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SANGHA IN-SIGHT The International KUSZ Newsletter Spring 2014

SANGHA IN-SIGHT The International KUSZ Newsletter

Spring 2013 Founding Teacher Zen Master Seung Sahn International Council: School Head Zen Master Zen Master Soeng Hyang Regional Head Zen Masters Europe - no Head Teacher at this time Asia - Zen Master Dae Bong SN Americas - Zen Master Wu Kwang Managing Editor Nancy Hedgpeth JDPSN Editor Katka Grofova

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News from the Sanghas

The Kwan Um School of Zen of Americas We’ve been very busy here at the Kwan Um School office in the Americas! We held our annual Buddha’s Enlightenment Day on December 7, and from January through March we helped a lot of members attend part or all of Kyol Che at the Providence Zen Center with our Kyol Che scholarship program. If you are interested in applying for a scholarship, check with your guiding teacher or email PZC at for details. In April we celebrated Buddha’s Birthday weekend which included an Inka ceremony for Terence Cronin JDPSN, and a transmission ceremony for Zen Master Ji Haeng (Thom Pastor). Congratulations to you both! It was a very successful weekend with great talks, great food and lots of friendship and laughs. We have finished taking registrations for the Whole World is a Single Flower 2014 trip & conference, that is taking place this October in Korea. Because the trip is in October this year, our Dharma Teacher retreat – which usually takes place in October – is happening September 20-21. Please consider attending this year’s retreat! And finally, we are planning a special Founder’s Day weekend at PZC on August 2. There will be a special ceremony and dedication of the new memorial for Zen Master Seung Sahn.

Dharma Combat with Terence Croning (the JDPSN to be)

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News from the Sanghas

Photo credits: Erin Sheehan

Terence Cronin JDPSN

Zen Master Ji Haeng (Thom Pastor)

Buddha’s Birthday - Dharma School Skit

Group photo / Buddha’s Birthday at PZC

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News from the Sanghas

Su Bong Zen Monastery Hong Kong / Asia Visit to Jiuhwa Mountain, China Last month, Zen Master Dae Bong, Zen Master Dae Kwan, Hye Tong JDPSN, Bo Hang Sunim, and students of Su Bong Zen Monastery visited Jiuhwa Mountain in China, a sacred mountain dedicated to Ji Jang Bosal. The abbot of the local Dae Gak Temple asked our teachers to lead a 1-day Zen workshop for more than 100 students from different parts of China. Besides the workshop, the group also visited the Third, Fourth and Fifth Patriarchs’ temples, including Nam Cheon Zen Monastery where Zen Master Nam Cheon killed the cat. Throughout the trip, we came into closer contact with teachers in our lineage and better understood their contributions. Without their dedicated teaching, we would not be here today. So, where are the Patriarchs now?

Chinese New Year Celebration - Group picture

Chinese New Year Celebration - delicious food

Winter Retreat at Gak Su Temple Our sangha sat a two-week winter retreat, including an intensive YMJJ week, at Gak Su temple, our retreat site on Lantau Island. The strong practice required everyone to

Chinese New Year - Chanting Heart Sutra

Jiuhwa Mountain Visit - Zen Workshop

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News from the Sanghas

put down all outside situations and come together to do the formal practice of sitting, chanting, and bowing. We’ve also had several work retreats at Gak Su, where along with formal practice, we scrubbed floors, moved stones, and pulled weeds.

Chinese New Year Celebrations By tradition, Su Bong Zen Monastery welcomed the Chinese New Year with midnight bell hitting and kido chanting. As we struck the bell, the clear sound became a reminder for us to wake up to our true nature. Family and friends of our sangha were also invited to Gak Su Temple for a Chinese New Year gathering with delicious food and Dharma joy.

Liang Huang Repentance Chanting Led by Gye Mun JDPSN, our friends from Kwan Yin Chan Lin Temple in Singapore came to Hong Kong to help us organize a Liang Huang Repentance Chanting Ceremony. Centuries ago, Emperor Wu of China was startled by his late wife -- now in the form of a snake -- pleading with him to repent on her behalf for her many jealous and angry actions. Following the advice of his National Teacher, Zen Master Zhigong, the Emperor commissioned the writing of the Liang Huang Repentance liturgy. Since then, this sutra has become a favorite among Chinese Buddhists for making repentance. We completed the ten parts over two days, bowing thousands of times as the Sunims led us in the chanting. This was the first time for many in our sangha to experience this ceremony.

Liang Huang Repentance Chanting

Contact: Address: 5/F, Starlight House, 32 Leighton Rd., Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Email: Phone: +852 63967857 (Minh N. Tran) Website: Page 4

News from the Sanghas

Kansas Zen Center, USA Here at Kansas Zen Center practice is strong, the yard looks great and will look even better when the star of Bethlehem weed (impossible to kill) dies back in the summer heat, the air conditioner broke in a way that gets us a new one for free (not a bad trick), and we’ve started having people Skype into our classes. Folks connected to our sangha who live in Oklahoma City, Dallas, Minneapolis and Little Rock have all Skyped in to various classes: the ongoing Compass of Zen class, a recent class on Buddhas and Bodhisattvas in our chants, and more in the future. It’s great to see their shining virtual faces. Yes, it costs a little extra to have more than one person Skype in with live video, but it’s really worth it.

Our pond, recently revived at our spring workday

Our December 2013 precepts ceremony

Contact: Address: 1423 New York St., Lawrence, KS 66044 Email: Website: Page 5

News from the Sanghas

Saint Petersburg, Russia The Sangha of Saint Petersburg in Russia is waking up slowly into spring but we have had the great chance of experiencing Dharma with three big retreats this spring already. Zen Master Bong Shim did a great job leading Yong Maeng Jon Jin and a large precepts ceremony. Eighteen people took precepts with her wise guidance. Later, from May 12 to 15, we had a wonderful retreat with Jo Potter JDPSN who came to teach from Vienna. In June we are expecting Barry Briggs JDPSN to come and stay with us for a week. We feel so blessed and grateful!

