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Kate Taber

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Welcome to my math portfolio.

I’m a senior at Grady. In the past I have taken the following math classes; accelerated math I, accelerated math II, and accelerated math III. This year however, I chose to take a math class called AMDM. In my previous math classes, I always had trouble relating what I was learning in class to the real world. A lot of the math just seemed too abstract and I often would find my self asking “When will I ever use this math skill again?” So this year I decided to take a math class that taught me math that I could actually relate and use outside of the classroom. The works I chose to include in my math portfolio show the type of math skills I learned this year in AMDM. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed working through them. -Kate Taber




y mom was born in Long Island, NY in 1960, and my dad was born in New Jersey in 1958. Throughout their lives in a way they chased each other around without even knowing it until they met one day in Piedmont Park while rolling skating. My mom moved to New Jersey when she was 10, and my dad moved out of New Jersey shortly after she moved there. He then moved to Florida, and shortly after that, my mom moved to Florida. And then somehow they both ended up in Atlanta where they met, lucky me. I was born on April 22, 1995, the same day as Earth Day. My mom always tells me about the night of my birth. It was storming and dramatic outside when she left for the hospital and as soon as she got there I came like a freight train. My parents had a few names in mind for me, but decided on Katherine Allison Taber. They knew I was a Kate as soon as they saw me. Katherine is a family name on my dad’s side and Allison is my grandma’s maiden name. My family is a really big part of my life. I have two siblings, one older and one younger. Linden, my older sister, is now 21 and attending GA State. Will, my younger brother, is 15 and a freshman at Grady. I go back and forth between loving being the middle child and absolutely


hating it. I’ve found it’s much easier to fly under the radar of the parents, but I also have found that as a middle child you are annoyed by the younger sibling and yelled at by the older sibling. Outside of my immediate family, I have 29 cousins, 17 second cousins, and 1 third-cousin. Whenever we all get together every four years for our family reunions, we have a blast. Family is one of the most important things to me; they’re always there for you. I started my seemingly neverending schooling at Mary Lin Elementary when I was five-years-old. I loved my elementary school years. All my teachers were nice, we did fun activities, and we had recess, what was there not to love? My favorite memories at Mary Lin were the ones outside on the playground. Sometimes I miss just being a little kid and having no worries in the world. Elementary school was all fun and games, and then middle school just comes and slaps you in the face. I went to Inman for middle school, and I can’t say it was the most pleasant experience. It’s an awkward time when you aren’t young enough to be treated like a kid, but not old enough to be treated like an adult. All I can say is, I was more than happy to get to Grady. It’s an

awkward time when you aren’t young enough to be treated like a kid, but not old enough to be treated like an adult. All I can say is, I was more than happy to get to Grady. I never really had one favorite subject. It seemed to change from year to year depending on my teacher at the time. One year it would be science and the next year it would be social studies. I remember in 3rd grade, math was my favorite subject. Every week in math we had to compete a page of 25 multiplication problems in a certain amount of time. This one particular week we were doing our 9 times table, which everyone thought were the hardest. Little did my teacher know I had already learned the trick where you used your fingers and put down your finger that corresponds with the number being multiplied by nine. My sister had shown me the trick earlier that week and I thought it was the coolest thing. I finished all my problems in the set amount of time and got a 100 on the quiz. It was my favorite mathematical moment of my life. In a couple of weeks I will finally be completely done with high school. Next fall I’ll be headed off to UGA to start my college life. I’m not sure what I want to major in yet, possibly some kind of environmental science, but I’ve heard you have time to figure it all out. I’m excited to start the next chapter of my life in Athens.


Decision Making in Finance: Future Value of an Investment

I chose this piece of work because I found it very relatable to real life. I enjoyed learning the process of how to find your actual monthly take-home income. When first looking at what each job paid, I assumed that the job with the highest salary would be the best one, but after finishing the worksheet, it was clear that sometimes salaries can be decieving. I learned that it was important to take other factors into consideration when deciding on a job. Factors like sick days, vacation days, insurance, and retirement plans are all important when making a decision. I worked really hard on this worksheet and made sure to check my work because I really found it interesting. This worksheet not only helped brush up on math skills, but also taught me a lesson I could use outside of the classroom.


