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“Enter the hacker” – Introduction to hackers Instructor

Guy Rosario, ITIL



521 Craigflower Road E-mail


$5 (payable at the door)

Wed, June 12, 7:30-9:30pm



Course Description: In this workshop the student will learn about the world of the hacker. Who are hackers? Why do they do what they do? What drives them? How do they do what they do? Description: The workshop is intended to explore, using as much layman terminology as possible, the world of the hacker and hacker culture in general. The workshop will be held using an open syllabus, using a simple guide of “WHO, WHY, WHAT and HOW?” Goals: The student will learn about the various types of hackers (i.e. White, Grey, Black, Crackers, Script Kiddies, etc.) and the various drivers that have shaped the hacker culture. The student will learn about simple means of protecting themselves and their families from crackers. Requirements: Basic understanding of computers (i.e. email, web browser, etc.)

"Enter the Hacker" - Intro To Hackers  

Everything you need to know about hackers

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