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The Court Reporter Autumn 2015 Kings County Museum

Kings Historical Society Board of Directors 2015-2016 President - Kelly Bourassa Vice-President - Maynard Stevens Secretary - Jean Gibson Collins Treasurer—Dave Ritcey Past President— Doug Crowell Curator - Bria Stokesbury Office Manager - Kate MacInnes Adams

The Kings County Museum is OPEN May and June Monday—Friday 9AM-4PM July and August Monday– Saturday 9AM-4PM September-December 17th Monday—Friday 9AM-4PM

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ew Exhibit

This exhibit explores the changing shape of the female figure over the course of a century by displaying period examples of foundation wear and accompanying outfits that would have been worn over them. Narrative panels delve into the history behind the creation of such commonly worn items as bloomers, chemises and petticoats. Intriqued? We certainly hope so! Exhibit will run until December 17th.


Annapolis Valley Tartan Now In Our GENERAL STORE Gift Shop Ties* T-shirts*Magnets*Keychains* Mouse pads*License Plates*Mugs available at the museum Or order from the Complete line. Order form available

The sound of music, mouth organ style, can be heard every Friday morning at the museum when this friendly gang of local musicians drop by to practise.

Sale There are times when many items of a similar type are donated to the heritage centre. As a unique fundraiser NFHC is selling these repeat items with the support and approval of the original owners. This is what is available 5 Bucksaws $20 11 Cross-cut Saws $25 3 Wool Winders $25 3 Flip-over Barrel Butter Churns $50 1 Mini Cream Separator $50 INTERESTED? Contact Northville Farm Heritage Centre members Carmen Legge Mike Parker 902-678-4412 2

“Hearth and Home�, a magazine sent via mail from Maine to the home of Edith (James) Adams in Berwick from 1914 to 1931. For over 70 years (1869-1942) Augusta was known as the mailorder magazine publishing capital of the USA. Some seventeen titles were published there and circulation at its height reached, by some estimates, over three million. The magazines were mailed to subscribers all over North America. Home and family life was the primary focus and the magazine included down -home advice on family life, decorating, business (raising chickens, for example), personal care, health, fashion, and the latest trends.


Kings County Museum staff swelled to five this summer. Curator Bria Stokesbury (left) and Office Manager, Kate MacInnes Adams (right) welcomed students Halie Sproul, Kelsey Comeau, and Sarah Smith in May and then bid a fond farewell in late August. Lots of great work was accomplished in between!

Summer 2015 Ever ready volunteer JoAnne Bezanson Making fascinators for our “Toast to the Queen” In September. see pg 6

Bill Naylor (left) gets trained in the age old English sport of “Conkers” by local expert Andrew Clinch (right) during the “Love in Bloom II” fundraiser at Prescott House this past August. See pg 4

Volunteer, board member, and artist Rick Gilbert puts the finishing touches on a lovely illustration of Cape Blomidon in the foyer of the museum.


A sweet and savoury summer blend of the literature of love in the style of bygone days and congenial refreshments greeted those who attended our “Love in Bloom II” fete amidst the glorious gardens of the Prescott House Museum on Sunday, August 16th. There was an opportunity to play croquet on the green or an old British childhood game of “conkers.” Dramatic presentations enthralled the audience thanks to a talented group of local actors directed by Beth Irvine.

The Annapolis Valley Tartan By Gordon Hansford Musical accompaniment by the band “Rewind”and the powerful vocals of Nancie Armstrong captivated the audience. The event ended with local statesman (and Annapolis Valley Tartan creator) Gordon Hansford reading the poem which inspired the creation of the tartan, and then being “Piped” out of the event by Valley Pipers Ed Coleman and his grandson Liam Coleman-Aulenbach. A copy of this poem is reprinted with permission here: 4

Cape Breton has a tartan Of which it’s justly proud And good old Pictou County Has its Hector tartan too. Now the dear old Annapolis Valley Has its tartan just as fine And the story of this tartan I’ll tell you. There’s the green of the trees and the crops The farmers love to grow The blue is for the mountains, North and South And the silver for the two rivers That flow down to the sea The red depicts the blood That’s been shed to keep us free.

