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Kate  Schriver   Fashion  Merchandising  and  Design   Portfolio  


“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”  

Creative  Research   Trend  Forecasting  and  Moodboards  


Rustic   Refinement  


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Rustic  Refinement     Color  way  


Wool  Blanket  

Italian  Leather  

Coffee  and  Chocolate  

Raspberry  Preserves  

Raw  Amethyst  

Electric  Blue  

The   New  Naturals   Dfnskjdfhskjsdjnjkcbskjdbvkjsbd kjvhishdfiqwhdugiwegfyuergfegr weiudghjksfbhkjwhfiuwegfkweb fkjsbfvfgjewageiquyeioqwuriow hdkusbfjhdasgriwuhrfkjehfuiehr iowehorihweihfkehskfhewkuhfk uewhfweuhrio;whreoiewyituher iufghiuehfhuhyiweuriowjfihiut4 yi74ytoreutiewfjifohiuewhi34yiu h43fuhhfih34giuhoi34hrou3to2i ruoiwjldfkehfgkerhtioh3jrijweop jflweihj  


The  New  Naturals   Color  way  


White  On  White  

Light  Putty  

Petal  Pink  

Neon  Yellow  

Clear  Sky  

Bright  Blue  

Styling   Selection  and  Assembly  


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Design   Concept  and  Construction  


“Calypso”  Collection   Summer/Resort  2014   Color  and  Pattern   Inspiration  


“Calypso”  Collection   Summer/Resort  2014   Color  and  Pattern   Inspiration  


Visual  Merchandising   Project:  “Street  Art”   I  created  a  concept  for  a  display  window  and  along  with  my  classmates   was  able  to  recreate  my  ideas.  


Street Art

The Emergence and Popularity of Urban Street Fashion




To demonstrate Fashion as an art form


Particularly through Urban Styles


And it’s connection to Street Art









Business  Concept  and  Marketing   Sales,  Promotion,  and  Marketing  


Project  :  “Bonlook”   Product  Development  and  Marketing   I  designed  a  series  of  eyeglasses  for  the  online  company  Bonlook.    To  market  this  series  I   developed  a  media  package  and  promotional  event.  





BonLook launched in 2010 as an exclusive online destination for stylish and affordable eyewear. The company was founded by two women, Sophia and Melanie, who were determined to offer stylish, high quality, and affordable eyewear. We have had the truly remarkable experience of working with a handful of designers, including Kate Schriver the creative mind behind our latest “Kate” series. Growing up with a love for all things vintage it was only right that Kate design a line with retro influences. Pulling from the 40s, 50s, and 60s, this collection combines clean lines and playful shapes creating signature details throughout the series. Schriver designed three styles of glasses for the BonLook website, each reflecting a part of her own personality: The bartender, the bookworm, and the starlet. These styles come to life again with Schriver’s Kate series. She has added a modern refinement to each style making it contemporary enough to wear today but still reflecting retro influence.




Bonlook’s Kate series is available to women of all ages but is designed with a focus on the 18 to 34

age range. The stylish shapes and interesting details of these glasses make them more appealing to women who are looking to be in trend. These consumers are also more likely to spend the money on multiple pairs to suit their mood or look for the day. Since Bonlook is widely known for offering stylish eyewear at an affordable price the Kate series is available to a large range of consumer incomes. The majority of women who would want to wear these glasses are young professionals who are conscious of their appearance within and outside of the workplace. They like to express their individuality through their personal style. As an online retailor, Bonlook is available 24/7 to a variety of customers. We are able to ship internationally which makes our product available worldwide.  


