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E YOUR BLUEMOON EDITORIAL TEAM D Michael Gillett - VP Comms & Media I T O Elisabeth Schuetz - Print Editor R I A L Kate Snowdon - Deputy Editor Print

Hello and welcome to all new BlueMoon! We have made some significant changes to both the BlueMoon and UniVerse for Semester B and I hope that you have already noticed the much stronger visual design of the publications. The improved design complements the continued improvement of the editorial and reporting quality of both publications and I am hopeful that you like what the students have been working on. In addition to the new design of BlueMoon the students have also changed the focus of the magazine and there are several new features which I hope you’ll find interesting and entertaining. Please do let me and the editors know what you think of the new and improved (I hope you agree) BlueMoon. Seeing as this is a reintroduction of BlueMoon I suppose it might be good for me to introduce who I am; I am Michael Gillett your VP, Communications & Media. I am one of five Sabbatical Officers at the University of Hertfordshire Students’ Union and we work together to ensure that Union represents what students want and need to the University so that you have the best experience possible whilst studying at UH. Within my role I look after UHSU Media, so our two radio stations, our newspaper, our TV crew and our magazine, BlueMoon. Through the communication part of my role I help make sure that the interactions we have we students is effective so that we can be sure we really know what students want. I also work closely with various parts of the University to ensure that their messages are right for students. So that’s the new BlueMoon and me in a nutshell, if you want to find out more about either then get in touch. Also if you are interested in getting involved in any aspect of UHSU Media then feel free to email me at

Taking over as print editor in December means that I am now also responsible for BlueMoon. I was very excited about this but also slightly terrified because I had never been really involved with a magazine before. However, this also meant that I could start things with fresh eyes picking out what was working and was what not and begin the project BlueMoon 2.0, that’s at least how I like to call it. So what you see here, dear reader, is the start of something new. The design has changed, the sections have changed and with that the content has changed to some extent as well. Of course, we have kept album, movie and night reviews but we added also some science and technological features. The idea is that BlueMoon is a magazine for everyone, no matter what you study or do in your free time. We also want to include much more about what students actually do. So if your Engineering School is developing the newest technology or you created an amazing fashion line as part of your course then let us know and we are happy to tell everyone about it. BlueMoon is a magazine from students, for students! All those changes were not implemented just by me but also by every writer and most of all our new deputy editor, Kate Snowdon. I am very happy to have such a talented, experienced and generally nice Deputy Editor and can only thanks her for all her ideas, work and enthusiasm for BlueMoon 2.0. Kealie Mardell deserves a huge thank you as well for all her help with the design. I am very much looking forward to the next issues and hope you enjoy reading! Let us know what you think on Twitter, Facebook or just send us an email to

It was late in this edition that I joined the team, and I’m very proud to have become the Deputy Editor of BlueMoon. Having only previously been involved in the UniVerse at this level, I knew there would be some challenges to face with working on a magazine, and with such a tight turn around, but hopefully readers can get a feel of the changes we are hoping to implement. It has and will be my aim to make the publication more consistent and appeal to a more general audience, so if you haven’t picked up on it yet each mag will have a theme – this issue’s is New Year. The aim of the BlueMoon this semester is to show all aspects of student life and what is happening at your campus. From the School of Art to the Science Labs, I want to know what you are doing and how you’re doing it! BlueMoon is by the students for the students so if anyone wants to get involved; to share a story, showcase a talent or spread the word about something great you are doing, then get in touch! Our social media links can be found at the bottom of every page, or if there is anything you love or hate about this redesign/new issue tweet me directly @k1snowdon – I’d love to hear. I’d like to also extend a special thanks to Kealie Mardell for all her hard work on helping to get this edition out on time. Oh, and a Happy New Year to you all!






Contributors Michael Gillett, Kealie Mardell, Katherine Morgan, Olivia Draisey, Saidah Graham, Clare Abbott, Vidhyabama A, Abiseshana Mohan, Rachel Smith, Jon Baker, Ra’eesa Dar, Peng Siang Loh, Ani O’Neill

Editor Deputy Editor Contact Us Published by Elisabeth Schuetz Kate Snowdon Ben Chater Printing Ltd UHSU Comms & Media 45a Charleston Street University of Hertfordshire Students’ Union Hatfield Herts, AL10 9AB

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fORUM cHRSTMAS bALL -wE CAN MAKE A Snowflake up in here Kat Morgan takes a look back on how The Forum handled Christmas. The Forum hosted their annual Christmas Ball on Friday 14th December for Hertfordshire students to celebrate the festive period and end of Semester A. Although the tickets were £20, quadruple of what an average Forum Friday ticket would cost, the night was successful, with many students attending in an array of festive attire. Special guest Labrinth performed an entertaining set, including his hits such as Express Yourself and Beneath Your Beautiful. Labrinth, who was replaced by Professor Green at The Forum’s Summer Ball in May, lived up to the hype and got the whole crowd jumping. Coming on stage at around midnight, Labrinth knew how to play the students by leaving his big hit Earthquake until last. Laura Farthing, a second year English student said “even though tickets were £20 there was still a big turn out! I really enjoyed myself and Labrinth was amazing! It really got me in the Christmasy mood!”

With Christmas themed entertainers found around The Forum and good value drinks offers, the club went that extra mile in order to make sure all the students had a great night. A pretty scary human Christmas tree was there to greet students entering The Forum who many took the chance to grab a festive photo with. Although The Forum was well attended, there was not a long queue for the cloak room, meaning people didn’t have to wait around, unlike last year. After Labrinth had wowed the crowd and the night was well away, out came the snow machine, making The Forum look like a Winter Wonderland at the end of the night. Kate Wilks, a second year physio-therapy student said “I’ve been on placement for four weeks so Christmas Ball was a great chance to let me hair down and it didn’t disappoint. I really liked the extras The Forum did for it, like the entertainers.” Roll on next Christmas!

E n t s Photos: Luke Osbourne




2012 Round-Up R Raise and Give (RaG) is the charity fundraising team of the University of Hertfordshire. We host events throughout the year to raise money for our three chosen charities. Any UH Student can get involved with our fundraising events. Joining RaG is a fantastic way to donate your time, meet lots of new people and get some key skills development.

