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Chef of The Year’s Vegan Revolution Matthew Nutter calls for chefs to get more creative with vegan food

Fixing Manchester’s Mad Tattoos Maria Patricia’s insight into the weird and wonderful tattoo industry





NEWS All the latest from the city of Manchester...

2. News In Brief 3. Chef of The Year Matthew Nutter calls on his peers to branch out with vegan food

4. Dreamy Vegan Tomato Soup The perfect winter pick-me-up to warm the cockles

6. Maria Patricia Talks Tattoos Cancer patients, ex-convicts and celebrities are just some of her clients

8. Competition

Manchester’s Printworks is buzzing with bees

Dirty Martini launch new cocktail bar

Gay Village raises funds for LGBT foundation

Bees have arrived on the Printworks rooftop garden to help raise money for charities. The huge business teamed up with The Hard Rock Café selling £10 limited edition jars of honey to raise money for The Booth Centre and Forever Manchester; projects that focus on helping the homeless and fund community activities across the city. The project has raise over £2000 for the charities. The rooftop garden is home to over 60,000 bees and 20 different kinds of fruit and vegetables.

Promising ‘spirited sophistication’, the bar will feature a lengthy menu of martinis with 15 kinds to try - stirring vodka or gin with vermouth, olives and thyme - to modern twists like fig and almond or chai pear. Bar snacks and sharing platters will be available including mac and cheese bites, sliders, mini lamb kebab pittas and tomato and basil arancini. The 1.5m new bar will open 8th November on the corner of Deansgate at 1 Peter Street, Manchester M2 5QR.

The Village came out to support the LGBT Foundation in PayPal’s Christmas Turkey Dash with their animated turkey, Rainbow Rebel. The Turkey Dash involves 8 CGI turkeys, each representing a PayPal Giving Fund Charity. The more donations a turkey receives, the faster it will run. The Turkey with the most donations will win. Donations to the LGBT Foundation help maintain their helpline, counselling services, sexual health programme, domestic abuse support, and substance misuse project.

Christmas Markets return to Albert Square

Fire stations to provide winter homeless shelters

Dogs Trust Manchester celebrates 3rd birthday

From 10th November — 20th December Manchester’s Chrismas Markets will be open, offering the best bars, bratwurst, mulled wine and seasonal goods. Catheral Gardens will host an ice rink with the main market square based in Albert Square with sites spread across the city at St Ann’s Square, New Catherdral Street and many more. Launched in 1999 as a single site in St Ann’s Square, the markets are now a sprawling and hugely popular festive attraction that attract millions of visitors

Andy Burnham campaigned on the promise to end rough sleeping in Greater Manchester by 2020 – and now the first part of that scheme is coming into action. Fire stations will be used to provide food and a place to sleep for the homeless. Manchester city centre councillor Beth Knowles said: “The fire service have 24/7 staff and centres in almost every town and city – they’ve offered their space as community rooms and to be used as evening provision, whether that is for food or sleeping service.

Since opening its doors to the public on 23rd October 2014, the Rehoming Centre in Denton has found homes for 2,742 hounds of all shapes and sizes. In the week of their 3rd birthday the team said a fond farewell to the 2,742nd dog to head off to her forever home, Louise. Born at the centre, Louise the Labrador was hand reared by the staff along with her brother, Josh, after their mum, who arrived just days earlier, fell ill. Happily, the brother, sister and mum have all found their forever homes.

Win £1000 worth of cosmetic treatment, £50 skin care kit and £100!

12. Events What’s on this November in Manchester

14. The Beautiful City of Manchester Breathtaking pictures taken by this issues featured photographer



The Bolton-born chef began experimenting with veg after travelling with vegan friends. Speaking of what ignited his passions, he says: “My love for vegan food came from France, my absolute passion is rich, tasty full of flavour French food. Along with that I absolutely adore Asian style food; it’s what I try to include on every menu.”

