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Ability is what you`re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it. Holtz, Lou

Executive Board 2014|2015 LC Engec-Guap application Dear friend! You are now doing a new step on your journey of 1000 miles, a journey to discover yourself, to bring the change to the world, to be the future of your country. By filling this application you prove that you are able to make hard decisions, brave enough to change and believe that activating leadership is needed in the world. Create your story, Stand to be the change with AIESEC Russia in 2014|15. Yours, EB 13|14

Information about applying: 1. Application form should not be longer than 12 pages. It should contain proper answers to all questions. Design is up to you, but it should be in pdf. 2. Deadline for applying is 20/10/2013, 23:59. 3. To apply send to the application package in rar/zip archive named Name_Surname_EBapplication 4. The application package should contain: •2 portrait pictures of you (good quality, rather formal) in jpeg format named Name_position, Name_position2 •Application form in pdf format named Name_Surname_VPfuntional •3 endorcement letters. One from external person, one from your teammember, one from your colleague. Pdf format, named YourName_EL_external, YourName_EL_teammember, YourName_EL_colleague. 5. Application form should be written in English, endorcement letters from teammember and colleague as well, but EL from external can be in Russian. 6. Person from any AIESEC background can apply, but it’s required that by 01/02/2014 you have a realized TLP experience.

Information about election process: 1. There will only be one round of elections. Applications sent after the deadline or with not full application package will not be considered. 2. You will have an interview with elected LCP, current LCP and VP functional. 3. Elections will take place on 26/10/2013. 4. On the Election Day you will give a 8-minutes speech and will answer questions for 8 minutes as well. General assembly will give or not give you a confidence vote, after which the elected LCP will make the final decision and announce the EB 14|15. *Time for speeches and questions will be arranged by full-members of LC Engec-Guap.

General questions 1. Name, Second name 2. Contacts (mail, phone #, vk link) 3. Birth date 4. When did you join AIESEC? 5. List all positions in EB by order of priority ( GCDPo, GCDPi, GIPo, GIPi, ER, Fin, TM, TD, TXP) 6. Give an overview of your AIESEC experience (please focus on the gained learnings and achievements) 7. Give an overview of the most important conferences and trainings, you’ve visited in AIESEC and outside AIESEC (focus on the learnings that you got from each event) 8. List the functional areas, that you’ve worked in and evaluate your level of competence in those areas. 9. How will your non-AIESEC background help you in EB work? 10. Give the results of eneagramm test. Do you agree with the description? Why? 11. Please comment on the phrase: “I am from Engec-Guap. Any questions left?” 12. How have you changed during your AIESEC way? How do you want to change until 01/02/2015? 13. Please attach printscreens of your results of CAT 360` test (in

Choose one functional (by priority) 1. Why are you applying to this functional? 2. List 3 reasons for you to become a perfect VP funct. and 3 things that might stop you from it.

Functional questions If you are willing to apply for more than 1 position, please answer functional questions for the second priority as well. You have 5 pages extra to do that.

GCDPo 1. Analyze GCDPo department work in last 4 years (How did the structure change? How were changing the role and functional area of department, what were main achievements, what was successful and what was not) 2. What do you see as a reason of low results in term 13|14? 3. Present SWOT-analysis of GCDPo program (considering it at its current state). 4. What is the role and functions of VP GCDPo in LC and in EB 5. Present your timeline and pipeline for the term. 6. How will you work for customer centricity? List you 3 initiatives in this direction. 7. List your 5 initiatives for university relations for peak realizations. 8. With which countries will you work for LC2LC cooperations? Why? 9. With which VPs will you work in synergy? How will you build the work? What, when, why, how? 10. What is the value of GCDP internship for students, for university and for parents of the student? 11. What is the value of work in GCDPo department for VP, TL, TM? 12. Why do you apply for VP GCDPo? What difficulties do you see in the term and how will you manage it?

GCDPi 1. What is the value of GCDPi for Russia, for an intern, for a team member, for the TN taker? 2. Give the SWOT analysis of all the project in the last year. (iChange, ITLiteracy, SunShine, OpenArt, Vision) 3. Form a cycle of the projects for the year 2014-2015. Why are they relevant for the city? How will you scale them? 4. Describe and explain the structure of department and projects. How will you build such structure? 5. Describe the strategy of department for the next term. Compared to the term 13|14 what will you change and what will remain unchanged? 6. Describe the main ambition of the department that you want to achieve as VP GCDPi. 7. Describe synergies with other departments. 9. According to NPS, what are the strong and weak sides of our LC. How can NPS help to make the product development and process improvement? List your initiatives according to the NPS survey: - how to increase ReRa? - how to create more promoters? - how to manage detractors and make fire-fighting? 10. What will be your motivation during the term?