By Kealie Mardell

(RaG Committee Member)

Laura Walia was elected as RaG Officer this year and oversees all of the events run at UH. Laura and the committee team chose the three charities which will be represented this year: Breast Cancer Campaign, War Child UK, and Haven House Children’s Hospice.

se a h C e i b m O u r Zo first event of the year

was a huge success, as a zombie apocalypse invaded UH. College Lane was infected with a plague of zombies and the only hope of survival was to get your team together and complete the RaG Zombie Chase.


es’ N ight

Ladies’ Night offered topless waiters selling jelly shots and cupcakes to the girls. Fundraising kicked off with a Gay Best Friend auction, and our MC for the night kept the ladies entertained with fun and games to get up close and personal with the waiters. As the night went on things got heated as the waiters auctioned themselves off for lap dances. The girls also had a chance for some Christmas shopping with discounted Ann Summers and Benefit products for sale. Another successful night, the ladies rose over £200 for Breast Cancer Campaign.


d i a R RaG Another

The chase took place with various checkpoints, and a team from the Skirmish Society helped survivors to reach the finish line with their lives intact. The chase rose over £400, a brilliant start to the year!


’s Nig


RaG also hosted a Men’s and Ladies’ themed nights in the EleHouse, which they hope to repeat in 2013. Men’s Night featured Playboy bunny girls, and the Ele turned into a casino with poker tables a roulette wheel. Proceeds from the night were for Prostate Cancer UK, and the guy’s donations reached an outstanding £530.

big part of RaG is raids for our charities, and in November a group of committee members travelled to Waltham Cross Shopping Centre to help out with a raid for Haven House, which rose over £100. We are always looking for more volunteers to help with fundraising, and any suggestions for future events! The next event for RaG is the Jailbreak, taking place on the 25th January. Teams of three will be trying to get as far as possible from UH, without spending a single penny. Good luck everyone!

Contact RaG Website: Facebook: Twitter: @UHSURaG Email:




G I V E 5


BlueMoon met the Crush radio committee for you, to find out who they are and what they do. The first impression we got was that they are a pretty relaxed and fun group of people as the first thing they did was to get comfortable. This included taking their shoes off, relaxing on the Media Suite sofa and a snowball fight. But after that they were ready to answer our questions. What is your position in the Crush committee and what do you have to do in that position? Gage: I am the Radio Controller of the station and in that position I try to make sure that everything is running smoothly, everyone has got the correct level of training. I listen to all the shows when I can and I’m just generally the nice guy. Dan: That’s the B.S. out of the way [laughs] I am Head of Programming and Training, I organised everything like the Crush music video and the new website which is going online probably this week. I schedule people in and train them in the studio. Alex: I’m Head of Music and I put all our music on the database and choose what’s hot and what’s going to be hot [laughs] Elizabeth: Assistant Station Manger; I think it’s someone whom helps the Radio Controller and the other radio presenters. And motivating and helping them when they need it. Michael: Assistant Station Manager. Basically I babysit, make plans to take over the world and make sure both Crush Radio and Crush Underground are working. Naomi: My position on the committee is Head of Promotions, which involves improving our presence both in social media and on campus. Sam: I’m the Social Secretary for Crush, I deal with all our social aspects, getting our DJ’s together to have fun, and to meet the other sides of UHSU media, from Universe, Bluemoon, and Union TV. Why did you want to have that position?



G: Well, I started doing a radio show in December 2011 and it’s just so much fun, a release from everything else, the uni work. I then went to the Student Radio Conference in April and that was a lot of fun, getting drunk, other students getting banned from hotel chains [laughs]. So I decided I want to stay in and become more involved, have a say in what’s going on N: I am passionate about UHSU Media, and radio in particular, and upon joining, I immediately felt that more people should know about us. I wanted to be part of making that happen. S: I ran for this position to help build relations with other members of the Crush team, otherwise we never meet any of the other crew. D: I applied for Head of Music but my lovely friend Alex here, beat me to it. So then I had another thought about it and applied for Head of Programming and Training and got it. M: I have liked radio since I got here and wanted to be more involved in the station. E: I wanted to be more involved in radio, as I enjoyed it, and wanted to understand the workings behind it. And it also allows me to communicate with other radio presenters and the main workings of it. Have you been involved with Crush Radio before and if yes, how? M: Yes, I’ve presented a weekly show for two years before being Head of Events, creating and organising shows. Done the Student Chart Show and was also part of the Student Radio Conference held at this uni. Loved every bit of it! G: As I said earlier, I started doing a show in December 2011. It’s the Phil and Gage show on a Sunday from 8 till late. A: I had no experience at all. D: Me neither. S: I started out as a Crush Radio DJ at the start of my second year, after failing abysmally to join in my first year. E: Yes I was a radio presenter on Crush last year, and absolutely loved it.



N: I had literally only presented five shows before being given the position. Luckily the team are really friendly and welcoming, so I haven’t felt like a fish out of water! G: The thing about radio is, it’s one of the basic things. You turn up with your iPod plug it in and talk into a mic. A: It’s the most fun you can a have alone in a room. D: [laughs] Without playing Scrabble. [everyone laughs] Has your university course had anything to do with the job you’re doing for the radio? M: Nope N: I’m in my final year, study Music and Entertainment Industry Management, which is basically the ins and outs of how the business of music works. We study all facets of the industry, including radio and its infrastructure, so I feel I am perfectly placed in this position! G: I’m studying Aerospace Systems Engineering and the most radio I get with that is talking to traffic control [laughs]. D: I’m studying Pharmaceutical Science, so I just make drugs. [laughs] Nothing related to radio. S: Like most of the other committee, my course has absolutely nothing to do with Crush. I study Pharmaceutical Sciences with Dan but I love music too much to give up on radio. A: I’m doing Mass Communication, so journalism and radio are to some extent connected. D: The only thing we have is radioactive stuff [laughs]. Is the work for Crush something you want to continue in your future career? E: Yes I would love to be involved in radio in the future, and plan to take a summer radio internship this year at some point. M: Maybe, I didn’t come to uni to do this but it’s been great to do something else and who knows it could be part of my career later. N: Absolutely. I love radio. I love listening to music and sharing it with others (it’s almost a compulsion, which is why I have my own show!). S: As much as I would love to see myself as a radio DJ in 20 years, I can’t imagine it actually happening. Although my managing and planning skills are the sort of thing that I could take into other careers, boring careers. A: I wouldn’t have thought I enjoy it as much as I do now. And you know what, I wanted to be a music journalist but this just seems so easy. Just sitting in a room and talk [laughs]. Is there something you want to continue, change or improve during your work for the committee? M: Hopefully oversee the introduction of a new website design, improve the promotion and try to sure bad music -Justin Bieberstays off the radio. D: The structure of Crush has changed. Last year we just had a Crush Station Manager and a Crush Assistant Station Manager and Underground Station Manager and an Underground Assistant Manager and a Head of Music and a Head of Programming. So we changed the structure from two different groups to one big committee. N: I want the whole world… okay, the whole of UH to know who we are, what we do, and how easy it is to join us, or listen to us. E: I would like to make the operations more smooth, but I’m guessing that’s something everyone would like, and something that’s quite hard to change. S: Well to start with I’d like to see more interactions between the different media groups, which hopefully I can help along the way with the help of parties and alcohol.

