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Laugh Lines Q: What did the boy pickle say to

the girl pickle on Valentine’s Day?

A: You mean a great dill to me.


young woman was taking an afternoon nap. After she woke up, she told her husband, “I just dreamed that you gave me a pearl necklace for Valentineʼs day. what do you think that means?” “Youʼll know tonight,” he said with a grin. That evening the man came home with a small, flat package which he gave to his wife. “Happy Valentineʼs!” he said. delighted, she opened it only to find a small book entitled, “the Meaning of dreams”!

Q: What do farmers give their wives on Valentine’s Day?

A: Hogs and kisses!

Q: Do skunks celebrate Valentine’s Day? A: Sure—they’re very scent-imental! A GUY walked into a post office one day and saw a

middle-aged, balding man standing at the counter methodically placing “Love” stamps on bright pink envelopes with hearts all over them and then started spraying scent all over them. His curiosity getting the better of him, the man went up to the balding man and asked him what he was doing. The man answered without looking up, “I’m sending out 1,000 valentine cards signed, ‘Guess who?’” “But why?” asked the astonished man. “I’m a divorce attorney,” was the answer.

Things Not to Say on Your Valentine’s Date I don’t really like this restaurant that much but I wanted to use the 2-for-1 coupon before it expired.

doesn’t hear from me every hour.

I used to come here all the time with my ex.

I really feel that I’ve grown in the past few years. Used to be I wouldn’t have given someone like you a second look.

I never said you need a nose job. I just said it wouldn’t hurt to consider.

It’s been tough but I’ve come to accept that most people I date just won’t be as smart as I am.

People say I remind them of Eddie Haskell.

Could you excuse me? My mother gets lonely if she 6 |

February 2014

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The Unwritten Rules (or essential advice to the unmarried male)

❤ The female always makes the rules. ❤ The rules are subject to change at any time without prior notification. ❤ No male can ever possibly know all the rules. ❤ if the female suspects that the male knows all the rules, she must immediately change some or all of them. ❤ The female is never wrong. ❤ if the female is wrong it’s due to a misunderstanding which was a direct result of something the male did or said that was wrong. ❤ The male must apologize immediately for causing the misunderstanding. ❤ The female has every right to be angry or upset at any time. ❤ The male must remain calm at all times unless the female feels he should be angry or upset. ❤ The female must under no circumstance let the male know whether or not she wants him to be angry or upset. ❤ The male is expected to read minds at all times. ❤ any attempt to document the rules could result in bodily harm.

The Legend of St. Valentine (taken from

Valentine’s Day has its origins in both Christian as well as ancient pagan tradition, both of which have romance (and hence reproduction and fertility) at their heart. The Catholic Church, for example, recognizes at least three different saints named Valentine or Valentinus, all of whom were martyred. One legend states that Valentine was a priest who served during the third century in Rome. When Claudius decided that single men made better soldiers then those with wives and children, he outlawed marriage for young men. Valentine, realizing the injustice of the degree, defied Claudius and continued to perform marriages for young couples in secret. When the priest’s actions were discovered, Claudius ordered that he be put to death. Other stories suggest that Valentine may have been killed for attempting to help Christians escape Roman prisons where they were often beaten and tortured. According to one legend, an imprisoned Valentine may have sent the first “valentine” to his jailer’s daughter who visited him during his confinement. It’s alleged that before his death he wrote the girl a letter which was signed “From your Valentine,” an expression that is still in use today. Although the facts behind the Valentine legend are murky at best, the different versions all emphasize

Protects from Moisture

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February 2014 |


his appeal as a sympathetic, heroic, and, most importantly, romantic figure. By the Middle Ages, Valentine would become one of the most popular saints in England and France. While some believe that Valentine’s Day is celebrated in the middle of February to commemorate the anniversary of Valentine’s death—which occurred around A.D. 270—others claim that the Christian church may have decided to place St. Valentine’s feast day in the middle of February in an effort to Christianize the pagan celebration of Lupercalia. Celebrated at the ides of February, Lupercalia was a fertility festival dedicated to Faunus, the Roman god of agriculture. Of course, leather is involved! The festival began with the members of the Luperci, an order of Roman priests, gathering at

8 |

February 2014

a sacred cave where the infants Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome, were believed to have been raised by a she-wolf or lupa. The priests would sacrifice a goat for fertility and a dog for purification. They would then cut the goat’s hide into strips, dip the strips into the sacrificial blood, and take to the streets, gently striking both women and crop fields with their thongs. Far from being fearful, Roman women welcomed the attention since it was believed that being struck would make them (and the crops) more fertile in the coming year. Later in the day, according to legend, all the young women in the city would place their names in a large urn. The city’s bachelors then chose a name and became paired for the year with his chosen partner. These matches often ended in marriage.

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Lupercalia survived the initial rise of Christianity but was outlawed as unchristian at the end of the 5th century when Pope Gelasius declared February 14 as the saint day for Valentine. However, it wasn’t until much later that the day became associated with romance. During the Middle Ages (5-15th century), it was commonly believed in France and England that February 14 was the beginning of the mating season for birds which added to the idea that Valentine’s Day should be a day of romance. Valentines themselves didn’t begin to appear until after 1400 AD. The oldest known valentine, still in existence in the British Library, was a poem written in 1415 by the French nobleman, Charles, Duke of Orleans, to his wife while he was imprisoned in the Tower of London following his capture at the Battle of Agincourt. Several years later, it is believed that King Henry V hired John Lydgate, a writer, to compose a valentine note to Catherine of Valois. In addition to the United States, Valentine’s Day is celebrated in Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Australia as well as other places in the world. In Great Britain, Valentine’s Day began to be popularly celebrated in around the 17th century. By the middle of the 18th, it was common for friends as well as lovers of all social classes to exchange small tokens of affection or handwritten notes. By 1900 printed cards began to replace written notes due to improvements in printing technology. Cheaper postage rates also contributed to an increase in the popularity of sending Valentine greetings. Americans probably began exchanging handmade valentines in the early 1700s. In the 1840s, Esther A. Howland began selling the first mass produced valentines in America. Howland, known as the “Mother of the Valentine,” made elaborate creations with real lace, ribbons, and colorful pictures. Today, according to the Greeting Card Association, an estimated 1 billion Valentine’s Day cards are sent each year, making it the second largest card-sending holiday of the year after Christmas, when an estimated 2.6 billion greetings are sent. Women purchase approximately 85% of all valentines.

Happy Valentine's Day! Shop Talk!

February 2014 |




Please note: The following information was dated around the middle of december 2013 and by the time you read this it will be outdated. We are trying to work two months in advance in order to get shop talk! out earlier plus the holidays did push our printing schedule forward a bit. Be that as it may, the information is still useful in that it gives you a bird’s eye view of what’s happening in the leather industry around the world. What follows are a number of very quick summaries of some fairly long articles which are intended to give you a feel for current trends in the global tanning industry and retail markets. You just may be surprised since the facts often run counter to the notions that people have in regard to what foreign companies pay their employees, for example, and how tanneries handle their effluent discharge. These items have been extracted from reports that have appeared on after reading these news briefs, please take a few minutes to reflect on the significance of the events being reported on. The world is changing. enjoy!

First China North Leather Trade Fair The first three-day China leather fair, which was hosted by the local government of Fuxin, was closed on the afternoon of December 10, 2013. Transactions of 150 million RMB [Chinese yuan apx. value $.16 US] were reported which was beyond the expectations of exhibitors. The fair attracted over 50,000 visitors. The clothing and footwear manufacturers from Liao Ning brought more than 300 sorts of products to the fair including garments, footwear, hats, luggage, and small wares.

PPCB Shut Down Leather Units Jalandhar, India: Ordering the shutdown of all units in the leather complex at Jalandhar after its effluent treatment plant was found discharging toxic water into a rainwater drain, the Punjab Pollution Control Board (PPCB) has also directed the units to install meters on their effluent discharge pipes which should ensure that the tannery complex would not be able to pump out more effluents than their stated capacity. China to Upgrade Image? Nowadays China’s leather industry has entered a new stage of development. To cope with the chal-

New Both Sides Vinyl in 8 Colors

10 |

February 2014

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lenges and to improve sustainable development in the next five years, the leather and footwear industries will change their approach from a quantity to a quality oriented model and pay more attention to design and innovation. The APLF (Asian Pacific Leather Fair), as one of the leading events of its kind in the world, will provide more opportunities for China’s industries to introduce upgraded technologies and find new partners to improve their quality and design. In particular, the fair will continuously play an important role in helping China’s leather and footwear industries to develop their business in emerging overseas markets, especially in Africa and South Asian countries. According to statistics, in the first half of 2013, the trade volume between China’s mainland and Hong Kong achieved a record of US $206.6 billion, up 40.2% from the same period last year. This is clear evidence that Hong Kong still plays an important part in China’s foreign trade.

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New COTANCE Career Initiative The representative body of the leather industry in the European Union (EU), COTANCE, has launched a new initiative to promote the leather and tanning sector as an attractive career choice for young people and job seekers. The new project was announced in Brussels this past December 13, 2013, and is called “Leather Is My Job.” It has become increasingly difficult for many companies in Europe’s tanning sector to recruit

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February 2014 |


qualified people in spite of a high level of unemployment according to COTANCE; however, many in the leather industry believe that there is an increasing interest among young people in craftsmanship, design, manual labor with authentic natural materials, and in more environmentally friendly industries.


“The tanning industry offers all of that: it recovers and recycles waste from the meat industry and transforms it into leather, one of the world’s most prestigious and highly sought after materials,” COTANCE commented after its meeting in Brussels. Countries that intend to cooperate in the new program include the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Romania, and Bulagria. Italy has opted not to take part. Bangladesh Records Export Growth of Almost 50%





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Bangladesh’s export promotion bureau recently announced growth of 37% in export earnings from the finished leather goods sector during the first four months of the past financial year (JulyOctober 2013) compared with the same period in 2012. During those four months, leather and leather goods exports brought almost $415 million into the Asian country. Finished leather brought in $160 million and leather footwear almost $200 million. Sothmann Named President of U. S. Hide, Skin & Leather Association Stephen Sothmann has been named President of the U. S. Hide, Skin & Leather Association (USHSLA), a division of the American Meat Institute (AMI), by the USHSLA Board of Directors beginning January 1, 2014, following the retirement of current President John Reddington. Sothmann is the current Director of International Affairs for both USHSLA and AMI. USHSLA is the exclusive industry representative of U. S. hides and skins producers, processors, brokers, dealers, and exporters. The industry, which exports more than $2 billion in U. S. agricultural goods each year, is a major raw materials supplier to the global leather market.