that they won’t feel full because meat is so heavy, but it changes people’s perspectives a lot. “Out of around 400 people a month we probably have about 5 wankers, usually a male sat with their vegetarian wife and they’ll come in looking sceptical but after they get their food they change instantly. Flavour is flavour at the end of the day. “It’s not like you’ve got some sort of special vegan sprinkles on it to make it vegan, it’s just food. We generally get a lot of people saying how amazing it was or how they absolutely can’t believe we made a chocolate tart without butter or milk or that we made cheese out of nuts.” Recently visiting The Allotment, new vegan, Emerald Hill says she’s converted: “I’ve tried a lot of vegan street food but nothing quite like this - who knew you could create a high-end dining experience with just vegetables?” Thinking of becoming vegan? Matthew advises: “Eat more vegetables, it can only ever be good for you. Go vegetarian first, start one day a week. If you just assume that you can turn vegetarian overnight it’s impossible, especially if the end goal is being vegan.”

“We need to pass on our knowledge to chefs and say ‘look at what you can do just with veg’.”


Matthew now owns The Allotment, offering fresh, locally produced vegan and gluten-free food to create an engaging plant-based experience. Opening last summer, the eatery serves 7 and 10 course meals, 3-course Sunday lunch as well as a Christmas menu. Starting from £40 per person, the set menus include smoked roots, crispy cauliflower and the signature special curried aubergine, which Matthew proudly claims tastes better than steak. Many customers start the night sceptical but leave with a truly enlightening vegan experience, Matthew says: “People’s biggest worry when they come in here is




anchester’s Chef of The Year is calling on his fellow cooks to get creative by offering more vegetarian and vegan alternatives. Owner of The Allotment in sunny Stockport, Matthew Nutter is aiming to inspire chefs to branch out into the world of vegan food. With an accolade like Chef of the Year under his belt, Matthew hopes his “no shit, no nonsense” approach to veganism will get more people on board, saying: “We need to pass on our knowledge to chefs and say ‘look at what you can do just with veg’.” Inspired by an “appalling lack of options” for his vegetarian mother, Matthew, 30, ventured down the culinary route, exploring all that vegetables have to offer: “It was something that I’d noticed for my entire life, no matter where we’ve been, even in the restaurants I’ve worked at, it was always a risotto, lasagne or stroganoff, that’s as creative as people got. “I always pushed for good vegetarian food and the lack of response has been the same throughout my entire career, even in the restaurants I worked— you always want to impress your mum as well!”


Manchester’s Chef of The Year is calling on his peers to get more creative with vegan options




• 3 tablespoons extra-virgin

1. Add olive oil to a large stock pot and heat over medium heat.

• 4 cloves garlic, minced

2. Add in garlic and onion. Cook for 3-5 minutes until tender.

• 1 medium yellow onion, diced

3. Add in the red bell pepper and cook for another 2 minutes.

• 1 red bell pepper, roughly chopped

4. Add in the tomatoes, cauliflower, oregano, basil, and red pepper flakes (be sure to submerge the cauliflower chunks in the tomato liquid as much as possible – it will seem like there is too much cauliflower, but there is just enough)

olive oil, plus more for garnishing

•2 28-ounce cans whole peeled tomatoes in juice • 1 small head cauliflower, roughly chopped • 1 teaspoon dried oregano • 1 teaspoon dried basil • dash of red pepper flakes (optional) • 1/2 teaspoon sea salt, more or less to taste • 3 tablespoons nutritional yeast flakes • 1/2 to 1 cup water (if needed to thin soup) • fresh basil, chopped (optional)


5. Bring the mixture to a boil. Reduce heat, cover, and allow the mixture to simmer vigorously for 25 minutes. 6. Turn off heat and purée mixture with an immersion blender for 5-10 minutes or until the mixture is very smooth. If you don’t have an immersion blender, you can add the mixture to a blender in batches or a large food processor (return soup to pan once done blending). 7. Add in salt (to taste) and nutritional yeast. Simmer on low for an additional 10-15 minutes, stirring occasionally. If soup is thicker than desired, add in 1/2 to 1 cup water and whisk. 8. Ladle soup into bowls. Drizzle with olive oil and top with chopped fresh basil, if desired.