th Schuetz


s: Elisabe xt & Image





F I L M & T V

Haunted House Film Review By Vidhya

bama A

First of all, let’s face it. The movie title does not live up to the movie itself. I would have never watched the movie if not for the trailer. If you’ve watched the trailer, you’ll know the focus is on fart jokes, sex, and smoking pot with a ghost. It’s a comedy horror, starring Marlon Wayans (he is the star, the co-writer & producer), together with Essence Atkins. If you are a movie goer who loves a crude, funny, spook parody, then this is a must watch for you. A Haunted House is promised to keep you engaging and rolling off your seats for another 90 minutes. A Haunted House features a young couple Malcolm and Kisha who had just moved into their dream house. Malcolm gets excited and purchases a camera in the intent of recording everything that happens after his girlfriend moves in. Not long after, unexplainable things begin to appear as they settle in. Doors open by themselves, unexplained noises, and worst of all, their sex life is stalled. This inspires the couple to have home security guys and wannabe reality television stars (David Koechner & Dave Sheridan) to install cameras around their house. Eventually, they seek assistance from a psychic (Nick Swardon) and priest (Cedric the Entertainer). With a cast of comedians, you are guaranteed to have a good laugh throughout the show. This is a hilarious movie, and some say better than the Scary Movie flicks. Go if you have a good sense of humour for a raunchy comedy flick and an open mind. But if you don’t like silly and goofy movies, you may not like this. It is overall a ghoulish, raunchy comedy gold movie, a parody of Paranormal Activity and The Devil Inside. Double thumbs up!

The Impossible

Abiseshana Mohan

There have been many a movie based on Mother Nature’s wrath like 2012, The Day After Tomorrow and The Quiet Earth. Nevertheless, nothing can be as relatable as the new disaster blockbuster, The Impossible. As for many of us, the 2004 Tsunami was experienced through our television screens and it left us to wonder ‘what is the worldcoming to?’. Juan Antonio Bayona, director of The Impossible managed to capture this disaster based on the story of real life survivors - Maria Belon and her family. This real-life survival story begins with a young family - The Bennets arriving to Phuket to celebrate Christmas together until fate intervened and the most shocking natural disaster took place - the 2004 Tsunami. Waves engulfed the beach and resort they were staying in and took each of the family members for a ride of their lives. Despite being separated, the family kept their will to survive and persevered through thick and thin to be reunited. Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor’s impeccable performance that go beyond aesthetics have left viewers engrossed with the not only the story as a whole, but the tiny details as small as a scratch on the cheek. The actors have managed to commit and capture the true emotions of the Belons, giving their audience their best performance. Parents who watch this movie cannot help but feel a connection and imagine them in Maria and Henry’s shoes. The most prominent actor in this movie is Tom Holland. He plays the eldest son, who put aside his youth and took a role as a protector for his severely injured mother. The emotions that fill this young actor illustrates the thought put in to framing an incredible cast for this movie. Created through scale models, the tsunami extracts were surreal and a scarring experience that would have definitely leave the cinema audiences terrified and shaken. The sound effects and original soundtracks were constructed to achieve the best cinematic experience. Also in some parts, the actors were submerged into sea while filming to get the perfect touches for the movie. The audience were kept at the edge of their seats, yearning to know how to movie concludes. Bayona captured the family and scenes remarkably, leaving little room for criticism. This movie deserves a 4.5 star rating and is definitely worth the watch.




F Have You Seen This? Olivia Draisey I L M Friends - ‘I’ll be there for you’

Criminal Minds

This TV series is the perfect way to wind down after a day of lectures. If you are one of the crazy few who have never seen Friends then let me give you the basics on this hilarious and brilliant programme! Friends is based on six people who end up in the same place through broken marriages, lost loved ones and by chance. The sitcom has lived through 10 seasons and has seen six friends face numerous challenges ranging from career moves to sticky relationships and eventually children. Chandler, Monica, Phoebe, Rachel, Ross and Joey demonstrate the challenges in life and I guarantee this programme will have you howling and crying. You have not lived until you hear Chandler’s jokes, see Joey’s naivety or laugh at Phoebe’s blind faith.

Now, Criminal minds is not for the faint-hearted. This gruesomely real programme tells the tales of mass murders committed around the USA. The Behaviour Analysis Unit (BAU) of the FBI do not use forensics to convict their criminals, instead they study behaviour. For example, the DNA of one man may be lying at the crime scene, this man is organised. Yet the crime scene describes the behaviour of another kind of man, disorganised. So, is there another reason why the first man’s DNA lies at the crime scene when the scene points to a killer of a different kind? Each episode sees a crime committed and solved, whilst leaving you guessing right up until the very point of conviction. It is never who you assumed it to be.


Family Guy

Inbetweeners is the perfect comedy to portray university life. Even though the four boys (Will, Simon, Jay and Neil) are still in school the life issues they face are relevant to our lives now, like the issue of relationships, or it would be better to state their lack of relationships. The banter flows like a river. This hilarious series watches the four boys grow and develop throughout school. Furthermore, the boys have now made a film to go with the series that deals with the ‘lads holiday’ phase of growing up, watch out Magaluf. You must see both the series and the film to fully appreciate the stupidity and naivety of these four lads.

If you have not seen Family Guy, what have you been doing with your time! Family Guy is a hilariously controversial programme that teeters on the edge of rude and out of line. The producers deal with issues such as disability, race and gender in such a way that you are not quite sure how to react. The programme is not intended to offend. Instead, it is intended to make light of the serious issues that overhang everyday life. To comically portray them opens the issues up to a more relaxed audience, whereby jokes can be made without offence. The Family Guy team have gone on to create the film ‘Ted’, another must-see!



