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Congratulations… You are now officially aware of the incredible social entity that is Smeak™. Doesn’t it feel good knowing you now have the means to live the life you have dreamed of and, let’s face it – probably deserve. Most rewards require passion, determination, motivation and hard work to name a few. The beauty of Smeak™ is you get rewarded while enjoying every moment of it.

This isn’t a job, it’s your life!!

It starts with one man. Meet Gunnar Erik Strömsöe. He decided he wanted to make a difference, not only to his own life but to those around him. Smeak™ started to evolve from ideas and experiences of the past and with the future in mind. A lot of time was spent doing research and looking at current needs of individuals all over the world. What the research has brought about shows that the economic meltdown has caused irreparable damage to many, financially. Millions of people all over the world have lost their jobs and will probably not be able to find other jobs, breaking their spirit in the process.

As Al Pacino said in the movie; Scent of a woman: “There is no prosthetic for an amputated spirit.”

Smeak™ consists of a host of avant-garde products specifically selected to make a difference in the lives of every human on our planet. Smeak™ is a membership based social network underpinned by basic business principles. Smeakers have the opportunity to market the various memberships offered by Smeak™ and earn Afro™Point credit rewards for doing so.

Behind every great idea, you will find a few moments of illumination and countless hours of hard work. But it takes more than just inspiration and effort to realize your ideas. Now, more than ever in a world filled with an overwhelming array of new challenges, new media, and new technologies. You also need tools that give you the power to build a sustainable business and at the same time control the creative process so you can communicate with clarity and precision which in return sparks success in any business or social environment.

Smeak™ is more than a social network – It’s a lifestyle It is an online social business community. It is about having fun while earning Afro™Point credit rewards and shmeakels.

What are Afro™Point credit rewards?  They are loyalty rewarded points similar to those offered by many institutions worldwide.  They are linked to the Euro on a one to one basis.  They are earned throughout your Smeak™ Tribe for marketing Smeak™ and the Smeak™ products suites.  They can be barter traded within Smeak™ World and with other Smeakers for goods and services rendered.  They can be barter traded at Smeak™ Partner Outlets for goods or services rendered.  They can be barter traded for Euros.  Minimum account balance to be maintained at 75 Afro Points.

What are Shmeakels?  They are fun loyalty points earned for simply being active on the site.

 They can be burnt at the Shmeakel™ store.  They can be donated to friends.  They can be donated to Smeakers who have posted comments, stories, poems, art or something that appeals directly to you within Smeak™ World.

What do you have to do?  Sign up for Smeak™ membership.  Star using and enjoying the Smeak™ Product Suite.  Introduce the Smeak™ products to your friends, family and colleagues.

 Star building your Smeak™ Tribe.  Work at this at your own pace.  Have fun while earning Afro™Point credit rewards and Shmeakels.

Starting out  We suggest that you start out with Smeak™ free Membership – it is what it says … FREE

 Once a Smeak™ Free member you will receive the Smeak™ Build Your Business Tool which will guide you.

 Build your Smeak™ Tribe while earning Afro™Point credit rewards and Shmeakels.  You will have full access to the Smeak™ Free Product Suite.

Once you realise the opportunities offered by Smeak™ we suggest you upgrade. Monthly memberships are payable on upgrade as detailed on the site. You will be able to barter trade your Afro™Point Credit Reward for Euros. Smeak will provide product access and interaction within the Smeak™ Product Suites as well as the build your business tool. Smeak™ offers on-going mentoring via online support and through call centres. Smeak™ also provides an opportunity to give back to society through participation in the Smeak™ outreach programs such as The Smeak™ Literacy Program and Smeak™ Giv-OMania.

We are in Pre-launch phase right now since 5th November 2012.

The site will be live from the 13 03 2013 at 13.13.13hrs

From now until launch date we are offering one million VIP Founder Memberships.

VIP Founder Membership This membership has a once off fee of 25 Euros. You will receive your Build Your Business Tool that will guide you to the beginning of the next phase of your life. You will find that Smeak™ is self-financing, once you have signed up 10 people as Premier Founder Members (at a cost of 15 Euros each) you will receive Afro™Point Credit Rewards for marketing Smeak™. For every person you successfully enrol in your Smeak™Tribe you receive 20% (of their signup fee) as Afro™Point Credit Rewards. This means after your 10 Premier Founder Members have successfully signed up your monthly fee is covered. Once your 10 Premier Founder Members have signed up 5 Founder Members, you will also receive Afro™Point Credit Rewards from their memberships, and so it goes on. Being a part of the pre-launch, Founder memberships allow Smeakers the opportunity and advantage others will not have in the future.

These opportunity’s and advantages include amongst others the following:  Build bigger Smeak™ Tribes  Automatic entry into competitions

Smeak VIP Founder Members  Three months Smeak™Bronze membership included.  If a VIP Members introduces 10 members within the first 30 days after enrolment, they will be allowed to enrol an additional 5 members. Remember this will give you even more Afro™Point Credit Rewards from the 20% given to you from their sign-up fee.

Smeak™ Premier Founder Members  Two months Smeak™Bronze membership included.  If a Premier Founder Members introduces 7 members within the first 30 days after enrolment, they will be allowed to enrol an additional 3 members.

 By invitation only Smeak™ Founder Members  One month Smeak™Bronze membership included.  If a Premier Founder Members introduces 5 members within the first 30 days after enrolment, they will be allowed to enrol an additional 2 members.  By invitation only

The selfless approach of Smeak™, will become clearer, more and more as the time comes. One of the major projects involve Smeak™Literacy Edutainer training centres giving each Smeaker the opportunity to “adopt” an illiterate Smeaker and to make a difference. These Smeakers will be taught to read and write. Smeak™ will not only change your life, but gradually endeavours to assist in changing the lives of every person on planet earth. This is only ONE of the many aspects which distinguishes Smeak from the rest which will all be revealed closer to our Launch on 13th March 2013, 13H13:13 GMT 2+. The most important thing to remember is Smeak is fun!! It is a social network platform combining all your current social networks in one place and bringing a new dimension to the Smeak™Tribe, business. Imagine getting paid to be on a social network and telling your friends about it. Wait, don’t imagine…


Building the biggest financially independent community on planet earth.

Contact Info: Website: Email: Social: Telephone: + 27 21 553 5028 Useful links:

Smeak E-book  

This e-book details the background of Smeak™ and how to make the most of your VIP or Premier founder membership.

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