SPONSORSHIP PROPOSAL   12/1/2012 Bonlook 1111 State Street New York, New York

Dear Sponsor Contact, I am contacting you regarding a unique sponsorship opportunity for your company. On March 1st 2013, Bonlook exceptional eyewear of New York will host a collection launch event featuring stylish and affordable eyewear designed by well-known designer Kate Schriver. The event will draw an affluent audience – average household income will be $130,000. Some 30 percent of the attendees are expected to purchase products from the event. The event will take place at the Museum of Modern art in New York. We invite your company to be an exclusive representative at our event. In addition to being listed on all advertising and press as a sponsor of the event, you will have the opportunity to host a booth at the event to display your products. We hope to have the opportunity to share our full presentation of sponsorship benefits with you in the near future. I will contact you on January 5th 2013 to determine if a meeting is warranted. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact me at 555-555-5555 or by email with any questions. Sincerely,   Sara Hayes, Bonlook representative

1 2


SPECIAL EVENT CHECKLIST Organization: Bonlook exceptional eyewear Contact Information: 555-555-5555

□ Title of your event: Kate Series Spring 2013 Collection Launch □ Date of your event: March 1st 7:30 pm o Event theme: Vintage picnic □ Facility/space you are requesting: The NYC Museum of Modern art □ Potential Number of people who will participate: 250 max □ Plans to limit attendance to target audience (crowd control): Guest list/Security □ Insurance (if needed): Yes on rented equipment □ Admission fees for event: None □ Stage, Tent, or Awning: Small tent outside entrance for greeters/guest list* □ Type of entertainment: Live “big band” music and a DJ* □ Food: o Catering Agreements: Yes, o Menu/ Food Type: Heavy appetizers, cute desserts and specialty drinks*

□ Noise Levels: Museum shuts music off at 11   (Continued on next page)

□ Tables/Chairs/Decorations: o How many/type: White folding chairs and round tables. 200 chairs, 20 tables (ten chairs at each table) o Decorations: Flower bouquets for every table, two for the serving tables, two for the outside tent, white table cloths, red gingham bows for the chairs, gold plastic utensils, blue floral paper plates o Lighting Requirements: Museum lighting, floating candles for tables, outside entrance light up “pillars” □ Power Requirements: 8 extension cords □ Restroom Facilities: Museum restroom □ Parking Requirements: Valet parking, museum parking lot □ Custodial Needs: Waiters/Waitresses (also product models) 10, three car parkers, two greeters o Garbage cans: Yes, large 8 □ Delivery vehicles/access: Back entrance □ Small outside tent for greeters/ Guest check in o Small white tent o Small folding table o White table cloth o Spring flower bouquets (2) o A welcome chalkboard sign o Two employees (also product models)    



□ Menu/food type o o o o o o o

Heavy appetizers Quiche (vegetarian) Chicken and pork bbq sliders Various salads Veggie and dip plate Cheese and fruit plate Cute desserts -3 full sized cakes each with the glasses printed on the top. Three different flavors - Powdered, sugared, and chocolate mini doughnuts - Fruit tartlets

o Non-alcoholic: drinks: water, soda, infused teas (mint berry, citrus, lavender cherry, etc.) o Alcoholic: champagne bar (add ins include strawberry lemonade, juices, infused syrups, fruits, herbs, etc.)


SITE   Room and hall fees

total: $12,825



Site staff (Waiters, valet, greeters)


Equipment (and band)


Tables and chairs

($_215 / tables $730 / chairs_)


($ 150_)


total: $10,455







Catering Fee


PUBLICITY total: $475 Artist or photographer ($_475_) DECORATIONS

total: $1,565





Gingham bows


Large chalkboard stand



total: $10,296



Rental insurance


Gift Bags 8,341




For preliminary budgets, add 20%

$ 43,957.00





Kate   For Bonlook

Exceptional eyewear

  Pick your favorite.


Exceptional Eyewear.

B o n L o o k   i s   t h e   o n l i n e   d e s t i n a t i o n   f o r   s t y l i s h   a n d   a f f o r d a b l e   e y e w e a r .       B o n L o o k   f i r s t   l a u n c h e d   i n   2 0 1 0   a n d   s i n c e   t h e n   h a s   h a d   t h e   p l e a s u r e   o f   w o r k i n g   w i t h   m a n y   t a l e n t e d   d e s i g n e r s .   W e   h a v e   h a d   t h e   t r u l y   r e m a r k a b l e   e x p e r i e n c e   o f   w o r k i n g   w i t h   K a t e   S c h r i v e r ,   t h e   c r e a t i v e   m i n d   b e h i n d   o u r   K A T E   S E R I E S   f o r   S p r i n g   2 0 1 3 .   W i t h   a   l o v e   f o r   a l l   t h i n g s   v i n t a g e ,   i t   w a s   o n l y   r i g h t   t h a t   K a t e   d e s i g n   a   c o l l e c t i o n   w i t h   r e t r o   i n f l u e n c e s .   W h e t h e r   y o u ’ r e   a   B a r t e n d e r ,   a   B o o k w o r m ,   o r   a   S t a r l e t ,   t h e   K A T E   S E R I E S   h a s   a   p a i r   f o r   y o u .   P i c k   y o u r   f a v o r i t e .   w w w . b o n l o o k . c o m / K A T E      