& T V


M Top Albums of 2012 U S I C

By Saidah Graham

2012 wasn’t a shabby year on the music front. It seems everyone had a single out, even if they didn’t have an album released last year! There were comebacks and hits all over the place from big and small names, but these are some of those gems that culminated into a whole jewellery box of sparkly prettiness. Here is my list of musical jewels for the year of 2012 in no particular order.

Channel Orange Frank Ocean (R&B)

2012 was a good year for Frank Ocean. After getting his footing within the mainstream music scene during 2011, he released ‘Channel Orange’, had several award nominations and he’s even picked up a couple of Grammy nominations for the album. ‘Channel Orange’ is considered one of the best albums of the year and I’d have to agree. The lyrics, production and atmosphere of the album are incredibly attractive and Ocean manages to tell stories with such deepness that it’s truly unforgettable and phenomenal.

Jake Bugg

Jake Bugg (Folk)

Releasing a debut album when relatively unknown and only 18 years old, would have surely been rather daunting for Jake Bugg. Especially when releasing into what I think is the rather elusive folk genre. However, Bugg managed to get his first album to the top of the UK album charts after a mere week. Its popularity is centralised towards Bugg’s song writing, style and great vocals. The album sounds gorgeous, nostalgic and fresh, especially when it’s just Bugg and his acoustic guitar.


Conor Maynard (Pop) After having watched Maynard’s videos on YouTube for quite a while before his mainstream release, I was apprehensive about his move into the big leagues. He has a phenomenal voice, but it was always whether he could swing the market towards himself. Maynard won the MTV Brand New 2012 award and soon after came out with an album filled with catchy songs that I have found most suitable to scream/sing along to. I think it’s a great album directed at the pop market, even if I believe Maynard’s naturally fantastic voice is held back.

Ill Manors

Plan B (Hip Hop – Grime) Plan B’s newest album, ‘Ill Manors’, was created partly to be used as a soundtrack album for his film of the same name (released in June 2012). Plan B reverts and seems to grasp back at his hip hop routes through this album, which had changed slightly with his previous album – ‘The Defamation of Strickland Banks’, which had strong soul and R&B vibes. The title song is one of those songs that you can’t help but nod your head to, which is always a good sign and as an album nominated for the Mercury Prize, it is definitely one to listen to.

18 Months

Calvin Harris (Dance) This album can easily be considered as the dance album of the year, with classics like ‘Bounce’, ‘Feel So Close’ and ‘We Found Love’ all making attendance on it. Harris features big names in from a variety of musical backgrounds, such as Tinie Tempah, Ellie Goulding and Example. As an album full of anthems, it cannot be easily forgotten.




Top Singles of 2012

By Rachel Smith

Florence and the Machine ‘Spectrum (Say My Name)’ 30th May 2012 Spectrum featuring Calvin Harris is the remixed version that most of us probably know as it led Florence to her first ever UK number one. It spent three weeks at the top of the charts and the original can be found of Florence’s Ceremonials album. Psy ‘Gangnam Style’ 30th September 2012 Arguably the biggest song of 2012, Gangnam Style became a worldwide sensation. It became the first music video ever to reach over 1 billion hits on YouTube and was released as the lead single of the South Korean musician’s sixth studio album PSY 6 (Six Rules), Part 1. Swedish House Mafia featuring John Martin ‘Don't You Worry Child’ 14th September 2012 ‘Don’t You Worry Child’ hit the top of the British charts in the middle of October and is still a constant in charts around the world. It can be found on their album Until Now and is the last single by Sweden’s electronic dance group as they’ve announced an indefinite hiatus. The Justice Collective ‘He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother’ 14th September 2012 The Justice Collective is a diverse group of artists including Sir Paul McCartney, Robbie Williams, Paloma Faith and two original members of The Hollies, Bobby Elliot and Tony Hicks. They came together to create a single that would raise money in honour of the Hillsborough disaster of 1989. James Arthur ‘Impossible’ 9th December 2012 This song is the fastest selling winner’s single in X Factor history - “Impossible” shot to number one on in the charts on 16th December but was usurped in the next week by The Justice Collective. However, it found its way back to the top spot to be the last number one of 2012. AC/DC ‘Back in Black’ rereleased AC/DC hold Number one with their song ‘Back in Black’: It has been in the chart for six weeks and is one of 6 of the band’s singles currently holding chart spots. It is on the album Back in Black, released in 1980 and the first album missing former lead singer Bon Scott, who died earlier that year.

New in 2013 by Saidah Graham Everything Everything ‘Arc’

After a tantalising five month wait following the release of Everything Everything’s lead single; ‘Cough Cough’ and supporting Muse on the Berlin to Lodz leg of their tour, they have come back with ‘Arc’, the album I have personally been staying up nights for since their first album; ‘Man Alive’. ‘Arc’ is a clear progression from their debut album, the sound so much tighter than in ‘Man Alive’, yet still with this futuristic vibe that is unique to them. The songs speak of fear of the future and man kinds impending doom. The lyrics clash with their futuristic sound, which they once feared was not ‘forward thinking enough’. In a nutshell, the album sounds as if it is a warning from the future and Jonathan Higgs’ gorgeous falsetto makes the perfect accompaniment to this feeling.


I’ve always found Everything Everything a band that you have to give a chance. When I first heard of them, it was through a free track on iTunes and I was completely baffled by the different aspects of the song ‘Qwerty Finger’. It felt as if there were multiple songs mixed into one, however after listening a couple more times I came to love the band. I suppose in this way, they are like marmite. You either love them or hate them. ‘Arc’ is an excellent expression of their sound and style, so if you are going to give them a go, I tell you now, you won’t be disappointed! (Released 14th January 2013)

Everything Everything have kept to their mash-up of electronic-experimental-indie rock, which quite clearly can’t be tied down to a specific genre. They had a superb start to the album with the release of ‘Cough Cough’, which is classically manic, with structures and melodies that are unforgettable and hypnotic. The next release ‘Kemosabe’ was just as wonderfully brilliant, with songs difficult to sing along to but amazing to just nod along to.




L Biggest Books of 2012 By Kealie Mardell I T E R A T U R E Before I Go To Sleep S.J. Watson (January 2012)

The year started with a bang with this bestselling thriller for January. A truly gripping tale that you can’t put down, Before I Go to Sleep became a Sunday Times and New York Times bestseller, an outstanding achievement for a debut British novel. Watson provides a sensational exploration of the depths of psychology and memories, as the heroine battles with anterograde amnesia, effectively wiping the slate clean every night. A film adaptation has been rumoured, and this will unmissable for fans of the likes of Memento and other psychological thrillers.

