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My Newspaper Journey By. Katelyn Stuck

best photo

Running back senior Kentrell Ware, #29, makes an outside run towards the sideline, shaking off Carman’s defender at Atwood Statidum during the Carman-Ainsworth game on Aug. 25.

The favorite pictures I have taken were at football games. As a journalist, it was truly riveting to be on the sideline, hearing the excitement from the players, and seeing the game from a different point of view. I think this picture is my favorite because of the story behind it. This play marked one of the first positive plays in the game as Grand Blanc had a major comeback against Carman Ainsworth. Additionally, there is good lighting, a clear subject, and, I caught the action in the perfect moment, where the opponent fell over as a result of our player.


After realizing that my publication needed to focus on alternative designs for the 2017-2018 school year, I learned from Jim Striesel at the MIPA Summer Workshop, who taught me alternative ideas for design. Creating these quiz changed how students read my publication and gave me an innovative design approach. It was quite a challenge to create something other than columns and text. The challenge paid off, though, because it resulted with something that the readers could actually interact with. I thought that this was my favorite design because it was significantly more different than anything I had ever made, with arrows and curved boxes.

Best Icon

SAT IPHONE APPLICATION In order to make our publication more reader friendly, I opened Adobe Illustrator for the first time to create icons. This was a daunting experience making illustrations from scratch. Through countless YouTube tutorials and determination, I went outside of my comfort zone and added another new element to our newspaper using icons such as this. This illustration in particular is my favorite because it is the first icon that I made from my own imagination. I looked at the iPhone applications and recreated them. I also love this icon because it offered a small pop of color on the page. It had a lot of dimension instead of being made up of just black vectors.

Best S

I can’t choos

This is one of my favorite designs largely because it was my first design. I remember designing this spread during my summer vacation with nothing to go off of. I had to teach myself how to design as I went along. This made it so that I could establish the kind of style through the publication. It includes a pull quote, an accent color with the headline, a variation of pictures, and font contrast with the caption numbers. These features make a design appealing to the reader. While the story is the main focus, the photo story compliments that in an aesthetically pleasing manner. I think that the accent colors and photo story make it one of the best I have made.


se just one...

This is one of my favorite designs because it includes everything that makes a reader friendly page in the eyes of a designer. It incorporates icons that I made, graphs, student quotes, a picture, and an arrow that I drew to give the publication a personal mood, but also works to inform the reader in the best way possible. Being in the very center of the issue, this design gave the readers a break from a lot of text. I think that making a magazine more alternative and interactive is important for design, and this spread does just that. I think this is my best design because it exemplifies everything I learned as a designer and represents my learning experience.

Best Leadership Example STAFF MANUAL

In my first year as Editor-in-Chief, I was mainly learning by doing, without a structure. The procedural aspect of the staff was unorganized. At the 2016 Fall MIPA Conference, however, I saw a presentation that suggested making staff manuals. That changed everything for me as an editor. Throughout the year, I compiled a 20 page staff manual, including everything I could think of, from job descriptions, days at a glance, AP Style and the phone numbers of everyone on staff. This manual gave everyone on staff access to just about everything they needed to know, resolving our organizational roadblock. It is an example of leadership because I acted on something that would help the group as a whole.

Best Twitter Design CAMPAIGN HEADERS

This is my best design that I made for the social media outlets last year. The design combines pictures with the interesting design concept of transparent font. Design is key for carrying out social media campaigns, because it reminds the audience of the campaign every time they interact with the profile. These headers carried out that mission because the campaign text is clear, but not too busy. This was also my best social media design because I was able to make three different options for the social media editor to choose from. I liked this process and the fact that I was able to communicate properly with the editor this way.

