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BSHS 422 week 5 Team Assignment Cultural Competency Assessment of a Community-Based Program Presentation (Uop

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Finish the Presentation you started in Week 3 of a Cultural Competency Assessment Community-Based Program. Search for an appropriate instrument in the University Library and the Portland State University Research and Training Center on Family Support website Presentation should be 15-20 slides that reports your method, findings, and recommendations, including the following information:

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A brief history of the governing board including demographics The population served (issues of acculturation, segregation, bias, assimilation, etc. The services offered

A mission statement

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Demographics Assessment Instruments Staff and client makeup: issues in hiring competent staff Involvement of neighborhood and community Annual budget Source of Income Procedure Manual Dispute/Resolution Process Implication for Practice See Rubric for Specifics

Format Formatyour paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Bshs 422 week 5 team assignment cultural competency assessment of a community