“On September 9th at 1:30 pm Queen

Elizabeth II became the longest reigning British Monarch in history surpassing the record held until then by Queen Victoria. The Kings Historical Society, in the courtroom at the museum, marked the occasion with much fanfare including a visit by town crier Lloyd Smith.”

October 27, 2015 7:30 PM


Going Over is the biography of Mossman’s father Titus Mossman who served with the 85th Canadian Infantry Battalion (Nova Scotian Highlanders )on the Western Front. The book blends national, sociological, political and historical issues with the story of a civilian-turned-soldier, caught at the sharp edge of history. Mossman, who was born in Rose Bay, Lunenburg County, described the book as “basically, a tribute to him [his father]. The dramatic story underscores the close kinship among soldiers, the tremendous self-sacrifice, the costs and dubious glory of war and the after effects on soldiers, their families and succeeding generations.

Story From The Family Farm By Mack Frail I was eight years old and playing outside with friends and siblings on a warm March day in 1943 when suddenly we heard a loud sound in the sky, similar to an explosion. Looking up almost directly overhead we could see the airplane that had just passed over was spread across the sky in pieces. Two parachutes could be seen, but the only two people in the plane were members of the Royal Canadian Air Force and did not survive. The airplane was a WWII Mosquito Fighter Bomber flown with a two-man crew. My older brothers and their friends ran towards the crash area, but my mother would not allow me to go. At the time I was not pleased with her decision, but later realized that it was not a good place for an eight-year-old boy to go. The area where the airplane parts were scattered was near where I now live on Banes Road. The main part that included the engines landed north of Banes Road where the brook is located. In 1943 the area was a lovely meadow where we went as children to play and fish for trout in the brook. The main part of the airplane was in a wooded area north beyond the meadow at the base of Centreville Mountain. The bodies of the two men were located in the same area. For the next two weeks the air force personnel from Greenwood would not allow the public to enter the main crash site. It was two weeks after the crash that I walked with my friends the length of the meadow, and a long distance along a wood road to the base of the North Mountain before reaching a large burnt area where the main section of the airplane had settled and burned. My information is that the Mosquito Bombers were made mostly from wood, since metals were scarce during WWII. We children had a busy summer searching for pieces of the airplane. A little farther along the wood road where the airplane crashed were the remains of a skidway that was built of poles from the woods. Also in the same area along the base of the North Mountain were several impressions in the ground about twelve feet in diameter. I was curious as to what they were, and my father explained to me that it was the remains of a charcoalmaking operation carried on by John Haggerty during the early 1900s. The man-made skidway was for transporting from the side of the mountain certain types of6 hardwood which made the best quality charcoal to

provide intense heat. Blacksmith shops and axe manufacturers required charcoal to heat the iron and steel to become molded into a useful product. The Blenkhorn Axe Factory that was in Canning from 1859 until 1962 required large quantities of charcoal. Farther east along the base of the Centreville Mountain is an area where, in 1933, a large section of the mountain slid. and my older brothers would go for hikes to the landslide. When I was about six years old I wanted to go with them, but they wouldn’t take me. I didn’t have long to wait before I was making the trip with my two close friends Earl and Robert Veinott. Earl and Robert were brothers, and we were inseparable as young boys from 1940 when we met at the Centreville School. We travelled the Centreville countryside playing cowboys and Indians, and doing all the enjoyable things boys did in those days. We remained close friends. Robert, who was a year younger than I was, died in 2011. Earl, age eighty-one, is almost a year older than I am, and has been my close friend for seventy-five years. On April 20, 1953, I was driving my 1928 model A Ford car back to work at Fillmore’s Valley Nursery (which was located next to, and north of, the Charles MacDonald House Museum) when I met police cars, Kentville Fire Department trucks, and an ambulance. It was later during the afternoon that I was informed that a Lancaster airplane had crashed near the brow of Centreville Mountain. After a few days I visited the site where the airplane had crashed. There is a monument located east on Brow Mountain Road about one mile from Highway 359 that serves to memorialize the six men that died in the crash. One of the seven crew members survived the crash, but was badly injured. The Lancaster airplane and crew were returning from Newfoundland, where they had been involved in a rescue mission. These are the only airplanes that have crashed in the Centreville area. They were tragic events because of the loss of life. I know of fires in Centreville that have caused property loss, as well as automobile and farm accidents in the community that have caused injuries and deaths. It would be wonderful if Centreville could boast an accident-free community, but we should be thankful that more tragic events have not occurred.

