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OUR MISSION is to inspire and motivate people of all ages, especially youth, to promote a healthy interplay between agriculture, nature and society through their own actions and as leaders in their communities. The Center for Land-Based Learning envisions a world where there is meaningful appreciation and respect for our natural environment and for the land that produces our food and sustains our quality of life.

THE LAY OF THE LAND Youth participation in outdoor activities has declined since 2006. In the U.S., we currently have one-third fewer farmers today than we did 100 years ago, but three times the population to feed - which means we need to produce 100,000 new farmers simply to feed our nation in the future. In addition, research shows that

getting children outside, working and playing in nature, reduces their stress by 28%. Much of this growing demand is being met by the Center for Land-Based Learning. We are creating the next generation of farmers, teaching California’s high school students about the importance of agriculture and the natural world, and providing internships and job opportunities for at-risk youth - all while exposing them to the joys of the outdoors. But our work is far from done.

We provide high-quality summer employment that helps high school and college-aged youth learn real-world

skills preparing them for farm and conservation focused careers.

WE REAP WHAT WE SOW With the number of early-twenties job seekers increasing 21% in the next decade, it is imperative we prepare students with the education they need to be competitive in the work force. Our programs combine innovative hands-on experience with classroom learning; youth participants develop leadership skills, learn how sustainable agriculture practices contribute to a healthier ecosystem and create connections to agricultural, environmental and food system careers. With your help, we can prepare more students because they are our future workforce.

PLANTING THE SEEDS OF CHANGE “I can distinctly remember learning the difference between sustainable and organic agriculture, and I can credit the Center for Land-Based Learning with giving me a more pragmatic and nuanced view of environmental issues, especially compared to people I went to college with. It has made it much easier for me to understand and look for practical, rather than idealistic, solutions to environmental problems.” – Jim Bosch, PhD in Physics, UC Davis

In our programs, California students work side-by-side with landowners and natural resource professionals to restore habitats, gaining first-hand

conserving and enhancing valuable ecosystems. experience

CULTIVATING NEW LEADERS “Children who have had a meaningful experience in nature are more likely to prefer spending time outdoors, express concern about environmental issues, consider themselves a strong environmentalist and express interest in studying the environment or pursuing an environmental career.” – The Nature Conservancy

“A more agriculturally literate society means a better educated populace, which can make better decisions as a citizenry and as consumers. In addition, more people will be exposed to agricultural opportunities, as agricultural literacy improves, and will be more likely to enter agricultural science careers. This is the direction that agricultural education should be heading.” – Rodney B. Glassman, Captain, JAG Corps Reserve


FERTILE SOIL Program Areas

We teach the

next generation of

farmers the skills they need to raise healthy foods and to care for California’s precious agricultural lands.

Southern California: La Habra, Fullerton, Westminster, Venice Beach, Los Angeles

FERTILE SOIL Our Program Areas

Northern Sacramento Valley: Colusa, East Nicolaus, Yuba City, Marysville, Woodland, Davis, Esparto, Sacramento, Orangevale, Rancho Cordova, Elk Grove, Antelope, Rocklin Bay Area: Dixon, Sonoma, Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Windsor, Napa, St. Helena Central/San Joaquin Valley: Tracy, Firebaugh, Clovis, Fresno, Lodi, Stockton

With a lot more room to grow.

Photo by Jim Morris, California Rice Commission

Our innovative programs develop and support the new farm entrepreneurs who will help meet

global demand for high quality, nutritious and affordable food. the local, national and

GROWING A SUSTAINABLE, CONSCIENTIOUS WORLD With your support, the Center for Land-Based

Learning will establish these innovative agricultural and environmental programs in all 58 counties of California. We want to expand our ability to reach youth in positive ways through hands-on learning and mentoring, and quadruple the number of graduates going on to study and work in agricultural and environmental sciences.

Please consider giving to Center for Land-Based Learning. Your support will help grow a vibrant, healthy future

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