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ALFA JAZZ FEST works are national identification and economic instability, ambiguity of moral categories and personal choice. Daniil Glkin, Maksim Chatskiy, Pavlo Kovach, Yuriy Biley, «Tenpoint» group, Teresa Barabash, Volodymyr Sai, Viktor Melnichuk, Anna Sorokova and Maryna Taliutto will present their works.

«Existence Environment» an exhibit of young domestic artists will happen in «Bottega Gallery» and «Shcherbenko Art Center» from the 6th till the 29th of June. Artists research the social reality in their works, the conditions of which influence every personality separately and society as a whole. The main topics of the




n exhibit of the Crimean painting is held in Kyiv gallery «Rarytet Art» together with CSM M17 from the 24th of May till 21st of June. On the exposition paintings of different styles will be presented, their styles will vary from restrained realism till explosive impressionism and experimental modernism. The artists of the works are Yuriy Konovalov, Oleksiy Potapenko, Oleksansr Smyrnov, Oleksandr Shadrin, Pavlo Shumov, Nuri Yakubov, Volodymyr Shvab, Andriy Amburskiy, Mykola Chebotar and Renat Ramazanov. The prject is realised by a new team of M17.



he first Ukrainian — Austrian Young-Orchestra Academy will be held in Lviv from the 26th till 28th of June. It’s a mutual project of symphonic orchestra K&K Philharmoniker and general specialized musical boarding-school named aſter S. Krushelnytskoi. During this event, concertmasters of orchestra groups of symphonic orchestra K&K Philharmoniker will share their experience with Ukrainian musicians. A concert in Lviv philharmonic society will happen according to the results of the project in which will take part the best participants of the Academy.

O’KESHKA JAZZ «O’Keshka Jazz» the fourth Children Jazz Festival will be held in the «Master Klass» in Kyiv on the first and second of June. The young Jazz Players will have a rare possibility to perform in front of big audience and play with professional musicians and members of stage-band — special guests of the festival - during it. Famous jazz pianist Nataliia Lebedeva will conduct the last.

lfa Jazz Festival the Third International Jazz Festival will be held in Lviv from 13th till 16th of June. A couple of open air stages, dozens of Jazz performers and also hot club parties are waiting for fans of qualified music. Headliners of the festival are Al Di Meola, Bobby McFerrin, Till Bronner, who will be presenting his new CD and also Norway pianist Bugge Wesseltoſt who is considered to be one of the founders of «new-style» jazz. On the last day of the festival will perform Jamala who produced her new album.



estival of silent cinematography and contemporary music «Silent Nights» will be held from the 21st till 23rd of June. The location of the festival is marine passenger terminal moorage of yacht-club in Odesa. In the program of the film showing such films are stated: Ukrainian films «Ukrasia» (1925) and «Bread» (1930), German expressionistic drama «The Last Person» (1924), flapper-comedy by King Vidora «Patsi» (1928) and Czech small-scale drama «The Kreutzer Sonata» (1927). Orange the Juice (Poland), Port Mone (Belorus), Czech percussion-virtuoso Pavel Fajt, Russian duet «Lietov & Golukhov» and also Ukrainian jazz- improvisator Yuriy Kuznetsov will play their author’s accompaniment to these films. ИC. 3

Cultural Events in Ukraine, June 2013  

Cultural Events in Ukraine, June 2013