The Hunger Games Trilogy Suzanne Collins (2008, 2009, 2010)

These books jumped to the top of the charts in March 2012 with the release of The Hunger Games film. Released as ‘young adult’ novels, The Hunger Games are surprisingly in-depth and gruesome. You’re thrown into the post-apocalyptic nation of Panem, where twelve districts are at the mercy of the oppressive Capitol metropolis. Each year, two teenagers from each district are selected to compete in a battle to the death for The Capitol’s entertainment. The trilogy tackles issues of poverty, starvation, oppression and war, and has been described as a satire of reality television shows. A thought provoking read to say the least!

Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy E.L. James (2011, 2012)

Things heated up in summer as Fifty Shades of Grey held on to its chart topping spot from April through to July. It’s four month reign had everyone talking, but was it worthy of the hype? These erotic novels, nicknamed ‘mummy-porn’ had a mixed reception, but even in spite of the criticism it seemed that everyone had to read them to see what the fuss was about. Personally, I don’t think they were worthy of the scandal. Lacking in a strong writing style, James’ novels just jumped between sexual fantasies and kinky dungeons, losing any focus on the storyline tying the trilogy together.

The Casual Vacancy

J.K. Rowling (September 2012)

This 2012 new release was eagerly anticipated, and as expected was an instant bestseller. As the reign of Harry Potter came to a close readers wondered what would be next for J.K. Rowling, as she turned her attention to an adult readership. Far away from the world of witchcraft and wizardry, The Casual Vacancy is a tragicomedy set in a suburban town, and follows the aftermath of the death of Parish Councillor Barry Fairbrother. Promising dark secrets and social turmoil it’s an interesting step into adult fiction for Rowling.

15 Minute Meals

Jamie Oliver (September 2012) Following the success of its predecessor 30 Minute Meals, Jamie Oliver took over the charts in November and December. I’m sure a few people had this hiding under the tree! Perfect for students who have much better things to do than spend hours preparing a meal, Jamie’s 15 Minute creations are a great solution. Included in the mouth-watering mix of recipes, there’s Lamp Lollipops, Happy Cow Burgers and Jamie’s take on the simple pasta and pesto. There’s something for everyone, embracing tastes from all over the world, including Asian-inspired street food, Moroccan flavours, and more.




Overlooked... Me Before You Jojo Moyes (January 2012) This was one of my favourite books of 2012, which I described as a heart warmer, a heart breaker, and one that I’m not ashamed to say left me in tears. It deserves a lot more credit and is definitely one that I would reccommend. In this emotional and heartfelt tale, we follow Lou Clark as she attempts to care for quadriplegic Will, trapped in a life of immobility and pain. Moyes writes beautifully, drawing the reader into the debate of assisted suicide, and a nail-biting climax. What astounded me most was that Jojo Moyes didn’t rest here, and also treated us to A Honeymoon in Paris (August 2012) and her latest novel The Girl You Left Behind (September 2012). Who can beat three books in the same year?

New in 2013 by Saidah Graham Wool (Wool Trilogy 1) Hugh Howey

The Real Jane Austen: A Life in Small Things

Bend, Not Break Ping Fu

Paula Byrne Howey, having previously self-published ‘Wool’ online, now has the chance to really see his story shine as a fully-fledged publication after being an e-book hit. It may just be the next big sci-fi book of the year. My dystopian senses are tingling!

2013 is the 200th birthday of ‘Pride and Prejudice’, so ‘A Life in Small Things’ is the perfect read for this year to commemorate the brilliant authoress herself and to learn a little bit more about her life on the way.

Ping Fu tells her inspiring story of her journey from a childhood full of hardship during the Cultural Revolution, her travelling to America with nothing and how she became CEO of a software development company and a pioneer for the American tech world.

(Released 17th January)

(Released 17th January)

(Released 3rd January)





S Herts uni- we’re helping to C develop a high-tech eco-home I E N C E Elizabeth Schuetz

InterHome is a project to develop a smart house that helps its owner live a more energy-efficient life. This research project is happening right at our Univeristy and Johann Siau, Senior Lecturer in Digital Communication Systems, is the project’s coordinator. As homes in the UK are responsible for more than a third of the carbon dioxide emissions in Britain the original idea behind the project was to build a house that helps saving energy for you. It has been estimated that house owners can save about £300 a year. The idea works relatively easy as homeowners just need a web browser or a smart phone which can tell you have to save energy. ‘The system can learn whether we are at home or not, and when we normally switch lights on. If we forget to lock a door or turn off certain lights for example, InterHome

sends a text message, and we can then instruct the system to take any necessary action,’ says Johann Siau. The prototype of the house was constructed in a doll’s house but the project moved on now to commercialise the idea and the University is collaborating with the Building Research Establishment (BRE) in a Service Aggregration for Smart Homes (SASH) project. However, the basic idea for a smart home is being developed even further, as there is the idea to integrate it with assisted living situations. The team is developing a wrist-band that can detect for example if you have fallen or had a stroke and is then able to alert a family member or carer. InterHome and the research project in general gives Engineer students at the University the chance to take part and learn about the future and a new kind of living in the 21st century. For further information about InterHome, please visit

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What to expect in tech: 2013 Michael Gillett

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the world’s biggest annual technology trade show and started a couple of weeks ago throughout numerous resorts in Las Vegas. CES is a great place for small and large companies to show off what they plan to sell throughout the year and can be a great indicator of emerging trends in technology for the coming year. A few years ago tablets were all the rage at CES and whilst tablets were still very much a key part of the show this year many were now hybrids between traditional laptops and tablets. From what was shown at CES you can expect tablets and hybrid devices to be very popular this year and expect more integration between tablets, phones and TVs.

Image credit: The Verge

The new feature for TVs is no longer 3D nor is it about making TVs “smart”, instead companies are now focusing on 4K or Ultra High Definition (UHD) which is just over 4 times the definition of current HD (1080p). These new 4K TVs won’t be widely available this year but they will certainly

be talked about, however, I doubt they will be an option for students as they will have a very large price to go with that large pixel resolution.