Zen Master Bon Shim, Myong Gong SN and the preceptees

Jo Potter JDPSN with Myong Gong SN and the Sangha

Contact: Address: Datsan Gunzechoinei, Primorsky prosp. 91, 197374 St. Petersburg, Russia Email: Website: Page 6

News from the Sanghas

Berlin Zen Center, Germany One Year Memorial Ceremony for Zen Master Wu Bong We finished this last year with a one day Kido with Zen Master Ji Kwang and Dharma Master Muchak in Berlin Zen Center. It is always nice to see that not only KUSZ sangha members from Berlin, Germany, and Europe join in for this annual Kido but also new people do. Some of us became quite inspired during the Kido, not limiting ourselves to chanting but starting to dance as well. Then we jumped into the new year with a great New Year´s Eve party in the Zen Center and loads of Kwan Seum Bosal energy from the Kido. Being the head temple of the Kwan Um School of Zen Europe, in April we invited the European sangha to our annual one week YMJJ. For the past years this one week YMJJ in April had been lead by Zen Master Wu Bong. Despite Zen Master Wu Bong´s death last year, we decided to maintain this tradition and so this year Muchak JDPSN led the oneweek April YMJJ. The day after finishing the YMJJ, on the 18th of April, we celebrated a One Year Memorial Ceremony for Zen Master Wu Bong. Almost all European Masters and many sangha members from all over Europe joined in for this moving ceremony. We were sad; we were inspired by the speeches of teachers and students; we were happy to be all together commemorating our great teacher who has been, and still is, so important to the European Sangha. Despite the sad cause, it was also somehow refreshing and perhaps even energizing event. Let´s go on, 10,000 years just try, try, try!

Contact: Address: Zen Zentrum Berlin, Gottschedstraße 4, 13357 Berlin, Germany Email: Website: Page 7

News from the Sanghas

Deming Zen Center, USA Deming Zen Center, located in southern New Mexico, is going strong with a small yet very earnest group. In addition to public practice several times per week we hold quarterly retreats and occasional courses (most recently, studying the Vimalakirti Sutra). Our guiding teacher, Zen Master Bon Hae (Judy Roitman) visits us 2-3 times per year. In May, we held our second precepts ceremony, at which five of our members took the five precepts. Plans for the coming year include satellite groups in Silver City and Columbus, longer retreats, and a course on Zen Master Seung Sahn’s Compass of Zen.

YMJJ with Precept Ceremony with Zen Master Bon Hae (Judy Roitman / May 2014)

Contact: Address: 214 S. Copper Street, Deming, NM 88030, USA Email: Phone: (+1) (575) 545-7613 Website: Page 8

News from the Sanghas

Mu Sang Sa, South Korea Spring flowers at Mu Sang Sa bloom in many colors to match the lanterns hanging around the temple to celebrate Buddha’s Birthday. The mood, however, is solemn. The recent Sewol ferry tragedy—killing almost 300 people, many of them children on a school field trip—leaves us all somber and reflective. Out of respect for those families who lost loved ones, Mu Sang Sa has cancelled the usual entertainment and festivities on Buddha’s Birthday and will have a simple ceremony with a special afternoon kido for those who have passed away. The summer retreat kido chanting will also be dedicated to the people who died and their families. Mu Sang Sa - Zen Hall

Our winter Kyol Che ran smoothly and, after retreat, 4 new Haengwons joined our family for the spring: Dylan from USA, Melanie from Germany, Iliya from Russia and Seon Gak from Korea. The latter three will begin haengja training at the beginning of summer Kyol Che. Hae Ju HJN (Nozomi Kobayashi, Japan/Mexico) will move to Hwagyesa at the end of May to continue her training and begin Korean language study.

Winter Kyol Che - monastic participants

Winter Kyol Che participants at garden work

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News from the Sanghas

In April, we opened the doors to our new office. The new facilities provide space for the many people and groups who help our temple function. We hope that, in the future, this space will enable Musangsa to expand the kinds of programs and retreats that we offer our local and international community. We, in Korea, look forward to the fall when we can host our international family for the Whole World is a Single Flower Conference. This summer, our WWSF team will continue to work diligently to make this conference the best possible for all who participate. For conference details, please check out the website: wwsf2014korea. Finally, Mu Sang Sa would like to announce a new scholarship program. The Senior Dharma Teacher Scholarship (SDTS) covers the cost of retreat at MSS and provides opportunities for Senior Dharma Teachers in the KUZS to expand their personal practice in the intensive retreat environment of the temple. The program allows Senior Dharma teachers to deepen their experience of ways in which the whole range of Buddha’s teachings are useful in our personal practice and daily lives by exposing them to the Korean roots of our school. We hope that this program will enable more dialogue between the leaders of our sangha in the West and those practicing in Korea. The program is still in the planning stages, but please continue to check our website for an official announcement and details:

Mu Sang Sa - New office building

Mu Sang Sa - new office building opening ceremony

Mu Sang Sa - Buddha’s Birthday decoration

Contact: Address: Chungnam, Kyeryongshi, Eomsamyon, Hyangjeoksankil 129, 321-917 South Korea Email: Phone: (+82) 42 841 6084 Website: Page 10

News from the Sanghas

Hwa Gye Sa, South Korea Greetings from Hwa Gye Sa International Zen Center! Our sangha continues straight ahead as we keep clear direction moment to moment. Hwa Gye Sa International Zen Center is always exploring new ways to reach out to the world community. Sunims from all over the world come to our center to take part in Kyol Che and give support to the sangha. Laypeople connect with Dae Soen Sa Nim’s teachings through our weekend Yong Maeng Jong Jins and Sunday meditation program. The zen center had five Sunims sit the entire retreat, seven sunims for part of the time and one layperson sit the mornings for the entire ninety days. It was Hye Tong Sunim’s third time to lead Kyol Che. Zen Master’s Dae Bong and Dae Kwang Sunims visited to offer their support. These teachers gave regular dharma talks and weekly kong an interviews to the sangha. When Kyol Che wrapped up, Hwa Gye Sa International Zen Center had two short weekend retreats for sunims and laypeople. Gye Mun Sunim JDPS came from Singapore to lead the retreat in March. It was his first time leading a retreat in Korea. Zen Master Dae Bong led the April retreat. Chon Mun Sunim JDPS, a recent graduate from Kangwon (sutra school) at Beomeosa Temple joined us for both retreats. As we transitioned from winter into spring, the warmer temperatures allowed us to do some together action hiking in Bukhansan National Park. Twelve sangha members spent a warm day in March hiking to the top of Baek Un Dae Peak. We climbed along a ridge lined with fortress walls. The trail was rocky and steep at times, but the group’s hard effort paid off with a wonderful panoramic view of Seoul.