12 |

February 2014

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Vietnamese Tanner Closed by Authorities Ho Chi Minh City authorities have suspended operations at the Hao Duong Leather Tanning Co. which is located in the Hiep Phuoc Industrial Park and operates four factories, producing fifty-five tons of leather per day. The suspension was due to the company seriously polluting the Dong Dien River, a tributary of the Dong Nai River, and other environmental infractions. U. S. Industrial Output Jumps 1.1% to All Time High American industrial production in November saw the biggest one month percentage gain in a year to reach a record high with the monthly advance led by utilities output after an unusually cold month. The Federal Reserve said in December 2013, that industrial production climbed 1.1% in November, the biggest percentage rise since November 2012, as utilities jumped 3.9%. Also, October production was revised up to a 0.1% gain from a previously reported 0.1% drop.

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Shoe Maker Puts Best Foot Forward Chinese footwear maker Huajian Group plans to make Ethiopia the hub for the global footwear industry and create more than 100,000 jobs locally in the next ten years. The company, which first moved to Ethiopia to offset rising labor and raw material costs in China, says it has teamed up with the China-Africa Developments Fund and the Ethiopia Ministry of Industry to establish a light manufacturing base in the country. Global Car Sales Seen Rising to 85 Million in 2014 The global auto industry is expected to produce 85 million sales in 2014, up from an estimated 82 million in 2013, IHS Automotive said in a recent forecast. By 2018 IHS predicts that sales will break 100 million. This global growth is driven by rising wealth in emerging markets as well as relatively moderate gasoline prices. “In every major economy in the world we are

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February 2014 |


expecting economic growth,” said Charles Chesbrough, an economist with IHS. The U. S. market may rise 2.4% to 16.03 million from 15.65 million this year and to peak in 2017 at nearly 17 million before leveling off. IHS is bullish about the prospects for growth in auto sales and the U. S. economy. Heavy Texas Steers steady to $1.00 lower. Branded Steers steady to $1.00 lower. Butt Branded Steers down $1.00. Heavy Native Steers off $1-2.00.

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February 2014


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New Director at Leather Research Lab The Foundation of the Tanners’ Council of America Research Laboratory at the University of Cincinnati (“Foundation”) announced December 2, the selection of Steven D. Lange as Director of the Leather Research Laboratory (“LRL”). Lange is currently Corporate Laboratory Manager for GST Auto Leather at the Livonia Innovation Center in Michigan.

ratory staff into the future,” Howlett said. Wittenborn added, “Steve is well known in the industry as an experienced leather manager. As Director of the LRL, he will lead a team of highly qualified and experienced leather chemists and provide additional marketing and customer service capabilities to an already dynamic operation at the University of Cincinnati.”

Lange will succeed Dr. Nick Cory, who resigned in the summer.

Lange said, “I am proud to join the LRL and look forward to building upon the Lab’s great reputation for quality, independent expertise on leather testing and customer service. My goal is to make the Lab a worldwide resource of leather technology expertise.”

The Foundation, chaired by Lisa Howlett, CEO of Auburn Leather, along with John Wittenborn, President of the Leather Industries of America (“LIA”) announced Lange’s selection following a search and hiring process in coordination with the University of Cincinnati. “Steve brings an extensive background in leather technology, laboratory management, and customer relations; all skills needed for the success of the LRL. He is well equipped to lead a strong and experienced labo-

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Lange has significant industry experience to draw upon. He brings to the LRL over twenty-three years of experience in the automotive leather field. His first position in the leather industry was at the Seton’s tannery in Newark, NJ, where he worked with production and R&D teams to improve process consistency and determine root cause for problems. He has experience in continual process improvement and product formula validation. Most recently, Lange joined GST Leather Innovations Center where he was primarily responsible for coordination of GST’s North American laboratories. Lange is a graduate of Heidelberg University, Ohio, with a BS in biology and serves as President of the American Leather Chemists Association for the 2013-2014 term.

February 2014 |




If you are have a new product, something on special, a sale or some closeouts that you’d like to move and let our readers know about them, then drop us a line! We’ll be sure to mention you in the next available issue of Shop Talk! and there’s no charge. What could be better? And pictures are always very much appreciated. Take a minute and send us something—you’ll be glad you did and thanks! We want to hear from you! Contact: Shop Talk!, P O Box 17817, Asheville, NC 28816, (828) 505-8474, e-mail:

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February 2014

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Saddle & Leather Dressing then you need to contact Garry McClintock at P O Box 129, Descanso, CA 91916, (619) 445-3946, Good stuff! ✯ That Matt Foster! He gets around and reports that the most recent ANPIC show in Leon seemed a bit slower than last year but still upbeat! Matt is really impressed with the quality of the leather that he gets made in Mexico. Matt also reports that Maverick Leather is now offering a line of bridle leather in dossetts and Italian quality finished dbl. shoulders and butts. Also some natural shoulders and butts that remind Matt of those lovely French dbl. butts. Also new in stock at Maverick are some fine sole leathers. Get the latest update of what’s going on at Maverick by contacting Matt or his daughter,

Erin, at 1364 N. McDowell Bvd., #25, Petaluma, CA 94954, (707) 792-2208. ✯ When you mention “TIMCO” (now SX Industries) to anyone the first thing they’re most likely to say is, “They make spots!” And they do! And a lot more than just round, oblong, and diamond! They have DOZENS of styles and sizes, colors and finishes. You need a catalog to fully appreciate the inventory they carry. They do have this one concho-looking spot with a rope edge. It is handsome. You want bling? You want real fancy? They have that as well. BUT—their spots are not even a 10th of what they make! They have a HUGE selection of conchos. They have oblong concho plates for strap openings. There’s a great selection of snap caps.

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Shop Talk!

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Goods & Services

SX also make 100’s and 100’s of decorative buckles and other pieces of hardware. Lots of their buckles are for fashion products, footwear, bags, and fancy waist belts. GET A CATALOG and be amazed!! Of course, as always, SX handles small accounts and will sell you what you need BUT—they are also ready and able to handle real BIG accounts that need 1,000’s of pieces of a particular item. There’s something for everyone—from holster makers to harness makers to manufacturers of belts and bags.



NEW AND IMPROVED Hame Bender • Adjustable blocks on top bar • Bends all hames from Buggy Hames to Stainless Steel Pulling Hames with ease A must for fitting your hames to the collar For more information and a complete catalog on hames and harness hardware, write to: Chupp Blacksmith Shop Ltd. 9107 Township Road 609 Fredericksburg, Ohio 44627

18 |

February 2014

85263 Chupp ad 3.5x4.75 1

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Please call Tim O’Hara at (866) 821-1041 x 203, e-mail: ✯ If there is ONE catalog that everyone should have in their shop—regardless of what you do—it’s the one from Ohio Travel Bag. It is just so comprehensive and carries so many diverse (skates to luggage) products, supplies, tools, and hardware that hardly anyone else carries. If no one else has it, OTB probably does! OTB released their largest catalog (P214) this past January and it includes 100’s of new products. There’s a new class of product included called “Luxury Goods” which is especially for designers and leather artisans. Lots of beautifully made Italian products. Their jewelry hdw. offerings include items from Italy and Spain. OTB also now stocks leather cording. The new catalog combines their “Parts” and “Wholesale Finished Leather and Gift Items” catalogs into one publication—everything is one place now. New this year are wallets and small satchels along with their classic name tags and their all-time favorite “squeeze coin purse.” Yes—OTB still makes them and people simply LOVE them! They are the perfect item to keep by your register. You can also see the new Ohio Travel Bag catalog online at Contact: OTB, 6481 Davis Industrial Pkwy., Solon, OH 44139-3547, (800) 800-1941. Ohio Travel Bag is happy to supply the small crafter, small shop, medium size manufacturer, or even the really big manufacturer. Give them a call! Shop Talk!

Shop Talk!

February 2014 |


Goods & Services

✯ If you are looking for a good maker of mini and half-size Western saddles, then you’ll want to contact Chicago Stockyard Saddle Tree—they also have half trees for exercise saddles. Contact Heath at: 7377 N. Rogers Ave., Unit 28, Chicago, IL 60626, (312) 515-0594, ✯ A super good source for all your silver needs—from watch bands and earrings to saddle trim—is Hansen Western Gear at 725 Townhill Ave., Oakdale, CA 95361, (209) 847-7390, www. ✯ Need cutting dies to use with either a maul or clicker?

20 |

February 2014

Then you better contact the folks at Texas Custom Dies at 900 N. Walnut Creek Dr., Suite 100 #208, Mansfield, TX 76063, (888) 755-9025, www.TexasCustomDies. com. Simple or curvy, large or small—Texas Custom does them all! Plus they repair and sharpen. ✯ Next is Joe Maxwell who makes the Power Mallet which is a mighty handy mechanical stamping tool!

Shop Talk!

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Get all the details by contacting Joe at Power Mallet, P O Box 487, Anderson, CA 96007, (530) 357-2209, ✯ Here’s quite a patching machine—the Claes 20 Patch Machine: The Claes patcher has a longer needle bar stroke than the Adler and Singer machines which allows the operator to sew heavier material. Here are some of the machine’s features: · It has a specially designed presser foot for sewing steel braces and zipper work available. · Sews 3600. · Uses needle sizes 100-170 and sews up 207 thread. · Sews up to 12 mm thick. · Sews 0-1/4” stitch length. · 19” open arm design. · Optional table for flat work. · Optional jump stitch available. The Claes 30 Patch Machine has a larger bobbin and a higher needle lift. Shop Talk!