Image credit: Zugaldia/Flickr

There was a range of other interesting products at CES that are likely to prove popular this year including various forms of “wearable technology”. These items range from fitness monitoring wristbands to touchscreen watches that can have apps installed on them. Even Google is looking to wearable technology with its Google Glass initiative that features a computer in a pair of glasses. Away from CES the one final thing to expect this year in the tech world is a new Xbox from Microsoft and a new PlayStation from Sony. There are many rumours about both devices but no real facts although it is expected that Microsoft will greatly improve the Kinect accessory to make “hands free” interaction easier, position the Xbox as a central entertainment hub and integrate Skype into the Xbox. Whereas Sony is likely to focus more on the gaming experience offered by their console and look to further develop the integration between the console and Sony’s various mobile devices.

What is ‘The Cloud?’ Michael Gillett

“The Cloud” is the term given to the idea of storing data on a remote server (like a computer but often in a foreign country) so a user can access that data wherever they might be and on a range of devices. The idea itself isn’t really a new one but the term is and so is its use to make life easier for consumers, too. Some products are based around the idea of “The Cloud” such as Dropbox, SkyDrive, iCloud or GDrive. All these products allow users to save files and access them all through a browser so you don’t need to worry about having saved them on your memory stick as you can access from any computer with an internet connection. Most of these services even allow users to download an app for your computer and phone so all your files can be saved to “The Cloud” and accessed anywhere, anytime. Some products actually make use of “The Cloud” as a feature such as iTunes’ Match feature that analyses a user’s music library and then matches those albums to albums

stored on Apple’s servers so that you can stream the music on a different device from Apple’s server. My tip: Make sure you use an online storage service to back up your files so you can make sure you don’t lose your coursework if anything should happen to your computer. There often isn’t much to choose between the main ones but I’d advise SkyDrive if you have a Microsoft Account (Hotmail/, Xbox, etc) products or GDrive if you have a Google login (Gmail, Google+).





P O l i t i c s

New Year, No Privacy Kate Snowdon As if we don’t have to be careful enough with whose looking over our shoulder when we are online the proposed 2013 Communications Bill could now mean all of our Internet activity is monitored. Yes, all of it. Cue comparisons to George Orwell’s Big Brother theory and reminding myself I’m probably on 6 different CCTV cameras as I write this article. Could 2013 really be the end of Internet privacy? It’s no secret that the Internet has never been exactly ‘private’. Cookies, the tracking of IP addresses and most obviously, the sneaky, ever-changing privacy settings of Facebook have surely left us all a little aware that we aren’t open to post anything and everything without repercussions. But the proposal of a new Bill to allow the monitoring of all our Internet activity, from the stuff of private emails to checking up on every online click we make, has left even Nick Clegg a little more than peeved. It’s possible that the Deputy Prime Minister is just a man with a lot to hide, but even so, the fact that (backed by 40 Tory MPs) he is willing to stand up for a cause, shows he has a little more backbone than the average garden worm; which is more than I would have given him credit for a few months ago. In fact, it seems that if the proposed Communications Bill goes ahead without any changes the Liberal Democrats main man will lead a “full scale revolt”. I’m imagining scenes of uprising and rebellion somewhat worthy of the setting to Les Miserables, but I expect I am


just getting a little carried away. The reasoning behind the introduction of the, affectionately labelled, ‘Snoopers’ Charter’ is a fair one: the Internet, having previously been regarded as a space of unregulated freedom, has always been a breeding ground for criminal activity. Just think of last year’s London riots and looting – facilitated on Twitter; the illegal actions of hacker group Anonymous – wouldn’t exist without the Internet; and 2011’s Operation Rescue which busted a one of the biggest known paedophile rings where users exchanged messages across a forum with 70,000 followers – a scale only made possible online. Even just recently I read in the Welwyn Hatfield Times (yes, there are some students that read it, or at least one) that Twitter and Facebook crimes have risen by 500 per cent in Hertfordshire alone since 2009. 500 per cent! With that in mind, it seems a time for regulation of some form is upon us. The Leveson Inquiry looked a bloggers and publishers from a media perspective, but as yet the report has failed to implement any real rules or codes of ethics for online publishers, so maybe David Cameron is onto something by wanting to give the police and security officials a right to monitor web use to hunt out terrorists, paedophiles and serious criminals. But really, reading my emails? I’m with Cleggy on this one. Unless a police officer somewhere wants to read 3,000 messages between me and my boyfriend, which mostly consist of quoting Will Ferrell. Still, maybe then the police can clear up whether or not he touched my drum set.



Peter Pan-tomime Jon Baker & Ra’eesa Dar December: A time of togetherness, a time for joy and a time for good will to all men. For UHSU Drama Society, December was a time for all these things; but then again every month is for UHSU Drama Society. It was also the month in which they performed their annual pantomime which this year was ‘Peter Pan’. The production was written by the Drama Society’s own Natalie Wildmore and Rebecca Leigh-Hurst and directed by Jack Evans. After performing two nights to over 400 audience members there was plenty of applause to bathe in. Now it may sound like we at UHSU Drama Society are shamelessly tooting our own horn and to be perfectly honest, we are. However we are not doing so undeservedly. Rehearsals started in late mid-October and something clicked. The play had a fantastic energy, moments of hilarity and a chance for the actors to sing, dance and perform their little hearts out. The actors did a wonderful job and really gave it their all. Special commendation should also be given to Peter Pan himself (Ciaran Conners) who only received his part two weeks before the performance date. However it occurs to me that the people who never get a mention in these articles are our magnificent tech crew. In the space of a few short weeks they constructed an entirely new set as well as painting it, lighting it, designing the costume, making the costume sand generally pulling the show together. The whole of UHSUDS extends hearty thanks! It is also worth thanking the charities and people who helped make the production a success by selling cakes and tea throughout the interval as well as the superb UHSU Chamber Orchestra who provided a beautiful score to the entire play. So after a great many laughs and cheers, a man in drag and few tears it must be said that UHSUDS’s ‘Peter Pan’ was a tremendous success! Another big thank you to all those who had anything to do with the production whatsoever!