Hwa Gye Sah Int’l Zen Center

Hwa Gye Sa - Zen Hall

After retreat group photo

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News from the Sanghas

Currently, we are in the process of organizing the 2014 edition of the Whole World Is A Single Flower Conference in Korea. We look forward to seeing everyone from the World Wide Kwan Um family here to take part in the events. It’s exciting to see the family come together to unite and harmonize in our shared, original roots. That’s all the news for now. Until next time!

Hwa Gye Sa - Buddha’s Birthday

Hwa Gye Sa - Buddha’s Birthday

Contact: Address: 487, Suyu 1 dong, Kangbuk-gu, Seoul, 142-875 South Korea Email: / Phone: (+82) 02 900 5225 Website: Facebook: Page 12

News from the Sanghas

Isthmus Zen Community, USA The Isthmus Zen Community of Madison, Wisconsin hosted its 12th annual weeklong retreat, from March 9 to March 16, 2014 at the Bethel Horizons Barn Retreat Center near Dodgeville, Wisconsin. The retreat was led by our guiding teacher, Thom Pastor, JDPSN, now Zen Master Ji Haeng. Over the course of the week, we had 17 different participants. Six of us sat the entire week. Although our Isthmus Zen sangha is rather small, we are able to host this retreat every year for Bethel Horizons Barn Retreat Center two reasons: Our core membership has great try-mind, and looks forward to this retreat each year; and we have the dedicated support of our sister sanghas in Chicago, Milwaukee, and Woodstock, Illinois. Over the years people have come from as far away as Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, and Ohio. This year’s distance winner was a monk and Ji Do Poep Sa in the Five Mountains Order, who drove six hours from southern Illinois in order to practice with us. The retreat center itself offers a rustic, natural setting, surrounded by more than 500 acres of woods, meadows, bluffs and ravines. Wildlife abounds, and over the years we have experienced songbirds of every variety, flocks of wild turkeys on the porch, packs of coyotes crossing the property during evening sitting, yipping and howling as they call to one another, and once, even a cougar walking parallel to our walking meditation line. There is little or no light pollution, and to look skyward at night is to be dazzled by an unexpected blaze of stars and moonlight. Every afternoon of the retreat, we have an extended 30-minute silent walking meditation up the hill from the barn, to enjoy some nature samadhi and gaze down into the valley below. And two or three mornings of the week, our guiding teacher leads chi gong instruction and practice. On the last Saturday of the retreat, we also had a precepts ceremony, at which Sarah Whitt, one of our board members and a strong Zen practitioner, took five precepts, with both her mother and her daughter looking on. We have already set the dates for next year’s retreat, and everyone is invited! We hope you’ll join us March 22-29, 2015 for our next seven-day retreat!

Contact: Address: 402 West Lakeview Ave., Madison, WI 53716-2114, USA Email: Website:

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News from the Sanghas

Great Lake Zen Center in Wisconsin, USA There are still a few beans to be found in the corners of the Great Lake Zen Center. These are reminders of the Eyes Opening Ceremony held on February 5th for the new gold altar Buddha, given to GLZC by our Guiding Teacher, Zen Master Dae Kwang. As the ceremony began, the gold Buddha’s head was covered with a paper cone hat. While we chanted, Zen Master Dae Kwang air painted the Buddha’s eyes open and then chased away any ill omens with beans tossed into all corners of the room. The hat was removed and our Buddha was ceremoniously welcomed in time for our winter retreat beginning the next day! The gleaming Shakyamuni added to the strong energy present at our February YMJJ which was also led by Zen Master Dae Kwang. In addition to the Eyes Opening celebration and YMJJ, the retreat weekend included a public Dharma talk and concluded with a precepts ceremony involving two Sangha members: Zach, who took his five precepts, and Suzanne, who became a Dharma Teacher in Training. GLZC’s Dharma Room is looking brighter and better than it ever has. In addition to our new gold Buddha, we covered our worn linoleum floor with soft carpet, hung a colorful T’aenghwa behind the alter, and replaced several worn shoji screens. Sangha members also adopted a number of decorative plants that had grown too large for their sunny window spots and replaced them with smaller varieties. For some time our Center’s Do Gam and Senior Bodhisattva Dharma Teacher, Susi Childress, has been brainstorming a way to introduce her two grandchildren to our practice. In January she started a youth group at GLZC which has been meeting monthly ever since. Young children from several families have joined and, judging by their laughter and smiles, the kids have enjoyed their Page 14

News from the Sanghas

introduction to basic meditation practice forms and teachings. Susi hopes to continue the sessions as long as the kids are interested and wants to move the classroom to a nearby park when warm weather finally arrives. Looking back it seems our center combined hard practice, much celebration and a Dharma Room makeover to help us endure a bitter cold winter. Our thanks are extended to all our friends in the Kwan Um School of Zen. Your practice energy helps strengthen our Zen Center. Please visit if you ever find yourself in Milwaukee.

Contact: Address: Great Lake Zen Center, 828 East Locust Street, Milwaukee, WI 53212, USA Email: Website: Page 15

News from the Sanghas

Bori Centro Zen, Spain Barcelona Zen Center and Bori Sa (retreat Center) are doing very well. Our residents, Barbara and Tonda, just completed a 100-day retreat and kido at Bori Sa. It was a powerful retreat, the mountains are such a great mirror where you cannot hide anything, and at the same time the air and energy is so clear and nourishing‌ A perfect location for strong practice! They are enormously grateful to the Barcelona Sangha for taking care of Barcelona Zen Center and the monthly retreat in their absence, and for the rare opportunity of spending 3 months only practicing in this beautiful and quiet place, where your only neighbors are the birds, moufflons, deer, foxes and wild boars‌

Bori Sa kitchen

Group photo after the retreat

Preceptees after the YMJJ with ZM Bon Shim

Tonda & Barbara after their 100-day kido retreat

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News from the Sanghas

The retreat culminated in a wonderful 4-day YMJJ with Bon Shim SSN, our Guiding Teacher. The weather was great and everyday we chose a different destination for the walking meditation: waterfall, mountaintop, green pastures… The waiting point between interviews was outside in the sun, and it was very pleasant to sit in the warmth, hearing the wind and the birds songs, and in the short walk between Dharma Room and Interview Room you could focus on your Kong-an, and maybe even solve it! At the end of the retreat 6 people took precpts in an very touching and sincere ceremony. We deeply thank Bon Shim SSN for her wisdom, compassion and sense of humor. We are looking forward for the next retreat with her, and we warmly invite all of you to visit us. Finally, we are glad to announce the reprint of the spanish edition of The Compass of Zen (La brújula del zen), and the forthcoming publication of the spanish version of The Teachings of Zen Master Man Gong, an important book for all practitioners of Kwan Um School.