Machines, parts, and supplies are available from Gateway Shoe Machine at (800) 752-7897, e-mail: ✯ A real good source for air-powered tools of all sorts is Keystone Air Power at 60 Elco Dr., Myerstown, PA 17067, (717) 866-9224, fax (717) 866-9024. They seem to carry DeWalt mostly—impact drivers, nailers, saws, grinders, routers, sanders, and lots more plus supplies and handtools—even a $179 titanium claw hammer! Of course, they have compressors, hoses, and attachments. ✯ Proleptic, Inc. is now carrying several new books. They are happy to report that “Horses, Hitches, and Rocky Trails” is back in print and they have it in stock! Boy—it is a classic and often referred to as “The Packer’s Bible.” The drawings are great and the instructions it offers are clear and to the point. It’s simply the best book on packing available and it’s small enough to take with you on the trail! But please! No reading and riding! Or texting. Keep your mind of what you’re doing! Let me tell you—an accident on the trail is something you really want to avoid at all costs so save the cold refreshments until you get home and get the horses unloaded, put up, and fed! A new book that Proleptic now has in stock is Making February 2014 |


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Leather Knife Sheaths Volume 1. It appears that the book was originally written in German but has been translated into English. It has a cover but inside it’s spiral bound. Good for beginners and intermediate leather workers. There are four sheath making projects, each with loads of pictures, patterns, and very detailed instruction. The chapters are nicely laid out and clearly written. The first chapter is entitled “Basics,” and gives excellent background information about tools and materials. The most impressive thing about the book is that it emphasizes professional leather working techniques—how to make patterns, how to make a stitch groove,

22 |

February 2014

how to properly finish your work, how to properly make a gusset to keep the knife from cutting stitches—lots of important details which will help you produce a well made and professional looking product as well as help the quality of your craftsmanship regardless of what you might make. The book is apx. 142 pp. in color and costs $25.00 plus SH. Another new book which Proleptic has in very limited quantity (10 copies only) is Handmade Leather Bags & Accessories. It’s soft cover, 112 pages, and in color. It’s a great place for beginners and intermediate skilled leather workers who want to start learning how basic bags are designed and made. The first half of the book consists of a number of nice pictures of each bag from different

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perspectives so you get an idea how the bag will hang when in use. The second portion gives step-by-step instructions on how to make each bag; however, the instructions are not as clear and detailed as a person might hope. At the very end of the book there is a pocket which contains full-size patterns for each project. There are a total of 27 different projects, most of which are some sort of bag or case, many of which use a combination of fabric and leather. Most projects require the use of a light weight commercial machine. An upholstery or a chap machine would be perfect. The book costs $20 plus SH. Another book in limited supply (10 copies) comes from Holland and is written in English, Dutch, French, and Spanish. The book is entitled simply Bags and is a 384 pp. pictorial history of bags from 1550 to the present. There is some commentary along the way but the book consists largely of color pictures which show bags made out of fur, beads, metal, wood, straw, material, plastic, and, of course, lots of leather, exotic, embossed, and carved. Each bag seems to be an unique example of the bag makers’ art. Shop Talk!

This is a wonderful source book for ideas. Cost $35 plus SH. The folks at Proleptic seem to have been busy over the holidays and added several new products to their line of thermal tools which are used in the fabrication of synthetic materials. They are now carrying a Pro-Rope/Webbing Cutter with a 2 5/16” blade for $126.50. Replacement blades are available for $24.95 plus SH.

Custommade Knives & Tools for Leatherworkers

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They also have their Pro-Thermal Round Strap Ending Tool back in stock for $34.50.

The tool cuts straps up to 1 ¾” wide— nylon, polypro, and coated webbings. Each Round Strap Ending Tool is made individually out of

solid brass here in the US. Please notice the lip at the top that runs along the inside. Prolpetic has also redesigned its Pro-Thermal Hole Burners and lengthened the cutting portion of the tool to 5/16”— The hole burners come in 3/16”, 7/32”, and ¼” diameter (Sm., Med., and Lg.). A new attachment that can be used with their Pro-Thermal Handle is called the Stepped Attachment— On the right is Proleptic’s No. 4 attachment which is extremely versatile since you can burn holes with it, burn thread, and melt the edges of any existing void in your material or seal the outside edges. Very handy. The No. 4 has a shank apx. 1 ¼” long and is apx. 5/32” in diameter. It’s cost is $17.35. On the left is the Stepped Attachment which is $18.50. The total length of shank is apx. 3/4”. The lower portion is apx. 5/32” in diameter and the upper part is around

Please wear gloves when using


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February 2014

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¼” in diameter. This is not a part which Proleptic keeps in stock on a regular basis but has several dozen on hand at present. Like all of Proleptic’s Pro-Thermal attachments, there is a lip at top of each attachment which melts and seals the edge. Not only does the neatly melted edge improve the look of your work but also helps prevent frayed edges. Then, finally, probably the biggest news from Proleptic is that they have come out with a new blade for Krebs Skivers. It’s beautifully made right here in the USA! You’ll be amazed at the difference this new blade will make in how your skiver performs. The blades are incredibly sharp and made to last for many years. Cost is $200 plus SH. Please: handle with care. These blades are extremely sharp. In addition to the blade, Proleptic carries the small, curved springs for the Krebs, the long spring, and rollers. If you can’t find the size of screws or bolts you need for your Krebs, Proleptic is happy to suggest an alternative

We Buy Tools & Bench Equipment Complete Complete Sets & Collections Wooden Tool Boxes & Chests Wooden Any Age or Condition Any Shop Talk! • PO Box 17817 • Asheville, NC 28816 ph: 828.505.8474 fx: 828.505.8476 • email:

metric size which may require rethreading but is easily done and effective. Contact: Proleptic, Inc., P O Box 17817, Asheville, NC 28816, (828) 505-8474, e-mail:

Krebs Skiver

 Springs   Rollers   Blades 

Large Spring $38 + SH • Small Spring $19.50 + SH Tempered • Very Limited Supply New Blades Now Available $200 + SH • Rollers $40+ SH

Proleptic, Inc. • PO Box 17817 • Asheville NC 28816 (828) 505-8474 • email: Shop Talk!

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Nutritional Feed Supplement for Horses, Ruminants, Dogs and Poultry (Liquid Products)

Recently, the Staff here at Proleptic, Inc. asked for some clarification regarding office procedure since we run a pretty free-wheeling operation and everyone wants to make sure they are maximizing their efforts in order to achieve the greatest revenue enhancement possible because negative revenue enhancement is, as we all can agree, a bummer. What follows are ten “Suggestions” (we don’t have Rules here) to optimize each “associate’s” (we don’t have employees) creativity and personal fulfillment. Feel free to adopt these rules for your own use but please remember that they are copyrighted and can’t be used without our company’s written permission which has never been granted to anyone. Enjoy!

hoice The 1st tofChundre ds of

en Supplem Hors e O w ners, ’s s! to d ay & Tr ad er Tr ainers

Shop Owners...

Supply your customers with one of the finest horse feed supplements on today’s market!

1. Most decisions can be ignored. Just follow your “gut.” 2. Don’t ignore the important decisions.

“Call for wholesale prices”

3. Cooperation is always optional but noncompliance will result in demotion and eventual termination.

We Supply all Literature!

4. Feel free to follow your own visions as long as your visions and the company’s visions are the same.

— Runs $8-$10/horse/mo —

Approved Organic d Poultry an Dairy Available Products

5. Progress reports aren’t necessary. 6. We value growth of individual creativity over profits. 7. Should any of your ideas result in a loss of revenue, your wages and retirement will be garnished. 8. You don’t always have to do it right the first time. After all, life is a learning process.

Discover Your Herd’s Maximum Potential! Dealer orders shipped same day! ✯✯ 30 days same as cash!

For more information contact:

Sunrise Supply LLC. P.O. Box 104 Winesburg, OH 44690

866 • 704 • 2374

Shop Talk!

9. If at first you don’t succeed, then please refer back to Suggestion #7. 10. Ignore rules 1-9. Remember—it’s all about providing a nurturing, liberating environment where people can realize their creative potential free of a bunch of pettifogging, repressive, childish “rules.” Who needs ‘em! Break’s over! February 2014 |



Cowboy Crossings Show:

Why You Should Care


he National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City hosts a prestigious international event every year in October showcasing the best of the very best. Now in its fifteenth year, the Traditional Cowboy Arts Association Exhibition and Sale has earned a reputation for attracting work produced by some of today’s top Western gear makers. For the last three years it has been combined with the Cowboy Artists of America Annual Exhibition and Sale. Together, the two events become a presentation known simply as "Cowboy Crossings." Here, in the best galleries and under the best lighting, this tremendous body of work is premiered to its full advantage for an eager group of collectors and enthusiasts. A cocktail party and viewing sets the scene for the sale and dinner the next day. The sale of all of these items is by ballot. The pieces are priced, and purchasers must drop their name into a box within an hour and a half of the start of the sale. When a horn sounds, the first two names are drawn for each item and posted. The top name has to pick up the bill of sale in twenty minutes or the next person drawn moves up. Unsold pieces are available later on a first come, first served basis. As you move between the galleries containing paintings, bronzes, and the one showcasing rawhide, silver, and leather, you can see how well this collaboration works within the iconic Museum. An example of how naturally the TCAA and the CAA fit together is one painting that was on display by Montana artist Loren Entz. The large oil painting is a portrait of Montana braider Nate Wald working on a bosal in his shop. “Loren came down to my shop

by Nick Pernokas, Senior Staff Writer (Photos by Nick Pernokas unless otherwise credited.)

28 |

February 2014

Shop Talk!

Braider Nate Wald stands next to the painting done of him by Loren Entz.

and took some pictures and did some sketches while I was working," says Nate. "He likes to do people in their everyday environment with all the tools and details, and he really captured it." The collaboration goes further than just between the two associations since a majority of the pieces have been created by more than one craftsman. As you walk in the Hall, you

Pedro Pedrini, Dave Alderson, and Shep Hermann, President of Hermann Oak Leather, stand in front of the saddle that Pedro and Dave collaborated on. Hermann Oak supplied the leather and is a sponsor of the TCAA.

Shop Talk!

February 2014 |


Chuck Schroeder, President of the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum, reflects on the exhibit: "When we brought the Traditional Cowboy Arts guys who have been here for fifteen years, together with the Cowboy Artists of America, who have been back here for three years, it created an artistic environment where anybody can walk into that gallery and say ‘I get it.’ They're getting immersed in not only the imagery of the Cowboy, but in the fundamental culture that underlies that art. And that is enormously important."

are greeted by a floral saddle created by renowned California saddle maker Pedro Pedrini. The lighting in the showcase accents the three dimensional silver created for it by Idaho silversmith Dave Alderson. The silver cantle and horn bindings were formed by Canadian saddle maker Chuck Stormes. Dave Alderson melted and rolled out more than seven pounds of silver sheet for the silver work. The price? $76,300. Artist Tim Cox from New Mexico will be familiar to anyone who received the calendars from Muir and McDonald Tannery over the years, as his paintings appeared on every page. His pictures also are hung in this gallery. Tim feels good about this combination of mediums, saying, "I think it makes a really unique show, and the TCAA members are definitely artists in their own right. I look forward to a

long relationship with them." Texas artist Bruce Greene feels the same way: "I think that this is just the way a CA Show should look. We've got the ‘Wow’ factor everywhere you look. It's truly an American experience." Dave Powell is an artist from Montana who gave an amazing "quick study" painting demonstration while talking about Western history. Dave brings a working knowledge of history to all of his art and has also used it in the film industry, having been a technical advisor on many films such as "Lonesome Dove," "Good Old Boys," and "Seabiscuit." Dave says, "These different mediums make people aware of the depth of the Western Culture, which is really a patchwork quilt of many races and occupations, and is all a part of our American family. There's nothing else like it in the world." Oklahoma braider and saddle maker Len Yule says," I think that this is the best TCAA Show ever. There was a lot of depth to this work and it looks like everybody was on the same page." Canadian saddle maker Chuck Stormes, who was not able to make a saddle for the show this year, says, "I think this is the best group of saddles and other work that we've ever had here. On the other side of Joseph and Linda Sherwood of High Noon Western Americana in Los Angeles are ardent supporters of the Cowboy Crossings show.