The Cauldron By Teresa Neary

For in the clearing the coven meets So would you care to take a seat? And there’s a pot so large and black And contents of a potato sack And as the brew does Boil and fester, Will you become the sole Taste tester? The “GIRLS” throw in some secret potionsBat wings and things—have you a notion? With eye of newt, some boots and butter it may contain Your own Grandmother! It’s quite the dish this grand ‘old stew: A weird concoction to be true: The Kings Historical Society presents an evening With sarsaparilla and tall tree branches and GOSH— There are chances a recipe like this might include with famed folklorist, writer and entertainer Someone in there you actually knew

CLARY CROFT exploring Witchcraft! The subject evokes curiosity, fascination, and sometimes, abhorrence. In the Maritimes, a region with a rich tradition of storytelling, accounts of witchcraft are abundant. Folklorist CLARY CROFT will explore some of the many examples of witchcraft identified in the Maritimes and explain their cultural origins-Scottish, Mi’kmaq, Acadian, German, among others. He will offer examples of spells, charms, and superstitions involving everything from animal horns and blood to salt and milk. Croft will also trace witchcraft’s more official history from the Maritimes’ first witch trial in 1684 to the trial of Jean Campagna-followed by others throughout the eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth centuries. CROFT’S book Witchcraft is a thoroughly researched history of an often-misunderstood practice and a rich source of Maritime folklore. A limited number of Witchcraft books will be available and a book signing will follow the talk. There will be a freewill offering in support of the Kings Historical Society.


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Learn About Nova Muse

In 2014 a database of Nova Scotian industrial history was integrated with the museum collections data. Significant Over fifty community museums from research contributions were made by the across Nova Scotia are providing access to Nova Scotia Museum of Industry, their collections in a way never before possiAnnapolis Valley Macdonald Museum, ble. Many of these museums are only open during the summer months and are run by vol- Beaton Institute, Cumberland County Museum, Dartmouth Heritage Museum, unteers. Others are open year-round and rely on a combination of staff and volunteers to op- Kings County Museum, West Hants Historical Museum, Yarmouth County erate. They all have one thing in common – Museum, and Association of Nova Scotia people who are passionate about Nova ScoMuseums. tia’s history. Contributors are at different stages in It is this passion that has made Nova Muse a reality. In 2002 a group of 18 commu- the documentation process. Some have been working in databases for years and so nity museums recognized the need for standardizing their collections practices. They start- have their entire collection documented and photographed, while others have just ed by using the same database system and bulk purchasing computer equipment, and be- started the process and are working at building their database. Institutional came known as the Passage Project. Museum priorities and differing levels of resources staff and volunteers were trained individually mean that some contributors are more and in workshops, and the community museactive than others. This work is a neverums began digitizing Nova Scotia’s material culture. Recognized as a ground breaking initi- ending process; research and information received from the public can contribute to ative, in 2006 the Passage Project received a existing records. Nova Muse will be Canadian Museums Association Award for updated daily, revealing more objects and Outstanding Achievement in Museum Management. Over the years this group of 18 grew images as files are updated. This information is provided to over 50 heritage organizations from across courtesy of the Association of Nova the province. Scotian Museums website. To visit Nova Now supported by the Association of Nova Scotia Museum’s Advisory Service, par- Muse ticipating museums recognize the value of cooperative work and a peer support network. They actively strive to improve their institutions through special projects and partnerships. Collections management documentation and database technology provides the means to better record, inventory, access and research information about collections. More than a basic accountability tool, the 2011 migration to a new web-based database system provided Kings Historical Society supporter , volunteer and friend. the information platform required to support a public website with robust search and sharing 8 capacity. And Nova Muse was born.

Planter Nova Scotia: 1760-1810. The year 2010 marked the 250th anniversary of the arrival of the New England Planters in Nova Scotia. Follow the history of these people who played an important role in Nova Scotian, and Canadian history. There are four different books in the series, all by Julian Gwyn. Each one is on a different township, Horton, Cornwallis, Newport, and Falmouth. $7.00 plus $3.00 shipping ($8.00 for 4 books).

