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The Court Reporter Spring 2017 Kings County Museum

Kings Historical Society Board of Directors 2017-2018

Spring is in full bloom at the museum!

President - Maynard Stevens Past and Vice President - Kelly Bourassa Secretary - Jean Gibson Collins Treasurer—Dave Ritcey Curator - Bria Stokesbury Office Manager - Kate MacInnes Adams

The Kings County Museum is OPEN June Monday-Friday 9AM-4PM July and August Monday– Saturday 9AM-4PM September-December 15th Monday—Friday 9AM-4PM CLOSED Dec 16th 2016 -March 2018

A Front Row Seat to History! Travels of a tiny chair Canada’s 150 Chair Project Corporal Karen Neate, 14 Wing Imaging It’s been 150 years since confederation in Canada and folks across the country have been moved to celebrate and share their love of our country in individual ways. The Kings County Museum in Kentville may have the most unique approach to commemorate our national birthday. Bria Stokesbury, curator of the museum, rescued an old chair from the piles of unwanted household debris left by the side of the road during the 2016 spring clean-up in Gaspereau. She passed it along to museum volunteer Bill Naylor who, in turn asked his friend, craftsman Bill Zinck to restore it. It had likely been made by local craftsman around the time of confederation. Now, what to do with a sturdy little confederation chair? Continued on page 1

Summer 2017 The Kings County Museum welcomed two of their summer students Ellen Lewis (right) and Patrick Madden (left) on May 25. Ellen and Patrick will be joined in July by fellow summer students Myles Cloutier and Rebecca Davison. Rebecca is returning for a second year with the museum and we welcome her back!

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Stokesbury saw an opportunity to make the chair an active part of Canada 150 programming for the Kings County Museum. She contacted local artist Victoria Marston with a request to give the chair a new look to match its historical Canadian roots. Marston’s artful eye and practiced hands transformed the chair into a contemporary piece of art, now the central focus for a photo journal project, the Canada’s 150 Chair Project. 14 Wing Greenwood image technicians corporals Neil Clarkson and Karen Neate and Leading Seaman Cass Moon got involved with the project when Wing Imaging manager, Warrant Officer Alan Brace, brought the chair into the shop at 14 Air Maintenance Squadron. Each took a separate and individual approach as they took on ways to showcase the chair at 14 Wing and in the local area. Clarkson took the chair to his beautiful hometown, Lunenburg, creating a beautiful and distinctly Nova Scotian montage. They all enjoyed the experience - and you might, too. The Kings County museum is reaching out to the public to participate. The idea is to place the chair in a location somewhere in the province which has some significance to you and which would be recognized by other Nova Scotians. Take a photo of the chair in your chosen setting and send it, along with the place and date the photo was taken, to Selected images will be uploaded to the website, where people may follow the travels of the Canada 150 chair; some will be on display at the museum. If you would like to join in, borrow the chair and add your photos to the project, contact the Kings County Museum, 37 Cornwallis Street, Kentville; 902-678-6237 or “Originally printed in The Aurora Newspaper, 14 Wing Greenwood, May 1, 2017”


From the sketch book of Gordon Hansford.

A GenCon celebrating the life and descendants of Nova Scotia Planter Obediah Benjamin (1729-1806)


Reason # 342 to attend Obed Fest. If you are a descendant of Obed Benjamin (1729-1806), you're pretty smart! That means you're also related to Sir Issac about THEM apples?? Come to Obed Fest June 30-July 1

Annual Kings Historical Society Potluck Picnic

Horse drawn Wagon rides 6:30 PM Loads of Fun! 1158 Steadman Rd, Centreville, Bring a chair, utensils and food to share!

June 27, 2017 5:00 PM

We will be joined by members from The Burial Ground Care Society. 3

We are . . . Canadians The Inception To honor the 150th Anniversary of Canada We are hidden treasures with pirates’ pursuits along coastal waters. We are pioneers who planted the paths to prosperity. We are hiking trails and tempest seas – a collective culture – a “multi-culture.” We are Aurora Borealis that incites bewilderment by Northern Light. We are wanderers, weather-beaten – and the wanton, who “wet their whistles” with a pint or two; We kindle and cultivate family kinships and cling – to the familiar. We forage our future from a path not long forgotten. We endure and encourage each other along trails, receiving inspiration from an “indigenous” core – the soul of our nation. We come together – as One – receiving confirmation of Self by breathing in the breadth and width of this land. We receive knowledge of who are as we dance to the tunes of our Songsters. We further know Ourselves through self-expression and the “poetry” painted by The Group of Seven, who captured the country’s vastness.