30 |

February 2014

Shop Talk!

Rawhide braider Leland Hensley visits with photographer Deb Phelan.

the room, I think that some of the CAA members have one of their strongest shows since they came back to the Hall of Fame. All in all, I'm really impressed." Linda Sherwood, from High Noon Western Americana in Los Angeles, says, "It's a wonderful convergence of art and artisans coming together to beautifully represent the West. We are supporters because we want this genre to last forever and that's what High Noon does. Not only do we sell it but we want to perpetuate it. These are the collectables of the future." The Cowboy Crossings Show is much more than an exhibition of high-end merchandise though. There is a much deeper message here and you only have to listen to the conversations going on to hear it.

Texas braider Leland Hensley really hit the nail squarely on the head when he made the following astute remarks that get to the heart of dilemma that faces each and every professional leather worker in US:

"People here are going beyond what they have to and it's inspirational. It makes me better, and it makes people who aren't even in the TCAA better because they can see what's possible. The bar keeps raising every year, and it's scary to me because I have to keep raising the level of my

work along with it. It gives hope to guys coming up that they can make a living doing what they love. In the not too distant past, you may have had a desire to do this, but there was no way to make a living doing it and to be able to feed your family doing it. We dropped so far, financially, behind a lot of other industries. I used to think that I made stuff for working people and that I had to make it to where they could afford it and at the same time I was starving

Another supporter of the TCAA is Hermann Oak Leather of St. Louis, MO. As President Shep Hermann visited with some of the leather craftsmen, he commented, “I am in awe of the artistry, dedication, cohesiveness, and selflessness of this group of individuals. They exemplify why I love this industry.”

Est. 1984

Proleptic, Inc. The Leader in Innovation

PO Box 17817, Asheville, NC 28816 828-505-8474 •

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February 2014 |


This Canadian maple leaf pattern saddle is a tribute to Will James and one of two that Rick Bean sold in the Cowboy Crossings Sale. Russell Yates inlaid the fine silver in the steel horn, stirrups, and conchos.

you do’ if you used every skill you had without constraints of time, money, and materials? A lot of folks are reluctant to make a living with the trades because they don't think they can. If they do, many times they find a comfortable niche below their actual skill level. We want to encourage people to raise the bar."

myself to death. I wish I could make my gear for the working guy who would use it, and appreciate it, but it's harder for them to buy it now. Hopefully, I'm paving the way for the guy who's just starting out, to be able to make a living doing it. An electrician or a plumber who's been on the job for five years gets more per hour than I do and I've been braiding for thirty years. 32 |

February 2014

Nobody could have said it better. Wyoming bit and spur maker Ernie Marsh, who is also 2013 President of the TCAA, philosophizes, "A lot of makers out there have the ability to pick it up a notch if their customers were willing to support them. When we formed this group, we knew what we did, and had to do, to have a viable business. The question was ‘what could

It seems fitting that Alberta silversmith Scott Hardy made a silver set including a bowl, plate, cup, and spoon for the show. He was inspired as a child by some of the work on his grandmother's Tiffany tea set but filed it away as he spent his younger years cowboying. Scott reflects on the show: "The TCAA was created to entice young members and show them what a high level of work could do for them, and also to introduce collectors to a higher level of Western craftsmanship. I think that tonight demonstrates that we've been able to do both of these things. We still have a long road ahead because there are a lot of misconceptions about our work." Rick Bean of Idaho sold two saddles at the show. One of them, featuring a Canadian maple leaf carving and seven hand carved, sterling silver cowboy scenes, sold for Shop Talk!

Rick Bean (right) is interviewed by Nick Pernokas, Senior Staff Writer for Shop Talk!, immediately after selling both of his saddles for a total of $59,600. (Photo courtesy Deb Phelan.)

$45,300. Russell Yates contributed conchos, stirrups, and a metal horn inlaid with silver. It went to a couple in Wyoming who are decorating their house in a Western motif. His other saddle, featuring a floral border and three hand carved cowboy scenes, sold for $14,300. The conchos were made by Scott Hardy. For Rick, it's a bittersweet night. "I'm elated, but I feel bad for my comrades whose saddles haven't sold yet. The super high-end market is a small one." Idaho saddle maker Cary Schwarz admits that "the knee jerk reaction out there is that these guys are just trying to sell these items for high prices." A few days of talking to folks at this show will open your eyes to what the TCAA is really trying to do. There is no guaranteed paycheck here. 74% of the items sold in the sale, which marked an increase from last year. However, the soft spots were the high end items like the saddles which represent a substantial invest of each maker’s time and money. Each of the members had to commit part of his or her year, and his or her finances, to producing three items for the show. All of them have successful businesses that had to be put on hold while they went out on a limb being creative. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't.

SH $18 90 +$3.00

Wholesale pricing available.

"When you have a stack of orders sitting there, and you have to steal some time to do something on speculation, it's sort of a ‘bird in hand’ situation," says Cary. The TCAA considers the show as an educational venue to display this type of "out of the box" work that otherwise would not have been created. Their hope is to cultivate a collector base for this kind of art. Their interest in education doesn't end with potential customers though. Each year the TCAA gives a fellowship to a worthy applicant. These people are usually already accomplished in their Shop Talk!

• • • •

4 AA Batteries Required* Ready to use in 10 seconds Safety slide switch & button Trims close & quick

* Batteries not included Proleptic, Inc. • PO Box 17817 • Asheville NC 28816 (828) 505-8474 • email:

February 2014 |


Saddle maker Cary Schwarz (left) and silversmith Mark Drain share a moment.

really makes you think outside the box," says Ken. "The silver engraving carries over into the leather carving and that's really what I was after. It really helped me a bunch. I'm looking forward to going home and working on my carving." How does a person become a TCAA member? It's not a picnic. chosen vocations. The fellowship allows them to travel to and stay with several TCAA members who will actually mentor them in their work. This year's recipient was saddle maker Steve Mason from High River, Alberta, Canada. The TCAA has also started an Emerging Artists Competition for up and coming talent. The first one was held in January of 2013 at the High Noon Western Americana Auction in Mesa, AZ. The statistics on what they do to promote education in the trades are impressive and really show how the TCAA

is “putting its money where its mouth is”. For example, 140 craftspeople have received more than $70,000 to further their training. Two hundred and ten craftspeople have been mentored at TCAA members’ studios. Two hundred and fifty craftspeople have attended workshops hosted at The National Cowboy Museum. This year's workshop was put on by Chuck Stormes and silversmith Mark Drain. Ken Raye, a custom saddle maker from Louisiana, attended the three day "Western Element and Design" workshop. "The workshop was very good. Mark

Cary says, "Becoming a member is extremely hard and we make no apologies about that. An applicant needs to be able to defend their ‘Master's Thesis.’ We keep raising the bar for ourselves and that carries over to the applicants. It takes a 75% affirmative vote for an applicant to be accepted. On the other hand, if an applicant looks at it as a learning process, it can be rewarding. You will have your work critiqued by some of the best in the business and scrutinized at a level that you have never seen before. If you can get your head around that, it can be a wonderful opportunity for you as a craftsman."

Horses, Hitches, and Rocky Trails by Joe Back: paperback, 117 pp. This slender volume is referred to by experienced horsepeople as “The Packer’s Bible.” It is a gem! Simply the best and most practical How-to book on packing that is available. Reg. $1295 ON SALE 00 NEWLY REPUBLISHED



Proleptic, Inc • PO Box 17817 • Asheville, NC 28816 828-505-8474 • •

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February 2014

sizes with both flat & rounded throat latches

- Pony - Cob - Stallion - Yearling - Horse

Size Charts for $16.50 Quick Reference +shipping Proleptic, Inc. • P.O. Box 17817 • Asheville, NC 28816 ph: 828-505-8474 • Email: WHOLESALE DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE

Shop Talk!

Saddle makers Chuck Stormes and Cary Schwarz visit with Cowboy gear enthusiasts in the reception line.

For the craftsman laboring in the trenches, and trying his best to keep ahead of the bills, the TCAA Show may seem to be completely irrelevant. An old show business saying may apply here, though, and link the two together: "Go where you're appreciated, not where you're tolerated." Perhaps a little more appreciation would do all of us in this business some good.

Maybe it can be summed up in a story that was told to me by a couple of different people this year. A young spur maker takes his beautiful silver mounted spurs to a famous bit and spur maker to get some tips on how to improve on his work. His asking price is $500. The old spur maker pulls out a pair of his spurs that are similar but carry a five times larger price tag. The old spur maker asks the young spur maker to look at them and tell him why the older spur maker's are worth more money. The young spur maker studies them for a while, and asks, "Is it the engraving?” The old maker shakes his head. "Is it the quality of the silver?" Again a shake of the head. "Forge work?" No. "Balance?" No. Finally the old spur maker says, "They're worth more because I have the cojones to ask it for them." For more information on the TCAA, call (208) 865-2002.

Pedro Pedrini and Dave Alderson Saddle Sells for Whopping $76,000.00


edro Pedrini and dave Alderson probably breathed a sigh of relief when their collaboration (Chuck Stormes also contributed the silver horn and cantle bindings), a fully carved and silver mounted saddle, sold in November. The saddle, which was on display at the almost three-month long "Cowboy Crossings show" in oklahoma City, sold for a reported $76,000. dave Alderson's silverwork created by the repousse, chasing, and filigree of seven pounds of silver sheet made up $41,000 of the cost. For a saddle maker to build a saddle like this on spec is unusual. Fortunately, the Cowboy Crossings Show offered a venue for the saddle to be seen and displayed for a period of time that allowed it to have great exposure. Pedro, originally from France, said,"I feel fortunate, and proud, that somebody recognized the effort that we both put in it and appreciate our work enough to put up that much money.”

Pedrini and David Alderson discuss their saddle with Shep Hermann of Hermann Oak Leather at the 2013 Cowboy Crossings show in Oklahoma City. The saddle was made from Hermann Oak leather.

Shop Talk!

The California-inspired saddle will not only bring some just rewards to these artists but shed a much needed spotlight on the custom saddle industry in general.