Books for Sale

If all four volumes purchased at same time $25.00 plus $8.00 S&H. Along the Tracks - The importance of railroads came and went in less than a century but still interest millions of people. This book chronicles through pictures and postcards the history of the Dominion Atlantic, Halifax, and South Western Railways. By: Tony Kalkman. $20.00 plus $4.00 S&H.

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Hannibal Hoops - Hannibal Hoops follows the story of a young slave boy born on a plantation in South Carolina. During the American Revolution he ends up in Nova Scotia where he chases his dream of returning to his people’s homeland, Sierra Leone. By: Gordon M. Haliburton. $20.00 plus $7.00 S&H.

Books and CDs may be ordered by e-mail or by phone, (902) 678-6237. If you wish to mail your order, our address is: The Kings County Museum, 37 Cornwallis Street, Kentville NS, Canada, B4N 2E2. Payment will be received by cash, cheque, money order, Master Card and Visa. If you are making payment by credit card please enclose the credit card number and the expiry date. Please add the appropriate shipping and handling fees.

The Nova Scotia Eatons - A genealogical record of the local Eaton family that dates back all the way to the year 1640. By: Charles Ernest Eaton. $5.00 plus $14.00 S&H.

Burnt Lands, Lockshoes, Shivarees – Historical Sketches on Kings County, by Ed Coleman. This book is a collections of historic sketches that Ed wrote for local newspapers over the past 20 years. The book, 193 pages covers a variety of topics and includes a number of local postcards. Cost is $21.99 plus S&H $8.00.

Small Communities, Big Dreams - The Annapolis Valley Apple Blossom Festival celebrates a unique way of life that relies on the tenets of hard work, good fun, faith, and rural values. This book celebrates 75 years of Apple Blossom history, a local festival that has a special place in the hearts of many. $21.00 plus $4.00 S&H.

Verses From The Valley by Gordon Hansford. Gor don has a keen sense of humour and a talent for seeing beauty and interest in everything from a ugly earwig to his military experience. These interests are reflected in this book of Gordon’s poetry and sketches. Cost is $12.99 plus S&H $6.00.

Nova Scotia’s Golden Age of Sail - This map of Nova Scotia shows where important ports were, lighthouse locations, where pirate’s treasures were buried, and even sea monsters and a ghost ship sighting happened! $1.00 plus $2.00 shipping. Second Chance - Life in Nova Scotia during the American Revolution by Glenn Ells. $20.00 plus $5.00 S&H.

Oxen – Their care, training, and use by Carmen Legge. Oxen ar e a part of Carmen’s daily life and he shares his knowledge on raising steers, training them as ox and using them on farms and in the woods. He also guides through all the details of making shoes, oxen, ox bells and other useful knowledge for teamsters. Cost is $25.00 plus S&H $8.00.

Starting Over - Acadians and New England Planters in Nova Scotia in the 1760s by Glenn Ells. $20 plus $5.00 shipping. Kings County Schools. A br ief histor y of schools and school sections in Kings County, Nova Scotia compiled by Nelson Labor and Linda Hart. $25.00 plus $8.00 S&H. . Planter Chronicles - The Planter Chronicles contain 76 pages of articles and photographs telling some of the stories of the New England Planters. These stories are reproduced from previous KHS publications; "Historic Kings County", "The Kings County Vignettes", Volumes 1 – 10 and some new articles as well. $10 plus $4.00 S&H.

Grist From The Mills – a History of Sheffield Mills by Sheffield Mills Women’s Institute. This book was originally pr inted in1967 and printed again in 2012. This interesting history of the village of Sheffield Mills, Kings County has been a popular book. Cost $25.00 plus S&H $8.00. From the Brow to the Bay - This book chronicles the family and community history of Woodlawn, Burlington and Viewmount on the North Mountain, Kings County, Nova Scotia. Settled in the early 1800’s, these Fundy shore communities have seen vast changes in the landscape and way of life. $40.00 plus $18.00 S&H. (only 1 copy left)

Kings Co., NS, Quiz Book - How much do you know about Kings County, NS? Challenge yourself and others with the quizzes in this book. $5.00 plus $4.00 shipping. Historic Kings County - A special presentation of the Kings Historical Society, this book looks at the history of Kings County through pictures and stories. Its 66 pages are filled with the history of 35 Kings County communities. Some one hundred photographs from the files of the Kings County Museum's photo archives make this an outstanding presentation of our heritage. $3.00 plus $2.00 S&H.

