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hobsons root s 2009 • • •

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Text Text 2009



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s Roots

s engage, see, hear and hrough all channels, at all mes.

Above the Line Below the Line Digital

Live Experiences Publicity

Our most versatile tools to communicate the Hobsons experience are digital, publicity and live experiences

The Hobsons Story

Hobsons Style is inspired by a blend of the best of iconic design trends taken from the 20’s to the 50’s. The objective is to develop a style for the brand that appears to be timeless

Hobsons and nostalgia is a relationship that never appears alone together . It is always balanced with modern contexts and settings

5/6 where we want to be

timeless nostalgia, clean mid 20th Century classic and period design, iconic, cool, always relevant and always contemporary.

Hobsons uses an illustrative style suggestive of 40’s & 50’s Adventure annuals

Hobsons is inspired by where we live, our region, our artisans and our heritage

Shropshire Water Vole

modern vs nostalgia

3/6 WHERE’S HENRY? The use of the literal picture of Henry Hobsons will be progressively reduced . The spirit of Henry remains and represents the spirit of the business, the pinnacle of the craft of master brewer, the inspiration for developing clever and sustainable local production as well as selling the best beer in the country , His personality, influence and ‘fingerprints’ will be present and introduced in various degrees throughout all the visual elements of the Brand . In the first instance - the Hobsons ‘coke’, the thinking mans hard hat complete with Shropshire hat band will be the main design element appearing on Old Henry. Other “Henry” elements will be introduced as new materials and merchandise evolve. Whether it be the the name tag from his football jersey, the ‘hands off ’ card from his hat, the instructions for a cotton reel tank on a beer mat, the branded towels provided to the brewery labourers or the soap from the Hobsons wash house

HERE”S HENRY Hobsons has taken the Shropshire Water Vole, aka Ratty from Wind in the Willows, as its main Brand Identity.T he character will be named Henry and clothed in the original style of Henry Hobsons, illustrated in the “Hobsons House’ Style Enlightened management of the natural habitat and sustainable resources has seen Shropshire ratty in resurgence from near extinction



Henry Hobson The Great British Brewer Cleobury Mortimer, Shropshire

PROMINENCE OF STRENGTH Hobsons will focus on the strength of the product, as here on a bottle label, as a central design feature to help simplify selection and measured consumption

brand visual inspiration

Manor Ale

Old Henry











Town Crier


Postman’s Knock













Each of the HOBSONS labels take its illustration inspiration from the brewery, local personalities or stories associated with Cleobury Mortimer. St Marys Church Spire Postman Simon Evans Manor Railway Piers Plowman Henry’s Coke


explore use of label colours to suggest the type of beer content and the period. e.g here ‘passing clouds’ a pink taken from a 50’s cigarette pack differentiates, lightens the label and broadens the appeal for a wider audience

ç ç Each of the HOBSONS labels take its illustration inspiration from the brewery, local personalities or stories associated with Cleobury Mortimer. St Marys Church Spire Postman Simon Evans Manor Railway Piers Plowman Henry’s Coke


All Labels to now carry description of product (29/3/09)

‘the natural choice’


label visual development

explore use of label colours to suggest the type of beer content and the period. e.g here ‘passing clouds’ a pink taken from a 50’s cigarette pack differentiates, lightens the label and broadens the appeal for a wider audience

evolving the design style and spirit of Hobsons in new offers


on trade homeware

Henry Hobson

The Great British Brewer Cleobury Mortimer, Shropshire



ManorAle PostmansKnock

brand visual inspiration


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what the target audiences engages, sees, hears and touches is consistent

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experience merchandise

from soap to bowler

classic and quirky pub games

‘How to’s dangerous mats for drinkers - boys and girl

barrel seats, great smells and great houseware

applications of type style



‘This same philosophy applies to our website which will become integral to the marketing of the brand and as an emerging sales channel. Its importance to the business reflects the age groups and aspirations of all our customers both as a sales channel and for social networking’

see Hobsons labels x 5.pdf

Hobsons Pass notes Manor Ale


No.1 – Series 1

No. 3 – Series 1

A beer that’s just the ticket

A beer that really delivers

Brewed to celebrate Severn Valley Railway’s Manor Class steam engines. Severn Valley, one of Britain’s finest Heritage Railways, chose Hobsons for its integrity and commitment to its roots in the heart of England. Manor Ale - a beer that hints at bygone times but with a contemporary twist. A little like Hobsons really.