Cancer survivors, ex-prisoners and celebrities are just some of Maria Patricia’s clients...


he weird and wonderful world of cosmetic catastrophes is a fascinating trend, but it’s not all bad tattoos and banter. With a focus on getting rid of ink to better the lives of people, Maria removes radiotherapy markings, gang tattoos from ex-convicts or poorly done pieces free of charge in order for people to move on with their lives. Establishing a clinic from her home in Ashton-under-Lyne six years ago, Maria became a tattoo removal specialist after watching Peter Andre on TV having Katie Price’s name removed from his ring finger. Spending countless hours sitting in tattoo parlours watching the inking process, Maria passed her Laser Core of Knowledge course and opened up a removal clinic in her converted conservatory. Since then she has made a name for herself as one of the best in the business, appearing on Tattoo Disasters, offering professional advice on ITV court show Judge Rinder and campaigning for stricter laws on purchasing tattoo machinery. Nowadays the 50-year-old mum of two is focusing on shining a light on the stupidity of “inappropriate” tattooing taking place across the country and even on our TV screens. Just Tattoo of Us, the hit MTV show in which friends, family members and couples design tattoos for each other, has divided opinions within the industry. While some pairs opt to design meaningful pieces, most go down the route of concocting a shameful tattoo to be regretted forever. “You’re playing Russian roulette with your body; you’re gambling, letting someone else put something on your body for life,” warns Maria as she removes the tattoo of a series one participant, Ricky Day. An Arsenal F.C fan, Ricky was permanently etched with a Tottenham Hotspur F.C emblem on his chest by his friend Josh. After reaching out to show participants on Facebook, Maria contacted Ricky, offering to remove his tattoo for free. “It seemed too good to be true, I thought it was a hoax,” said Ricky. Although regretful now, Ricky reveals why he went on the show in the first place: “I’m young, thought it would be a good laugh, stitch my mate up but I regret it a lot.” But not all tattoos have a backstory of bantering and bad decisions...



Ouch! Ricky gets his Tottenham Hotspur tattoo removed

“There’s an emotional story behind every single tattoo, always.”

Competition Fancy a black carbon facial? Got some ink you need to get rid of? Need botox to banish those frown lines?

• Carbon Laser Facial


any clients offered We developed this group; all I want to been in trouble with the law again, treatment for free do is just try and look after people.” that’s where my loyalty ends.” by Maria are canEx On The Beach Star, Laura-Alicia, Often entering the clinic despercer survivors who, will cut and colour wigs for those ate for treatment, their time in prison when undergoing wishing to boost their self-confidence leaves them with dodgy tattoos done treatment, received after losing their hair due to radioon the inside, commonly found on semi-permanent tattoos to help doctherapy. The 33-year-old reality star their knuckles or face. One man told tors target their radiotherapy. says: “Everyone knows that if you go Maria he was advised that he was “a Martin Ledwick, Cancer Research to the hairdressers –even for a simple bit of a pretty boy” on the inside and UK’s head information nurse, said: cut and colour—you come out feeling he should “rough himself up with a few “These tattoos are generally extremely a million dollars and that’s what we tats.” small and not that noticeable. They wanted to do for these ladies. We want Spending two years in prison look like a tiny mole or freckle so most to give them that feel-good factor, charged with possession of a class A people don’t mind having them done. bring their confidence back.” drugs with intent to supply, the young However, for some patients, man is focusing on getting these marks could act as his life back on track. Having a reminder of their illness removed his facial teardrop and they might want to have tattoo, signifying that a them removed as they move person has lost someone, on with their lives.” he’s now started a new job, After one woman visited moved in with his girlfriend Maria claiming another and has moved away from clinic had quoted her £80 his problematic past. “When to have the marks removed, he left the clinic, I had a she vowed to complete all good cry thinking, good lad, cancer survivors’ tattoo reyou’ve done it,” Maria remimovals free of charge. Maria nisces. says: “Cancer changes you Thinking of getting some so dramatically it’s unbelievcool new ink? Maria advises: able, every client that I’ve “If you haven’t started [tatspoken to about it has said tooing] keep your skin clear. the exact same thing and no They can be very addictive two journeys are the same and the worst ones are when Laser guns at the ready: Coronation Street star and X Factor and no two people handle it you start doing little random series 2 winner, Shayne Ward, poses with Maria after having the same.” ones. Subconsciously, you’ve got treatment on a shamrock tattoo on his upper left arm. “One lady said she was at a 86% reservations about tattoos party all dressed up and a lady came The project hopes to make women if you’re tattooed on the inner parts, up to her, licked her finger and went feel good about themselves through somewhere not always visible or if to wipe it away and said, ‘what’s that their battle with cancer or rebuilding you’re having random ones. love?’ She felt so insulted.” Clients their lives. But it’s not just those affect“Get it done in henna first, will you must be in remission for 5 years or ed by cancer who face a stigma with feel the same about it in a week? provide a medical letter from their unwanted ink. You’d be surprised how many people consultant to say that they are safe to Most people might think twice before change their minds once it’s too late!” be lasered. inviting ex-convicts into their homes. With tattoos trendier than ever, MaIn the new year, Maria is starting Maria on the other hand offers them a ria’s clinic will no doubt see countless up her “Feel-Good Squad” in which nice hot brew, asks them about their clients walk through the door despercosmetic specialists offer one free life and removes their unwanted ink for ate for help. Remaining at the heart treatment to women with cancer, and free. “I just want to give them a chance of everything she does will always those in remission: “People who have in life, I take them off for free because be helping people, whether that is had cancer lose their fingernails, they can’t get a job and I don’t want through removing their tattoos free of eyebrows and some ladies don’t know them nicking to pay for treatments. I charge or continuing with her charitahow to draw them back on or anything. do say to them one hint that you’ve ble endeavors.