But we know EXACTLY who we are by being able to laugh at ourselves – Easily. . . . And, being recognized peace-keepers of the world and having congruent cultures we will forever be guided by the Light of the Maple Leaf. © 2017 Teresa Neary 4

*A gamut of emotions flooded Rose Schoonhoven during her recent visit to the battlefields of World War I. The 17-year-old Horton High School student was one of 25,000 Canadians there for the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge. Schoonhoven began feeling the pull of history in early April. She visited the reception centre first and then was among 12,000 Canadian students at the ceremonies themselves. “It was really emotional, riveting,” she recalled of the time Harold McGarry she spent reading the names of the war dead. “I saw the same 1894-1916 name as my great grandfather, Robert Patterson,” who had survived WWI. One of three Nova Scotia youth chosen for the national Vimy Pilgrimage Award, Schoonhoven was among 16 Canadian students and eight students from Belgium, Great Britain, France and Germany who took part. *Excerpt from Kings County News During her trip Schoonhoven set out to locate two of Nova Scotia’s fallen soldiers. Harold McGarry of Kentville and Frank Rice of Deep Brook. Harold McGarry is the uncle of society member Glenda Bishop. Rose had visited Glenda previous to her trip to Europe . Glenda had shared stories, photographs , letters of McGarry’s with Rose during this visit. While on her trip Rose made a rubbing of the stone markings on McGarry’s gravestone. “I wanted to say how deeply grateful I, and my cousin, Gerald McGarry, are to Rose Schoonhoven for the time that she took in searching for Harold’s name on the War Memorial at Vimy during her trip in April. She met with us before her trip and took as her goal to bring back the image of our uncle’s name to us. It was not only very emotional to see his name, but it seemed to bring his presence into our lives, as well. “ Glenda McGarry Bishop

Rose Schoonhoven’s rubbing of Harold’s gravestone in April of 2017


Glenda Bishop and her brother Gerald McGarry during a visit to Kings County Museum’s exhibit “A Soldier’s Story in 2014

Harold Leslie McGarry, Son of Thomas & Annie (Smith) McGarry, born November 30, 1894, grew up on a farm on the New Ross Road, 15 miles south of Kentville. (Blue Mountain). His father was a cook at Camp Aldershot and, perhaps of that, Harold served there six years with the 14th Kings County Hussars. On March 30, 1915, at the age 20 yr. 4 mo. he enlisted in C Squadron Canadian Mounted Rifles and soon sailed from Quebec arriving at Shorncliffe, England, July 29, 1915. Aboard were 450 horses under their care. His niece, Glenda Bishop, New Minas, has the letters written home to his mother and always signed, “Best love to all, lovingly Harold”. One letter mentions several trenches that they were sent to for instruction and places where billeted. Christmas was spent at Meteren. He mentioned the sights of the cities and was particularly impressed with the Cathedrals. France – September 6, 1916th – “I wonder if the war will end before winter sets in. The latest reports seem very favorable to us”. France – September 11, 1916 – Harold’s last letter to “My dear Mother - You can address me as Sergt. Major now, if you like. Perhaps will be something better before long. Best love to all, Lovingly Harold”. It was within 4 days of his letter, announcing his promotion to his mother, that he was killed in action west of Courcelette, France. This letter was postmarked Halifax, October 2, 1916. He was survived by his parents, five sisters and two brothers. A telegram was received from Ottawa from the officer commanding regiment. ‘Regrets to inform you that Co. Sergt. Major Harold L. McGarry, 5 th Canadian Mounted Rifles, officially reported killed in action between September 14th and 16th.” He was 21 years of age. Home Thoughts From The City ‘Tis a wonderful place – the city ‘Tis a wonderful place to me. I am charmed by its thousand attractions, And I marvel at all I see. But the lure of a grass-grown pathway Grows strong in the dewy gloam, And I wonder what they are doing Tonight in the old farm home. -Source unknown.

