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Katelyn Keese

Success in High School Sports

Team Captain Katelyn Keese Katelyn Keese was the type of student and team player that teachers and coaches recognize immediately. She was always energetic on the field or court and exuded confidence even while she was learning. Katelyn Keese was a natural leader and was made captain of her varsity soccer, lacrosse and basketball teams. It takes a certain kind of person to be able to handle the responsibility of being captain, and Katelyn Keese was always comfortable in that role.

Volunteer for Youth Basketball Katelyn Keese During the winter months, Katelyn Keese was looking for volunteer opportunities with youth. She found some basketball clinics going on at a local school and was able to volunteer her time once again. Katelyn Keese was assigned the young women and worked wonders with them. By the end of the session, the players wanted Katelyn Keese to personally train them for their upcoming season. She knew it would be a fulfilling experience but did not expect it to be so amazing.

High School Scholar Katelyn Keese

Graduate of Poolesville High School, Katelyn Keese had a wonderful experience filled with opportunities and success. She was a member of the Global Ecologies Studies Program, the National Honors Society and class secretary for two years. These programs and responsibilities kept Katelyn Keese busy and focused on her future. With college around the corner, she wanted her application to stand out and knew that Her Involvement would benefit her. Katelyn Keese was fortunate to realize this so young.

Contact Katelyn Keese Address: 17914 Hickman Street Poolesville MD 20837 Phone Number: 240-994-9780

Katelyn Keese  
Katelyn Keese  

When Katelyn Keese was in high school, she worked as a sales associate in a clothing shop in her neighborhood. In this position, Katelyn Kee...