• Laser Tattoo Removal • Anti-Wrinkle Injections • Dermal Fillers • Laser Hair Removal • Thread Vein Removal • Laser Fungal Nail Treatment • Laser Acne Treatment • LED Face Mask Therapy


o celebrate 6 years of the Maria Patricia clinic, MANC are giving away £1000 worth of free treatment and some extra special goodies to one very lucky reader. The prize includes treatments of your choice up to £1000 (see below), a bottle of prosecco, luxury transport to and from the clinic, a free Maria Patricia skin care kit worth £50 and £100 cash, because why not? Fancy it? Whether it’s a dodgy tattoo, unwanted hair or skin in need of a saviour simply #MariaPatriciaMANC in an Instagram selfie and tell us which treatment you would like and why. T&C’s: Competition closes 3rd December 2017. Entrants must be 18 or over. The winner will be contacted on 4th December via message on Instagram. Good luck!




What’s On

Some of the biggest events in Manchester this November.



Frontman and songwriter of Courteeners – one of the country’s biggest and most loved home grown bands – will perform a series of intimate acoustic shows across. At the gigs, he promises Courteeners classics as well as a deep dive into rarely heard songs from the band’s decade old back catalogue! Fri 3rd & Sat 4th Nov.


The countdown to Christmas begins as the city’s lights are switched on. The familyfriendly show features performances from Sigala, Pixie Lott, Yes Lad, the cast of ELF: The Musical, Shrek and Princess Fiona, and Little Woman, followed by a 10-minute firework finale. 7:30pm, entry is free but space is limited.

MON 13TH JASON MANFORD THE LOWRY Comedian Jason Manford is performing songs from his first ever album to coincide with the release of his first ever studio album, ‘A Different Stage’, on 6th October ahead of his 2018 year-long UK comedy tour, ‘Muddle Class’.. Inspired by Manford’s love for musical theatre, ‘A Different Stage’ ranges from show tunes he has performed in the past, to songs that are close to his heart and some of his childhood favourites.

It’s fourteen years since Kate transitioned and a lot has changed. However, where gender is concerned, are we still stuck in the dark ages? Either way, it’s time to face the music and dance. You’ve Changed shines a light on the ins, outs, ups and downs of transitioning. Shows run from Fri 10th-Sat 11th Nov at The Lowry.

MON 20TH RAG’N’BONE MAN O2 APOLLO No doubt, 2017 has been the year of Rory Charles Graham a.ka. Rag’n’Bone Man. His debut album ‘Human’ has been a huge hit worldwide, selling over 650,000 copies in the UK in under 5 months. It contains global hits ‘Human’, which has gone to Number 1 on iTunes in over 40 countries and ‘Skin’, which has sold over 1.2 million globally.