…….from GLENDA….. I thought this poem captured The thoughts that filled the minds of many of our brave young men in the Great War


Brooklyn Corner History Published Article first published in Kings County Advertiser on May 22 ,2017.

Drive along Brooklyn Street from Kentville, and a couple of kilometers out, you’ll pass through what today could be considered a forgotten community. Known at one time as Brooklyn corner- there are people who still call it by that name – the community exists but is difficult to find on current maps, county directories and county tax rolls. In his book on Nova Scotia place names, Charles Bruce Fergusson mentions Brooklyn Corner, but along with West Brooklyn and Brooklyn Street, he lumps it under the write-up for Brooklyn. However, the community hasn’t been completely forgotten and a historical researcher has made sure of that. Digging into files at the Kings Courthouse Museum and conducting extensive interviews Linda Hart complied enough material to write a book about Brooklyn Corner. The book, A Place to Belong, was recently published and is available at the Kings County Museum. Hart’s book is more of a genealogy than a historical treatise. Hart gives genealogical accounts of more than 50 families who once lived in or still have descendants in Brooklyn Corner. Continued on page 8

Glenn’s Life according to Glenn is a book that chronicles the life of, as suggested by the title, Glenn Ells. The book follows Glenn through his life starting out with his early childhood on the farm and continues to current day. Glenn’s book takes the reader on a journey through both the lighthearted and serious moments of his life, all the while helping the reader to understand who Glenn is. If you are interested in Glenn’s book, please stop by the Kings County Museum to purchase one. Image first published in Kings County Advertiser on November 29th 2016 by Kirk Starratt.

“The Mighty Marigolds” Kate MacInnes Adams and JoAnne Bezanson need you! The Town of Kentville is having a beautification project and CONTEST .The prize will be a generous gift certificate to be used at one our local eateries. Imagine if our annual Christmas party were paid for by the town! We need garden designers, compost makers, seedling growers, soil diggers, and transplanters. Donations to the “cause” are also welcome.


Continued from page 7 Brooklyn Corner History Published

This was quite an undertaking since, based on the genealogies in the book, Brooklyn Corner appears to encompass parts of Coldbrook, Lakeville and Bill town. This must have made it difficult for Hart to determine where these communities ended and where Brooklyn Corner starts. Even Fergusson, in his account of place names, was vague about Brooklyn’s location, noting only that it was four miles west of Kentville. Genealogy basically is the tracing of descendants from your ancestors down to you, but in another sense, it also lineal history of your family. Looking at it this way, Linda Hart has done some excellent work in recording family histories starting in some cases with Planter grantees in the 1760s. The oldest family line in the book is the Rands. Thomas Rand received a grant in 1764 and his descendants settled in Brooklyn corner. Other Planter descendants, such as the Eatons, Newcombs and Bishops, settled in the community as well. In addition to the genealogies, Hart also includes some history of the houses along Brooklyn Street. Hart started at least 20 years ago collecting facts and the lore floating around the community about the houses and it makes interesting reading. There are other nuggets as well; the story behind the famous Antolf Gardens, for example, which at one time was the best-known nursery in the Annapolis Valley. Shedding light on one of our lesser known communities makes Hart’s book a valuable addition to the history of Kings County. I recommend it to readers who enjoy a mixture of genealogy, family lore and local history in their books. Credit Advertiser May 22,2017

