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Tell A Feminist Thank You

Compiled and edited by Kate Newsome

On February 12th, 2013, the Twitter hashtag #TellAFeministThankYou was a worldwide trending topic. A counterbalance to other projects about why feminism is necessary, Tell A Feminist Thank You celebrates the successes of the feminist movement. Some of the “thank you� tweets were to specific people, many of whom were personal heroes to tweeters, such as mothers, friends, sisters, and teachers. Others referenced successes that are taken for granted, such as the right for women to vote and own property in their own right.

Thank you: -friends -because sexism hurts all genders -for addressing rape culture


Thank you: -for access to birth control -male feminists and allies -reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act

Thank you for reproductive freedom, choice, and calling out those who attack it‌

‌ even in the face of opposition and judgment.

Thank you to our mothers…

…for showing us that there are no “boy” or “girl” jobs, and that being a nice girl doesn’t mean being a door mat

…for raising us

“Loud and proud– thanks for helping me develop my voice.”

…for securing our voting rights as citizens (19th Amendment)

Thank you to feminist politicians, judges, and lobbyists…

…for holding public office and influencing public policy

Thank you to artists, writers, musicians, poets, filmmakers for inspiring us.

Tell A Feminist Thank You  

Activist writing project

Tell A Feminist Thank You  

Activist writing project