TUE 21ST CILLA THE MUSICIAL PALACE THEATRE The new spectacular musical adaptation of the hit ITV series tells the extraordinary story of the girl from Liverpool whose teenage dreams of stardom lead to her becoming one of Britain’s best-loved entertainers of all time. Shows run from 21st-25th Nov at the Palace Theatre.

WED 15TH ALICE COOPER MANCHESTER ARENA Heavy metal legend Alice Cooper returns to Manchester this October for their first show here in over 5 year. With the three members of the original Alice Cooper band - Dennis Dunaway, Michael Bruce and Neal Smith - they’re touring in the UK for a mini-set, returning 46 years after they first shocked and enthralled us on their historic 1971 tour. Alice Cooper show no signs of slowing down.



Cabaret features showstopping choreography, dazzling costumes and some of the most iconic songs in musical theatre including Money Makes The World Go Round, Two Ladies, Money Makes The World Go Round and Cabaret. The show stars Pop Idol winner, Will Young and 2016 Strictly Come Dancing runner up, Louise RedKnapp. Shows run from 7th-11th Nov at The Lowry.

Derek Jarman’s iconic film captured punk at its giddy height. Forty years on, this new stage adaptation of Jubilee remixes it for the social and political turmoil of 2017. Centred around a marauding girl gang on a killing spree and a timetravelling Queen Elizabeth I, it’s a story of what happens when creativity and nihilism collide. Shows run from 2nd-18th Nov at Royal Exchange Theatre.



Mancunian grime MC, Bugzy Malone takes his newly released top 10 UK chart album, King of the North, on his biggest tour yet. The 24 year old wordsmith is fast developing a reputation as one of the UKs brightest talents. Bugzy has amassed a loyal fanbase through the heart felt lyrics and knock out delivery displayed, especially in the song ‘0161 Manny on The Map.’


Popular pianist and bandleader, Jools Holland and his Rhythm & Blues Orchestra are going on tour for a non-stop toe tapping extravaganza of jazz, blues and swing. They will be accompanied by Grammy Award winner José Feliciano, one of the most prominent stars in Latin America and revered musicians in the world. This as ever is a delightful evening, which is sure to entertain, involve, and impress the whole audience who go to see it!

The impossible voyage of an improbable crew to hunt an imaginary creature is brought magically to life in this sparkling musical comedy adventure for 4-94 year olds. Enter the imaginative world of Alice in Wonderland creator, Lewis Carroll, in this brand new, highly original, ultra-modern adaptation inspired by his beloved his classic poem. Shows run from 17th-19th Nov at The Lowry.




In 1987 someone uttered the immortal words: “You’re really funny, you should be a comedian.” Now, 2017, Dave celebrates the 30th anniversary of his comedy career - he will look back on his incredible journey from working class lad to Biomedical Scientist to much loved comedy performer via Phoenix Nights, 8 out of 10 Cats, Bullseye and- more.

Comedy superstar John Bishop is back at Manchester Arena this year for his long awaited return to standup comedy with his brand new live show. ‘Winging It’ is his first tour in three years and is gearing up to be his “biggest and best yet.” John will be back on stage performing in his own inimitable style. Shows are Fri 24th & Sat 25th Nov.

Join teacher Mr Maddens and his crazy assistant Mr Poppy as they struggle with hilarious children, unruly animals and a whole lot of sparkle to make everyone’s Christmas wish come true. Featuring all of your favourite sing-along songs, Nativity! The Musical promises to be the perfect feel-good comedy for all the family. Shows run from 28th Nov3rd Dec at Palace Theatre To see the full calendar visit



Capturing the Beautiful City of Manchester... hen you think of a nice, W picturesque city, many international variations may spring to mind. Amsterdam, Barcelona, Prague anywhere but Manchester? MANC have gathered a pretty portfolio to prove just how gorgeous our city can be with this month’s featured photographer, 21-year-old Leah McMurdock.

Capturing the Beetham Tower, Northern Quarter and Deansgate, Leah proves our city to be one full of urban, colourful life. Focusing on our city’s architecture, stunning rooftop and skyline shots capture the essence of Manchester. To see more incredible photographs of Manchester follow Leah on instagram @leahmcmurdockk.

Want to be next months featured photographer or artist? Simply send us your portfolio and a little bit about you to featuredart@ and you could be Decembers featured artist.

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