Charting Community Connections: A Recent Acquisition! This 150 year-old A.F. Church map of Kings County was purchased by the Burlington Community Club in 2010 from Glen and Joan Kelley of Aylesford. It was used specifically as a resource to research a section of district 14 in the writing of “From the Brow to the Bay”, an historic study of that area. The Don and Anna Osburn Kellys had acquired the map in the early 1980s from the late Carrie and Randolph Clem of Weston. It is not known where the Clems found the map but it had likely hung in a oneroom school house, quite possibly Weston. Following the publication of “From the Brow to the Bay” in 2012, the map hung safely in the home of amateur historian Garnet Misner. Anna Osburn purchased it from the Burlington Community Club in 2016 for the purpose of scanning and eventual donation to the Kings County Museum. A remarkable series of maps of Nova Scotia were produced by Ambrose Finson Church from 1865 to 1888 of the counties in the Province. Originally from Maine, he trained as a civil engineer and came to Nova Scotia with the mapmaker Jacob Chace, proposing to the government that they produce maps of every county. Later, he took over the project and made it the greater part of his life’s work. His maps were made from actual surveys and it was said that he got much of his information from children in schools that he visited. His maps were later used in the schools, and are still fascinating studies today. The map arrived newly framed by the 8 Osburns and hangs in the Canada 150 Exhibit.

Coming to Kings County Museum August to September

Canada 150 Exhibit now Open

Meet William Henry Chipman The Anti-Confederation voice of Kings County

Maud Lewis

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Now available from the Kings County Museum High Resolution Colour copies of the A.F. Church Map By section or community

Kings County is divided into 14 numbered districts. Each district in this binder has been scanned to a very high resolution so that, if desired, specific areas can be enlarged from the original scan while maintaining the original sharpness and clarity. 8 x 10 scans are available from the Museum for $15. Custom 8 x 10s can be special ordered through the Museum for $15. These scans are also available matted (black) for $25.


Now open on our main floor.

Since the publication of our last newsletter we have lost an individual who was a friend and members of the Kings Historical Society and the Kings County Museum. On behalf of the membership of the Kings Historical Society condolences are extended to the family of; Rose Malpass. For many years Rose helped in various capacities including her last major effort for the heritage cause which was finishing research on Ron Illsley’s history of Berwick. She will be greatly missed.

What is MuseFund? MuseFund is an endowment fund created to build a sustainable and vibrant future for our museums in Nova Scotia. MuseFund’s goal is to raise an initial $2.5 million endowment fund that will help accredited museums open doors to experiences that matter to us, engage us and bring benefit to our lives. Your donations will be invested with the Community Foundation of Nova Scotia to generate an ongoing source of income year after year which accredited museums will be able to apply for annually. Your gift to MuseFund is a unique opportunity to contribute to the future of Nova Scotia’s past. Your investment will help improve infrastructure, support technological advances, develop partnerships with educational institutions, grow collections in a measured, sustainable way and much more. Your generosity will help museums in Nova Scotia take their place among the most innovative cultural institutions in the country and engage with individuals, families, and other visitors from around the world. You can make an online donation or make a cheque payable to: The Association of Nova Scotia Museums 1113 Marginal Road, Halifax, NS B3H 4P7 Tel: 902-423-4677 Email:

Gone Fishin’ Fishing Stories of Kings County Nova Scotia

Ed coleman

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“so thanks Dad. Guess I’ll go fishing this afternoon. Remember the stream you took me to some 50 years ago when I caught my first brown trout on a fly? The trout still rise on that horseshoe bend and the water should be good there about now” Ed Coleman Gone Fishin’ 11

appeal to the interests of a wide range of readers. $40. plus $12. S&H.

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Planter Nova Scotia: 1760-1810. The year 2010 marked the 250th anniversary of the arrival of the New England Planters in Nova Scotia. Follow the history of these people who played an important role in Nova Scotian, and Canadian history. There are four different books in the series, all by Julian Gwyn. Each one is on a different township, Horton, Cornwallis, Newport, and Falmouth. $7.00 plus $3.00 shipping ($8.00 for 4 books). If all four volumes purchased at same time $25.00 plus $8.00 S&H.

Along the Tracks - The importance of railroads came and went in less than a century but still interest millions of people. This book chronicles through pictures and postcards the history of the Dominion Atlantic, Halifax, and South Western Railways. By: Tony Kalkman. $20.00 plus $4.00 S&H.

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Hannibal Hoops - Hannibal Hoops follows the story of a young slave boy born on a plantation in South Carolina. During the American Revolution he ends up in Nova Scotia where he chases his dream of returning to his people’s homeland, Sierra Leone. By: Gordon M. Haliburton. $20.00 plus $7.00 S&H.