Contact: Address: Bori Centro Zen, c/ de les Beates 8, 3º 3ª, 08003 Barcelona, Spain Email: Phone: (+34) 931 193 680 Website: Facebook: Page 17

News from the Sanghas

New Haven Zen Center in Connecticut, USA Practice at the New Haven Zen Center (Mu Gak Sah) on Wednesday evenings (7:00-9:00 with a newcomers’ introduction at 6:30) and Sunday mornings (9:00-11:30) is energetic, and our Sangha is growing - we often need to add extra cushions! We even have some non-residential morning practitioners. The center’s consistent presence and increased outreach is touching hearts and opening minds. Our guiding teacher, Ken Kessel, JDPSN, gives kong an interviews on the 1st Wednesday evening and 4th Sunday morning. We host three free Introduction to Zen Practice Workshops each year, which have been well-attended by people of all ages and backgrounds. Several attendees are now regular practitioners. The center has enjoyed increased connections with Yale University: Paul Bloom, Senior Dharma teacher, gives regular dharma talks to the Yale Sangha. Weekly office hours and meditation practice are held on campus, as well as student-oriented practice periods at the center. We are in the midst of a Capital Campaign to cover upcoming major expenses, such as roofing, painting and replacing the two ancient furnaces with an energy efficient one; contributions can be made on our website. Seon Joon Su Nim is leaving the New Haven Zen Center to begin Divinity School at Harvard. We thank her for her energy, creativity and big heart. Sunim has been a favorite of the students at Yale, contributing much to their education. She will be missed by us all. We are seeking more new participants in our residential program—please contact us if interested. The photo is of the exterior of the center. All are welcome to join us for practice!

Contact: Address: 193 Mansfield St., New Haven, CT 06511 USA Email: Website: Page 18

News from the Sanghas

Providence Zen Center in Rhode Island, USA The Providence Zen Center held a very wonderful winter Kyol Che with 50 people sitting some or all of it and 7 different teachers leading some of it.

It was followed by the Buddha’s Birthday weekend. We were honored to host it as well as the transmission ceremony for Thom Pastor - now Zen Master Ji Haeng - from Las Vegas, Nevada, and the inka ceremony for Terry Cronin who it a longtime zen student from the Maine sangha and a hospice chaplain.

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News from the Sanghas

The month of Summer Kyol Che is already planned for July 7, 2014 through August 1, 2014. We will then have a special Founder’s Day weekend. The memorial for Zen Master Seung Sahn will be unveiled up by the Diamond Hill Zen Monastery. The ceremony will be changed in order to accommodate many stories about and remembrances of Dae Soen Sa Nim. We hope many will be able to come and share in this event to honor him. We held a one day workshop on the new book The Hidden Lamp, Stories from 25 Centuries of Awakened Women. It was a delightful day -working with kong ans both individually and as sangha - led by the co-editors of the book, Sue Moon and Florence Caplow. This book is a wonderful resource of stories and teaching. It also has 5 of our KUSZ teachers in it as contributors.

Winter Kyol Che, 2015 is already being planned. Please consider sitting some part or all of it. The Diamond Hill Zen Monastery offers a wonderful site for it. There will be scholarship money available to help those who need it and can be requested through your guiding teacher.

Contact: Address: Providence Zen Center, 99 Pound Road, Cumberland, RI 02864, USA Email: Website: Page 20

News from the Sanghas

Košice Zen Center in Slovakia, Europe Kosice Sangha held a wonderful event on the 5th of November 2013 in Kosice, Slovakia. We have held a big Buddha eyes opening ceremony with the unique Korean tea ceremony for the public performed by venerable Korean Buddhist nuns from Bong Nyeong Sa monastery – one of four Jogye Order schools for monastic bhikkhunis in Korea. Two venerable teachers came along with their graduate students to Europe. The founder of this sutra school in Seoul was Myo Eom Kunsunim. She is known as the ‘Godmother of bhikkhunis’ in Korea for her whole-life teaching and struggle for extended rights for all nun sunims. Traditionally every year the graduate students of the Bong Nyeong Sa school are traveling abroad to visit other traditional Buddhist countries. Slovakia, Austria or Czech are not really traditionally Buddhist countries but because of the Won Jeong Sunim (one of the students), who is the Kwan Um School of Zen student from Czech Republic, her schoolmates wanted to see how people practice in the West. So the first historical official visit of Europe from Bong Nyeong Sa occurred with it’s big potential of on-coming surprises and cultural exchanges for traditional Koreans nuns in western society. :) Just by hearing Kosice Sangha is going to build a new retreat center near Kosice, one famous Korean sculptor artist decided to make a traditional golden Buddha statue from the teak wood for us. It had to be done in one month so he really did an extraordinarily great hard job to finish it before the group left Korea! Still he does not want his name to be known. Moreover the teachers with the students initiated preparations for full Buddha eyes opening ceremony (four-hour long!) to be held in Kosice with the new Buddha statue so it took writing many rolls with protecting mantras and sutras and to prepare the tools and materials. So everybody did a great deal of work. We still cannot find appropriate words to thank everybody involved in this project! This kind of traditional Korean ceremony can be performed by specially trained Sunims only. It was good luck for us that one of the teachers could lead it. So preparations for this great occasion started in Kosice too. We have prepared the big hall, nice altar and many invitations for Dharma friends Page 21

News from the Sanghas

and the public. The ceremony was really magnificent with more than 60 people visiting. Everybody enjoyed the event very much. Many of them have even joined the chanting parts that were similar to our Kwan Um chanting. All sunims were touched by hearing the Korean chanting from this ‘strange’ lay people gathering in Slovakia. :) At the end of the ceremony the cutting of five-colored string symbolizing all cardinal directions and the center was very popular and everybody wanted to take home at least the small reminder of this stunning occasion together with a few red beans scattered during the ceremony. The happiest and the most eager red bean collector was, of course, our youngest participant 3 year-old Dorotea. :)