Bonlook…   Drink  the  Koolaid.   THE  

T h e   B a r t e n d e r  

Release your inner ‘Mad Men’ (or woman, of course) with The Bartender eyeglasses in black. These unique rectangular frames display a stylish ‘60s vibe.          



T h e   B o o k w o r m  

T h e   S t a r l e t  

Your confidence and sophistication leaves them all in awe. Not only can you handle it all, but you handle it with such panache! The Bookworm is available in black or tortoise.

Fiercely feminine and flirtatiously fun! These ladylike cat eye frames strike the perfect balance between style and function. You can wear these gorgeous glasses in black, purple and tempting tortoise.


“I  stay  true  to  my  style,  and  myself  and  I  am  always   pushing  myself  to  be  aware  of  that  and  be  original.”    




-­‐  Kate  Schriver  

August 2013, New York- On any given day, New York designer Kate Schriver can be seen A.) At her favorite corner coffee shop sipping a soy latte or B.) Working diligently in her studio on 6th Avenue in the heart of the fashion district. She considers herself lucky,

“ I grew up in east Tennessee dreaming of where I am

today, but at that time I never really believed it could happen to August  18,   me.” “I have been shopping with Bonlook for years! They always have the cutest styles of glasses; a great place to pick up

just released her new collection of designer eye ware for Bonlook

everyday classics as well as special occasion eyewear. I was

who specializes in chic and affordable glasses.

so thrilled when they were interested in a collaboration.”

Bonlook has been a leading online eyewear company since their

Kate has added her own touch to BonLook’s designer series

launch in 2010. Started by two friends with a dream, BonLook is

by pulling from the 40s, 50s, and 60s. This collection

able to offer exclusive styles and affordable prices to customers

combines clean lines and playful shapes creating signature

around the globe.

details throughout the series. “I have always been highly

One of the unique features of BonLook is their yearly collaboration with prominent U.A. based designers. Their aim is to create fresh and innovative styles for the newest BonLook collections.  


Now, with 20 years in the fashion business under her belt she has

influenced by past eras. Growing up, my mother would often take me vintage shopping with her. I believe that’s where my love for older styles originated.”

The  Starlet  

The  Bookworm  

The  Bartender  

Schriver designed three styles of glasses for the BonLook website, each reflecting a part of her own personality: The bartender, the bookworm, and the starlet. “People’s moods change from day to day. Sometimes we can be more reserved and other days we want to be the center of attention. Our clothing and accessories reflect that. I wanted to create a line that can fit a person’s changing dispositions.” Each pair of glasses within Bonlook’s Kate series contains the essence of a specific era. The cat eye “starlet” channels the ferocity yet innocence of the Hollywood bombshell, like Marilyn Monroe or Bridget Bardot. The “Bookworm’s” rounded frames are specific to the rebellious artists of the 1960s, and the “bartender” can be seen on cool and tailored figures like Buddy Holly in the 1940s. All of these styles come to life again with Schriver’s Kate series. She has added a modern refinement to each style making it contemporary enough to wear today but still reflecting that retro influence. The versatility of modern style and retro influences will keep these glasses in everyone’s wardrobe. I would suggest picking out a pair today. They can be found at    

“Create  your  own  style…  let  it  be  unique  for   yourself  and  yet  identifiable  for  others.”                        -­‐  Kate  Schriver  




Bonlook Kate  Schriver’s     Spring  2013   Collection  Launch    


You’re Invited As  we  celebrate  our  newest  designer  series,   “KATE”  by  Kate  Schriver    

Seven thirty in the evening March 1st, 2013

 The Museum of Modern Art   1111 Art Street

New York City, NY 10011



Pick  Your  Favorite   At


Project:  “Feathers  and  Foxes”   Store  imagining  and  Business  Concepts   I  created  my  own  business  along  with  three  business  objectives  that  would  help  market   my  brand.    Each  of  these  concepts  was  broken  down  into  possible  outcomes,  strategies,   and  tactics.  