GIPo 1. Write the SWOT analysis to GIPo processes. 2. On your opinion, how should the GIPo department structure look like? 3. Your main initiatives in 14|15 term as a VP GIPo? 4. Analyze the GIPo processes in E&G according to EPs by sub-products (MT| IT&TT | ET). 5. What will be your main focus as VP GIPo in the term 14|15? 6. With which countries will you continue to work as LC2LC cooperations and why? Any other countries for further cooperations? 7. How do you forecast your future work as VP GIPo 14/15 (JD, MOSes)? 8. How will your experience in LC help you to work on this position and do all GIPo operations?

GIPi 1. What is the main value of GIPi Program? 2. What will be the structure of GIPi Department in your term? 3. Will you use synergies with other Department during your term? If yes, which synergies are you planning to implement? 4. Are you planning to change the structure of sales? What will you do exactly? How it can help to develop relations between Companies and AIESEC? 5. Are you planning to implement new projects? In which area? How many projects are you planning to realize during your term? In which areas? What projects? 6. How do you see an impact of GIPi Program for the Saint Petersburg, Russia and people which around you? How exactly do you see an impact for you? 7. What goals will be for your term? Will it be connected to the main goal of AIESEC 2015? How? 8. With whom will you work during your term? What countries? Are you planning to make LC2LC Partnerships? With whom? 9. How your previous experience at AIESEC will help you to work as Vice-President of GIPi Program? 10. Are you excited to lead GIPi Department during the year and make an amazing and unforgettable impact and realize your goals?!

FINANCE 1. What is the role of VP Finance in the Local Committee? What is the value of VP Finance’ work in the Local Committee? 2. What is the main difference in work of VP Finance in AIESEC and Finance Director in a company? 3. Write the main VP Finance goals in working with other departments (synergies with each departments and LCP). 4. How does work of VP Finance help in achieving the goals of the Local Committee? 5. What will be the structure of Finance department next year (JD, MOS). 6. Analyze the situation of Finance department, which we have now in the Local Committee. What are the straights and weaknesses? How you will work with weaknesses? 7. Write the timeline of VP Finance term with DDL. 8. What will be 3 main focuses in your term? Why? Write them in your timeline. 9. What innovations will you bring to Finance department next year? How it can help in achieving goals of Local Committee?

ER 1. What is the value of ER department? 2. Describe the main synergies in the term. 3. List your major initiatives as VP ER 2014|2015. 4. Why are you exactly the person who should be VP ER 2014|2015? 5. Describe the structure of the department. 6. What are your goals for the next year? How will you fulfill them?

TM (TD & TXP) 1. What is talent management? What is your personal value of TM? 2. Analyze development of TM as a functional area in E&G and in Russia in the last 3 years. Give main features of terms 11|12, 12|13, 13|14. 3. In which way will term 14|15 differ from the previous years? Give your term strategy within 100 words. In which way will it follow term 13|14? Will something be changed dramatically? (to answer you may use “start-stop-continue” model) 4. Describe synergies with VP COM, VP GCDPo, VP GCDPi, VP ER, VP Fin, LCP – what, when, why and how? 5. What is the role of VP TM in LC and in EB? 6. Do you consider the division of TM to TXP and TD relevant in the current situation in E&G? Why? If yes, give the suggested JD and MoS for each position. Explain which of those would be preferable for you. Why? 7. Describe the structure of TM department in February, in May, in August and in November. Give JD and MoS of all the listed positions. 8. 3 main innovations in each process that will guarantee X programs growth. 9. Give list of initiatives on VP TM contribution to X programs (GCDPo, GCDPi, GIPo, GIPi). 10. Evaluate recruitment, induction, MEC, work with TMP and TLP in term 13|14. What will you take forward and what has to be changed in order to guarantee X programs growth? 11. How will you supply such X pipeline (given below) with HR?

COM 1. Analyze Com department work in last 4 years (How did the structure change? How were changing the role and functional area of department, what were main achievements, what was successful and what was not) 2. Evaluate the effectiveness of promo channels by start-stop-continue scheme. 3. Who is VP Com in your comprehension? What is his role and functions? 4. What is PR, branding, marketing, positioning, showcasing, SMM, HR-marketing? 5. How do you see your role in strategic focuses of AIESEC in Russia (customer centricity, needsbased recruitment, branding & positioning)? 6. How do you see the change of VP Com role by 15|16 term? 7. List 3 initiatives that you want to do in Com area in your term. 8. Present your timeline and department structure for the term. 9. What will be your focuses during the term? (there can’t be more than 3 focuses) 10. How you will be building your work with VP TM, VP GCDPo, VP GIPo, VP ER, VP GCDPi, LCP – what, when, why, how? 11. Present SWOT-analysis of GCDPo, GIPo, TMP programs. (considering them at their current state).

Summary What will you do, if you will not be elected? DDL: 20.10.13 23:59 *Attention! This year will be only one round of elections in order to make EB2EB transition in time.

Strive for excellence and enjoy participation!

EB14|15 application  

EB14|15 application of E&G

EB14|15 application  

EB14|15 application of E&G