Join the Japanese Society

S o c i e t i e s

The Japan Society, a new society founded last year, that aims to give people interested in Japan a chance enjoy and share the culture. We want to give students the chance to meet with Japanese people and other like-minded students, to discuss and learn more about the country. We will hold an informal meet-up during the Semester B Fresher's Fair on the 25th January to allow people who don't know about the society to find out more. It will be an event where we will provide drinks and snacks. As a society we've already volunteered at two events in London; Japan Matsuri 2012 that was held in Trafalgar Square and HYPER JAPAN at the Excel Centre We plan on finding more volunteering opportunities and will advertise these to the society through Facebook. For a past event we held an origami class and had a good turnout of people enjoying the ancient art of paper-folding. Those of you interested in learning some Japanese will be pleased to know that we hold Japanese teaching sessions from time-totime. We will be doing similar events in the coming year and are very open to suggestions from members regarding future events and what they would like to do at society events. For more information contact us at





COOL FASHION Bright colours & striking accessoires to lighten up the winter

If bright palettes and vibrant hues steal the limelight in summer, winter usually sees dull colors taking centre stage. These stylish students, however, demonstrate how the cold season doesn’t have to mean the downgrade of our wardrobe to only a selection of boringlooking clothes. A handful of these young adults effortlessly spice up their winter look by adding a splash of color with bold fashion glasses, striking handbags, colorful knits and outerwear, while the rest play with prints and textures, as evidenced from the nautical stripes, geometric patterns, leathers and metallic gold, among others.

By Peng Siang Loh Images: Saahil Dossani




ASOS Duffle Coat in Wool £80.00 NOW £50.00 Made of durable wool, the ASOS Duffle Coat with a hooded neck sure comes in handy this winter. Besides comfort, the coat provides convenience by having large hip pockets. The rope and wood toggle fastenings complete the duffle coat’s appearance.

ASOS Bandeau Dress with Cut-Outs and Ruched Mesh £40.00 NOW £12.00 A girl can never go wrong with the LBD. Look sexy effortlessly with the black ASOS Bandeau Dress with Cut-Outs and Ruched Mesh, designed with a form-fitting, bodycon style. ASOS Chukka Boots with Moc Toe £28.00 NOW £12.00 With two different textures of textile and rubber, the ASOS Chukka Boots with Moc Toe is an interesting and affordable addition to any guy’s shoe wardrobe.


Urban Outfitters Stardust Glitter Leggings £32.00 NOW £16.00 Own the dance floor with the Urban Outfitters Stardust Glitter Leggings! A must have for every girl, the dazzling leggings comes with an elastic waistband, proving that comfort need not be sacrificed for style.

January Sales - Best Buys By Peng Siang Loh & Vidhyabama A

Calvin Klein CKIN2U for Her EDT Spray 100ml £36.99 NOW £19.99 CKIn2U for Her is a combination of pink grapefruit, sugar orchid and neon amber. Attract compliments with this EDT spray that gives off a fresh scent stimulating to the senses.




F Aunty Clare’s R ata O tou ille O D

By Clare Abbott

Feeling those January blues? Need some comfort food that’s actually healthy? Then why not try this version of a warm and hearty dish called Ratatouille (don’t worry, it doesn’t actually contain rats!) This dish is great to have a on a cold day on its own or you can have it as a side to a different meal. Also the beauty of this dish is that you can add what ingredients you want to make it to your taste, by adding different vegetables for example. This recipe is a suggestion of how you can make Ratatouille.

Firstly slice the courgette into circles and leave on a plate. This allows the courgette to dry out a little before cooking. Peel and evenly chop the onion and garlic.

Ingredients (Serves 3/4) 1 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 1

x x x x x x x x x

medium courgette large onion cloves of garlic tbsp cooking oil medium carrot pepper (red, orange or yellow) 400g tin of chopped tomatoes tbsp tomato puree tsp mixed herbs (optional)

Heat the oil in a large saucepan or frying pan then add the onion and garlic. Cook on a medium heat for about 3 minutes or until the onion and garlic starts to soften. Slice the carrot into circles and add to the onion and garlic; cook for about 5 minutes to let the carrot soften. Evenly chop the pepper and add to the pan. Cook for about 3 minutes. Add the tinned tomatoes and tomato puree. Stir well and cook on the medium heat for a few minutes.

Top Tips Don’t like any of the vegetables in the recipe? Then why not try your own ideas? You could try adding mushrooms, butternut squash and/or chick peas. Just remember the harder the vegetable, the earlier you need to add it to the pan so that it can soften. This recipe makes quite a bit of Ratatouille so if it’s just for you, then you can always save it for another time by keeping it in the fridge or the freezer.


Finally add the courgette slices and the mixed herbs and again stir well. Leave on a low/medium heat so that it simmers gently for about 20-30 minutes until the vegetables have softened. Then serve!






Ani O’Neill As university students we are no strangers to the concept of pre-drinks. Be it the infamous ‘Dirty Pint’ or that one last, dangerous gulp of vodka before we begin the treacherous journey to The Forum on a Wednesday or a Friday, pre-drinks have become a fundamental component of our nights out. But just because we’re all poor, that doesn’t have to mean that we have no choice but to desperately swig Adsa Smart Price Lager and Aldi’s own brand amaretto before a night out. Below are some cheeky economical substitutes for cocktails, to introduce a bit of alcoholic colour to these dark winter nights. Don’t forget you can buy your alcohol from the Students’ Union shop and please always drink responsibly.

Banana Daiquiri

Cape Codder

Ingredients: 1 banana Double shot of white rum Lime juice Half a teaspoon of sugar

Ingredients: A double shot of vodka (or a triple; there’s no judgment here!) Cranberry juice Lime wedges Ice (if you’re that strapped for cash then scrape some off your neighbour’s car…) Half a teaspoon of sugar

Instructions: Blend all ingredients together in a blender Pour over ice

Instructions: Muddle the lime wedges with the sugar at the bottom of a glass Add ice and vodka Top up with cranberry

Snakebite and Black

Apple Margarita Ingredients: A double shot of tequila (there’s always that one housemate who buys tequila to show off how many shots he can neck back; borrow some of his…) Apple juice Apple schnapps (a tactical visit to Aldi might be necessary for this one) Ice

You don’t have to go to the EleHouse on a Monday for one of these beauties (though I would recommend it). Just throw together some beer, cider and blackcurrent squash according to your taste and you’re good to go! OK, maybe it’s not quite a cocktail, but it tastes so good.

Instructions: Fill glass up with ice (decorate with salt if you’re feeling fancy) Mix the other ingredients together in a separate glass Pour over ice




10 Years Ago Today ... So a decade ago the majority of us were probably still in primary school learning our time tables, but what was going on in the world in 2003? By Katherine Morgan

Let’s look back....


February saw the devastating Space Shuttle Columbia incident where all seven crew members were killed. There were also global protests against the war on Iraq, where one million people took to the streets in London.


