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EDUCATION Studied Art and Design Foundation diploma at Loughborough University (Merit). . Currently studying Furniture and Product design 1st year at Nottingham Trent University

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To design a product that embraces technology, the way that we interact with these products and how we lead out lives. This product must be aesthetically desirable for the market. You must choose a brand for and therefore the product must reflect your chosen brand.

Initial and developed ideas

Chosen brand is Philips. They have a range of high end portable speakers that are constantly evolving. Initial and developed ideas. Designed a mixture of portable and wall mounted speakers. However the main focus of the designs was to make sure the speaker was portable therefore easy to carry around. Shape of the design kept simplistic to fit with the current designs of Philips.

KEY FEATURES: 360 sound Bluetooth AUX cable Option to have a leather handle Can be controlled through an app Mood lighting Touch screen at the top, allowing to easily see what song is playing. As well as able to skip, pause and play songs. Range of trims available for the top to suit the individuals style

Touch screen on speaker above the light allows the user to change the brightness and the colour of the light. This can also be controlled through the app. Developed final idea

Technical drawings

Overall measurements for the final product. Measurements are in mm

COMPONENTS OF SPEAKER Marble base LED mood lighting Frosted glass around the light Touch screen to control brightness of the light and the colours 360 speaker Oak trim around the top Touch screen control at the top



There is a growing market trend in the area of home office; more people are tending to work from home in a variety of ways. Investigate this trend and factors that influence it. You must research and analyse the online market and choose a brand to be your client. Consider their market, price point, manufacture capabilities, current ranges of products. Your brief is to design a new piece of furniture suitable for working from home. You will be required to create an accurate detailed scale model that reflects this. Full-scale mock-ups should be undertaken to gain an understanding of size and structure

PROBLEM Within larger cities it is hard to find a house or an apartment to live in that has enough space. With people having the option to work at home within their jobs, people living in small spaces may not have the room to do so.

RESEARCH Initial inspiration came from research, looking at multifunctional furniture. Leading to a range of ideas and developments. Looked at the option of having different features so the desk was a well organised work station.

KEY FACTORS Having enough space for the product is the main key issue. Product mustn’t look too bulky or big otherwise it may take up/ look like it is taking up too much room. Is multifunctional, so can be used as something else other than a desk.

Chosen brand is 2 modern. They sell a range of high quality furniture at a high price . Initial and developet ideas

Overall measurements for the final product. Measurements are in mm Technical drawings

MULTIFUNCTIONAL WORK DESK The desk is made out of Oak, Beech, Aluminium and Fabric. Target market for this product are people who live in small spaces and don’t have much room for a place to work while at home. Product would be mounted onto a wall. This allows the product to be placed anywhere within the clients environment. This also allows the user to set the height the desk is mounted onto the wall to their desired height for a more comfortable position when working. The use of dowels makes this design minimalistic therefore meaning it wont look like its taking up too much space in the clients home. The desk can be adjusted to the clients desired angle. This is so if they are working long hours they are more comfortable. The aluminium grid allows the user to peg up their ideas. This will make it easier to see their designs. As well as it will free up space on the desk from any clutter.

Boards on the desk come with the product when purchased. This is so the user has a flat surface to work on. The smaller board on the desk is a chalkboard one side while the other side is a whiteboard. This allows the user to easily and quickly write down any ideas without the waste of paper. The main drawing board will have a ledge to prevent paper from sliding off when the desk is at more of an angle. The Cork board attaches to the wall part of the desk allowing the user to easily pin up ideas. Small pots can also be purchased so that they can hang on the dowels attached to the wall. These would be ideal for stationary that would usually take up space on the desk. When the desk part is folded down the boards will be able to go behind. When not in use as a desk it becomes a decorative piece. If the additional pots are bought the user may use them as plant pots to grow flowers or different herbs.

1:5 Scale model


BREIF Develop chosen research project that focuses on the improvement making people live a healthier lifestyle. Many people work long hours, therefore it is difficult for them to be able to go out and participate in different activities. A solution needs to be made to get people engaged to participate in a range of different/ new activities that they haven’t tried before while still being able to fit it around their schedule.

PROBLEM Work long hours. Hours effect active level. Minimal range in different activities being done. Higher obesity levels in children.

WHO? Predominately 20-65. Children aged 5-16 .

HOW TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM Create an app to encourage people to get fit. Engage people to participate in new activities.

Primary research

Research looking at existing apps gave a helpful insight to the layout of an app, as well as what features should be included. Main inspiration came from the Fitbit. With having different options to track progress and compete against friends, if competitive this will really engage the user to use the app and get fit. As well as looked at the logos for the apps and how they relate to the app its self.

Secondary research

PROPOSED APP DESIGN The app is easy to navigate through, with an easy set up for your own account or a family account. By imputing data, the app will tailor results that are best to suit you. Users have the option to sync their calendar to the app. This will then only show activities they are able to make. As well as if a location is set with events in their calendars e.g. meeting in covent garden, it will then tailor results that are near by if the user is not wanting to travel far. Able to see progression and compete against friends and family. Can book to take part in different activities to ensure that you can participate in it. Can see what activities you have coming up in the week. With also telling what time its at, where it is and how far it is away from your location.

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To design and make an original product/ piece of furniture/ piece of clothing out of a waste material. Create something that is either for an existing upcyclers business, a company that currently doesn’t upcycle or create something under your own business (this will have to include branding as well)

Experimentation with different materials, such as bottles and old logs.By doing this a range of different possible ideas were created. This then lead onto getting ideas for the final end product. All of them would be lights apart one, that one would be a wine glass. To get a quick idea to see what the wine glass would look like the top of a wine bottle was placed into resin. Resin was then poured into the neck to prevent liquid from coming out of the bottom, so if it were to be used as a wine glass it would be functional. Material experimentation

Final product measurements

Final product

With the contrast of the organic natural wood and the clean cut glass makes this piece look elegant and suitable for any home dĂŠcor. With creating own branding for this project the branding needed to match the style of the product and the style of designer I am. The final logo has a minimalist look that coincides with the product made.

Kate O'Rafferty Furniture and Product Design Portfolio  

Currently in first year at Nottingham Trent University studying Furniture and Product design

Kate O'Rafferty Furniture and Product Design Portfolio  

Currently in first year at Nottingham Trent University studying Furniture and Product design