February 2014 |


Tandy Leather Factory: Ahead of the Times


he leather industry is a very tradition oriented business and Tandy Leather Factory has been a part of that tradition since 1919 when Norton Hinckley and Dave Tandy began selling leather shoe parts to shoe repair shops in Fort Worth. With an eye to leather craft as a hobby, Tandy began selling leather and tools aimed for making wallets and belts in the Forties. In the Sixties they acquired Radio Shack and were part of the home electronics boom with Tandy being a leader in the personal computer boom that took place in the Seventies. Eventually, Tandy Leather went its own way and continued to serve the small leather crafter. In 2000, they were purchased by The Leather Factory and the duo became Tandy Leather Factory. This year, Tandy Leather Factory took another step into the future when they opened their agship store in Fort Worth, right next to their corporate headquarters. The thing that is newsworthy is that this store is

36 |

February 2014

by Nick Pernokas

state of the art. Tandy Leather Factory was thinking outside the box when they designed it. The 24,000 square foot building resembles one that should be selling electronics and computers instead of leather. When you walk in the front door, you are greeted by a large airy showroom. A round desk with a bank of computers is staffed by friendly people who can direct you to the department that you need. Each type of leather is displayed on its own table and the lighting is designed to show the true color of each piece. Exotics and unusual prints are displayed prominently to draw you into the store. You definitely want to touch the displays. On the left wall of the store is a display of leather projects that have been made over the years which gives you an idea of what you can do with their products. The right side of the store has a bench where you Shop Talk!

can test the many stamping tools displayed there. Racks of kits are displayed in attractive boxes, each in its own rack. The "how to" books are arranged so that you can see all of them as you pass their shelves. Further back are more specialized tools and products. All of these bins are organized in numerical order, by catalogue number, so that the customer can easily locate them. In the back quarter of the retail store, on the second floor, is a glass walled classroom. If you take the elevator up to it, you'll find rows of seats behind benches Leather’s new store is right next door to their corporate headquarters which where students can learn a multi- Tandy services the rest of their stores. tude of skills. All of the classes are filmed and can be watched down the TLF booth at the Wichita Falls Roundup every below in the waiting area, on the large screens susyear, and he really likes the new store. Dennis thinks pended from the ceilings. When class isn't in sesthat the new location on Interstate 20 gives TLF a lot sion, the screens display leather working lessons of exposure to people from outside the area. from the TLF web site. "We have a lot of people from other states that Long-time employee Dennis Manvel is the guy with

Making Harness: A STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE Sizes for:      

Make or Repair:

Horse  Cob  Oversize  Draft  Mule  Pony 

Your Source For All Things Leather

Single Driving Team Driving Team Wagon Mule Shetland Welsh

Quick Recipes for the Experienced Leatherworker


+ $5.50 SH ($11.50 SH to Canada)

480 pp. Over 900 photos, patterns & illustrations. First edition, second printing

Order 6 or more today for $34.80 each!

Contact: Shop Talk!

P.O. Box 17817, Asheville, NC 28816 • (828) 505-8474 Fax: (828) 505-8476 • Email:

Shop Talk!

Request a copy of our 2014 BUYER’S GUIDE @ TLF_STAD_1013

February 2014 |


Leather is displayed under perfect lighting to showcase its beauty. It is very accessible and easy to find.

go by, stop, and come back to see the store. We also get a lot of people who have never been to a leather store before come in," says Dennis. “It's been fun." Store manager Carmen Alexander has been with TLF for three years. She takes a quick break from helping a customer find the right type of leather for his project. "I love the new store," says Carmen."Customers love clean, big buildings with bright lights. We get every type of customer, from your boy scout to

Dennis Manvel stands in front of a display of completed leather projects. He is a familiar face to many saddle makers in Texas from the years that he serviced the surrounding area with a Tandy Leather Factory delivery truck. He also is in the TLF booth every year at the Wichita Falls Roundup.

your old saddle maker, from your biker to your hobbyist." On the way out, I stop and watch an employee helping one of those bikers. He's been working on a tooled, studded clutch purse for his significant other. The employee helps him with some sewing tips. This is probably the most important thing that TLC is offering through their new store: help for leather enthusiasts. And lest any of us "seasoned professionals" snicker about a biker laboring over his girlfriend’s clutch purse, think about where we all came from. I still remember my first Tandy "Lucky Seven" leather kit in high school. How about you? For more information on Tandy Leather Factory, go to or call 817872-3200. And when you’re in the Ft. Worth-Dallas area, make sure you stop by—you’ll be glad you did!

This classroom is on the second floor. A holster class was on break the day I was there.

38 |

February 2014

Shop Talk!

26th Annual

Custom Boot � Saddle Makers Roundup

to b $5 Sa e aw ,00 tur ard 0 da ed y. M th in C us roug ash tb P e p hout rize res th s en e d t to ay wi on n.

Friday, Oct. 3 • 9 am - 6 pm Saturday, Oct. • 4 • 9 am - 6 pm MPED • 1000 5th St • Wichita Falls, TX Shop Talk!

For Information Contact: Eddie & Kathy Kimmel, Kimmel Boot • 2080 CR 304, Comanche, TX 76442 Email: • Phone: (325) 356-3197 • Fax: (325) 356-2490 February 2014 |


MORE HOLSTERS [Editor’s Note: Our apologies to Matt Whitaker for not including this along with this great piece on making bullet loops which appeared in the December 2013 issue on pp. 43-46. Matt had sent it in originally as a sidebar to help explain in more detail about what’s involved in turning your work when sewing loops—which can be a little tricky! So we apologize to Matt for the omission!]

Turning Your Work When Sewing Loops by Matt Whitaker, Frontier Gunleather

When turning the work in your machine at the end of the vertical or diagonal runs make sure that your needle is down (as an axis) and then raise the needle approximately ¼” so that the shuttle hook has caught the top thread before you actually turn the work. Please note: If you turn the work before the shuttle hook has caught the top thread you will have a skipped stitch. (A needle positioning system on your machine really helps eliminate the skipped stitches.)

THEN FINALLY, I should have mentioned this lovely mini holster that our guest of honor Alain Eon made for me a few years ago. Lovely workmanship and he even included a realistic toy gun which got through customs somehow! To the left of Alain’s holster is perhaps the smallest holster ever made. It’s a little less than ¾” tall and was made by my friend Bob Dellis who passed on about ten years ago. Bob was one talented guy and a sweet person. If you will notice in the picture below, this holster has been stamped with a basket weave. Bob actually made the stamp he used on this holster. Shortly before his death, he 40 |

February 2014

Halfway through turning the work after the vertical run

visited me in Virginia and brought along his tools, many of which he had made himself at the dinner table with roommates like Ray Pohja when they were young men, working for the likes of Porter and other famous saddle shops. We cleaned up Bob’s tools, took pictures, and posted them on e-Bay where they all eventually sold, including the tiny basket weaver stamp he had made years and years ago. What a talented craftsman and a good friend. Shop Talk!


THE MOST INTERESTING GUY in LEATHER by Jennifer Farmer, Assistant Editor


ou might think the self-proclaimed “Most official website,, as Interesting Guy in Leather” wouldn’t a part of a new venture Hopkins and his Operatake himself that seriously, but that is exactly tions Manager, Rusty Darnell, started to garner what Kevin Hopkins, President of Springattention for a select number field Leather Co. and selfof products. Kevin’s Value proclaimed Leather Guru, Channel, or KVC for short, is does. Hopkins, who bought modeled after the QVC channel the former Tandy Leather and the easy repartee between Factory store in 1999 when Hopkins and Darnell is evident Tandy closed its franchises, as they joke and jibe each other has, over the years, developed while still managing to get in a a whole repertoire of infew details about their products teresting antics that have and low prices. KVC will kept his business steadily become a regular venue for SLC expanding. “We want to have to showcase products and have fun and put out good inforKevin helping an intern. fun while doing it. mation at the same time,” says Hopkins. There are other new products at SLC according to Hopkins. “We have new kits, new patterns, new And have fun they do. Springfield Leather backpack patterns,” he says. “I wanted to update Co. is a main tourist attraction in Springfield, and breathe life into a dated sense of patterns.” MO, and many tourists come in just to visit SLC is also offering a new chap the furriest members of the pattern, an iPod mini and regular staff: Neeners, Bubby, Kydex, carrying case pattern, and a Bandit, Tippers, and Patches messenger bag pattern. SLC may not be on the official recently began selling Horween payroll but the employees leather, a relationship that took appreciate the relaxed atsome time to build and makes mosphere that allows them it possible for the public to to bring their dogs to work. purchase the exclusive leather by “Stupid Dog Productions” the square foot. While this may is the fond nickname of the seem a small thing to some, for marketing department at SLC Hopkins, the ability and desire which is responsible for the to sell leather by the square company’s annual product foot is a part of his philosophy catalogues and for the perKevin chatting with one of his favorite of providing superior customer formance of “Chihuahua employees, Lindsey—his daughter service every time. Bubby” as the growling “lion” in their version of MGM’s opening credits. The video can be viewed at the SLC’s Shop Talk!

“I get e-mails every day about how helpful my staff is,” Hopkins comments. “It’s one thing to

February 2014 |


complain, but it’s another to get that phone call from a customer that your staff has gone above and beyond.” Hopkins spends a great deal of his day answering questions that would normally be directed to a store associate at any other large retailer. At SLC, anyone can speak to the President. And no two answers are ever the same, even if the questions might be. “I get a lot of questions about what leather to work with,” Hopkins says. “And I tell them, nothing is ever written in stone when it comes to leather work.” This individualized consultation is part of what makes Hopkins such a compelling figure in the leather industry. His advice isn’t geared to selling what his company offers, but toward educating the person on what they need to know to be successful. “Deal with someone you know,” he advises. Another

42 |

February 2014

piece of invaluable advice to novice leather workers is to get a sample of the leather they want to use. Success may be measured by many things, but if the growth of the company in 2013 is any indication, SLC is in a good position. There are 60 full-time employees, up from 37 last year. They are currently hiring and doing some remodeling on the mail order portion of the building. Hopkins’ outlook for the upcoming year is upbeat. “It’s a lot to live up to,” he says of the online compliments that Springfield Leather receives. “You’ve got to treat customers like you want to be treated.” Kevin Hopkins can be reached 1463 S. Glenstone Springfield, MO 65808 or at 1-800-668-8518 or emailed at

Shop Talk!



