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Dancer Critique KDNC 340 October 1st, 2012 Katelyn Dietrich 1 Katelyn Dietrich (000276511)

October 1st, 2012

This dancer is very eye appealing picture to begin with even before you analyze her technique and aesthetics. Although she does not appear to look natural she looks proper and composed. Aesthetically her lines are beautiful and strong. Her tutu creates softer lines in the picture, and gives her a feminine edge. By wearing white as well she creates the illusions of being dainty and prettiness. This ballet dancer is exhibiting balance as she develops a state of equilibrium with an equal distribution of her weight and is therefore highly influenced by her alignment. Her head is centred straight on the top of her spine, beginning the building blocks of her body. Even though it’s just a picture you can see her eye level is focused above straight forward. Her neck is stretching upwards from her shoulders, creating the image of her lat muscles being pushed down and engaged. Rotation of the hip is out from the axis of her body, quite plainly turned out. There is flexion of her working leg as it is bent. There is extension of the supporting leg, however it is not hyper extended, but lifted and stretched. The dancers working leg is brought up into a retire position. Her hip alignment is level and square frontwards, which she is the direction she is facing. This position enforces that based on her overall posture her abdominal muscles are engaged lifting in towards her spinal column. Her pelvis is centred and her tailbone is dropped down. Otherwise she would not be able to remain balanced and in position.

2 Katelyn Dietrich (000276511)

October 1st, 2012

The dancer’s arms are in classical fifth position in a state of abduction, moving away from the midline of her body. Once again, even in the classical fifth arm position, she is keeping her lats firmly engaged and shoulders pressed down. Her fingers are soft and do not distract from the aesthetics of the rest of her body. The background is white and instantly draws your attention to her and her lines. Since she is also wearing white, and the backdrop is so bright, you focus on the lines in her limbs. My eyes are drawn to her arms and fingers, and her extended legs and pointed toes. This image encourages the emotions of serenity and peace. Since she has a tiny smirk on her face I would also say she is exulting confidence. Not only is her eye line raised above the balcony seats in a theatre but she has her head cocked slightly, enforcing her pride and strength. This dancer is so correct in her lines, it really adds to the aesthetics. I personally would like to see her perform. She is so beautiful stationary; it would be interesting to see her on the move. Ballet dancers must be admired even without movement. The grace they contain in a simple photograph is incomparable to anything else. This image really implements how much I love dance. The human body is so striking in and out of motion. It is unbelievable the capability that such a small basic unit of life can have. This picture makes me happy because she looks content. The dancer is full of poise and assurance and she makes me wish I had her elegance and grace. Overall an excellent picture of a dancer who hopefully knows how talented she is.

3 Katelyn Dietrich (000276511)

October 1st, 2012