Using Functions in Models and Decision Making: Regression in Linear and Nonliner Functions

This was one of my favorite worksheets of all year. I really enjoyed how the whole class had to work together on this worksheet. I like worksheets that simulate a real life events. It was definitely a tedious activity, but I enjoyed it. I liked how we all chose a number to represent ourselves, and slowly, then quickly, got to see who in the class was infected. At the end of the activity when we graphed the number affected, it was interesting to see how the rate of people infect grew so rapidly and how disease can spread so quickly. When I first started the worksheet, I was ahead of the class and began to cross ot the affected people on my own, but I soon got confused. I wasn’t re-infecting people, which made it seem like the number of newly affected each time would be more everytime. I soon realized I was doing it wrong, and decided to wait to do it with the whole class. It was much more helpful and enjoyable that way.


Analyzing Numerical Data: Using Ratios

I remember checking Edmodo for homework one night, and our assignment was to take a picture of our tire on our car. I remember wondering why we were assigned to do so. The next day in class we went out to the parking lot, which was a nice change of scenary. We wrote down the numbers engraved on the tires. I really enjoyed this activity because we weren’t told from the begining why we were looking at tires until we got the worksheet. I learned that if you have larger tires or smaller tires on your car, you may be going faster or slower than the spedometer said. I also learned what all the numbers that were on the tires meant, which I could have easily gone my whole life not knowing. I found this worksheet to be challenging. There were a lot of steps for each problem, which made our calculations very important to get accurate. I remember forgetting how to find certain answers and having to retrace my steps to move forward. I really enjoyed how the worksheet was challenging and related to life outside the classroom.


Analyzing Numerical Data: Indices Using Weighted Sums and Averages

I’ve always noticed those numbers that appear on the jumbotron next to the players’ names at Braves games, but I never knew what they meant until I did this activity sheet. Now, every time I go to a Braves game, I can say “I know how to calculate batting averages.” I included this worksheet in my portfolio for its relation to real life and how it helped me brush up on doing averages and completing longer equations. I had to be very careful when setting up my equations because they were very long and one mistake of a number could mess up the result. The level of math on this worksheet wasn’t hard, but It was still very helpful to review things I already know.


Self-Evaluation Part 1- Effort and Work Ethic I gave myself a 5 for effort and work ethic because I feel like a always get my work done and turn it in on time. I put a lot of effort into fully completing all the work sheets that are assigned. Sometimes I do find myself off task and talking to my friends or on my phone, but that usually doesnt effect getting my work done on time. I probably put the most effort into my carnival game project. I worked with others very well and we ended up with a really nice game and had fun working on it. I also really enjoyed working on the worksheet about the spread of a disease. I put a lot of effort into working with the whole class in order to complete the sheet correctly. I like to put a lot of effort in and feel accomplished and rewarded once I’m done.

Part 2- Level of understanding

on concepts taught

My past three years of math class I often found myself lost and confused, and never really got the help I needed. However this year, I really enjoyed the level of math we worked on. I never struggled to the point where I felt behind or clueless. Whenever I was confused about something Ms. AJ and Ms. Turner were there to help me and get me back on track and clear things up right away. The concepts taught will help me in other aspects of life, like the tire worksheet and job salary worksheet. I really enjoyed having a math class where I knew I could learn new math skills without just falling behind and feeling clueless.




Conclusion When this portfolio was first assigned I thought it was going to be one of those projects that didn’t mean very much to me and took a lot of time. Well, it did take a lot of time, but it did mean something to me. I was glad I had the chance to really reflect on my year in AMDM. It had been a long time since I had a math class where the teacher was nice, I understood the concepts, and the concepts tought had a connetion to my life outside of the classroom. After finishing my portfolio, I am proud to look back and see what I have accomplished this year. The works I chose to include and comment on are a good sample of what I enjoyed in the class and how I was able to take that work outside of the classroom. I hope this portfolio gives you a good idea of my year in AMDM and shows how much I truely enjoyed a math class for once in my Grady years.


Math Portfolio  

AMDM Math Portfolio

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