Buena Vista Blankets Takes Big Risk, Receives Big Payoff by Jennifer Farmer, Assistant Editor

In the December 2013 issue of Plain Communities Business Exchange, Amos Stolzfus took out three full-page color ads to promote his business, Buena Vista Blankets. The fi rst ad appears on the front cover and the other two occur in the center of the paper. It was the first time Stoltzfus had ever taken such a huge marketing risk. “My wife said I was crazy,” Stoltzfus chuckles. “I stuck my neck out.” Buena


INDUSTRIAL SEWING SERVICES 1718 N. 1ST. STREET ** MILWAUKEE, WI. 53212 Serving the needle trades 90 years. POLYPROPYLENE WEBBING Firsts & Seconds. 28 colors on Firsts 59/60” NYLON FABRICS Firsts & Seconds Urethane Coated. 60 colors on 1000-Denier & many other fabrics. HOOK & LOOP Sew on 1/4” to 6”, some widths in 35 colors. P. S. (Stick on) 5/8”-5” Rubber & Acrylic. SPECIAL Hook/Loop. Call for prices ELASTICS Woven H D 1” thru 3” & Ex H D, also knitted & braided types. PLASTIC & METAL HARDWARE for webbing & miscellaneous items Grommets Washers 3 colors & Snaps 39 cap colors.

Firewood Bundle Webbing Handles Automated Hot/Sear Cutting on webbing, Elastics and Hook & Loop. For no-fray ends use Hot cutting on webbing for belt tip ends. 2-1/4” Electric Webbing & Rope Cutters for cut it yourself. Self-Locking Nylon Ties (Cable Ties) 4” thru 15”.

Plains Communities Business Exchange charges $1,500 for a full-page, color front cover. For the two center pages that Buena Vista Blankets used, businesses must call for special pricing according to the PCBE website. For a small business, this can easily exceed a year’s worth of marketing budget, but, according to Stolzfus who has seen fi rst hand what aggres-

Chap, Saddle & Tooling Leather! The best grades from the best tanneries! Hermann Oak #1, or A & B grades only! Skirting, Harness, Strap, tooling, etc. Large clean sides of chap leather! Same types and colors always in stock! Work, Rodeo and Show!

BIAS or STRAIGHT CUT fabric binding tape slitting SINGLE & DOUBLE folded Bias Tapes * 200+ colors. CORD EDGE PIPING 200+ colors & Asst. Cord Fillers for horse blankets.

Up to 200 Catalog color pages available. Save paper order as needed from our catalog index pages and the latest changes by e-mail in the same day to (or USPS mail takes longer) TOLL FREE NATION WIDE 1-800-425-4747 • FAX 1-414-265-5353


Shop Talk!

Vista Blankets is a seasonal maker of horse blankets, and winter is the season for business. The result of his bold move has nearly doubled Stolzfus’ orders. “We’ve not exactly been able to keep up with demand,” he says. “We’ve put crazy hours in every once in a while.”

Outstanding service! Real leather sample cards available!

Goliger Leather Company 800 423-2329 Fax 805 650-1742 email: Visit our website:

February 2014 |


sive marketing has meant to his business, it was worth every penny. “Plain Communities was really excited to have something different,” he says of his ad. “The Amish are my customers.” Not only was Stoltzfus able to reach his core customers, but he’s seen his business expand in a very short amount of time. “I have a huge response coming in,” he says happily. To reach Buena Vista Blankets call (717) 442-0164 or write 5857 Buena Vista Rd, Gap PA 17527. Plain Communities Business Exchange may be contacted at P O Box 520, Millersburg, PA 17061, (717) 215-7878, e-mail: advertise@ Please, Please, Please—PLAN AHEAD!! As a result of all the good work of our expanded writing staff, we are finally getting a nice inventory of stories which is allowing us to put together issues two months in advance! And this will result in our publishing issue in a much more timely manner

We stock over 1,000 types & colors of leather!

which means we’ll be able to mail issues out earlier and you’ll get your issue earlier in the month! HOWEVER—that also means if you have an auction or some event planned, we really do need to know about it at the very least 60 days in advance—90 would be better and then we’ll be able to mention it prior to the scheduled event. So—if you’ve got something cooking, then please let us know ASAP and thanks! Please contact: Shop Talk!, P O Box 17817, Asheville, NC 28717, (828) 505-8474, fax (828) 505-8476, e-mail: Is Your Glass Half Full? Folks—we’ve become a nation of whiners. It’s too hot. It’s too cold. Leather’s too high. My boss hates me. The government should do more. The government should do less—blah, blah, blah. As my Mom is fond of saying, “Get real!”

New & Improved Full Color Catalog Upon Request

FeatURINg: Chap Leather (125 colors available),

embossed Cow Sides, garment & Hair-On Hides, genuine Buffalo, genuine Salz Latigo, Harness Leather, Metallic Cow Sides, Patent Leather, Skirting, Strap & Upholstery Leathers Complete line of decorative accessories & full line of leather crafting tools.

Become a Preferred Customer:

Benefits of becoming a preferred customer: Very best pricing for the leathers you use the most. Receive immediate notification of leathers going on sale. Added luxury of choosing only leathers that interest you, thus eliminating unwanted emails. Notification of new products and services as they become available ensures the personal service you deserve. Logon to 595 Monroe St., Napa, CA 94559 888-HIDE-HOUSE Fax: 800-255-6160


44 |

February 2014


#331LR in size 230 (26) Made for #6 Pearson & #1 Landis Sewing Machines.

Aaron Martin Harness 4445 Posey Line RR#1 Wallenstein, On Canada N0B 2S0 • 1-800-367-0639 Bowman Leather 6705 Private Rd 387 Millersburg, Ohio 44654 330-893-1954

Shop Talk!

We recently ran a lovely piece by Kevin Hopkins at Springfi eld Leather about having the right attitude for business. He had a lot of good things to say that should be taken to heart and reflected on. Here’s a “for instance” of what having a positive attitude and a “can do” spirit means: A family in northern California had twin boys whose only resemblance to each other was their looks. If one felt it was too hot, the other thought it was too cold. If one said the TV was too loud, the other claimed the volume needed to be turned up. Opposite in every way, one was an eternal optimist and the other a doom and gloom pessimist. Just to see what would happen, one Christmas eve their father loaded the pessimist’s room with every imaginable toy and game he could buy. He loaded the optimist’s room with horse manure. Come Christmas morning the father passed

by the pessimist’s room and found his son sitting amid his new gifts, crying bitterly. So his dad asked. “Why are you crying?” “Because my friends will be jealous,” the boy answered. “I’ll have to read all these instructions before I can do anything with this stuff, I’ll constantly need batteries, and my toys will eventually get broken.” Passing the other twin’s room, his father found him dancing for joy in the pile of manure. “What are you so happy about?” he asked. To which his optimist twin replied, “There’s got to be a pony in here somewhere!” The moral of the story: if someone gives you lemons, make margaritas. Cheers. On the lookout A couple months ago we published a query to the effect that my friend John Glick at Sweat Pad Shop was looking for a double

SHELTON-REYNOLDS, INC. 11516 N Port Washington Rd., Mequon, WI 53092

First Quality & Closeouts

✧ Nylon Halter, Harness & Collar Webbing

✧ Nylon Sling Web ✧ Urethane & Vinyl Coated Webbing ✧ Seatbelt Webbing Seconds ✧ Polypropylene Webbing ✧ Hook & Loop – Sew on & Pressure Sensitive ✧ Derby Rope, Shock Cord ✧ Vinyl Fabrics - Laminates & Coated ✧ Sewing Thread - Nylon & Polyester - all sizes ✧ 100% Acrylic Marine Fabrics ✧ Truck Tie-down Web 1"- 2" - 3" - 4" ✧ Clear Vinyl Tent & Boat Window ✧ Rope - Nylon & Polyester ✧ 1/8" Nylon Parachute Cord for Braiding

✧ Canvas - All Styles & Weights, Natural,

Flame Retardant, Water & Mildew Resistant

Call Toll Free ~ Nationwide


Fax (262) 478-9226 SHIPMENT WITHIN 24 HOURS

Shop Talk!

February 2014 |


head riveter and he did fi nd one at Aaron Riveter. We also got a call from Roy Winger at (330) 600-1014 letting us know he had one for sale. David Roome at dave_roome@btinternet. com is needing an operator’s manual for a Wilcox & Gibbs model 101. His number may be (777) 054-7587 but am uncertain.

were an excellent source of raw hide; however, do not despair! There’s still lots and lots of rawhide, both wet and dried, available. Most suppliers carry rawhide so just ask yours. A very dependable source for rawhide is Tennessee Tanning at P O Box 967, Tullahoma, TN 37388, (931) 455-3441, Give them a call! Nice people. Not a Dying Anything

Got Rawhide? It’s true, Tejas Industries is no more and they


We got a real nice letter from a young man, thanking us for the support we give to the Saddle Contest at the Roundup each year— that’s was mighty thoughtful and we appreciate the kind note. In conclusion, our friend wrote: “…it means a lot to know there are people who support this art, a dying trade.” The last sentence was kind of a punch on the snout and rocked me a bit because, believe it or not, saddle making, harness making, boot making, etc. are FAR FROM DYING. In fact, our trades are really quite healthy. If you

Bogle Greenwell Machinery Corp. Since 1953

3100 E. Main, Grand Prairie, TX 75050 (972) 262-8652 or (972) 262-3101 Fax (972) 262-3251 Leather Machinery, Dies & Supplies Representatives & Distributors for:

Indusco Acme Staple Co. Adler America Inc. Chandler Machine Co. Manufacturers Supplies Co. Campbell Bosworth Machinery Co.

Consolidated Sewing Machine Corp. Hudson Machine Co. Randall Leather Machine Corp. Western Supplies Co. Quick Roll Leaf Mfg. Co., Inc. Schaefer Machine Company, Inc. Fortuna Machine Co. Ferd, Schmetz Needle Corp. Jado Machine Co. New England Needles Inc. Juki AmericaSinger Machine Co. Pfaff Pegasus of USA, Inc. & many more

Sale or Lease of New & Used Machinery

The American Donkey & Mule Society Established 1967—Serving Longears and their owners for over 40 years.

World’s Largest Single Source of Information and Services for all sizes of Donkeys, Mules & Zebra Hybrids. Home of the BRAYER magazine, The Original All-Breed Longear Publication 112 pages bi-Monthly. $23 US, $30 Canada, $35 overseas Ck, MO, Paypal, MC/Visa ADMS, PO Box 1210, Lewisville TX 75067 (972) 219-0781 Email **

46 |

February 2014

Shop Talk!

don’t believe me, call the folks at The Leather Machine and find out how much their sewing machine has grown in the past fi ve years. Do the same for Beiler’s Mfg. & Supply as well as Hillside Harness Hdw. and ask about how much their businesses have grown in the past 10 years. Call Springfield Leather and find out how much they’ve grown. I promise you—you will not hear a sob story. We have a greater diversity of suppliers to our trades now than we’ve had in 100 years and that does NOT happen if people aren’t buying equipment, leather, tools, and supplies. So no more of this stuff about “dying trade”! It’s a nice fiction but the facts do NOT support that notion. And thanks for your note! Too Late To Mention I’ve got a feeling with Shop Talk! working two issues in advance, we are going to have more and more of these announcements.

