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Katelyn Brausewetter

My Musical Story: Personal Connections with Music Body Mapping When completing our music body maps in class I was extremely anxious. Each time a prompt was given I had the overwhelming feeling of “I don’t know anything about music” (indicated by the question marks around my portrait) as I have no memory of a formal music class from my time in elementary school. I do remember working with the recorder and learning a few music notes through those lessons, but beyond that I was never given the opportunity to learn a different instrument, or further my knowledge of the music curriculum in any structured period for music. Thinking about the expectations of the Ontario curriculum, I’m sure that I must’ve had more music class than I am remembering, but this was telling to me as clearly those experiences weren’t meaningful enough for me to remember years later. In my drawing, I indicated in a picture of a blackboard that the kind of music teacher I want to be is someone who is engaging, encouraging, patient, and understanding. I feel that having these qualities is important when teaching any subject, but especially in music when students are often asked to take risks and step out of their comfort zones. Attached to my chalkboard I included a little hanging tag that reads “inspiring”. I included this to display that regardless of the other qualities I want to have as music teacher, I mainly want to inspire my students to appreciate and take an active role in music throughout their education and their lives, as that kind of drive was never encouraged through my own music education. In relation to this, when thinking about the prompt “what do I want to know about music?” I included a thought bubble that spoke about what the elements of music are, and the question as to whether or not I can be an effective music teacher with little music background. As I continued my body map I believe I was able to answer these questions, as I came to realize that I know a lot more about music than I had previously thought. Throughout my life my parents, friends, sports teams, and radio stations I enjoy, have influenced the kinds of music I like to listen to. I was also a member of my elementary school choir and participated in different dance classes and dance teams throughout my youth. As I drew and wrote about these things, I realized that although I may not have much knowledge on every element of music, I have

spent much of my life enjoying and appreciating different forms of music and the variety of beats and tempos they hold. I learned through creating this drawing that I do know there are different kinds of music, I am able to identify the types of music I enjoy (country, pop, anything that is happy and energizing), I know there are different families of instruments (string, brass, woodwinds, percussion), and that music can represent so much for different cultures and religions. I think that as a music teacher, allowing your students to identify these things alone could be a great starting point for getting them interested and excited about taking part in a greater musical education. You will notice on my drawing that I didn’t include anything to represent a negative experience with music, because even though I don’t feel I have a lot of knowledge on what makes music, I have always enjoyed it and am able to pair a song with different events in my life. I think it is so cool that you can hear a song years later, and it brings you right back to a certain moment in time. Not many things have the power to do that like music does. I have enjoyed music through dance classes, singing to the radio in the car, dancing at music festivals, and working out at the gym; there has always been a perfect song or lyric to help frame or recall a certain event in time. As a future music teacher I think I could take this knowledge and apply it to my overall teaching, interweaving music in other subjects such as math, language or science to help students remember different concepts through song. Around my heart in the drawing, which indicates where I am from I included the emotions I am feeling about this class, and decided to put a slight smile on my face to help display those thoughts. I am excited and intrigued, as I have always enjoyed music and am eager to learn more about what is behind all of the songs and lyrics I listen to everyday. I am also very nervous as I worry the little background I have in this subject area will make certain concepts challenging for me to grasp. However, I want to be the absolute best teacher I can be for any subject I am given to teach, and in order to do that I know I need to approach this subject like any other, with an open mind and a positive attitude (which I tried to display through lots of bright colours on my body map)!

My musical story body mapping  
My musical story body mapping