A Craftsman Remembers, by Gordan Hansford - One man recounts his personal view of serving in the Second World War as a “craftsman” – a soldier who worked behind the front lines at various tasks to keep everything running smoothly. These soldiers acted as engineers, electricians, and mechanics, among other jobs, and Hansford’s account captures what it was like for him and other craftsmen. $15.00 plus 10. S&H, only 1 copy left.

Camp Aldershot – Brent Fox, well-known authority on military history, covers the history of the camp from 1904 through to the 1980s. Text and pictures. 24 pages. $5.00 plus $2.00 S&H.

Gaspereau: A River Runs Through It, by L. Ross Potter - This book with its authentic stories, its many pictures, and genealogical data, gives an excellent view into the past, and preserves so much for posterity. Its easy styles and entertaining, informative content will appeal to the interests of a wide range of readers. $40. plus $12.

Township Books of Kings County - Contains data for Aylesford Township, Cornwallis Township, and Horton Township. Over 7500 names, indexed, 157 pages.$25.00 plus $10.00 S&H. Also available as a CD.


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The information on the CD is in two formats: access database and a text file that can be converted to a word program, spreadsheet or data base program. $25.00 plus $2:00 shipping. Memories of Coldbrook, N.S. - Marie Bishop writes about her early years in Coldbrook with write-ups on 50 Coldbrook families; 356 pictures, maps, 270 pages. $30.00 plus $10.00 S&H. Gypsum Royal Fleet by St. Clair Patter son A histor y of the transpor ting of gypsum from the quarries of Hants County and other parts of Nova Scotia to the manufacturing facilities in the United States $25 Churches of Kings County. Compiled by Linda Har t and Nelson Labor of the Community and Family History department. A brief history accompanies pictures of kings County churches $25 CDs Lineage linked database of "The History of Kings County" (Eaton). - This CD merges all the families mentioned in Eaton's book and shows the connecting links between individuals and families. $25:00 plus $2:00 S&H. Kings County Church Records. - over 10,000 records of births, marriages and burials taken from microfilm and put on 1 CD. These records are from many of the early churches in Kings County. .$25:00 plus $2:00 S&H. Kings County Vital Statistics. Produced by the Kings Historical Society, the CD contains the following statistics with instructions included. (1) Kings County Census 1871 - 1881, 1891 - 1901. (2) Kings County Cemeteries Records. (3) Kings County Marriages 1864 - 1909. (4) Annapolis Valley Births & deaths 1864 - 1877. (5) Kings County Deeds 1764 - 1951 (6) Kings County Probate Records 1785 - 1950. $99.00 plus $2.00 S&H . Births, Deaths 1864-1877, Annapolis Valley. $25.00 plus $2.00 S&H. Cemeteries of Kings County, NS. - All 100 Kings County cemeteries with complete inscriptions - a zipped CD for PC or Mac. $25.00 plus $2.00 S&H. Census of Kings Co. -Census data for 1871, 1881, 1891 and 1901 (on one CD). $25. plus $2. S&H. Marriages in Kings County, NS - 1864-1909 5,964 recor ds giving br ide, groom, age and parents. $25.00 plus $2.00 S&H Probate Records for Kings Co. - 1784-1949 - Over 25,000 records. $25.00 plus $2.00 S&H. Index to Kings County deeds 1764 - 1951 - $25.00 plus $2.00 S&H. Acadian Church Records 1680-1757 and Acadian Census 1671-1758 - $25.00 plus $2.00 S&H. Township Books of Kings County - Contains data for Aylesford Township, Cornwallis Township, and Horton Township. Over 7500 names, indexed, 157 pages. The information on the CD is in two formats: access database and a text file that can be converted to a word program, spreadsheet or data base program. The cost is $25.00 plus $2:00 S&H (Also available as a book - see above) Acadian Church Records 1680-1757 and Acadian Census 1671-1758 - plus many Acadian maps. $25.00 plus $2.00 S&H. Vital Stat CD. Contains all the above information $99 Township Books of Kings County - Contains data for Aylesford Township, Cornwallis Township, and Horton Township. Over 7500 names, indexed, 157 pages. The information on the CD is in two formats: access database and a text file that can be converted to a word program, spreadsheet or data base program. The cost is $25.00 plus $2:00 S&H (Also available as a book).