So in January we saw the USA plan to invade Iraq which would become the start of the huge war on terror which seemed to engulf the early 2000s. The same month in the UK, terror suspects were arrested in Bournemouth and Manchester.



Arnold Schwarzenegger becomes the next governor of California. China’s first astronaut, Yang Liwei returns safely to earth. California experiences some of its worst wildfires in history.

Europe experienced a historic heat wave with forest fires hitting Portugual causing €1 billion worth of damages. Britney, Madonna and Christina share their famous kiss at the VMA awards.



Roger Federer becomes the first Swiss male ever to win Wimbledon. Lance Armstrong wins his fifth Tour de France. US swimmer Michael Phelps breaks world records in the butterfly and the individual medley at the World Swimming Championships.


England became the rugby world champions after defeating Australia 20-17. The UK experienced some very unseasonal, warm weather with temperatures reaching 18 degrees C in London. The Countess of Wessex gives birth to a daughter, eighth in line to the throne.

We were all devastated when S Club announced their split on 21st of this month on one of the nights of their London arena tour. Apple revealed a new online music store called iTunes for their products which each song costing 99 cents.


David Blaine began a new stunt where he stays in a small transparent capsule, suspended above the ground near Tower Bridge without food for 44 days.


The first confirmed SARS case was reported in Finland. Flooding devastates Sri Lanka, leaving 350,000 homeless. After waiting for 40 years, Russian fans of The Beatles get to see Paul McCartney perform on the Red Square in Moscow.



Thousands flock to Glastonbury Festival to see the likes of David Gray, R.E.M, Radiohead and Moby perform. Ontario in Canada becomes the first jurisdiction in North America to recognise same-sex marriages.


March saw British forces going into Iraq on the 20th following the USA invasion. Christina Aguilera got a UK number one with ‘Beautiful’ for two weeks. /uhsuBluemoon


In the last month of 2003, the Christmas number one is Gary Jules’ “Mad World” and J.K Rowling publishes Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow tied the knot in Southern California.


WORD SEARCH - Memorable people and events from 2012 A S A H J B N M F S F H T V U U G H L F D D V U M T S F J K L P H D C E N R V O G M P B N X N M C A M O J V O B T E X S B Q F R A G D B M N Z Q I O E A S T V Y M A O Y I V S C O W J O N N I E P E A C O C K K Y N M A U L G Z X Q Z U I P S J A H R F F G C O N P Y F E T I Y G U O Y A F A P W T K E I S Y M W W B E K T L U A M Q N H Q I J P Q U P P V G H J R Y D O T E P B F K O V H Y U L I Z L V O F O L V Y S M L F E R Y I Q K I C H R I S T I N E L A G A R D E w L H Y K S M N R E D H K I O J Y K T K O Q I P I O J W Q T O H D G W B C X E I N Y U P A L I L M H W A V N B H I Y E Y T E W E R R O S C A R P I S T O R I O U S I I K E O L I P U R E V A D G V B J E C H R L M N J Q W H I T N E Y H O U S T O N H P A G E Y O W X Z A Q G M C J L P E C H D A R U L D X A B N H J L Z S U M L E V M I R M N I R I K D S E B A S T I A N C O E L A S P Z C J N G G V H N C E N I D E U P A L T S A O I D A S X L E V Q S T U I G L N Y R Y B Z N V T W F H W U S U G T K C J E M O I E N P S U H Y L S S J X E V L O B C P N I T I I U F L O T I L L A D S C N S T I G K H R N L Y U L E R H E W S C R N Y R C Y O P S G T L K O D J U M S W R V O N L S H U J N P E Y E S H I W E N Y R N I G T R S C M V L S Q E G S C B T F H S N J M G B I N R Q U T U I B E J K A E Q E W L K O E A W Y Sebastian Coe Ye Shiwen Psy Yohan Blake Jacques Rogge Queen Elizabeth Etta James Christine Lagarde Neil Armstrong Xi Jinping Aung San Suu Kyi Prince Philip Paralympics Jonnie Peacock Oscar Pistorious Flotilla Whitney Houston Olympics

Quizzes by Rachel Smith

Q&A - How many do you know?

New Years Resolutions

1. Which football team did Spain beat to become Champions of Euro 2012?

Vidhyabama A

2. Which American athlete beat the previous record of a total of 18 Olympic medals to become the greatest Olympian in history? 3. Which Liverpool-born singer closed the Jubilee Concert outside of Buckingham Palace? 4.

Who became BBC’s Sport’s Personality of the Year 2012?

5. What was the name of the Austrian daredevil who fell from space and broke the sound barrier? 6. Who plays the main character of Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey? 7.

Simon Konecki is the father of which British singer’s son?

8. Which politician did Barack Obama beat in the elections to secure his second term as President of the United States? 9. Mohamed Morsi became the new President of which Middle Eastern country? 10.

Who delivered the Olympic flame into the Olympic Stadium?

Q&A 1. Italy, 2. Michael Phelps, 3. Sir Paul McCartney, 4.Bradley Wiggins, 5. Felix Baumgartner, 6. Martin Freeman, 7. Adele, 8. Mitt Romney, 9. Egypt, 10. Sir Steve Redgrave.


Twenty Thirteen..! Oh yeah, that’s how time flies these days. Well, first of all, Happy New Year everyone! I’m pretty sure the holidays were spent in the most beneficial way possible (least that’s what I tell people)! Jokes aside, it is a brand new year, and you know what that means, brand new resolutions to come up with. I know what’s running through that mind of yours right this instant, “I have just executed last year’s resolution, and now I have to draft new ones?”. Been there, done that. Let’s look at this this way. Resolutions are just part of bringing yourself to be more responsible and to be able to achieve your heart’s true desires. It’s just a resolving decision to do or not to do something. My resolution this year would be to be able to learn to dance, like serious dancing. I can’t dance. Yeah, that’s a fact! But, let’s read what our fellow students have to say about their resolution and how it’s been going so far. I know it’s too soon to start executing them, by hey, it’s now or never. Time waits for no man. A quote by Abraham Lincoln – ‘Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than others’. ‘’Get a 2:1 in my finals, to try and not argue with my girlfriend, and if possible… try to have an affair( just kidding)’’ – Scott Jackson, BA Product Design “Change my careless eating habits, less time on my playstation, and more time on books..” – Daniel Victor, BSc Sound Design Technology “Mine is simple, to stop procrastinating” – Mary Anderson, BA Business Studies @UHSU_BlueMoon


BlueMoon - January 2013  
BlueMoon - January 2013