Books and CDs may be ordered by e-mail or by phone, (902) 678-6237. If you wish to mail your order, our address is: The Kings County Museum, 37 Cornwallis Street, Kentville NS, Canada, B4N 2E2. Payment will be received by cash, cheque, money order, Master Card and Visa. If you are making payment by credit card please enclose the credit card number and the expiry date. Please add the appropriate shipping and handling fees.

The Nova Scotia Eatons - A genealogical record of the local Eaton family that dates back all the way to the year 1640. By: Charles Ernest Eaton. $5.00 plus $14.00 S&H.

Burnt Lands, Lockshoes, Shivarees – Historical Sketches on Kings County, by Ed Coleman. This book is a collections of historic sketches that Ed wrote for local newspapers over the past 20 years. The book, 193 pages covers a variety of topics and includes a number of local postcards. Cost is $21.99 plus S&H $8.00.

Small Communities, Big Dreams - The Annapolis Valley Apple Blossom Festival celebrates a unique way of life that relies on the tenets of hard work, good fun, faith, and rural values. This book celebrates 75 years of Apple Blossom history, a local festival that has a special place in the hearts of many. $21.00 plus $4.00 S&H.

Building for Justice - In this beautifully illustrated volume, James W. MacNutt, Q.C. has succeeded in compelling us to look at courthouses in a different way. Building for Justice is a celebration of a monumental architecture that, along with the buildings of church and state, forms one of the cornerstones of our society. The cost is $32.00 and includes shipping.

Nova Scotia’s Golden Age of Sail - This map of Nova Scotia shows where important ports were, lighthouse locations, where pirate’s treasures were buried, and even sea monsters and a ghost ship sighting happened! $1.00 plus $2.00 shipping. Second Chance - Life in Nova Scotia during the American Revolution by Glenn Ells. $20.00 plus $5.00 S&H.

Verses From The Valley by Gordon Hansford. Gordon has a keen sense of humour and a talent for seeing beauty and interest in everything from a ugly earwig to his military experience. These interests are reflected in this book of Gordon’s poetry and sketches. Cost is $12.99 plus S&H $6.00.

Starting Over - Acadians and New England Planters in Nova Scotia in the 1760s by Glenn Ells. $20 plus $5.00 shipping. Kings County Schools. A brief history of schools and school sections in Kings County, Nova Scotia compiled by Nelson Labor and Linda Hart. $25.00 plus $8.00 S&H. . Planter Chronicles - The Planter Chronicles contain 76 pages of articles and photographs telling some of the stories of the New England Planters. These stories are reproduced from previous KHS publications; "Historic Kings County", "The Kings County Vignettes", Volumes 1 – 10 and some new articles as well. $10 plus $4.00 S&H.

Oxen – Their care, training, and use by Carmen Legge. Oxen are a part of Carmen’s daily life and he shares his knowledge on raising steers, training them as ox and using them on farms and in the woods. He also guides through all the details of making shoes, oxen, ox bells and other useful knowledge for teamsters. Cost is $25.00 plus S&H $8.00. TEMP unavailable Grist From The Mills – a History of Sheffield Mills by Sheffield Mills Women’s Institute. This book was originally printed in1967 and printed again in 2012. This interesting history of the village of Sheffield Mills, Kings County has been a popular book. Cost $25.00 plus S&H $8.00.

Kings Co., NS, Quiz Book - How much do you know about Kings County, NS? Challenge yourself and others with the quizzes in this book. $5.00 plus $4.00 shipping. Historic Kings County - A special presentation of the Kings Historical Society, this book looks at the history of Kings County through pictures and stories. Its 66 pages are filled with the history of 35 Kings County communities. Some one hundred photographs from the files of the Kings County Museum's photo archives make this an outstanding presentation of our heritage. $3.00 plus $2.00 S&H.

From the Brow to the Bay - This book chronicles the family and community history of Woodlawn, Burlington and Viewmount on the North Mountain, Kings County, Nova Scotia. Settled in the early 1800’s, these Fundy shore communities have seen vast changes in the landscape and way of life. $40.00 plus $18.00 S&H. (only 1 copy left)

Camp Aldershot – Brent Fox, well-known authority on military history, covers the history of the camp from 1904 through to the 1980s. Text and pictures. 24 pages. $5.00 plus $2.00 S&H.