Our KHS documentary adventure now on DVD Be transported back in time through re-enactments of wrecked sailors slogging through the Minas Mud, and a riveting courtroom sequence filmed at Ross Farm. Join the documentary’s narrator, Kelly Bourassa as he searches the banks of the Canard River for evidence of the 1760 wreck of the brigantine The Montague. Available in our Museum Gift Shop, by mail, or on line $20.00 West Novas– Thomas H. Raddall This well-written 326 page hard covered book required detailed collaboration with West Nova war veterans to arrive at a true picture of what happened inside the Regiment during WW11. Almost every chapter provides examples of the battlefield bravery of individual soldiers and officers by name. Included are 42 pages of wartime photos and maps. First published 1947. $30.00 plus shipping. Aunt Toni’s Diary– Excerpts from the diary of Toni Musial (19471951) who was diagnosed with tuberculosis at age 13. Written and compiled by her niece Marilyn Jones, the book also gives a brief history of the Nova Scotia Sanatorium in Kentville, Nova Scotia. $15 Clara’s Rib– The tr ue story of a young girl growing up in a Ontario tuberculosis hospital in the 40’s and ‘50’s. Readers of all ages will be drawn into the evolving seasons of Clara’s life of courage, faith, pranks, laughter, first love, despair and hope. $25.00 plus shipping. Berwick– A wonder ful collection of pictures, clippings, and infor mation on the history and families of Berwick Nova Scotia. Compiled by Ron Illsley $25 plus shipping. The Harbourville Connection-Thisbook covers Harbourville, and heads along the shore in both directions to Morden and Black Rock, then down into the Valley to Somerset. There are lots of pictures, tales of pirates on Isle Haute, the infamous Robinson murder case, ships sinking –“more on the shipping of apples and potatoes, farm produce – everything,” $15.00 plus shipping.

We Have a New Roof !!

Our museum has a new roof! Work was undertaken in mid-September which luckily was one of the driest months of the year!

Nathan Spinney volunteered at the museum many years ago and we quickly learned that he has an unmatched skill as a typist. Since Nathan loves computers, and had worked with our Community and Family History Dept before, it seemed a natural fit for him to begin another indexing project this year. 11

The September monthly meeting of the Kings Historical Society was held in the Orchard Room at the Municipality of Kings County. The Society is experimenting with holding our monthly meetings in a location more accessible to those with ambulatory problems. Featured here are local reporter and volunteer board member Ed Coleman (left) and the guest speaker for the evening historian and author Julian Gwyn (right).


CentreStage and Kings County Historical Society is once again partnering to present Remembering Wartime Through Music and Theatre. Come to the Kings County Courthouse on November 6 and 7th and to reminisce about a time gone by with the help of artists from all over the Valley. Music will be provided by Nancie Armstrong and ReWind, Sally Wilkie, Bob Connon, Ed Coleman and Wayne MacDonald. Actors will include Bob Connon, Gabe Skaling, Brian Cottam, Darrell Doucette, Val Rafuse, Jax Bruneau, Joe-Anne Dobblestyne, Hannah Mitchell . The storyteller will be the I ntrepid Gordon Hansford! ..and Wild Lupin Media will provide fantastic audio visuals. What an evening! Tickets are $12/$15, CentreStage Season12 passes and gift certificates are not accepted. The show begins at 7:30. Call the museum , (902) 678-6237,

Adopt -a- Ledger still Looking for Patrons In 2014 two drugstore ledgers from the very first drugstore in Kentville were donated to the museum ---both are a treasure trove of information about early medicines. Both are in need of conservation work to help preserve them. Are you interested in adopting-a-ledger? If so contact the office and we can chat about contributing to this worthwhile cause! Pictured here are volunteers Merrily Aubrey and Ken Kaiser working on the ledgers.

