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I Believe this is a very engaging 

I have created on the book

and interes ng book to learn about  the history of Spanish art, alongside  some general knowledge. 

Portrait of Spain for kids. I focused on the aspects of this amazing book and hoping that you will progress and read this book. This is my personal perspective of this book and believe it is truly amazing– Krishaan Ponnampalam


I definitely recommend you take a  sneak peek of this book as you  would be very surprised at what this  book has for you.  Read the book to reveal the mysteri‐ ous secrets it beholds.  I recommend this book for children  at the age of four and up, as it is a  difficult read but the pictures are 

s ll entertaining. 

D E C - N S W

THE MARSTERPIECES This book only displays the top ten artworks in the authors perspective that are now being showcased in the Prado, a art gallery in Madrid. These are some of them.

THE PRADO Portrait of Spain is a wonderful book in which the author has chosen his top ten master pieces in the Museo Nacional del Prado in Madrid. The Prado is a huge Art gallery in which only the best art works are displayed. This book reveals the secrets behind these paintings and a detailed description of the Artists them selves.

Artists The ten ar sts that are named  in this book are  

Alonso Sanchez Coello 


Felipe Ramirez 


Diego Velazquez 


Luca Giordano & Andrea  belvedere 


Michel‐Ange Houasse 


Luis Melendez 


Francisco De Goya 


Ramon Bayeu 


Antonio Maria Esquivel 


Jose Moreno Carbonero 

Krishaan potrait of spain  
Krishaan potrait of spain