A Craftsman Remembers, by Gordan Hansford - One man recounts his personal view of serving in the Second World War as a “craftsman” – a soldier who worked behind the front lines at various tasks to keep everything running smoothly. These soldiers acted as engineers, electricians, and mechanics, among other jobs, and Hansford’s account captures what it was like for him and other craftsmen. $15.00 plus 10. S&H, only 1 copy left.

Township Books of Kings County - Contains data for Aylesford Township, Cornwallis Township, and Horton Township. Over 7500 names, indexed, 157 pages.$25.00 plus $10.00 S&H. Also available as a CD. The information on the CD is in two formats: access database and a text file that can be converted to a word program, spreadsheet or data base program. $25.00 plus $2:00 shipping.

Gaspereau: A River Runs Through It, by L. Ross Potter - This book with its authentic stories, its many pictures, and genealogical data, gives an excellent view into the past, and preserves so much for posterity. Its easy styles and entertaining, informative content will

Memories of Coldbrook, N.S. - Marie Bishop writes about her early years in Coldbrook with write-ups on 50 Coldbrook families; 356 pictures, maps, 270 pages. $30.00 plus $10.00 S&H.


Our KHS documentary adventure on DVD

Gypsum Royal Fleet by St. Clair Patterson A history of the transporting of gypsum from the quarries of Hants County and other parts of Nova Scotia to the manufacturing facilities in the United States $25 TEMP unavailable Churches of Kings County. Compiled by Linda Hart and Nelson Labor of the Community and Family History department. A brief history accompanies pictures of kings County churches $25 CDs Lineage linked database of "The History of Kings County" (Eaton). - This CD merges all the families mentioned in Eaton's book and shows the connecting links between individuals and families. $25:00 plus $2:00 S&H. Kings County Church Records. - over 10,000 records of births, marriages and burials taken from microfilm and put on 1 CD. These records are from many of the early churches in Kings County. .$25:00 plus $2:00 S&H. Kings County Vital Statistics. Produced by the Kings Historical Society, the CD contains the following statistics with instructions included. (1) Kings County Census 1871 - 1881, 1891 - 1901. (2) Kings County Cemeteries Records. (3) Kings County Marriages 1864 - 1909. (4) Annapolis Valley Births & deaths 1864 - 1877. (5) Kings County Deeds 1764 - 1951 (6) Kings County Probate Records 1785 - 1950. $99.00 plus $2.00 S&H .

Be transported back in time through re-enactments of wrecked sailors slogging through the Minas Mud, and a riveting courtroom sequence filmed at Ross Farm. Join the documentary’s narrator, Kelly Bourassa as he searches the banks of the Canard River for evidence of the 1760 wreck of the brigantine The Montague. $20.00

West Novas– Thomas H. Raddall This well-written 326 page hard covered book required detailed collaboration with West Nova war veterans to arrive at a true picture of what happened inside the Regiment during WW11. Almost every chapter provides examples of the battlefield bravery of individual soldiers and officers by name. Included are 42 pages of wartime photos and maps. First published 1947. $30.00 plus shipping. Aunt Toni’s Diary– Excerpts from the diary of Toni Musial (19471951) who was diagnosed with tuberculosis at age 13. Written and compiled by her niece Marilyn Jones, the book also gives a brief history of the Nova Scotia Sanatorium in Kentville, Nova Scotia. $15 Clara’s Rib– The true story of a young girl growing up in a Ontario tuberculosis hospital in the 40’s and ‘50’s. Readers of all ages will be drawn into the evolving seasons of Clara’s life of courage, faith, pranks, laughter, first love, despair and hope. $25.00 plus shipping.

Births, Deaths 1864-1877, Annapolis Valley. $25.00 plus $2.00 S&H.

Berwick– A wonderful collection of pictures, clippings, and information on the history and families of Berwick Nova Scotia. Compiled by Ron Illsley $25 plus shipping.

Cemeteries of Kings County, NS. - All 100 Kings County cemeteries with complete inscriptions - a zipped CD for PC or Mac. $25.00 plus $2.00 S&H. Census of Kings Co. -Census data for 1871, 1881, 1891 and 1901 (on one CD). $25. plus $2. S&H.