For many years the Valley Branch A Fitting Tribute Rug Hookers held a weekly session in the courtroom for convivial hooking. Art To was on hand with the coffee ready, and to The Kings help the group set up their frames this room --- bonds of friendship County around were quickly established and Museum’s First Curator remembered long after his retirement. Below the hooked coat-of-arms is a R. Arthur “Art” Pope label of thanks from the Valley Rug 1924-2012 Hookers on the back of the label their A veteran of WWII, Art Pope settled names are listed; Del MacInnes, Wendy into civilian life in Kentville as a businessLepper, Merry Alwood-Myers, Doris man. He was involved with municipal poli- Kane, Marjorie Cameron, Joanne tics for some 30 years serving as Mayor of Corkum, Aleda Meloche, Lorraine Rand, Kentville (1994-1997). He was active in vol- Doris Gourley, Helen Giles, Betty unteer work and numerous service clubs. Knight, Barb Craig, Del Horton, Barbie He was a devoted husband to his wife of 59 Dykens, Kaye Slipp, Barbara Rowat, years Carol, and a proud father of five chil- Ruth Keddy, Shirley Carey, Marg dren. He served as the first curator of the Murphy, Jeanette Sawler, Donna then “Old Kings Courthouse Museum” Hermiston, Phyllis Best, Barbara Eaton, from 1980 until 1991. He is fondly remem- Annie Brown, Barbara Houstown, Doris bered for the hard work and direction he Martin, Sandra Dory. gave to the museum in those early years. In 2015 the Pope family donated Upon his retirement in 1991 the this hooked coat-of-arms to the Museum Valley Branch Rug Hookers presented him in memory of Art Pope, as a tribute to with this hooked artwork depicting the the spirit of friendship that inspired it in Kings Historical Society Coat-of-Arms. the first place. Gordon Hansford designed the Coat-ofArms. 13

Piping Classes Have you dreamt of playing the pipes? The Kings Historical Society invites you to our museum to learn to play the highland bagpipes . Beginning in April 2016 students of all ages (10+ preferred) are encouraged to join and benefit from experienced instructor, Ed Coleman. All piping students will be required to

purchase chanters and recommended instructional book prior to classes beginning. Class tuition $17 per week. For more info or to register call or e-mail our office : 902-678-6237

Chair Repair Do you have chairs in need of re-caning? The Kings Historical Society has access to a person who will re-cane your old family heirloom chairs in return for a donation to the museum! Re-caning can be done at any time. If the chairs require refinishing, that work will only be done in warmer weather. 902-678-6237

‘Tis the Season Sleigh bells ring are you listening? In the lane snow will soon glisten, A beautiful sight the courtroom will delight‌. Join us for our annual Yuletide Tea Saturday December 5th (2:00 to 3:00 pm) More details to come, plan on bringing a chum, And walk into our winter wonderland!


A Brief History of Underwear: Behind the scenes The making of an exhibit is a creative process that involves the talents of many people, the generosity of lenders and donors and the research of our curator , Bria Stokesbury and staff. Here are a few “behind the scenes” shots of some of folks who leant a hand with our new exhibit. A

Volunteer Harold Redden is one handy man to have around. He transformed an old display case into a Victorian wardrobe . This is how we make a rope bed early in the morning --well actually midday. In the photo to the left volunteer bed maker Allison Magee (left) gets some assistance from volunteer Nathan Spinney (right). Photo to the right is the bed as it appears in our exhibit. Photo left- “Half of the Textile Committee Barb Gerrits (left) and Ruth Butler (right) dressing manikins (or parts of manikins) in period foundation wear . Photo right -New Volunteer Carol Robinson joins Office Manager Kate MacInnes Adams to add to the growing collection of foundation wear on display. Carol, a film technician 15

with interests in genealogy and historic clothing recently joined the museum team.

November 24th 7.30 PM

Broadcasting Then and Now Lloyd Smith is a Kentville native having nudged his way into local broadcasting in the mid 1960¹s at a young “and ripe” age. His dream of becoming a broadcaster took him to many levels within the industry from “remote broadcast” (now called on location) to management and sales... and then to becoming a town crier. Only one question!...what profession was an original town crier? All will be revealed the evening of Tuesday, November 24th.