This event was followed by a unique Korean tea ceremony with a short guided meditation performed by sunim-teacher who also prepared many, many cups of tea to offer to all participants. The green tea was really delicious and subtle, and meditation was extraordinarily relaxing for every body’s mind. It was a big honor for us that we could host such a precious occasion in our city of Kosice. All participants enjoyed and appreciated it very much, and later many of them said to me personally how thankful and happy they were to take part in such an amazing event! During the Sunims visit to Kosice, we also practiced morning mediation together in our Zen Center. We have showed them around our small but very picturesque historical city – at that time the city with the title of European Capital of Culture. There was also a creative workshop in which participants could make their own malas, paper lotus lanterns and decorated fans. I hope this personal contact with the honorable guests will help many Slovak Zen students to find their correct direction, motivation to practice and true compassion for all beings in their everyday lives. Contact: Address: Košice Zen Center, Orgovánová 8, 040 11 Košice, Slovakia Email: Website: Page 22

News from the Sanghas

Las Vegas Zen Center in Nevada, USA The Zen Center of Las Vegas continues to increase it’s visibility in a city that has the global reputation of being the Entertainment Capital of the World. Practice takes place six days a week, both morning and evening, to suit the twenty four hour lifestyle of this gambling mecca. Our practice energy supports a vibrant work ethic led by our Guiding Teacher, Thom Pastor, who recently received transmission from Zen Master Wu Kwang. His new name is Ji Haeng, which means “Wisdom Action.” In addition to bowing, chanting, and sitting, the aforementioned work ethic centers around our beautiful two acre compound. We have a separate residence hall situated on the rear of the property. The garden has eighteen 80’ pine trees, a waterfall, koi pond, and an outdoor Buddha shrine that has become a popular setting for wedding couples. The revenue from weddings assists with the expense of upkeep. Flowers, vegetables, and fruit trees abound. Actually, we sometimes joke that our center rivals some of the most pristine zen gardens to be found anywhere, of course only in a “mini” fashion. Ji Haeng Soen Sa repeatedly reminds us that the rest of his life will be spent practicing and introducing individuals to Zen Master Seung Sahn’s teaching legacy. He also invites zen students who visit Las Vegas as part of work related corporate conferences, trade shows, and the like to consider staying at the center as opposed to a casino environment. We are located only one mile from the most prestigious corner of the Las Vegas strip where you can visit Caesars Palace, the Paris Hotel/Casino, and the Bellagio. Yet when entering the property one distinctly feels that we have fulfilled Zen Master Seung Sahn’s prophecy when he said: “This Zen Center will some day become an oasis in the desert where all who are thirsty for the dharma can come and drink from it’s strong practice energy.”

Contact: Address: 2461 E. Harmon Avenue, Las Vegas, Nevada 89121, USA Email: Website: Page 23

News from the Sanghas

Vienna Zen Center in Austria, Europe Vienna’s Zen Center continues to grow and host many retreats and exciting events; every month we have at least one retreat and activities for Sangha members and their friends and families such as movie nights, yoga classes, special dinners cooked by the Sangha, Buddhist ceremonies and much more! In November 2013 we hosted a group of eight nuns from Korea. besides great Korean-Austrian shared meals, we went sightseeing around Vienna and practiced together. This visit was enriching for everyone who took part! In February 2014 we celebrated the addition of our newest Sangha member: Lylah Sabin! Many Sangha members, family and friends of Lylah participated in a very joyous and heart-warming event, celebrating Lylah’s 100-day in the world. In March 2014 our guiding teacher Jo Potter JPDSN led a Kido day, which included “Qi Gong”, “Seon Yu” and “Danjeon” breathing exercises. In April 2014 Senior Dharma Teacher, Jan Sendzimir led a Zen day. During the Zen Day, Sangha member Anna Teichgräber taught us “Yiquan” a practice which was influenced by Zen, where focus is placed on the intention (Yi) of the movement, while also giving attention to whole body movement. On the same day, we happily greeted dear visiting friends Wu Bong Sa Communication office director Hae In, who after Kyol Che rested her monastic precepts; Jurek Wójcicki - the abbot of the Head Temple of Polish KUSZ and Patryk from Poland, as well as a very special treat visit - Won San Sunim from Mu Sang Sa, South Korea.

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News from the Sanghas

The last two days of May, the Vienna Sangha practiced “moving mind”. We moved to a new location ten minutes away from the city center in the middle of a bustling area of Vienna with multitudes of hip restaurants and stores but most importantly surrounded by public transportation. Our new place has a much bigger Dharma room and features birds singing instead of Mozart and Verdi operas! Another great feature is a big kitchen and social area as well as a space for residents and for visiting teachers. Barry Briggs JDPSN will initiate the new Dharma room leading YMJJ the first weekend of June! You are all very welcome!

Contact: Address: Vienna Zen Center, Kaiserstraße 44-46, 1070 Vienna, Austria Email: Website: Page 25

News from the Sanghas

Cold Mountain Zen Center in Alaska, USA written by Patricia Matacelis

Our little center is staying busy, we have started to include special chanting on the second Tuesday of the month, right before our regular practice. By making it a regular time we hope to have our members plan to be there a bit earlier, rather than sending e-mails every time it is happening. We are continuing our half day retreats every month and recently we had a “Zen Day” where we did a full one day retreat, and then gathered at one of our member’s homes for Kido and a potluck and celebrated Buddha’s Birthday! In January we had our Winter retreat and Master Bon Soeng came to lead it. My husband graciously agreed to stay at a friend’s home each time, and so we are having the retreats at my home, which is nice as it gives us the freedom to have a real kitchen and facilities, and make use of my sunny living room! It was wonderful to have all that energy sink into the very fiber of my home! In February, Cary, our abbot and I went to the eight day retreat at Berkeley. It is wonderful to practice for a longer time, and it was great to meet a different sangha family! There is strength in numbers! You can feel the energy when there are that many voices raised in chanting. It was wonderful to be there. Winter seems to be lifting its hold on us here in Alaska, and we have rivers of melting snow and ice all over town. We are all looking forward to green colors, sunny days and 24 hours of daylight! Our fall retreat will be led by Barry Briggs JDPSN and we are looking forward to extending our walking meditation :) Contact: Address: Cary de Wit, 5475 Cascade Road, Fairbanks, AK 99709, USA Email: Website:

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News from the Sanghas

Cape Cod Zen Center in Massachusetts, USA It has been a busy fall, winter and spring at Cape Cod Zen Center. November highlights included Barry Briggs JDPSN speaking at Plymouth Zen Group on Wednesday, November 20th, and Briggs PSN leading a wonderful, well attended one day retreat at CCZC on Saturday, November 23rd. At the December Precepts Ceremony in RI, Linda Jacobs-Roy took five precepts. In February 2014, Jim conducted a dual 49 Day Ceremony – for his son and grandson. Barry Briggs JDPSN led another one day retreat at CCZC in March; very well attended - every cushion in our Dharma room full! On April 6, 2014, Jonathan Earle and Peter Shea became Dharma Teachers, and Siobhan Green took 5 Precepts. Also this April, we have a new, redesigned web site, thanks to our Webmaster Michael; it looks great! Check it out! And on April 18th, we held a Day of Intention – long sitting from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.; big thanks to Peter Shea for the idea and for being HDT for that. Contact: Address: 169 North Main Street, South Yarmouth, MA 02664, USA Email: Website:

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News from the Sanghas

Palma de Mallorca Zen Center in Mallorca, Spain Barry Briggs JPDSN and the Palma Sangha mixed Dharma and great Zen teaching in May. The Sangha took full advantage of his 10-day stay and scheduled practice every night and morning while he was there. Along with a Zen Day they also managed to get to the ocean front and had plenty of together sunshine practice as well!

The Palma Sangha and Barry Briggs JDPSN

Barry Briggs JDPSN with Eduardo del Valle

Tolo Cantarellas - the Abbot of the Palma Sangha

Palma Sangha with Barry Briggs JDPSN

Contact: Address: Plaça Bisbe Berenguer de Palou, 1, 2º, 1ª; 07003 Palma de Mallorca, Spain Email: Website:

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Sangha Projects & Success Stories

180 degree turn of Toruń Sangha, Poland written by Piotr Iwanicki

Last autumn our little group faced serious problems. In October we are asked to leave the practice place that we had been sharing with a Tibetan group for a few years. The situation looked hopeless. As all the abbots and group leaders know the members come and go – sometimes lots of people come, sometimes only few remain. To make things worse, it all happened during the times of “drought”. But the remaining few didn’t give up. We started doing lots of kido practice to raise energy to help our sangha. And then immediately 1000 eyes and hands of Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara appeared. First, just when we moved to a transitional sitting place, many people appeared – old and antique members came back and some new people started practicing. Then an old friend from the Diamond Way sangha gave us a hint that their old centre that they had rented from the town was free again. It was small but in a very convenient location in the very centre of the old town. The place was put up for bid. At that time our income was extremely low so we made a ridiculously low offer ...and won! We’ve been homeless only for four weeks. For the first time in history Toruń Zen Group has its own Dharma Room. What happened later was a real explosion of together action. We had to renew the place. I was amazed by how many talents and how much generosity and kindness was able to manifest in this new space. Walls were painted, woodwork was done, funds were raised and things were donated. Countless merits were accumulated. Now we have a small but beautiful Dharma Room with thrice as many members as before. Teachers visit regularly. In addition to regular practice we hold Dharma Talks and monthly sutra classes. Everybody puts a lot of effort to make it all happen so everybody feels connected both with the place and everybody else. Never in the group’s history were there so many members, helping hands, ongoing activities and social life. Page 30

Sangha Projects & Success Stories

Toruń Zen Group fell in trouble but took a 180 degree turn within four weeks. We dealt with the problems the best way that we knew – by creating dharma energy and letting the solutions appear by themselves, just like kongan answers...

Piotr Iwanicki with his wife Magda and their baby - dancing tango :) Photo by Joanna Ziółek

Contact: Toruń Zen Group ul. Prosta 28/5, 87-100 Toruń, Poland ++48 609696060 (Piotr Iwanicki) Page 31


Sangha Talents

Oriol Casanovas of Barcelona Sangha, Spain Oriol Casanovas has tried to be a good traveller and photographer for a long time. He started photographing because a clear cognitive impairment, which is the lack of memory; and he is very interested in the journey as a tool for self-knowledge. He recognizes that for him it seems easier to get the contrast to critically recognize its environment and himself from the distance. His field of interest is anthropological photography, aimed to photograph people in the field of culture and the social environment to which they belong, being a tool for the description and analysis of the cultural diversity of human beings. So, for him, any kind of human history is interesting and challenging to be explained trough photos. He workes as a free lance photographer, and in international projects. You can see some of his works at

Contact: Oriol Casanovas PuigjanĂŠ Email: Website: Page 33

Sangha Talents

Sue Schleifer of the Empty Gate Zen Center, US written by Sue Schleifer

It was during an 8-day retreat at Empty Gate Zen Center that I came up with an idea. During the next four years I planted the seed, cultivated it, and what grew was the book, The Key to the Castle: Zen and Travel Stories of Trust. In the book I explore inner and outer journeys. I believe the book will be of interest to members of our school. Here are a few quotes from the back cover: “Zen at its essence is about finding freedom and spontaneity in our lives. Travel is one way many of us get a taste of this experience. In her new book, Sue Schleifer brings together her experiences of Zen and travel to reveal the wonders of a life lived freshly in the moment.” ~ Zen Master Bon Soeng, Empty Gate Zen Center “With some trepidation, I read Sue’s chapters that describe the early days of Backroads and was immediately transported back in time by her thoughtful prose. It also gave me a chance to reflect on how much Backroads has changed, for the better. Her insider’s look at active travel will give both armchair travelers and adventure seekers an appreciation for how experiencing new places encourages us to ask life’s big questions.” ~ Tom Hale, Founder and President, Backroads, the active travel company The Key to the Castle: Zen and Travel Stories of Trust is available from Amazon in print and digital formats and from Smashwords in digital formats only. Contact: Sue Schleifer, M.A., PCC Email: Book: Page 34

Sangha Talents

Katka Grofová of the Czech Sangha, Czech Republic With my friend Vojta, psychologist and psychotherapist, we were asked by a main Czech publisher to write a book for parents, children and teachers about children and emotions. I felt honored to contribute with the texts and entire chapters on mindfulness practices, meditation, breathing exercise and visualization exercises both for adults and children. The book quickly found its readers after it was published in November 2013, and we keep receiving heart-warming feedback from friends and their friends, parents and teachers. One of the chapters dedicated to death, loss and grief has been especially appreciated by many. So grateful to share DSSN’s teaching with others this way...