Old Henry No. 2 – Series 1 Hats off to a great British beer Master brewer Henry Hobson loved his hat. Known as a coke (pronounced cook), it really is the original hard hat created to protect gamekeepers from a bash on the bonce by menacing poachers. It was soon adopted by hard-working tradesmen including Old Henry himself. Old Henry – a sensible yet stylish beer. A little like Hobsons really.

Returning from World War 1 suffering from the effects of poison gas, novelist Simon Evans settled in Cleobury Mortimer, home to Hobsons. He decided to become a postman – his daily 18-mile round proved the perfect way to recuperate as well as inspiration for his witty short stories. Postman’s Knock - a beer offering an intelligent blend of complex ingredients. A little like Hobsons really. Town Crier No. 4 – Series 1 A beer with a big voice In days of yore, only personages of standing could become a Town Crier. Being able to read was key but another characteristic was the ability to stand by your beliefs - unpopular announcements resulted in torrents of abuse from disgruntled by-standers.

Twisted Spire No. 5 – Series 1 A beer with a real twist Cleobury Mortimer, home of Hobsons, has a curious and rare twisted church spire. Rumour has it the rarity of a virgin getting married in the church meant even the spire had to turn around to take a look! Twisted Spire - a unique beer with allround appeal. A little like Hobsons really.

colour chart

cmky value

cmky value C: 0 M: 100 Y: 60 K: 52

C: 100 M: 83 Y: 0 K: 22


P202 C: 98 M: 40 Y: 0 K: 100

C: 0 M: 25 Y: 76 K: 0

P135 C: 0 M: 15 Y: 50 K: 20

C: 4 M: 35 Y: 0 K: 0


P466 C: 0 M: 17 Y: 100 K: 0

C: 0 M: 92 Y: 65 K: 0


P116 C: 4 M: 0 Y: 44 K: 0

C: 79 M: 0 Y: 71 K: 0



banners & flags

bar towel

Henry Hobson

The Shropshire Brewer

Cleobury Mortimer, Shropshire


Hobson’s Coke; Thinking Mans Hard hat

Illustration design notes Old Henry

Beloved of Henry Hobsons the Hobsons coke is a hard felt hat with a rounded crown. It was the hard hat of its day, a practical item of headgear for working men of all classes. The hat was designed in 1850, by James Lock & Co. of St James Street, London, for Thomas William Coke, 2nd Earl of Leicester, of Holkham Hall, to give his gamekeepers to wear when patrolling the estate on horseback. The hat was made up by Bowler Brothers, whose family name was adopted for the new style. Initially the hat was referred to as the Coke (pronounced Cook) hat, but the likeness of the shape to a bowl and the coincident name of the makers meant that it popularly became known as the ‘Bowler’. When Coke was first presented with the hat at the Locks’ premises, he threw it to the floor and stamped on it to test its suitability, before ramming it down on his head and leaving the shop, evidently satisfied. It had cost him 12 shillings. It was, therefore, a practical hat, to protect the head from poachers’ sticks and collisions with low-hanging branches when on horseback. It also gained aname as the ‘Iron Hat’ because of its protective value. Before the bowler, hats were easily readable markers of social distinction. The gentry wore top hats and the working man traditionally wore a flat cap. Designed as a working hat, it became the adopted uniform of a whole number of different trades. Brewers, Street-traders, omnibus drivers, wet fish sellers, shipyard workers, knife-grinders, and others: all sported them as uniform and protective headgear. The every man headgear of Rene Magritte , the Hobsons Coke is the Thnking the Mans hard hat and is worn on the floors of the Brewery to this day

Every man The Man In the Bowler Hat: His History and Iconography

coke tossing Hobson’s Coke; Rules of the Toss c. 1850

1. A pin and two Firkins set up in a diamond, pin towards the thrower 3. Set the length distance of a standard champion weight coke ‘tween pin and firkin 4. Tosser presents between 3 or 5 full paces ( Apprentice or Master distance) to toss ‘tween rope lane set parallel to widest distance of groundscoring area 5. Tosser can adopt any stance save crossing the tossing line ( a fault, doc 3 points) 6. Tossers toss coin for first coke toss 7. 5 rounds per match. Each round consists of three alternating tossses,. SCORING I. Cover. Landing full square on the top of the pin or firkins PIN 13 pts Firkin 9 pts II. Ground . landing within one coke length of pin or ferkin 3pts 8. Scores are Chalked on each the Firkin. Fisrst tosser to left second to right


visula & style guide

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