Is this you? The discovery of this wooden log sticking out of the bank of a stream along the walking trail in New Minas raised some interesting questions over the past summer. Curator Bria Stokesbury was convinced that she had found an aboiteau. The discovery was covered by CBC Radio Canada and by local reporter Wendy Elliott. Sherman Bleakney, a retired Professor from Acadia University who has studied the dykelands of Wolfville and Grand Pre in great detail raised some questions about whether the discovery was actually an aboiteau or not. Other local experts are being consulted, and the foremost question in our mind is, “To be or not to 16 aboiteau is the question?”

The Kings Historical Society is looking to our membership for a relief secretary for our monthly board meetings. This position would be Acting Secretary for dates the KHS secretary cannot attend . Please contact our office @ 902-678-6237 or

Kings Historical Society Donations April-September 2015

Importance of Sponsorship Program

We sincerely thank the following people for their kind donations in support of the Kings Historical Society and the Kings County Museum.

Please consider donating to our 2015 campaign.

Donations * Jean Gibson Collins * Gillian Poulter * Jean Palmeter * Judith Doucette * Adeline MacInnes * Leona Bezanson * Paul Bushnell *Janet Herbin * Lan a Ashby * Katy Boudreau * Doris Thorpe * Jean Sherbeck * Lucy Traves * Maureen Quinn * Bernice Hicks *

Gardening * Doris Illsley * New Roof * Kelly Bourassa * Jean Gibson Collins * JoAnne Bezanson* Gordon and Helen Hansford

In Memory *Doris Illsley -in memory of Dorothy MacKenzie* Marion Kyle—in memory of Reg and Gladys Marshall *

Gift in Kind *Jean Palmeter * Fosters Fire and Safety * Doug Crowell * Jeannie Sheito *

Planned Giving *Helen and Gordon Hansford Special Corporate Donation - * The Ritcey Team * by way of the Scotia Bank employee volunteer grant

Thank you to all who contributed to our 2014-2015 Sponsorship Program Bronze Sponsorship * John Franey * Paddy’s Pub * Silver Sponsorship * Bill and Bernice Naylor * Barb Smith * R.D. Chisholm * Alice Newcombe * Judy and Bob Parks *Eric Cox,*Weldon Atkinson Gold Sponsorship * * Dorothy Robbins * Doris Illsley * Bev and Erna Sawler * Barbara and Philip Thorpe * Cyril and Penny White * Platinum Sponsorship * Fred Houghton * Tartan Foundation * *Carroll Kinsman* Helen and Gordon Hansford * Annette MacKenzie *

Please consider becoming a sponsor in our 2015-2016 season 2015-2016 Silver Sponsors *Barb Smith * Eric Cox * Kings Historical Society

Leave a Legacy We invite you to consider helping to preserve the heritage of Kings County through the planned giving of Cash gifts, Bequests Gifts of Property Gifts of Public Securities Life Insurance There are major tax savings to be gained using any of the above. If you are interested in taking advantage of these options please speak to your estate planner advisor. 17

In 2004 we launched our Sponsorship Program. Sponsorship donations contribute to our heating, utilities, cleaning and maintenance supplies, exhibits and preservation of collections. We wish to thank all the Kings Historical Society members and friends who continue to help by donating to our Sponsorship Program, and encourage others to participate. For more information see our web page at and click on “Sponsor”.

MEMBERSHIP $20.00 per person $25.00 per couple $25.00 per organization $15.00 per Student with ID Membership is based on the Calendar year Make cheque payable to Kings Historical Society 37 Cornwallis Street Kentville, Nova Scotia B4N 2E2

MEMORIAL DONATIONS In Memoriam donations may be made to the Kings Historical Society in memory of your loved one. This is a continuing way to honour friends or relatives, and provides much needed assistance to the Kings County Museum. * Charitable Tax Receipts are available for all donations.

KINGS HISTORICAL SOCIETY KINGS COUNTY MUSEUM 37Cornwallis Street Kentville, N.S. B4N 2E2 Phone: 902-678-6237 Fax: 902-678-2764 e-mail Web Page Genealogy Facebook kingscountymuseum

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Kings Historical Society The Court Reporter Autumn 2015  

Kings Historical Society The Court Reporter Autumn 2015  


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