Contact: Katka Grofová (Czech Republic) Email: Facebook: Website: Page 35

Sangha Talents

Dave Peters of Isthmus Zen Community Like many people, I always wanted to write. When I was twelve or thirteen years old, my father brought home from the office a used, allegedly portable Smith-Corona typewriter, mounted in its own hard suitcase. It weighed a ton. I spent many happy hours tapping away at the mechanical keyboard, writing fragments of truly awful science fiction stories. Later in life, during a twenty-six year career at a large insurance company, I worked in life and health insurance, doing legal compliance and product design. In that capacity I wrote reams of insurance policy contracts, position papers, project reports, compliance analyses, and endless memos and e-mails. All of it, no doubt, somewhat tedious and dry. Dead words, you might say. So, when my father called out rather mysteriously from his deathbed, “Who is singing in Chinese?” I regarded it as both my father’s final gift and an invitation to write about something that was truly alive. Not wasted on me was the example of our Madison sangha’s guiding teacher, Thom Pastor, JDPSN (now Zen Master Ji Haeng), who was undergoing a creative efflorescence of his own, playing and recording with the jazz group, B3 Conspiracy, as well as writing, performing, and recording Zen poetry. The seed of this idea to write something became a brief article in the School publication, Primary Point, titled “Who Is Singing in Chinese? Notes from a 100-Day Lay Practice Period.” That small success suggested that a book-length effort might be possible. Why not try? Maybe sharing my own experience with Zen practice would be helpful to others who are either interested in or already practicing Zen. No project I have ever undertaken has been more fun or more deeply rewarding than this one. Over the course of two years, this book-length effort became Who Is Singing in Chinese? Notes from a 100-Year Zen Retreat. Writing it caused me to reflect deeply on both my life and this practice. And Zen practice in turn provided the creative ferment from which the text emerged. Whenever I was stuck, I had only to sit Zen for a period or two, and the next step almost always appeared. Who Is Singing in Chinese? Notes from a 100-Year Zen Retreat will be available July, 2014 from Firethroat Press and from online and main street book vendors.

Contact: David Peters Email: Website:

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Sangha Talents

Avital Sebbag of the Israeli Sangha This book is a life-long project containing all the practical knowledge I have acquired over the years, concerning quality seasonal food. The basic idea for the five seasons is taken from the five elements of the Chinese school, which serves as a basis for my clinical research, its application in the kitchen and in my life. The seasons of the year are divided into 4, as we’ve been led to believe, by western culture; yet in the east, in Chinese philosophy, another season was added - “late summer”; this short season is highly important, occurring between summer and fall.

Traditional Korean clothing by: Heesuk Jung

You can read all about the importance of the seasons, the colors, the tastes, the mood, the related parts of the body and the philosophy itself, in the various abundant books on Chinese medicine available today. For part of the work on the book design we used colors and features to characterize each chapter as well as each season’s meaning. The recipes themselves can tell you what mother earth yields each season. It was important for me to convey to you the exciting and artistic experience, which comes out of each recipe, and give you the urge to roll up your sleeves and enter the kitchen. The recipes are light, not complicated; the raw materials are exact, punctilious and qualitative, so as to enable us to get the maximum nutrition input for maintaining healthy cells in our body, to promote our vitality. ✿

Avital Sebbag, the author of the book, is a Dharma teacher from the Israeli Sangha. For the past 8 years, she has been practicing and conducting lectures and workshops on seasonal vegan cooking around the world. Photography: Michal Leanart Design: Eddie Goldfine Styling: Ingrid Kuttner Publishing: Gefen - Jerusalem

The book is currently being translated into English for distribution abroad in 2015. Page 37

Sangha Talents

See the beauty of the universe A gem sprouting After the rain Accumulating the essence of life So clear and clean Seasons come Seasons go

Contact: Avital Sebbag Email: Website: Video of the book: Page 38


Residental Opportunities

Europe Berlin Zen Center, Germany In the Berlin Zen Center we have rooms for resident Zen students. The rooms are usually single rooms but can also be taken by two persons at a time. The residents commit to join morning practice daily (5.30 am – 7.15 am, Monday till Friday) and evening practice twice a week (Tuesday and Friday). They also participate in weekend retreats. The center is located directly in the city with good transport connection and many inexpensive shopping facilities. The residents clean the Zen Center regularly. The guiding teacher of the Berlin Zen Center, Muchak JDPSN, does not live in the Zen Center but attends evening practice regularly. Kongan interviews with Dharma Master Muchak or another teacher take place every alternate Wednesday and Friday. The costs per room are: 233 Euros for members/month 310 Euros for non-members/month 83 Euros for members/week Contact: Email: Phone: (+49) 30 46 60 50 90

Brussels ZC, Belgium We have one private room available for 400 euro per month. We expect attendance at most morning and evening practice (twice per week). Contact: Email: Page 40

Residental Opportunities

Bori Zen Center & Borisa Retreat Center, Spain Barcelona Zen Center, in the city, temporary accommodation in a mezzanine style space (one person or a couple), and in the dharma room (up to 4 people). The guests commit to join morning practice (Monday to Friday) and evening practice once a week. Bori Centro Zen (Barcelona) 1 person (or couple): attic (10 €/person per night) + temporary staying sleeping in Dharma Room. Borisa (Reteat Center) Bori Sa, our retreat center in the mountains, can host up to 20 people, sharing rooms. The guests commit to join morning and evening practice daily, help with work and participate in the monthly retreat. Prices on request (possibility of work exchange). Contact: Email: Website:

Dresden ZC, Germany On July 1st, 2014, one inhabitant of Dresden Zen Center will move out, and there will be space for an interested Zen student to move in. The Zen Center has space for three people to live. The available room is 10.7 sq.m in size and costs 197€ per month. Included in the price is heating, water, electricity and internet. The life in our Zen Center is comprised of daily morning practice from 6:30am to 8:00am and two evening practices a week on Monday and Wednesday. Further, there will be a monthly oneday retreat as well as a visit by Arne Schaefer JDPSN, our guiding teacher. He offers a Dharma talk, answering questions, and kong-an interviews. For all inhabitants of the Zen Center, the retreats at the Zen Center are free. It is possible to try living in the Zen Center for a week. In this way one can get an idea of what it means to live in a Zen Center. Contact: Address: Louisenstraße 15, 01099 Dresden, Germany Email: Page 41

