairs UE- 27(Sopot) 17-18/09 European Congress of Women (Warsaw) 29-30/09 Summit of Eastern Partnership (Warsaw) 8-11/09 European Congress of Culture (Wroclaw) 3-4/10 Forum of the Internal Market (Cracow) 5-7/10 European Forum of Tourism (Cracow) 14-15/11 V European Summit of Equality (Posen) 28-29/11 Forum of Eastern partnership (Posen) 1-2/12 Conference on the high summit for the countries of Southern neighbourhood of EU (Warsaw)

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Delegates who are coming to the meetings will be, according to tradition, given a small gift... Polish presidency supports young, Polish projectants, minimalism, traditional materials, modernity referring to the tradition and nature.

The winning projects are: Tops (Monika Wilczyńska) Briefcases (Ania Kuczyńska) Milk and honey (Beza projekt) Clips with striped firestone (Dorota Kempko)

Art for Social Change: 1000 artistic projects, 170 partner organisations 60 cyclical events, 184 culture days •special projects in cities: Krasnogruda, Warsaw, Sopot, Bialystok, Katowice, Wroclaw, Lublin, Cracow, Posen •European Congress of Culture, 8-11 September in Wroclaw •Cultural initiatives and Eastern partnership •debates, workshops, design, music, theatre

I, Culture: 400 projects, 10 capitals, 10 time zones, 100 days •Projects in: Brussels, Berlin, Kiev, London, Madrit Minsk, Moscow, Paris, Beijing, Tokyo. •Phillars of the programme: Karol Szymanowski, Czesław Miłosz, Stanisław Lem, Beats of Freedom, I, Culture Puzzle. Workshop of the modern craft and I, Culture Orchestra. •Polish projects prepared by Adam Mickiewicz Institute in cooperation with POlish and foreign partners will be presented in the best galleries, scenes, clubs and festivals: Bozar, La Monnaie w Brukseli, National Theater, Whitechapel Galery, London Jazz Festival in London, Martin Gropius Bau in berlin, Teatro Real in Madrid. •Many cultural projects of Polish Institutes in 22 European and American cities and many diplomatic (public and cultural) realized by over 100 Polish diplomatics on every continent.

Polish presidency is an excelletn opportunity to present Polish cuisine. One of the most valued Polish chefs, Adam Chrząstowski, is supervising the creation of the menu with Polish dishes, based on national products, for the meetings in POland and Brussels. Foreign delegations and journalists visiting Poland during the presidency will be given a collection of recipes modernly arranged by 16 chefs, including three foreigners, working at the best Polish best restaurants. The main point of all the recipies is a product commonly associated with Polish cuisine (i.e herring, cucumber, grits, poppy, game.) Each recipe is preceded by understandable description of the product with its cultural context. Publication is more attractive thanks to the modern pictures.

Publication available on the presidency website


My first leaflet, so imperfect...


My first leaflet, so imperfect...