PRO-THREAD BURNER Only $15 + $2.85 SH 6ʹ long with solid brass tip, wooden handle, and 6´ cord. TRIM CLOSE & QUICK!

Proleptic, Inc. P.O. Box 17817 Asheville, NC 28816 ph: (828) 505-8474 fax: (828) 505-8476

Shop Talk!

February 2014 |


There is a big international antique auction each year in Camp Hill, PA—usually in early November and it offers world class tools, mostly wood working. There is a catalog available for a fee. Get on their mailing list if you’re interested: Brown Tool Auctions, 27 Fickett Rd., Pownal, ME 04069, (800) 248-8114,

Big Thanks from Precision Thom Stevenson, General Manager, wanted to send out a big THANK YOU to everyone who helped Precision Saddle Tree get back on its feet after its recent fire—thanks! Great Colors Available! Peach Lane Harness Shop announces that they now have pastel blues and pastel green nylons available in 3/4 and 1" the same as Weaver Leather had. Contact them at (717) 687-5122. New Site for Southwest Trade Show The Southwest Leatherworkers Trade Show has been relocated to the Prescott Resort & Convention Center in Prescott, AZ, and is scheduled for March 6-8. For all the details, please contact show host The Leather Crafters & Saddlers Journal at (888) 289-6409. Show Dates for 2014  There is a new show called the Wickenburg Leather, Silver and Tool Show which is being hosted by the nice people at Hansen Western Gear—Tim and Marie Hansen. It’s scheduled for Feb. 6-8 at the Wickenburg Community Center, Wickenburg, AZ. You may contact Marie and Tim at 725 Townhill Ave., Oakdale, CA 95361, (800) 970-7391,—plan now to attend or exhibit! E-mail:  March 6-8, 14th Southwest Leatherworkers Trade Show at the Prescott Resort & Convention Center in Prescott, AZ. Sponsored by The Leather Crafters & Saddlers Journal. Call (888) 289-6409.


Really WoRk $26.50 For the First 20 words

48 |

February 2014

Shop Talk!

 May 16-18, 21st Rocky Mountain Trade Show. Hosted by The Leather Crafters & Saddlers Journal. Call (888) 289-6409.  Weaver Auction sponsored by Weaver Leather, Mt. Hope, OH, June18-19.  Harness Makers’ Get-Together and Consignment Auction hosted by Chupp Blacksmith Shop, 9107 Township Road 609, Fredericksburg, OH 44625. The auction will be on July 17 and the Get-Together on July 18. Plan now to attend!  26th Annual Custom Boot & Saddle Makers Roundup is scheduled for Oct. 3-4, 2014, in Wichita Falls, TX. Contact: Eddie & Kathy Kimmel, Kimmel Boot, 2080 County Road 304, Comanche, TX 76442, (325) 356-3197, Mark Your Calendar!  May 16-18, 2014: 21st Rocky Mountain Trade Show. Hosted by The Leather Crafters & Saddlers Journal. Call (888) 289-6409.

The Business of Saddle Making By Pete Gorrell, Pete Gorrell Custom Saddlery

What's Inside: -Pricing -Retail vs Wholesale -Figuring Cost -Market Strategy -Work Sheets

$12.50 + SH

Order your Copy Today: Proleptic Inc.,

PO Box 17817, Asheville NC 28816 Phone 828-505-8474 Email: •

Shop Talk!

February 2014 |



Leather Projects You Can Do: Volumes I- VIII Volume I

• Installing Strings on a Western Saddle • Replacing the Wool on a Western Saddle, Part One & Part Two • Replacing Western Stirrup Leathers, Part One & Part Two • More Tips & Tricks for Replacing Western Stirrup Leathers

$21.50 + SH Volume II

• More Western Saddle Repairs • Making an Old Fashioned Western Bridle • Making Tapaderos: Different Styles & Sizes • More Tapaderos • Repairing a Western Saddle Horn

$22.50 + SH Volume III

• Making a Carpenter’s Apron, Part One & Part Two • Making a Farrier’s Apron • Making a Custom Tool Pouch • Making a Walkie Talkie Case

$19.50 + SH

Volume V

• How to Make Rounds • Making a Rounded Throat Latch • Making a Mule Riding Bridle • Making a “Brollar” • Making a Team Breast Collar • Fast Facts

$22.00 + SH Volume VI

• Collars, Couplers & Leashes, Part One & Part Two • Installing Spikes & Spots • Making Dog Harness • Making Dog Tracking Harness • Making a Dog Muzzle

$19.50 + SH Volume VII

• Making a Leather Log Box • Making Leather Pockets for Billiard Table • Repairing a Leather Gun Case: New Straps & Handle • Replacing Trunk Handles • Rerigging a McClellan Saddle

$19.50 + SH Volume IV

• Making a Pistol Holder • Making a Western Gun Belt • Making Shell Loops • Making a Detachable Shell Carrier • Making an Adjustable Rifle Sling with Shell Pouch

$17.00 + SH

Volume VIII

• Making a Possible Bag for Black Powder Shooting • Restringing Bells • Making Leather Suspenders • Making Cow & Horse Hobbles • Making a Knife Sheath • Making a Double Bit Axe Sheath • Making a Single Bit Axe Sheath

$22.00 + SH Manuals PLUS ·· Service Instruction Manuals · Parts Lists

Visit for the list of manuals & prices or give us a call and we can mail you the information.

PROLEPTIC INC | P.O. Box 17817 Asheville, NC 28816 | P 828.505.8474 | F 828.505.8476 | |

 June18-19, 2014: Weaver Auction sponsored by Weaver Leather, Mt. Hope, OH.  July 17 & 18, 2014: Harness Makers’ GetTogether and Consignment Auction hosted by Chupp Blacksmith Shop, 9107 Township Road 609, Fredericksburg, OH 44625.  October 3-4: 26th Annual Custom Boot & Saddle Makers Roundup, Wichita Falls, TX. Contact: Eddie or Kathy Kimmel at Kimmel Boot, 2080 County Road 304, Comanche, TX 76442, (325) 356-3197, e-mail: kimmels@cctc. net,

We Buy

Used Books &Artwork

Proleptic, Inc.

PO Box 17817 Asheville, NC 28816 828.505.8474

Topics include: •Harness •Saddlery •Leather Working •Saddle Making •Shoe Making •Military •Collecting •Equipment Manuals •Prints •Posters •Paintings

We Buy

Used Tools & Bench equipment Complete Sets & Collections Proleptic, Inc. • PO Box 17817 • Asheville NC 28816

(828) 505-8474 • Try our NEW Vinyl in 8 Colors Both sides vinyl. Better than marine vinyl. For longer wear-Wash them clean & keep inside dry.

• Collar pads • Breast pads • Show pads • Split Breast pads • Back pads • Breeching pads

 Write For Free Catalog  Sweat Pad Shop 183 Stoneyhill Road, Quarryville, PA 17566

468 CANAL ST., STE. 201, LAWRENCE, MA 01840


Bi-monthly trade publication for Carriage & Wagon Makers $25/year in U.S. ~ $30 (US funds only) in Canada

BUGGY BUILDER’S BULLETIN 795 Mason St.., Dayton, VA 22821

(540) 879-9260

Shop Talk!

February 2014 |


52 |

February 2014

Shop Talk!

A Bit of History A great old photo of a saddle shop in South Texas around 1920

Courtesy of: The Robert Runyon Photograph Collection, , courtesy of The Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

MANUFACTURING W Farm & Buggy Collars

W Adjustable Top Collars W All Purpose Collars

W Show Collars W Heavy Logging Collars W No-Choke Pulling Collars W Collar Clock & Mirror Large Inventory in Stock for prompt shipment!

Design ŠThe Draft Horse Journal

Shop Talk!

We also stock No Wrinkle Vinyl Healing Pads Harness Parts CALL OR WRITE FOR A FREE WHOLESALE CATALOG.

Answering service 515-830-2596 17607 200th St. | Bloomfield, Iowa 52537

February 2014 |


CLASSIFIEDS Classified ad rates are $26.50 for the first 20 words and $.65 cents for each additional word. Words (or groups of letters) fewer than three characters are not counted when calculating the cost of the ad. Street addresses are counted as one word. City, state, country, and zip or postal code are combined and counted as one word. Enclose payment when submitting ads. Ads received without payment will be held until payment is made. Ads must be received no later than the fifth of the month prior to the month you wish the ad to run (e.g. ads for the February issue must be in our office by January 5). Typed or neatly printed ads are preferred. We are not responsible for mistakes due to handwriting. Faxed ads must be typed and are accepted with MasterCard, VISA or Discover only.

WANTED Wanted: New subscribers from Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, and Idaho. Now is the time to renew! Give us a call at (828) 505-8474, e-mail: or visit Wanted: Draw gauges. Any condition. Parts and pieces. Contact: Shop Talk!, P O Box 17817, Asheville, NC 28816, (828) 505-8474, e-mail: Wanted: Bench equipment. Any condition. Skivers, splitters, pressers, spotters, etc. Also parts and pieces— bolts, frames, springs, blades. We pay shipping. Contact Shop Talk!, P.O. Box 17817, Asheville, NC 28816, (828) 505-8474, e-mail: Wanted: Books and artwork related to saddle making, harness making, boot making, leather working, etc.


Contact: Shop Talk!, P O Box 17817, Asheville, NC 28816, (828) 505-8474, Wanted: Markwell R.B. Staples Carbon Steel 5/16 legs used in R.B. Markwell. R.B. type tackers. Contact: W.D. Hochstetler & Sons W-12926 Petersburg Rd., Blair WI 54616. Looking for a wholesale outlet for leather belts and leather crafts? Call (717) 656-9838.

FOR SALE For Sale: Jukie 441 sewing machine complete with cabinent

and air motor. Like new. Barely used. $5,000. Snyder Co, PA 17864, (570) 372-0754. (2/14) Belts & Phone Cases. Top quality at competitive prices. Any size belt, any size phone. Wholesale. Write: Mose

A. Lyons & Co., Inc. The Best Quality Components since 1933 • Leather Components • Leather Insoles • Leather Heels • Leather Midsoles • Leather Counters • Leather Bends A. Lyons & Co., Inc.

40 Beach Street • Manchester, MA 01944 Phone 978-526-4244 • Fax 978-526-1445 email:

54 |

February 2014

Shop Talk!