Residental Opportunities

Košice Zen Center, Slovakia One room available for 1-2 people, with shared bathroom. The costs are: 120 Euros /month Contact: Email: Phone: (+421) 903 134 137

London ZC, England Residential training is available at the London Zen Centre (suspended between 18/06/14 until 14/07/14). Students sleep in the Dharma room on mattresses, sharing space (kitchen) with the teacher and her family. You need to be someone who has work in London and speaks English fluently, or alternatively you are visiting London for a short holiday or for business reasons. You must attend every day morning practice and retreats as well as keeping all temple and house rules. Contact: Email: Website:

Wu Bong Sa, Warsaw ZC, Poland Wu Bong Sa in Warsaw, the Head Temple of the Polish Sangha, accepts long term residents and guests all year long. For anyone ready to commit to daily practice schedule, we offer single (425 zł / 110 EUR per month), double (375 zł / 95 EUR per month) and open (325zł / 85 EUR per month) rooms, retreat discounts, kongan interviews with our Guiding Teacher Andrzej Piotrowski JDPSN and friendly atmosphere. Contact: Email: Website: Page 42

Residental Opportunities

USA New Haven Zen Center The New Haven Zen Center invites Buddhist practitioners looking to deepen their practice to participate in its residential training program. The program includes daily morning Zen practice in community. Senior residents and center teachers provide support for new residents. The New Haven Zen Center has served Connecticut’s Buddhist community for four decades in the heart of one of the world’s great university cities. Come practice with us. A copy of the resident’s handbook and training agreement can be requested from Number of places available: 4 (single rooms, shared bath) Price per month: training fee will be discussed with applicant

Contact: Email: Phone: (+1) 203 787 0912

ASIA Mu Sang Sa, South Korea We have established a new work-study program for those who would like to be here and get in touch with the Korean monastic root of Zen Master Seung Sahn’s teaching while practicing in a Kwan Um School temple environment. You can develop both wings of Zen practice - samadhi and wisdom - through 5 hours of formal practice and 5 hours of work practice daily. Participants receive free room and board and the chance to practice in Mu Sang Sa. Contact: Email: Phone: (+82) 42 841 6084 Page 43

RECIPES invented or tested by SANGHA CHEFS :o)

Recipes invented or tested by Sangha Chefs :)

Moody Smoothie by Avital Sebbag Ingredients (for 12 people): 5 celery stalks 5 cucumbers quarter cup walnuts 1 green cantaloupe 1 yellow cantaloupe 2 apples 2 peaches 1 cup of mixed berries small piece of ginger root 2 tablespoons coconut oil 8 dates 3 cups cold water 8 ice cubes

recipe & photo by Avital Sebbag

Directions: Rinse well all the ingredients, cut into cubes and place in food processor. The texture should be smooth. *Rich in vitamines and enzymes, smoothie is an energy shake. **It can be a delicacy added to the daily diet.

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Recipes invented or tested by Sangha Chefs :)

Yogi Salad of 3 colors by Avital Sebbag Ingredients (for 12 people): 5 carrots 1 red cabbage 4 zucchinis 1 mashed garlic cloves 3 tablespoon of whole sesame seeds 1/2 cup of crushed king nuts (pistachios) 1/4 cup of olive oil juice from 2 lemons 1/2 teaspoon red cayenne pepper 1/2 a pack of fresh coriander, finely chopped 1/2 teaspoon of raw Atlantic salt

recipe & photo by Avital Sebbag

Directions: • Grate 5 carrots and zucchinis, cut red cabbage (each separately). Chop the remainders into tiny pieces. • Mix all spices together with lemon juice, olive oil and garlic. • Mix all vegetables and pour sauce over it. • Scatter chopped coriander, sesame seeds and king nuts on top.

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Recipes invented or tested by Sangha Chefs :)

Arugula and Cremini Quiche with Almond Meal Crust Ingredients (for 6 slices):


Gluten-free almond meal crust 2 cups almond meal or almond flour (I had better results with almond meal) 3 garlic cloves, pressed or minced 1 tablespoon minced fresh thyme or 1 teaspoon dried thyme ½ teaspoon salt ¼ teaspoon freshly ground pepper ⅓ cup olive oil 1 tablespoon and 1 teaspoon water Arugula, Cremini mushroom and goat cheese filling 3 cups baby arugula, roughly chopped 1½ cups cleaned and sliced Cremini mushrooms Drizzle olive oil 6 large eggs ⅓ cup milk ½ teaspoon salt ¼ teaspoon red pepper flakes 5 ounces goat cheese, crumbled

brought to you by Katka Grofová inspired by Cookie+kate

Directions: • Preheat oven to 400°F/200°C. Grease a 10-inch / 25-cm cast iron skillet or large tart pan with cooking spray. In a mixing bowl, stir together the almond meal, garlic, thyme, salt and pepper. Pour in the olive oil and water and stir until the mixture is thoroughly combined. • Press the dough into your prepared skillet/pan until it is evenly dispersed across the bottom and up the sides (if you are using a cast iron skillet, make sure the dough goes at least 1¼ inch / 2,5cm up the sides). Bake until the crust is lightly golden and firm to the touch, about 18 to 20 minutes. Page 47

Recipes invented or tested by Sangha Chefs :)

• In a large skillet over medium heat, warm enough olive oil to lightly coat the pan. Cook the mushrooms with a dash of salt, stirring often, until tender. Toss in the arugula and let it wilt, while stirring, about 30 seconds. Transfer the mixture to a plate to cool. • In a mixing bowl, whisk together the eggs, milk, salt and red pepper. Stir in the goat cheese and the slightly cooled mushroom and arugula mixture. • Once the crust is done baking, pour in the egg mixture and bake for 30 minutes, or until the center is firm to the touch and cooked through. Let the quiche cool for 5 to 10 minutes before slicing with a sharp knife. Serve immediately.

Original recipe:

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Sangha In-Sight - Spring 2014  

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