The Harbourville Connection-This book covers Harbourville, and heads along the shore in both directions to Morden and Black Rock, then down into the Valley to Somerset. There are lots of pictures, tales of pirates on Isle Haute, the infamous Robinson murder case, ships sinking –“more on the shipping of apples and potatoes, farm produce – everything,” $15.00 plus shipping. TEMP unavailable

Marriages in Kings County, NS - 1864-1909 5,964 records giving bride, groom, age and parents. $25.00 plus $2.00 S&H Probate Records for Kings Co. - 1784-1949 - Over 25,000 records. $25.00 plus $2.00 S&H.

Times to Remember– Major R.G. “Bill” Thexton CD Some recollections of four and a half years of service with the Nova Scotian Regiment. $20 plus shipping

Index to Kings County deeds 1764 - 1951 - $25.00 plus $2.00 S&H. Acadian Church Records 1680-1757 and Acadian Census 1671-1758 $25.00 plus $2.00 S&H. Township Books of Kings County - Contains data for Aylesford Township, Cornwallis Township, and Horton Township. Over 7500 names, indexed, 157 pages. The information on the CD is in two formats: access database and a text file that can be converted to a word program, spreadsheet or data base program. The cost is $25.00 plus $2:00 S&H (Also available as a book - see above) Acadian Church Records 1680-1757 and Acadian Census 1671-1758 - plus many Acadian maps. $25.00 plus $2.00 S&H. Vital Stat CD. Contains all the above information $99

Glenn’s Life According to Glenn -Glenn S. Ells Glenn describes the life of a poor farm boy born in the 1930s, his fortunate choice of parents, his education, his years with his wife Leta and his family, his forays into politics and writing and some of his observations on life. $20 plus S&H A Place to Belong– Lind Hart .A history of Brooklyn Corner Kings County Nova Scotia $20 plus S&H Devils Half Acre – Mabel G. Nichols A comprehensive look at Kentville’s past through photographs and stories

Township Books of Kings County - Contains data for Aylesford Township, Cornwallis Township, and Horton Township. Over 7500 names, indexed, 157 pages. The information on the CD is in two formats: access database and a text file that can be converted to a word program, spreadsheet or data base program. The cost is $25.00 plus $2:00 S&H (Also available as a book). Evangeline: a Tale of Acadie - The “Expulsion of the Acadians” or “le Grand Dérangement” is one of the saddest chapters in the history of the colonial struggle between Britain and France. This is the story of Evangeline and Gabriel, two young Acadians who were cruelly separated on the very day in which they were to be wed. Evoking both the geography and the spirit of “La Belle Acadie,” Longfellow’s sweeping tale takes us from the tide-washed shores of Nova Scotia’s Minas basin, across the the vast breadth of 18thcentury America, from the Louisiana bayous to the foothills of the Ozarks, to its final, heart-wrenching conclusion in the plague-ridden poorhouses of Philadelphia. The cost is $23.00 plus S&H.


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Fishing Stories of Kings County Nova Scotia by Ed Coleman Articles originally Appearing in Nova Scotia’s weekly newspapers. Illustrations by Gordon Hansford $20

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In 2004 we launched our Sponsorship Program. Sponsorship donations contribute to our heating, utilities, cleaning and maintenance supplies, exhibits and preservation of collections. We wish to thank all the Kings Historical Society members and friends who continue to help by donating to our Sponsorship Program, and encourage others to participate. For more information see our web page at and click on “Sponsor”.


$20.00 per person $25.00 per couple $25.00 per organization $15.00 per Student with ID Membership is based on the Calendar year Make cheque payable to Kings Historical Society 37 Cornwallis Street Kentville, Nova Scotia B4N 2E2

MEMORIAL DONATIONS In Memoriam donations may be made to the Kings Historical Society in memory of your loved one. This is a continuing way to honour friends or relatives, and provides much needed assistance to the Kings County Museum. * Charitable Tax Receipts are available for all donations.

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Kings Historical Society Newsletter Spring 2017  
Kings Historical Society Newsletter Spring 2017