Gingerich 4659 Shrewsbury Rd., Leitchfield, KY 42754. For Sale: Wholesale harness and supplies, hardware, Brahma web, dull and shiny PVC sheeting, nylon webbing, nylon thread, harness parts, etc. Try out our new all synthetic blinds and winker stays with wire. Ask for your free catalog today. Contact: Countryside Manufacturing, 504 S. Humbert St., Milton, IA 52570. (6/14) For Sale: 1,665 black Segma belt snaps. Original cost $416. Will sell all for $225 or best offer. Contact (513) 4225227. Install and remove Chicago screws quickly and easily in the shop or on the trail. $16.95 + $4 S&H. Call for wholesale pricing. Contact: JP’s Brige & Equine Too, 26266 E. County Road 700 N., Easton, IL 62633. (309) 562-7266. E-mail:, Custom manufacturing available for leather or synthetic products serving the equine, pet, and related industries. Quality and personal service for your project. Contact: Mud Creek Leather, 9415 W 300 S Topeka, IN 46571, (260) 593-0044.

Shop Talk!

February 2014 |


Liquidating Entire Inventory. Seven heavy duty sewing machines—Cobra, Artisan, Juki. Two embossing machines. 12” USMC splitter. 12” Aperture band knife. Two creasers. Singer 112 dbl. needle. 14” strap cutter. Three Standard spot machines. 5-hole nylon burner. Two chap machines. Five cargo trailers. Container load of saddles, bridles, halters, leads, etc. No reasonable offer refused. Contact: Ben Day, Western Specialties, 3106 Cedar Dale Rd., Mt. Vernon, WA 98274, phone (360) 708-4201, fax (360) 428-2037. (2/14) For Sale: USMC splitting machine. Model-P #926. 26”. $2,400 OBO. With extra bade. Contact: Axeville Harness Shop, 8019 Wigwam Rd., Belfast, NY 14711. (2/14) Two Tippmann Boss sewing machines for sale. One cast iron machine includes stand, $1.000. One cast aluminum includes stand and roller guide $1,100. Contact: JT at (229) 403-3572, (2/14) For all your leather needs. Call Moser Leather (800) 8741167 or (513) 889-0500. You can visit our website at www. (R&B) For Sale: The Pro-Concho Turner: The only one in the U.S. Makes removal of decorative conchos a snap! Used with

RJF Leather

Veg. Leathers for Saddles, Belts, Holsters & Case Goods

• Specializing in premium natural double shoulders • Bends • Sides • Backs • Bellies • Gum Flesh available • Drum dyed leathers, harness, latigo, and english bridle • Each piece is hand selected for your needs • No Minimum Quantities Roger J. Folmar • European double bends 15 Woodsview Dr. ◆ Elmira, NY 14903 for belts and belt lining Ph: 607-742-8969. ◆ Fax: 607-562-5323 Email: ◆

56 |

February 2014

Shop Talk!

Shop Talk!

February 2014 |


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February 2014

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electric drill. Take the fuss and bother out of a difficult job with the Pro-Concho Turner! Saves time, makes money! Rubber gripper protects the concho and makes removal or installation easy. Only $29.00 plus $3.95 S&H, 6-inch steel shank, and rubber gripper. Ready to use! Contact: Proleptic, Inc., P.O. Box 17817, Asheville, NC 28816, (828) 505-8474, e-mail: For Sale: “Making Harness: A Step-by-Step Guide”, $58 plus $5.50 S&H. Specs and instructions on how to make and repair six styles of harness from pony to draft, driving, team wagon and mule. Contact: Proleptic, Inc., P.O. Box 17817, Asheville, NC 28816, (828) 505-8474, e-mail:, Adler 205-400 in excellent condition. Adjustable stand, speed reducer, and accessories. Never used on repairs. Must sell ASAP. $3,800. Call (270) 213-0734. For Sale: Pricing Guide: “How to Establish Prices for the Saddle Maker and Leather Worker.” Only $39.95 plus $4.50 S&H. Contact: (828) 505-8474. (12/12) For Sale: New and used Adler, Brother, Consew, Juki, Pfaff, Singer machines for sewing bio-plastic, canvas, leather and nylon. Available in single or double needles,

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Really WoRk $26.50 For the First 20 words

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standard, long arm, flatbed, postbed, cylinder arm. Contact: Bob Kovar, Toledo Industrial Sewing Machine, 3631 Marine Rd., Toledo, OH 43609, (866) 362-7397 or (419) 380-8540. (11/10) For Sale: Tools for the Professional—Ol’ Smoothie swivel knives, blades, stamping tools, and more. Contact: Chuck Smith Tools, Smith & Co., P O Box 2647, Valley Center, CA 92082. (760) 749-5755. Fax (760) 749-5355. E-mail: (R&B) Books by Pete Gorrell (719) 695-4443, e-mail: “Floral Pattern Drawing for the Artistically Impaired” $18.95. “The Basics of Saddle Fit” $21.95. “The Business of Saddle Making” $12.50. S&H $3.50. Shipping by USPS rates. Also available from Proleptic, Inc. at (828) 505-8474, e-mail: ; Leather Wranglers at (505) 269-8563, e-mail:; Sheridan Leather Outfitters at (888) 803-3030. (R&B) for all your leather, tool, and supply needs. Friendly, helpful staff at (507) 932-3795. (R&B) Efka servosystem with speed control. Six extra presser feet. $3,750. Also Osborne No. 86 splitter, $375 and Champion 5-in-1 for $395/ Buyer pays freight. Moti-

vated seller. Contact: Chuck Hooks at (425) 743-6387 and (425) 772-7665. No. 9 Luberto Harness Stitcher. Good working condition $2,850 OBO. Call Jake: 660-247-3256 For Sale: Cobra Class 4 $ 2000. Like new. Works great. Quitting business. Call for info 8am to 6pm PST. Robert Sharp (541) 200-4275


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February 2014

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Pro-Thermal Tools

For Synthetic Webbing

Cut & Seal

80 Watt Handle $34.50

13/4” Round Strap Ending Tool $34.50

#4 with 1” Shank

Large 1/4”

21/4” Straight Strap Ending Tool $29

Medium 7/32”

13/16” x 7/32” Slotting Tip $31

Hole Burners $17.35 each Small 3/16”




Contact: Proleptic, Inc., P.O. Box 17817, Asheville, NC 28816 (828) 505-8474 • Fax: (828) 505-8476 Email: • Shop Talk!

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A. Lyons ............................................. 54 Aaron Martin ...................................... 44 American Leather Direct ...................... 8 Artisan Sewing......................back cover Barta Hide.......................................... 55 Beiler’s Mfg. & Supply ....................... 11 BioThane Coated Webbing ................. 5 Bogle Greenwell Machinery Corp ...... 46 Booth & Co ........................................ 13 Bowden Saddle Tree ......................... 11 Brayer ................................................ 46 Brodhead Collar Shop ....................... 53 Buckeye Engraving............................ 12 Buckle Barn USA ............................... 14 Buena Vista Blankets ........................ 16 Buggy Builder’s Bulletin ..................... 51 Campbell-Randall .............................. 59 Center Square Harness ..................... 14 Charles Hardtke................................. 20 Chupp Blacksmith Shop .................... 18 Chupp Brothers Wholesale.................. 9 Coblentz Collar .................................. 15 Danny Marlin Knives.......................... 23 Double K ............................................ 24 Fairview Country Sales...................... 38 Fine Tool Journal ............................... 23 Foam-Tex........................................... 17 Gfeller Casemakers, Inc .................... 53

ADVERTISERS INDEX Goliger Leather Co., Inc. ................... 43 Hadlock & Fox Mfg. Co...................... 22 Hand Plait Leather ............................... 9 Hansen Western Gear ....................... 12 Harness Hdw ..................................... 14 Hastilow ............................................. 52 Hertzler .............................................. 17 Hide House ........................................ 44 Hillside Harness Hardware, Ltd.back cover International Sheepskin ..................... 48 Kalico Products.................................... 7 Kimmel Boot ...................................... 39 Landesman Bros. .............................. 12 Landis Sales & Service...................... 49 Leather Crafters & Saddlers .............. 39 Leather Machine Co., Inc., The ......... 63 Lewis Sales Co .................................. 51 Maker’s Leather Supply ..................... 15 Meek’s Medication ............................. 52 Miller's Wholesale Harness ............... 13 Moser Leather ................................... 19 Mud Creek ......................................... 16 Mules and More, Inc. ......................... 52 My Buyer's Guide ........................ 24, 60 N & A Harness Shop .......................... 47 Nutra Glo ........................................... 27 Ohio Plastics...................................... 13 Ohio Travel Bag ................................. 54

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Pecard ............................................... 48 Perfectex Plus LLC ............................ 13 Precision Saddle Tree ....................... 57 Proleptic .................. 27,33,34,37,39,47, ............................. 49,55,56,58,59,61,62 Raphael Sewing Machine/TechSew 12,51 RJF Leather ....................................... 56 RM Williams Distributing.................... 61 Ron's Tools ........................................ 14 Shelton-Reynolds, Inc ....................... 45 Shetler’s Collar Shop ......................... 46 ShoTan .............................................. 17 Small Farmer’s Journal...................... 55 Smoke & Fire Co. .............................. 46 Springfield Leather ............................ 42 Steel Stamps ..................................... 45 Sugar Valley Collar Shop................... 56 Sun Bias, Inc. .................................... 43 Sweat Pad Shop .......................... 10, 51 Tandy Leather .................................... 37 TechSew/Raphael Sewing Machine12, 51 Tennessee Tanning............................... 53 Texas Custom Die ............................. 16 Thoroughbred Leather ......................... 2 Toledo Sewing ..................................... 3 Troyer's Harness ............................... 44 Western Mule .................................... 52 Yoder Pad Shop ................................ 10

$45 each additional page. Event flyers must be inserted 60 days in advance. All inserts must be shipped directly to printer.

Full Page $485.00 Reduce - Reuse - Recycle Half Page $271.00 Recycling old magazines, catalogs, and Quarter Page $147.00 newspapers is one of the Eighth Page $78.00 (Color and guaranteed placement addi- easiest ways to help the environment. To increase tional) the supply of recoverable Setup Charge wood fiber and to reduce the demand $60 per hour with a $18 minimum. Line art on regional landfills, Shop Talk! urges may be inserted at no additional charge. $10 its readers to support recycling efforts in per photo. their communities.

Deadline for advertising copy is the 5th of the month prior to the month of publication. Invoices are due upon receipt. SHATA members who display the SHATA logo in their advertisement Shop Talk! is printed only with inks receive a 5% discount on display ads. 6 or Inserts made from vegetable oil. 12-month prepaid advertising contracts $399 for one page— receive a 5% discount. Discounts may not Maximum trim size: 8-1/4” X 10-3/4” be combined (advertisers may receive Shop Talk! • published by Proleptic, Inc.• P.O. Box 17817 either a SHATA discount or a prepaid Asheville, NC 28816 • email: contract discount).

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February 2014

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Shop Talk!

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Shop Talk!

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