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or activities on site and adventures beyond their farm’s boundaries, our farmers and their families are the local knowledge. With no catchall ‘info packs’, some give their guests homemade maps, while others suggest treasure hunts, and share their secret nature trails. Woodland walks, beautiful bike rides, places to paddle and castles to conquer… The options are plentiful, so set action plans can be replaced with frequent family powwows to decide where you’ll explore and what you’ll discover.

“A n absolutely am azing experience. The fact that my son could run ar ound as freely as I did when I was a child was so rewarding to see.”

Louise, Malvern

Staying close to home is just as fun and we like to think of the expansive, grassy areas that all our farms’ tents are set in as nature’s own adventure playground. Here, children can scamper freely, while their parents indulge in some worry-free downtime. The seasons are experienced in high definition at Feather Down Farms, and each has its own special something.

Whatever the time of year, we recommend bringing sunhats and shorts, wellies and waterproofs, because our farms are about all-weather pleasures.

Spring is synonymous with renewal, awakening and birth, and after a winter of making preparations for the farming year, our farmers and their families give it a warm welcome. Lambing season begins, the bluebells bloom, the birds return from the south and the natural world is fresh and pretty.

Later, as autumn’s leaves blush to russet

and the air becomes crisp, expeditions are mounted that call for squelching through mud, splashing through puddles, and stomping through crunchy leaves. There are conkers to collect and nature’s treasures to forage for. As a season symbolised by visible breath, bright cheeks, beautiful light and rich colours, autumn is a very special time to stay at our farms. 10

So much to do, so much time


Spread from Feather Down Farm Days' 2011 Brochure  
Spread from Feather Down Farm Days' 2011 Brochure  

One spread from the Feather Down Farm Days 2011 brochure 'atmosphere pages', which were briefed to give potential guests a real feeling of w...