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MUSG Senate Approves Recommendation for Textbook Rental Program and Speaker Allocation MILWAUKEE —March 26, 2010 – The Marquette University Student Government senate unanimously approved a recommendation for a new textbook rental program as well as the allocation to bring speaker Robert N. Page Jr. to campus. Senators Bill Doerrer, Courtney Konyn, Holly Peterson, Taylor Yohn, Kaleb Veinhout, Timothy Allen and Trent Carlson proposed a recommendation to add a pilot textbook rental program launched by campus vendor Follett. The recommendation would provide an additional option for students when purchasing textbooks. “Students often buy books for a lot of money and sell them back for a small amount of money. By renting textbooks, students will spend less initial dollars for textbooks and receive less money back. Yet, they are not paying as much as they would if they bought textbooks,” Doerrer said. Senator Giuseppe Pappalardo spoke in favor of the recommendation expressing that this is one way students can cut school-related spending in conjunction with rising tuition costs. Senators also approved the allocation submitted by the National Pan-Hellenic Council for Robert N. Page Jr., officer of multicultural affairs at the University of Kansas, to speak at their 2010 banquet. Page plans to speak about diversity and leadership. This event is open to all students, and food will be provided. President Henry Thomas announced that planning for a Sodexo forum has been put into motion as a result of numerous concerns brought up at the March 24 Fr. Wild Forum. This Sodexo forum will take place for students to pose questions and concerns to both administration and Sodexo about its food services. The forum should aid in the on-going request to improve students’ on-campus dining experience. President Thomas said that the date of the forum is yet to be determined, but administration is hoping to hold it in April. The Marquette University Student Government was developed in 1882 as the governing body of the Marquette community. Its goal is to identify, understand, actively address and represent students' needs, concerns, and interests through acts of leadership and service which reflect Catholic, Jesuit ideals and contribute to the betterment of the Marquette University community.


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MUSG Release  

This is a realease I worked on featuring the events and legislation from an MUSG senate meeting.

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