Best Collaboration “LOVE THROUGH THE AGES”

“Love Through the Ages” was an amazing collaboration with Hannah Bokor and Cameryn Lucia. This collaboration was special because our tasks were so different and came together in the end as one entity. Cameryn interviewed senior citizens about the meaning of love, Hannah interviewed high schoolers and middle schoolers, and I interviewed six year olds about love. It was an adventure to discuss the different variety of our answers with one another. This experience also taught me the journalistic value of delegating tasks in an appropriate manner.


“From Hallway to Home” gave each hall monitor a pure voice without a typical article format.

In “Love Through the Ages,” question and answer format made sense so you could see the variety of the ages who answered clearer.

In “Historical Heroes,” the article would have been biased in a regular format. This format let people show their opinion in quotes.

By making this question and answer, the subjects were humanized and their pictures were explained.

After being a member of newspaper for three years, I have determined that question and answer articles are my favorite format. Sometimes, you have to let the individuals in the article shine without the distraction of your own words. Additionally, I liked this format best because it was more reader friendly. Instead of making sense of written text, people could read the quotes. While this is not appropriate in every situation, I felt that this was the best format for most feature articles.

Best Article


My best story was the article, “#OtherPeopleMatter,” not just because it won first place for the Informative Feature Category at the Michigan Interscholastic Press Association, but because of how organized and thorough it was. The journalistic paragraphs were short and easy to follow, and the transitions, such as, “Success at Morgan Road Elementary led Erwin and Bryan to spread The Positivity Project elsewhere,” is a simplistic and straightforward transition that made this story great. I thought the quotes and ideas behind the article made it meaningful as well.

Best Interview

ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL MR. WILLIAMS Can you describe a time when it was hard for you to be a leader?

What are your thoughts on being the one of the only African American staff members?

Can you describe what growing up was like for you?

How is your personality a good fit for the Grand Blanc district?

In my personality profile, “Life of Lamanzer,” I learned how to interview someone for a meaningful article. The interview lasted over an hour, with culturally-based conversations about upbringing and ethnicity. This was a well done interview because it wasn’t just a quick “drop and go.” There was quotes such as, “‘Once you walk across that stage [at graduation], you think ‘what am I going to do?’ Everything is important now that wasn’t when you were a freshman... but when you cross that stage, nothing’s funny.’” The article was enough to make the subject of the article, Lamanzer Williams’ mother cry. The article is my most emotional piece and was awarded second place for a personality profile because of the outstanding interview.


Here’s some thi

1. Communication is key. Understandin conflict and helps you build relationshi

2. Don’t sweat the small stuff. I was put tions and lots of things went wrong. Ke ing the process helps you greatly.

3. Be professional. Newspaper is a work affects the whole staff. You are workin should represent yourself well.

4. Don’t just “get a quote” from someone son you interview, and learn more abou ingful article.

5. Don’t be afraid to learn something ne Illustrator, and it was one of the most fr up paying off in the end.

6. Learn how to work well with a team. ideas, you just have to listen and integr

7. Have the mindset that you are creati community. If you feel importance in w your work.

8. Look at things from new perspective angle in mind. You may be surprised w ing fresh questions.

9. Try to immerse yourself in as many j ble. I will be forever thankful for the fie camps I took part in.

10. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Ther that are eager to help you. Taking a step together.


ings I learned.

ng what everyone’s task is prevents ips with those you are working with.

t through extremely stressful situaeeping a positive attitude and trust-

kplace, and missing a deadline ng with the community, and you

e. Have a conversation with the perut them. It makes for a more mean-

ew. I learned how to create icons on rustrating experiences that ended

. Everyone has their own creative rate all of the ideas.

ing something inspiring for the what you are doing, that will show in

es. Don’t interview someone with an with the stories that you get by ask-

journalistic opportunities as possield trips, conventions, and summer

re are editors and staff members p to learn more only brings the team

Thanks for everything and good luck! Love, Katelyn

Newpaper Portfolio  

Katelyn Stuck's Newspaper Journey

Newpaper Portfolio  

Katelyn Stuck's Newspaper Journey