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Katerina Andriotis

Professor of English at Briarwood College

Celebrated Higher Education System Professional

Katerina Andriotis is a higher education system professional lauded for her commitment to educating our youth and improving the quality of learning in the classroom. Katerina Andriotis has experience as the Coordinator of Academic Advising at Middlesex Community College and was recognized as a Yale Fellow in 2005-2006. Strengthening higher education is a prime focus and passion for Katerina Andriotis.

Author Researcher and Educator

Katerina Andriotis is a widely published author known for her essays and articles published in College Quarterly, the Electronic Journal of Sociology, and other academic publications. With a passion for Feminist Theory, Katerina Andriotis is lauded for her commitment to detailed research and her acumen for philosophical texts. Katerina Andriotis works in higher education and was recently recognized as a Yale Fellow.

Family and Community First

Katerina Andriotis is a dedicated family woman. While she is often busy with her job as an educational professional, she makes sure to keep her focus on family and community. Her efforts have not gone unappreciated by others, and Katerina Andriotis is respected as much for her community efforts as she is for her contributions to the field of higher education.

Katerina andriotis