Feathers and Foxes A  

T H O U G H T F U L LY  

C U R AT E D  

L I F E S T Y L E  

S T O R E   T H AT   S P E C I A L I Z E S   I N  

S T Y L I S H  

A N D  


H A N D M A D E  

A R T E S I A N  



Business Summery — Location:   The   Old   City   Knoxville,   Tn   ¡ Why?     ÷

Large  amount  of  local  and  tourist  foot  traffic    


Eclectic  Area  


Many  small  local  businesses  


Geared  towards  offering  unique  goods  and   showcasing  local  artistry    




Number  of  bars,  coffee  shops,  and  restaurants  in   this  area.      

Business Summery — Products   ¡ What  we  sell  

Hand  crafted  jewelry   ÷ Earthenware  dishes,  mugs  and   household  items   ÷ Woven  tapestries  and  area  rugs   ÷ Screen  printed  shirts,  posters,   and  cards   ÷ Organic  soaps  and  body   products   ÷ Hand  poured  candles   ÷ Small  furniture  and  decorative   items   ÷














$45-­‐$300  wovens/  $65-­‐$2000  area  rugs

Objectives — Grow  network  through  e-­‐mail  subscribers  and  

social  media  followers  to  at  least  500.     — Emerge  as  a  market  leader,  Knoxville  trendsetter,  

and  “first-­‐to-­‐know”  business.   — Grow  business  to  $100  average  per  sale  with  30  

sales  per  day.      

Objectives — Grow  network  through  e-­‐mail  subscribers  and  social  media  

followers  to  at  least  500.     ¡ Outcome:    subscribers  will  be  updated  on  shop  activities  &  

rewarded  with  special  promotions  thus  generating  more  shop   revenue.       ÷

Strategy:  Inform  current  customers  of  e-­‐mail  and  social  media   outlets  in  store  and  through  print  media.   ¢ ¢


Strategy:  Offer  special  promotions  to  e-­‐mail  and  social  media   followers   ¢ ¢


Tactic:  In  store  postcards  for  shopping  bags     Tactic:  postcards  in  other  surrounding  shops/old  city  events  

Tactic:  Special  10%  off  for  subscribing  via  e-­‐mail.   Tactic:  one  day  only  sales  promoted  through  facebook  

Objectives — Emerge  as  a  market  leader,  Knoxville  trendsetter,  and  “first-­‐to-­‐

know”  business.   ¡ Outcome:    being  recognized,  as  a  community  leader  will  build  

customer  loyalty  and  a  respected  opinion  on  the  latest  trends.     ÷



Strategy:  Be  featured  in  local  publications  both  print  and  online   ¢

 Tactic:  reach  out  to  local  bloggers/writers  


 Tactic:    Host  an  event  at  the  shop/popup  shop  

Strategy:  Stay  informed  on  the  latest  trends/  products  available.   ¢

Tactic:  subscribe  to  blogs  that  feature  similar  products  


Tactic:  dedicate  2  hrs.  a  weeks  to  researching  trends  and  artists  

Objectives — Grow  business  to  $100  average  per  sale  with  30  sales  per  day.   ¡ a.  Outcome:  Shop  revenue  will  increase  and  allow  for  the  

purchase  of  more  specialized  merchandise.   ÷



Strategy:  Get  customers  to  purchase  add  ons  at  register   ¢

Tactic:  create  cute  displays  with  small  inexpensive  items  


Tactic:  Have  add  on  promotions  (B1G1  ½)  

Strategy:  Advertise  and  promote  shop/expand  customer  base   ¢

Tactic:  Pay  for  small  slots  in  local  publications  


Tactic:  pop  up  shops  outside  of  the  downtown  area.  

Thank You!


Contact   865-­‐567-­‐0339   Blog: