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July 978-0-00-730069-3 £12.99 HB 234x153mm 320pp Rights: Home, Commonwealth, US market, Exclusive European, Serial Export edition: 978-0-00-730070-9 TPB £10.99 July

Jon Stock is currently Weekend editor of the Daily Telegraph in London. He is the author of two novels, Riot Act and The Cardamom Club, and is also a columnist with The Week magazine in India. He lives in Wiltshire with his wife and three young children.

Dead Spy Running Jon Stock ‘Exactly what we need from a spy novel now’ Lee Child Daniel Marchant, a suspended MI6 officer, is running the London Marathon. He is also running out of time. A competitor is strapped with explosives. If he drops his pace, everyone around him will be killed, including the US ambassador to London. Marchant tries to thwart the attack, but is he secretly working for the terrorists? There are those in America who already suspect Marchant of treachery, just like they suspected his late father, the former head of MI6, who was removed from his job by the CIA. Now Marchant is treated like an enemy combatant. On the run from the CIA, Marchant is determined to prove his father’s innocence in a personal journey that takes him from Wiltshire, via Poland, to India. It was here that the former MI6 chief once met with one of the world’s most wanted terrorists, and where the new President of America is shortly to visit. But was that meeting proof of a mole within MI6, or the best penetration of Al Qaeda the West has ever had? And was Marchant’s father the keeper of another, darker, secret?


Blue Door Fiction

October 978-0-00-732469-9 £9.99 HB 216x135mm 80pp Rights: Home, Commonwealth, not Canada, Serial

Luis d’Antin van Rooten was born in Mexico City in 1906 and died in Chatham, Massachusetts, in 1973. Along with his obvious interest in the scholarship of language, Mr van Rooten pursued a distinguished career in both theatre and film. He appeared in many Broadway plays, including John Osborne’s Luther, and his film credits include The Night Has a Thousand Eyes, Detective Story and Sea Chase. He also provided the voices for both the King and the Grand Duke in the Disney version of Cinderella, so talked to himself throughout!

Mots d’Heures: Gousses, Rames Luis d’Antin van Rooten First published in 1967, Mots d’Heures: Gousses, Rames is an addictive classic, both of erudition and of humour. Once you ‘get’ the van Rooten version of forty best-loved nursery rhymes, helped by the witty explanatory footnotes, you’ll be hooked for life. The following well-known saga of the world’s most famous omelette is a typical example: Un petit d’un petit S’étonne aux Halles Un petit d’un petit Ah! degrés te fallent Indolent qui ne sort cesse Indolent qui ne se mène Qu’importe un petit d’un petit Tout Gai de Reguennes.

Blue Door Fiction


Beautiful Losers Leonard Cohen One of the best-known experimental novels of the 1960s, Beautiful Losers centres upon the hapless members of a love triangle united by their sexual obsessions and by their fascination with Catherine Tekakwitha, the 17th-century Mohawk saint. Not just an extremely funny novel, but an incredibly original and explicit examination of friendship, sex and spirituality. ‘The most vivid, fascinating and brave modern novel I have read’ Michael Ondaatje

September 978-0-00-731838-4 £8.99 PB 216x115mm 272pp Rights: Home, Commonwealth, not Australia, not Canada, Serial


Blue Door Fiction

The Favourite Game Leonard Cohen This lyrical first novel by the acclaimed singer-songwriter charts the coming of age of Lawrence Breavman, the only son of a Jewish Montreal family. The angst and beauty of Cohen’s voice deftly channel the painful confusion of the journey into adulthood, and the friendships, wars and lovers that are our guides. ‘He is a writer of terrific energy and colour, a Rabelaisian comic and a visualiser of some memorable scenes’ Observer

September 978-0-00-731839-1 £8.99 PB 216x115mm 272pp Rights: Home, Commonwealth, not Australia, not Canada, Serial

July 978-0-00-730035-8 £12.99 TPB 216x135mm 300pp Rights: Home, Commonwealth, not Canada, Exclusive European, Serial

Nikki Gemmell is the author of four novels, including the international bestseller The Bride Stripped Bare. She lives in London with her family.

The Book of Rapture Nikki Gemmell Three children wake up in a basement room of a large city hotel. They have been drugged and taken from their beds in the middle of the night. Now they are here. Alone. Where are their parents? Who can they trust? The family has been betrayed to the government and Salt Cottage, their home on a cliff top above the ocean, is no longer safe. Their mother’s scientific work has put them all in danger. To protect them, she must let them go. She must put her faith in an old family friend – and in her children’s own resilience and courage. Searing, provoking and unputdownable, The Book of Rapture challenges our beliefs about science, about children, and about trust. As passionate as The Bride Stripped Bare, it will compel, seduce and haunt you.

Fourth Estate Fiction


September 978-0-00-732222-0 £15.99 HB 216x135mm 352pp Rights: Home, Commonwealth, not Canada, Serial

Victor Lodato is the recipient of Guggenheim and NEA fellowships and has won numerous awards for his plays, including an award from the Kennedy Center Fund for New American Plays. This is his first novel.

Mathilda Savitch Victor Lodato A fiercely funny and touching début novel about a girl with a sharp and mischievous voice of her own – and her quest to discover the truth about her sister’s death. Fear doesn’t come naturally to Mathilda Savitch. She prefers to look right at the things nobody else can bring themselves to mention: for example, the fact that her beloved older sister is dead, pushed in front of a train by a man who is still on the loose. Still, after a year of spying and provocations, she’s no closer to the truth about her sister’s death than the day it happened. When Mathilda finally cracks her e-mail password, a secret life opens up, one that swiftly draws her into a world of clouded motives and strange emotions. Somewhere in it lies the key to waking her family up from their dream of grief. To cross into that underworld and see what her sister saw, she has to risk everything that matters to her. Mathilda Savitch is furiously funny, awkward and tender; a compelling page-turner, and the début of an extraordinary novelistic talent.


Fourth Estate Fiction

October 978-0-00-731345-7 £14.99 HB 216x135mm 300pp Rights: Home, Commonwealth, Exclusive European, Serial

Patrick Gale was born on the Isle of Wight in 1962. He spent his infancy at Wandsworth Prison, which his father governed, then grew up in Winchester. He now lives on a farm near Land’s End. His most recent novels are Friendly Fire, the Richard and Judy bestseller Notes from an Exhibition and The Whole Day Through.

Gentleman’s Relish Patrick Gale This tremendously enjoyable collection of stories has the same wit, tenderness and acute psychological observation as Gale’s bestselling novels, including Notes from an Exhibition. For Gale’s many fans, Gentleman’s Relish will be a real treat. ‘Gale’s prose grows ever more acrobatic and heartstopping, though somehow he never seems to be showing off. There’s really no one he can’t inhabit, understand and forgive’ Armistead Maupin ‘Patrick Gale’s serene and carefully crafted prose conveys a profound understanding of the workings of human relationships’ Daily Mail ‘Gale’s prose is as clear and bright as the Cornish light’ Guardian

Fourth Estate Non-fiction


September 978-0-00-724427-0 £16.99 HB 234x153mm 388pp Rights: Home, Commonwealth, US market, Exclusive European, Translation, Serial

Francis Wheen is an editor of Private Eye and the author of a highly acclaimed biography of Karl Marx and the bestselling How Mumbo-Jumbo Conquered the World.

Strange Days Indeed The Golden Age of Paranoia

Francis Wheen In 1971 Richard Nixon installed a voice-activated recording system in the White House. Three years later he became the first US president to resign, implicated in the Watergate cover-up by the evidence of his own tapes. In 1976, weeks after resigning, Harold Wilson summoned two young BBC journalists and asked them to investigate MI5’s machinations. ‘I see myself as a big fat spider in the corner of the room. Sometimes I speak when I’m asleep. You should both listen. Occasionally when we meet I might tell you to go to the Charing Cross Road and kick a blind man standing on the corner. That blind man may tell you something, lead you somewhere.’ Strange Days Indeed tells the extraordinary story of how the paranoid style exemplified by Nixon and Wilson became the dominant flavour of politics and culture in the 1970s. In Britain, retired generals formed private armies to save the country from anarchy while captains of industry plotted coups against the government. It was an era in which the truth was far stranger than even the most outlandish fiction.


Fourth Estate Non-fiction

September 978-0-00-728019-3 £18.99 HB 232x192mm 352pp Rights:World

David Mitchell and Robert Webb are BAFTA-award winning comedians. They star in Peep Show and in That Mitchell and Webb Look. David was best man at Robert’s wedding. They both live in Kilburn, but not in the same house.

This Mitchell and Webb Book David Mitchell and Robert Webb From the two finest comedians of their generation comes the ultimate Christmas comedy book – lavishly illustrated in colour, containing all sorts of outrageous stuff that will have you laughing into the spring and beyond. David Mitchell and Robert Webb have been hard at work cramming all the comic genius that marked their award-winning TV and radio shows into one very beautiful and very funny hardback book. Ted the snooker commentator’s Hello magazine photo shoot will be unveiled for the very first time, and expect guest appearances from Dr Jonathan Miller and CSI’s David Caruso. David and Robert have also unearthed Hitler’s lost text messages and some notes Peter Mandelson left on his fridge. They will offer tips on surviving the credit crunch, for all those that need them. Expect a board game put together by Sir Digby Chicken-Caesar, a guide to the cheeses of Saudi Arabia, and news of the ever-expanding range of Mitchell and Webb products. This Mitchell and Webb Book will be supported by a frankly enormous marketing budget and stunning publicity everywhere. This will be the best comedy book for a long time, not least because David and Robert have put every page together themselves.

Fourth Estate Non-fiction


September 978-0-00-731793-6 £9.99 HB 203x135mm 300pp Rights: Home, Commonwealth, US market, Exclusive European, Translation, Serial, Film/TV

Tom Baird read English Literature and Music at Durham, worked on the Sunday Times Home News and News Review desks and now works for the Commonwealth Secretariat. Arthur House left Cambridge with two English degrees, worked as a teacher and now lives in Dorset.

What on Earth is Going On? A Crash Course in Current Affairs

Tom Baird and Arthur House Every day we are bombarded with far more information than we can possibly hope to absorb. We don’t have the time, energy or patience to process it all and understand the root causes behind issues and their development. There might be areas of politics, business and international affairs which we know well, perhaps because our working lives directly involve them, but there is always so much besides which seems impenetrable, forbidding and rather scary as a result. Newspapers require a familiarity with acronyms and jargon in order to be comprehensible, not to mention considerable background knowledge. What on Earth is Going On? fills in some of this background in a clear but unpatronising style, taking the form of an alphabetical glossary which can be dipped into at convenient times. It is designed to be a gentle and amusing survival guide for people of all ages who wish they knew slightly more about what on earth is going on. This is a book for the bedside table, the morning commute or the downstairs loo, where it can be consulted by the confused dinner party guest who has taken refuge from the conversation going on next door. We hope that they will rejoin the table having flushed away some of their ignorance and feeling all the better for it.


Fourth Estate Non-fiction

September 978-0-00-724849-0 £25.00 HB 246x189mm 592pp Rights: Home, Commonwealth, US market, Exclusive European, Translation, Serial

Nigel Slater is the author of a collection of bestselling books, including the classics Real Fast Food and Real Cooking, and the awardwinning Appetite. He has written a much-loved column for the Observer for over a decade. His autobiography, Toast – The Story of a Boy’s Hunger, won six major awards, including the British Biography of the Year, the Glenfiddich Award and the André Simon Memorial Award. The Kitchen Diaries won the Design and Production Award at the 2006 British Book Trade Awards.

Vegetables Nigel Slater Uniting the anecdotal charm of Toast with the intuitiveness and seasonality of The Kitchen Diaries, Vegetables is Nigel Slater’s definitive guide to British vegetables and fruits. Combining reminiscences from a lifetime spent working with and enjoying food, along with cultivation tips for the growing season and a brief history of each classic vegetable dish, Vegetables gives you an instinctive understanding of the unique flavours, textures and tastes of our heritage vegetables. Encouraged to use your own initiative, there are suggestions for the best complementary flavours and seasonings to guide you to spices, herbs, meats, nuts and cheeses that work in unison with each vegetable to bring out its best qualities, creating imaginative, perfectly balanced dishes for the modern day. From a pumpkin laksa for a frosty night, to simple pea dishes to celebrate the spring and ancient vegetable ‘peasant’ dishes born straight from the land, Slater reworks and reignites the beauty and forgotten flavours of vegetable dishes to showcase British vegetables at their very best.

Fourth Estate Non-fiction


September 978-0-00-732032-5 £12.99 TPB 216x135mm 352pp Rights: Home, Commonwealth, Exclusive European

Steve Richards is one of the most influential political commentators in the country. He was the political editor of the New Statesman before becoming the Independent’s chief political commentator in 2000. Steve also presents GMTV’s flagship current affairs show The Sunday Programme and Radio 4’s Week in Westminster.

Whatever It Takes The Inside Story of Gordon Brown and New Labour

Steve Richards At the beginning of the financial crisis in September 2008, Gordon Brown called an emergency press conference in which he declared, ‘We will do whatever it takes to restore stability in the financial markets.’ He repeated the phrase constantly in the following weeks. As Shadow Chancellor, Brown would do whatever it took to restore Labour’s economic credibility. As leader-in-waiting he would do whatever it took to acquire the crown. As Prime Minister he continues to do whatever it takes to buttress his enfeebled regime. New Labour, as a political force, rootless and defensive in its origins, similarly will do whatever it takes to retain support. Written by one of the most influential political commentators in the country, this political exposé examines Gordon Brown’s wildly oscillating career and the ruthless pragmatism displayed by New Labour as a whole.


Fourth Estate Non-fiction

September 978-0-00-732332-6 £18.99 HB 234x153mm 304pp Two plate sections Rights: World, Serial Export edition: 978-0-00-732943-4 TPB £12.99 September

Gary Kemp is the songwriter and guitarist with Spandau Ballet. Among his most famous compositions are ‘True’, ‘Gold’ and ‘Through the Barricades’. The band has sold over 30 million records, tapes and CDs worldwide. Gary has also enjoyed a successful screen career – he starred in The Krays alongside his brother Martin.

I Know This Much Through the Wardrobe with Spandau Ballet

Gary Kemp I Know This Much – by Gary Kemp, Spandau Ballet’s prime mover – is simply the freshest, most exciting and best-written memoir to arrive for years. Gary’s story begins in North London, where the Kemp family rented a home with no bathroom and chickens in the yard. After a couple of failed attempts to kill his brother Martin, his parents gave him a guitar for Christmas. From schoolyard battles between the Bowie Boys and the Prog Rockers to Mrs Kemp’s firm insistence on net curtains, from acting for the Children’s Film Foundation to manning a fruit and veg stall on Saturdays, Gary brilliantly evokes an upbringing full of love, creativity and optimism. As the Thatcher years begin, Gary’s account of the outrageous London club scene is just sizzling. Out of this glamorous mayhem of kilt-wearing mascara’d peacocks emerged Spandau Ballet – the band that would define the era, and hold high the victorious standard of the New Romantics. Stallions, supermodels and dwarves were hired for video shoots, and through it all Gary records the wonderful friendships and the slowly-building tensions that would eventually see five old friends facing each other in court.

Fourth Estate Non-fiction


October 978-0-00-730957-3 £12.99 HB 216x135mm 300pp Rights: Home, Commonwealth, Exclusive European, Serial

Simon Godwin is a theatre director who has directed shows for Battersea Arts Centre, Cambridge Arts Theatre, Trafalgar Studios and West Yorkshire Playhouse, among others. He will direct a national tour of The Winter’s Tale in autumn 2009.

Ting Tang Tommy! Games and How to Play Them

Simon Godwin Good games are like good jokes – they get remembered and passed on from person to person. But sometimes they get forgotten. Ting Tang Tommy! is about remembering the best games we’ve ever known. This book sets out to prove that you can play games anywhere – on the beach, having dinner with friends, at a barbeque, with your family at Christmas. It will equip you with loads of simple, memorable games that you can share at any moment of the day. Beautifully produced and designed, Ting Tang Tommy! is both a handbook of games and a personal exploration of them, full of potted histories and interesting facts. Each game featured has been tried and tested and loved.


Fourth Estate Non-fiction

October 978-0-00-730574-2 £9.99 HB 185x130mm 300pp Rights: Home, Commonwealth, not Canada, Exclusive European

Lynne Truss is one of Britain’s top comic writers and is the author of the worldwide bestsellers Eats, Shoots & Leaves and Talk to the Hand. She reviews for the Sunday Times and writes regularly for radio.

Get Her Off the Pitch! How Sport Took Over My Life

Lynne Truss Get Her Off the Pitch! is the story of one woman’s foray into the very masculine and rather baffling world of sport. Lynne Truss, author of Eats, Shoots & Leaves, spent four years as an unlikely sports writer for The Times. It was a job that took her around the world (via the most difficult journeys and least glamorous hotels) and introduced her to some of the greatest living sportsmen (and many argumentative men with clipboards). During her time at the newspaper she faced disdain from fellow sports writers; undertook lastminute, pre-fight research into ‘The Rumble in the Jungle’ (Muhammad Ali won, surprisingly); tried unsuccessfully to interpret bizarre commentary and memorise results statistics; wept at football matches and discovered a lasting love for golf. She was even nominated for Sports Writer of the Year. Get Her Off the Pitch! is the hilarious, perceptive and at times moving account of those four strange years. It is perfect for those for whom sport is a matter of life and death, for those who have no idea what all the fuss is about – and for everyone in between.

Fourth Estate Non-fiction


July 978-0-00-711843-4 £25.00 HB 234x153mm 304pp Rights: Home, Commonwealth, US market, Exclusive European, Translation, Serial

Laura Cumming is art critic for the Observer. Previously, she was Arts Editor for the New Statesman and Arts Producer for the BBC.

A Face to the World On Self-Portraits

Laura Cumming Self-portraits catch your eye. They seem to do it deliberately. Walk into any art gallery and they will stand out in the crowd. Children can tell them from portraits at first glance and they need no introduction or title. Come across them in the world’s museums and you get a strange shock of recognition, rather like seeing your own reflection by chance. In this beautifully written and illustrated book, Laura Cumming investigates the drama of the self-portrait from Dürer and Velázquez to Picasso and Warhol. She considers how and why selfportraits look as they do, the curious ways in which they imitate our real-life behaviour and what they reveal about the artist’s innermost sense of self. Drawing on biography, literature, art history and philosophy, she considers the intimate truths and elaborate fictions of self-portraiture and, above all, the question of how we present ourselves to others and learn to come to terms with who we are.


Harper Press Non-fiction

August 978-0-00-732251-0 £12.99 TPB 234x153mm 352pp Rights: Home, Commonwealth, not Canada, Exclusive European

Norman Ollestad was born in Los Angeles in 1967 and grew up in Malibu. He studied creative writing at UCLA and graduated from UCLA Film School. He is the author of a novel, Driftwood, and several screenplays. He is the father of a son, Noah, and resides in Venice, California.

Crazy for the Storm A Memoir of Survival

Norman Ollestad An extraordinary and unforgettable true story of a father, his son and the fatal lure of adventure. Eleven-year-old Norman Ollestad was a gifted skier, ice-hockey player and surfer, driven to athletic success by his father’s relentless passion for adventure. Growing up in Malibu in the 70s, Norman’s childhood was spontaneous and uninhibited. The father who regularly woke him at 4 a.m. to catch the best surf was an overwhelming figure who believed in pushing himself and his son to the absolute limit in pursuit of the elusive thrill that comes with living life on the edge. But Norman’s childhood came to a dramatic halt in 1979 when a small plane carrying him, his father and his father’s girlfriend crashed at 8,000 feet into the San Gabriel Mountains amid a ferocious blizzard. Norman’s father – his coach and his hero – was dead. Norman, however, survived. The story of the young boy’s attempts to save his father’s girlfriend over the course of a gruelling escape down the icy mountain is as nail-biting as any thriller. Battling frigid temperatures, a blinding snowstorm and a raging wind, Norman had to summon all the strength, determination and courage drilled into him by his father to survive.

Harper Press Non-fiction


August 978-0-00-724376-1 £20.00 HB 234x153mm 384pp Rights: Home, Commonwealth, US market, Exclusive European, Serial

Paula Byrne was born in Birkenhead and is a Research Fellow in English Literature at the University of Liverpool. Her first book, Jane Austen and the Theatre, was shortlisted for the Theatre Book Prize. Her second book, Perdita, was a Richard and Judy bestseller. A regular contributor to the Times Literary Supplement, she lives in Warwickshire with her three young children and her husband, the critic and biographer Jonathan Bate.

Mad World Evelyn Waugh and the secrets of Brideshead

Paula Byrne Evelyn Waugh was already famous when Brideshead Revisited was published in 1945. Written at the height of the war, the novel was, he admitted, of no ‘immediate propaganda value’. Instead, it was the story of a household, a family and a journey of religious faith – an elegy, in many ways, for a vanishing world and a testimony to a family he had fallen in love with a decade earlier. The Lygons of Madresfield were every bit as glamorous, eccentric and compelling as their counterparts in Brideshead Revisited. In this engrossing biography, Paula Byrne takes an innovative approach to her subject, setting out to capture Waugh through those friendships that mattered most to him. She uncovers a man who, far from the snobbish misanthrope of popular caricature, was as loving and complex as the family that inspired him – a family deeply traumatised when their father’s dark secret was revealed and he was forced to flee the country. This brilliantly original biography unlocks for the first time the extent to which Waugh’s great novel encoded and transformed his own experiences. In so doing, it illuminates the loves and obsessions that shaped his life, and brings us inevitably to a secret that dared not speak its name.


Harper Press Non-fiction

September 978-0-00-726367-7 £25.00 HB 234x153mm 480pp Rights: Home, Commonwealth, Exclusive European

Max Hastings has been studying warfare all his life, first as a war correspondent on battlefields, then as author of some twenty books, including Overlord, Armageddon, Nemesis and Battle for the Falklands. He was editor of the Evening Standard for six years and editor-inchief of the Daily Telegraph for ten.

Finest Years Churchill as Warlord 1940–45

Max Hastings Winston Churchill was the greatest war leader Britain ever had. In 1940, the nation rallied behind him in an extraordinary fashion. But thereafter, argues Max Hastings, there was a deep divide between what Churchill wanted from the British people and their army, and what they were capable of delivering. Churchill was a hero, and he expected others to show themselves as heroes also; he was often disappointed. In this outstanding book, Max Hastings looks at Churchill from the outside in – through the eyes of British soldiers and civilians and also those of Russians and Americans, providing new perspectives on the greatest of Englishmen. He condemns as folly Churchill’s attempt to promote mass uprisings in occupied Europe, and details ‘Unthinkable’, the 1945 plan for an Allied offensive against the Russians to liberate Poland. Here is an intimate and affectionate portrait of Churchill as Britain’s saviour, but also an unsparing examination of the wartime nation which he led and the performance of its armed forces.

Harper Press Non-fiction


September 978-0-00-728819-9 £18.99 HB 234x153mm 280pp Rights: Home, Commonwealth, Exclusive European, Serial Export edition: 978-0-00-728821-2 TPB £10.99 August

Ed Macy left the British Army in January 2008, after twenty-three years’ service, during which he amassed a total of 3,930 helicopter flying hours, 645 of which were inside an Apache. Ed was awarded the Military Cross for his courage during the Jugroom Fort rescue in 2007. He wrote the bestselling Apache in 2008.

Hellfire Ed Macy May 2006. Ed Macy arrives in Afghanistan along with the Apache AH Mk 1 on its first operational tour. It’s an unfamiliar combat zone with a limited role for the Apache, and Ed’s time is spent escorting Chinooks. But one month later, during Operation Mutay, with 3 Para pinned down in Helmand, the arguments about the Apache’s potential are thrown out and Ed deploys the first ever Hellfire missile in combat. That squeeze of the trigger changed the war for all concerned. The £4.2bn Apache programme was dramatically redirected to fighting the enemy head-on and turned Ed and his squadron into one of the British Army’s greatest assets. Ed recounts the intense months that followed: the steep learning curve, the new missions and the evolving enemy. He also sheds light on his early career as a paratrooper, his operational baptism as a pilot, and how both shaped his ability to fly, fight and survive during that fateful first Afghanistan tour. In the dusty wastes of Helmand, Ed, his colleagues and the Apache found themselves on trial – for their lives and for the reputation of a machine on which the British government had staked a fortune. The crucible of fire that awaited them in Helmand would cement the fate of man and machine forever.


Harper Press Non-fiction

September 978-0-00-725476-7 £25.00 HB 234x153mm 448pp Rights: Home, Commonwealth, not Canada, Exclusive European, Serial

Donald Sturrock worked at the BBC for ten years as a writer, producer and director. Since his departure from the BBC in 1992, he has written and directed a number of television programmes, including a film about Roald Dahl for the BBC.

Storyteller The Life of Roald Dahl

Donald Sturrock Roald Dahl is one of the greatest storytellers of all time. Almost twenty years after his death, his popularity continues to grow and worldwide sales of his books have now topped 100 million. The man behind the stories, however, remains an enigma. Dahl was a single-minded adventurer, an eternal child, and his public persona was often controversial. To his readers, though, Dahl was always a hero, and since his death his reputation has been transformed. Critics too now celebrate his wild imagination, quirky humour and linguistic elegance. Figures like Willy Wonka, the BFG and the Grand High Witch are immortal literary creations, and in a recent poll he beat J. K. Rowling to win the title of Britain’s favourite author. In this masterly biography, Donald Sturrock explores many hitherto hidden aspects of Roald Dahl’s life: his terrifying experiences as a fighter pilot; the mental anguish caused by the death of his seven-year-old daughter; his work for military intelligence at the end of the war and more. Written with exclusive access to the Roald Dahl archives, Storyteller is revealing, compelling and a pure joy to read.

Harper Press Non-fiction


October 978-0-00-724076-0 £25.00 HB 234x153mm 400pp Rights: Home, Commonwealth, not Canada, Serial

Juliet Gardiner is a respected commentator on British social history from Victorian times to the 1950s. A former editor of History Today magazine, she is also author of the critically acclaimed and bestselling Wartime.

Sitting on a Jigsaw Britain in the Thirties

Juliet Gardiner J.B. Priestley famously described the ‘three Englands’ he saw in the 1930s – Old England, nineteenth-century England and the new, post-war England. Thirties Britain was, indeed, a world of contrasts, ultimately torn between the image of a nation rendered hopeless by the Depression, unemployment and international tensions, and that of a Britain of complacent suburban homeowners with a baby Austin in every garage. Now Juliet Gardiner, acclaimed author of the award-winning Wartime, provides a fresh perspective on that restless, uncertain, ambitious decade, bringing the complex experience of thirties Britain alive through newspapers, magazines, memoirs, letters, diaries and interviews. Gardiner captures the essence of a people part-mesmerised by ‘modernism’ in architecture, art, in the proliferation of ‘dream palaces’, the insistence on fitness and fresh air, the obsession with speed, the growth and regimentation of leisure, the democratisation of the countryside, the celebration of elegance, glamour and sensation. Yet, at the same time, this was a nation imbued with a pervasive awareness of loss – of Britain’s influence in the world, of accepted political, social and cultural signposts and, finally, of peace itself.


Harper Press Non-fiction

October 978-0-00-728620-1 £20.00 HB 234x153mm 336pp Rights: Home, Commonwealth, not Canada, Exclusive European

Dan Snow is a young historian who has researched, written and presented a number of documentaries on British and world history for the BBC, including the BAFTA award-winning Battlefield Britain. He has contributed to BBC History Magazine, The Times, the Guardian, the Express and the Sunday Times. He is a Canadian citizen and is the son of BBC journalist Peter Snow.

Death or Victory Wolfe, Quebec and the Birth of Empire

Dan Snow Perched on top of a tall promontory, surrounded on three sides by the treacherous St Lawrence River, Quebec – in 1759 France’s capital city in Canada – forms an almost impregnable natural fortress. That year, with the Seven Years’ War raging around the globe, a force of 49 ships and nearly 9,000 men, commanded by the irascible British General James Wolfe, navigated the river, scaled the cliffs and laid siege to the town in an audacious attempt to expel the French from North America for ever. In this magisterial book, which ties in to the 250th anniversary of the battle, Dan Snow tells the story of this famous campaign, which was to have far-reaching consequences for Britain’s rise to global hegemony, and the world at large. Snow brilliantly sets the battle within its global context and tells a gripping tale of brutal war quite unlike those fought in Europe, in which terrain, weather and native Indian tribes were as fearsome as any enemy. 1759 was, without question, a year in which the decisions of men changed the world for ever. Based on original research, and told from all perspectives, this is history – military, political, human – on an epic scale.

Harper Press Non-fiction


November 978-0-00-724069-2 £25.00 HB 234x153mm 416pp Rights: Home, Commonwealth, US market, Exclusive European, Translation, Serial

Tim Hilton was born in 1941 and has studied Vincent van Gogh since his childhood. He was educated at Aston Technical College in Birmingham, Balliol College, Oxford and the Courtauld Institute of Art. He has taught both painting and history of art in several British art schools and universities. He is the author of John Ruskin: the Early Years and John Ruskin: the Later Years and has been the organiser of many art exhibitions.

Van Gogh His Life & Work

Tim Hilton Vincent van Gogh is one of the world’s greatest artists. He produced almost 2,000 paintings, drawings and watercolours within a ten-year period. Yet until now no definitive biography of him has ever been written, the truth of his life overshadowed by the myth that has surrounded him since his suicide. This magisterial biography provides the first complete account of van Gogh’s life and his art, which on every page are matched to each other. In bringing to life this intelligent and literary artist, this sweeping account sheds new light on van Gogh’s role in modern art. His hitherto unexplored relationship with literature is also described. Generous quotations from 600 letters between Vincent and his brother Theo provide a new anthology of his writing. Steps toward his suicide are traced, from his childhood in Zundert, Holland in the 1950s, through years spent in Paris, Victorian London, Brussels and Arles, to his death in Auvers-sur-Oise in 1890. Lavishly illustrated and scrupulously researched, this biography is a masterly account of the complete life of a great artist and a fascinating man.


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November 978-0-00-727654-7 £20.00 HB 234x153mm 448pp Rights: Home, Commonwealth, not Canada, Exclusive European, Serial Export edition: 978-0-00-732942-7 TPB £12.99 October

Tom Bower has a distinguished reputation as an investigative historian, broadcaster and journalist, and is the author of several ground-breaking books about tycoons. His most recent works are Conrad and Lady Black and Gordon Brown. His books about the Nazis include Blood Money and the definitive biography of Klaus Barbie. Among his other muchdebated biographies are those of Mohammed Fayed, Richard Branson and Robert Maxwell.

The Squeeze Oil, Money and Greed in the 21st Century

Tom Bower Over the last 20 years, oil prices have soared from $7 a barrel to $147 and back down to $37. Amid economic boom and bust, speculators, traders, politicians and monarchs have plotted to earn fortunes from oil, and prayed for salvation from unpredictable natural and man-made disasters. Behind the headlines are the crushing rivalries between men and women exploring for oil five miles beneath the sea, battling for control of the world’s biggest corporations and gambling billions of dollars twenty-four hours every day on oil prices. Success or failure for all those extraordinary personalities depends on squeezing their rivals and squeezing the crude out of the rocks. Overweening vanity and greed absorb those titans whose ambitions are forging the world’s quest for oil. Exploiting unprecedented close access to the lives of irrepressible traders in New York, oil-oligarchs in Moscow, corporate chieftains in Dallas and London, and wily politicians floating in jets across the globe, Tom Bower presents the untold story of the most important quandary of our times: why, if there is plentiful oil in the earth, does mankind face a dire shortage threatening our lives? Self-interest is propelling the squeeze and there seems to be no salvation.

Harper Press Non-fiction


November 978-0-00-732523-8 £17.99 HB 246x189mm 304pp Rights: Home Commonwealth, not Canada, Serial

Bill Bryson is a much-loved bestselling author whose previous books include The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid, A Short History of Nearly Everything, I’m a Stranger Here Myself, A Walk in the Woods, Neither Here Nor There, Made in America, and Notes from a Small Island. Born in Des Moines, Iowa, he now lives in Norfolk with his wife and four children.

Shakespeare:The Illustrated Edition Bill Bryson Bill Bryson’s bestselling biography pairs two of the most celebrated and loved writers in the English language. Examining centuries of myths, half-truths and downright lies, Bryson has attempted to make sense of the man behind the masterpieces. In a journey through the streets of Shakespeare’s time, he brings to life the hubbub of Elizabethan England and a host of characters along the way. Bryson celebrates the glory of Shakespeare’s language – his ceaseless inventiveness gave us hundreds of now indispensible phrases, images and words – and delights in details of his fall-outs and folios, poetry and plays. Now in this elegant new illustrated edition, the superstitions, academic discoveries and myths surrounding the life of our greatest poet and playwright are evoked through full-colour paintings, drawings, portraits and photographs. Praise for Shakespeare: ‘A brilliantly funny and gently insightful travel guide to 16th-century England. Bryson is great at picking out of the morass of Elizabethan fact the small details that illuminate and amuse… As an abbreviated tour around the world of Shakespeare, this could hardly be bettered’ Sunday Times


Harper Press Non-fiction

July 978-0-00-731528-4 £6.99 Original PB 197x130mm 328pp Rights: Home, Commonwealth, not Canada, Exclusive European, Serial

Penny Smith is a journalist and TV presenter, most recognisable as the face of the GMTV News Hour, which she has presented since 1993. After the Break is her second novel.

After the Break Penny Smith In this sequel to the bestselling Coming up Next, Katie’s back in front of the cameras, but not exactly on the sofa… Katie Fisher, one-time breakfast show presenter, nearly has her life in order. She’s recovered from her humiliating dismissal, improved her relationship with alcohol and found a gorgeous boyfriend. But her dream job as a chat show host is over and there isn’t much work. That is, until Katie’s offered a place on Celebrity X-treme – the latest celebrity-humiliating reality show. But will reality TV help save her faltering career – or cast the final blow? And just how tempting is a freezing cabin in Norway with a group of unknowns? Very tempting, when the pay cheque is that big! So Katie takes the risk – along with a page-3 model, out-of-work actor, failed comedian and politician’s mistress. Katie’s soon out of her depth, as scheming producers connive to get the perfect show. It’s going to take all Katie’s good humour and bad puns to bounce back this time. Praise for Coming up Next: ‘A brilliant darkly comic novel about the fall and rise of a TV presenter. A lot of fun’ Bella



Disguise Hugo Hamilton 1945: Bombs rip through the Berlin sky. A two-year-old boy drifts from dream into death, leaving behind his mother. She flees to the south, where a young foundling replaces the boy. No one will ever know… 2008: Gregor Liedmann – revolutionary, runaway – a man as unsure of his heritage as he is of himself. Part investigation, part historical novel, Disguise recounts the story of lost identity and the ambiguity of belonging. ‘A rare book… Almost unbearably moving, wonderfully understated, damn near perfect’ Rachel Seiffert

July 978-0-00-731470-6 £7.99 PB 197x130mm 288pp Rights: Home, Commonwealth, not Canada, Serial



The Story of Naked Lunch Edgar Sawtelle 50 Anniversary David Wroblewski Edition William Burroughs th

On a remote Wisconsin farm the mute and brilliant Edgar Sawtelle leads an idyllic life with his parents, raising a breed of dog renowned for its companionship. When Edgar’s beloved father dies, Edgar blames himself. Bewildered by his mother’s desperate affair with her dead husband’s brother, Edgar’s world unravels one rainy night when he comes face-to-face with his father’s ghost. ‘I read it last summer and I could not stop’ Audrey Niffenegger ‘I flat-out loved The Story of Edgar Sawtelle’ Stephen King July 978-0-00-726507-7 £7.99 PB 197x130mm 592pp Rights: Home, Commonwealth, not Canada Export edition: 978-0-00-731075-3 PB 178x111mm £6.50 May

Perhaps the most shocking novel in the English language, Naked Lunch was first published amid controversy in 1959. Now deemed a landmark work, this provocative novel has been relaunched for its 50th anniversary, featuring the original UK cover, restored text and extra material. Hang on tight and check inhibition at the door; this is the exhilarating descent into the murkiest recesses of the human psyche. Welcome to Interzone… ‘Burroughs is the greatest satirical writer since Jonathan Swift’ Jack Kerouac July 978-0-00-732090-5 £7.99 PB 197x130mm 320pp Rights: Home, Commonwealth, not Canada

August 978-0-00-730897-2 £6.99 Original PB 197x130mm 304pp Rights: Home, Commonwealth, not Canada, Serial

Matt Rudd is a writer and editor on the Sunday Times, where he has worked for seven years. In the name of journalism, he has fought three Mexican wrestlers single-handed, had an affair on SecondLife, bingedrunk at Wetherspoons, bruised himself on a Japanese toilet and spied on his wife Harriet using the very latest GPS technology. He has also stress-tested M&S Y-fronts but prefers not to talk about it. He is 34 and lives in Kent with Harriet and their two young sons.

William Walker’s First Year of Marriage A Horror Story

Matt Rudd Meet William: just married. Convinced his gorgeous new wife’s creepy best mate Alex is plotting to ruin their wedded bliss. Meet Isabel: the gorgeous new wife. Into travelling, camper vans and yoga. Thinks William needs to chill out, and not just about Alex. Meet Alex: full name Alex ‘Babes’ Stalker. Aforementioned creepy best mate. Currently winning over William’s best pals at a rate of knots with a series of cheap tricks. Meet Saskia: William’s ex, aka ‘the Destroyer of Relationships’. She of tiny skirts and even tinier morals… The love triangle just got an extra corner.



Out at Night Susan Arnout Smith Out at Night is the sequel to The Timer Game, and is the next instalment of the gripping detective series starring CSI detective Grace Descanso. Susan Arnout Smith (an award-winning playwright and scriptwriter) reveals a world of activism and violence, secrets and lies, and is a breakneck rollercoaster of a thriller, gripping the reader from the first page until the last.


The Vagrants Yiyun Li The brilliant first novel by Yiyun Li, winner of the Guardian First Book Award for her short story collection, A Thousand Years of Good Prayers. It is 1979, and the Gu family’s 28-year-old-daughter is scheduled to be executed as a counter-revolutionary. While her parents struggle with the loss of their only child, their lives become irreparably entwined with their neighbours’, powerfully illuminating the reality of oppression and pain.

The Thing Around Your Neck Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie From the Orange Prizewinning author of Half of a Yellow Sun, the stories in this brilliant collection straddle the cultures of Nigeria and the West. Adichie’s characters battle with the responsibilities of modern life, a world in which identity is too often compromised. Vibrant and original, The Thing Around Your Neck is the beautifully evocative new work from one of the most exciting voices writing in English today.

Praise for The Timer Game: ‘A gem… a highly entertaining, intelligent, original yet classic thriller’ John Lescroart

‘Yiyun Li has written a book that is as important politically as it is artistically’ Ann Patchett

Praise for Half of a Yellow Sun: ‘Heartbreaking, funny, exquisitely written… a literary masterpiece and a classic’ Daily Mail

August 978-0-00-727551-9 £6.99 PB 178x111mm 512pp Rights: Home, Commonwealth, not Canada Export edition: June

September 978-0-00-719665-4 £7.99 PB 197x130mm 352pp Rights: Home, Commonwealth, not Canada

October 978-0-00-730621-3 £7.99 PB 197x130mm 300pp Rights: Home, Commonwealth, not Canada


October 978-0-00-728974-5 £6.99 PB 197x130mm 320pp Rights: Home, Commonwealth, Exclusive European, Serial

Cristina Odone writes a Tuesday opinion column in the Daily Telegraph as well as Posh but Poor, which has appeared on Wednesdays since August 2006. For the past six years she has written a column in the Observer. A former deputy editor of the New Statesman and media critic of the Guardian, Cristina broadcasts regularly on television and radio.

The Good Divorce Guide Cristina Odone When Rosie Martin discovers that Jonathan, her husband of 15 years, is having an affair, she feels that her world is falling apart. That is, until she realises that she’s actually fallen out of love with him, too. So Rosie and Jonathan decide to go their separate ways, determined to be civilised about their divorce, for the sake of the children – in short, to have a ‘good divorce’… But even the best of intentions and the most mature of objectives can be no match for external forces. Cue the rest of the world, where divorce is always a dirty word. Everyone and everything seems determined to conspire to make this divorce bitter – the lawyer, the estate agent, the botox man, the friends, not least their respective families. The Good Divorce Guide is a touching, witty story about starting afresh and learning to find your own way in life, no matter what anyone says. Praise for The Dilemmas of Harriet Carew: ‘A witty, endearing and sweetly comic read’ Heat magazine



Annie Proulx Fine Just the Way It Is A return to the familiar cast of hardy, unsentimental prairie folk that made up the Wyoming stories of Close Range. These nine stories roam over centuries, capturing the voices of the settlers of this weatherworn country: from Native American tribes to modern-day ranch owners, politicians and their cowboy forebears. Hear the clomp of horses’ hooves and smell the scorched grass in your nostrils; you’re in Proulx country. ‘I can’t imagine a more profound, and extraordinarily written, collection of stories this year’ Scotsman October 978-0-00-726974-7 £7.99 PB 197x130mm 240pp Rights: Home, Commonwealth, not Canada

Accordion Crimes October 978-1-85702-575-0 £7.99 PB 197x130mm 544pp Rights: Home, Commonwealth, not Canada

Bad Dirt October 978-0-00-719887-0 £7.99 PB 197x130mm 240pp Rights: Home, Commonwealth, not Canada, Serial



Close Range: Wyoming Stories October 978-1-84115-076-5 £7.99 PB 197x130mm 320pp Rights: Home, Commonwealth, not Canada

Heart Songs October 978-1-85702-404-3 £7.99 PB 197x130mm 192pp Rights: Home, Commonwealth, not Canada

Postcards October 978-0-84115-501-2 £7.99 PB 197x130mm 384pp Rights: Home, Commonwealth, not Canada, Serial

That Old Ace in the Hole October 978-0-00-715152-3 £7.99 PB 197x130mm 384pp Rights: Home, Commonwealth, not Canada, Serial

The Shipping News October 978-1-85702-242-1 £7.99 PB 197x130mm 352pp Rights: Home, Commonwealth, not Canada



China A History


Selling Your Father’s Bones

John Keay

The Epic Fate of the American West

Following the author’s bestselling India: A History, China presents the complete history of the People’s Republic. With characteristic authority, Keay examines China’s stop-start integration and amazing achievements, from the early dynasties to Chairman Mao and today’s capitalist boom. This narrative history is a stimulating, accessible account of China’s tumultuous past and essential reading for anyone interested in this great country’s present.

Brian Schofield In 1877, the US Army forced the Nez Perce tribe to an unfamiliar reservation, forever destroying a life of pastoral calm. Schofield’s Byronesque travelogue and environmental polemic follows the tribe’s escape across the Rocky Mountain states, documenting the degradation that this stunning land has suffered for centuries. Selling Your Father’s Bones is a fascinating journey of discovery set against the backdrop of a thrilling historical drama.

Eating the Sun How Plants Power the Planet

Oliver Morton Every day, all around us, plants are carrying out the most mundane of miracles – generating oxygen, energy and living matter from sunlight, water and carbon dioxide through photosynthesis. From the intricacies of its molecular processes to the beauty of the nature that it supports, Eating the Sun is a wondering tribute to this extraordinary process.

‘Makes the world of the ancient emperors strikingly modern and relevant’ Observer

‘Heart-rending. A quiet fury burns through his careful prose’ The Times

‘This book will, quite literally, change the way you see the world’ Sunday Telegraph

July 978-0-00-722178-3 £9.99 PB 197x130mm 512pp Rights: Home, Commonwealth, Exclusive European,Translation, Serial

July 978-0-00-724395-2 £8.99 PB 197x130mm 384pp Rights: Home, Commonwealth, not Canada, Exclusive European, Serial

August 978-0-00-717180-4 £9.99 PB 197x130mm 480pp Rights: Home, Commonwealth, not Canada, Serial


So I Have Thought of You

This Little Britain


The Letters of Penelope Fitzgerald

How One Small Country Changed the Modern World

Adam Nicolson

Penelope Fitzgerald Edited by Terence Dooley

Harry Bingham

An Unfinished History

Sissinghurst is world-famous as a place of calm and beauty; a breathtaking garden revived by Vita Sackville-West and Harold Nicolson and slipped into the ruins of a rose-pink Elizabethan palace. But in the face of modernity, this picturesque land began to lose its way. Sissinghurst is the fascinating account of Adam Nicolson’s determination to realise his dreams: to resurrect a working farm and make the family land thrive once again.

Acclaimed for her exquisitely elegant novels – including the Booker Prize-winning Offshore (reissued this month) – and superb biographies, Penelope Fitzgerald was one of the finest British authors of the last century. Published here for the first time are her collected letters, providing a fascinating portrait of her as a friend, mother and writer.

For the British, the question of who we are is a difficult one. Although our national self-assessment usually notes a number of good points (we’re inventive, tolerant, and at least we’re not French), it lists a torrent of bad ones too. In this celebratory, witty and incredibly insightful exploration of the eccentricities and customs of the British nation Harry Bingham sets out to find an answer.

‘The most illuminating, moving collection of letters that I have ever read’ Financial Times

‘As Bingham shows so intelligently and so well, we have a lot to be proud of ’ Mail on Sunday

‘A masterpiece… the vision is one of nature, art and human history in glorious coalition. Uplifting’ Sunday Times

August 978-0-00-713641-4 £9.99 PB 197x130mm 336pp Rights: Home, Commonwealth, US market, Exclusive European, Translation, Serial, Film/TV

August 978-0-00-725980-9 £7.99 PB 197x130mm 256pp Rights: Home, Commonwealth

September 978-0-00-724055-5 £8.99 PB 197x130mm 400pp Rights: Home, Commonwealth, not Canada, Serial



The Age of Wonder How the Romantic Generation Discovered the Beauty and Terror of Science

Richard Holmes An original, intellectually significant look at the scientific fervour that swept 18th-century Britain, at a time when arts and sciences worked hand in hand. Pre-eminent biographer Richard Holmes illustrates how, as Britain teetered on the cusp of modernity, a series of remarkable friendships came to define an age, challenging assumptions and creating the ‘revolution of Romantic Science’. ‘No question – the nonfiction book of the year’ Andrew Marr, Observer

September 978-0-00-714953-7 £9.99 PB 197x130mm 380pp Rights: Home, Commonwealth, Serial



Leviathan Philip Hoare

Wetlands Charlotte Roche

From his childhood fascination with Moby Dick and the gigantic skeletons in London’s Natural History Museum, to adult encounters with the wild animals themselves, Philip Hoare has been obsessed by whales. An extraordinary journey into the underwater world of the whale, Leviathan is as much an investigation into the shadowy, mystical creatures swimming below the depths as it is the stories of our own obsessions.

On an explicit, headlong dash through every crevice of the narrator’s body and mind, Roche takes us through a detailed topography of Helen’s haemorrhoids, continues into the joys of anal sex and gains momentum from there, eventually reaching avocado pits as the pinnacle of female sexual satisfaction – and empowerment. Unflinching and funny, Wetlands has been a Sunday Times bestseller in hardback.

‘So compelling and allencompassing that it cast a spell on me that endured for days’ Observer

September 978-0-00-723014-3 £8.99 PB 197x130mm 352pp Rights: Home, Commonwealth, not Canada, Exclusive European

‘The voice of J. D. Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye, the perversion of J. G. Ballard’s Crash and the feminist agenda of Germaine Greer’s The Female Eunuch’ Granta July 978-0-00-730761-6 £7.99 PB 197x130mm 240pp Rights: Home, Commonwealth, not Canada, Serial Export edition: 978-0-00-730234-5 PB 178x111mm £6.50 January

The Sisters Who Would Be Queen The Tragedy of Mary, Katherine and Lady Jane Grey

Leanda de Lisle Mythologised as the innocent sacrificed to politics, Jane Grey is revealed as a rebellious adolescent who died a passionate leader. Living in Jane’s shadow, Katherine and Mary had to tread carefully to survive. Acclaimed historian Leanda de Lisle explodes the myths of Jane’s life and airs the stories of her sisters, at a time when a royal marriage could gain you a kingdom – or cost you everything. ‘An unrivalled account of the struggle for the Tudor succession’ Sunday Times

October 978-0-00-721906-3 £8.99 PB 197x130mm 352pp Rights: Home, Commonwealth, Exclusive European, Serial



A Fair Cop Michael Bunting

Shadowmagic John Lenahan

The remarkable story of a young police officer who, having survived a horrific beating, finds himself accused of assault by his attacker. To the astonishment of many he is found guilty and given a custodial sentence.

A Lord of the Rings for the 21st century. Only shorter. And a lot funnier.

A Fair Cop is the unflinching story of Michael Bunting’s time inside prison and how he survived the abuse and violent attacks of his fellow inmates. It is also an inspirational tale of one man’s courage and belief in his own innocence.

July 978-1-906321-92-5 £7.99 PB 197x130mm 352pp Rights: Home, Commonwealth, US market, Exclusive European, Translation, Serial, Film/TV


The Friday Project

Conor considers himself to be a pretty ordinary American teenager. Until, that is, he is attacked by Celtic warriors on his own doorstep and finds himself transported to the mythical Irish land of Tir Na Nog. And that’s where his problems really start.

The Third Pig Detective Agency Bob Burke When Harry Pigg, Private Eye, is hired to track down a missing lamp for a dodgy local businessman named Aladdin he becomes embroiled in a much larger case. He is beaten up, double crossed, chased across town and beaten up some more before he finally works out what the hell is going on. And it isn’t what he expected. Not at all.

A cracking fantasy adventure written by one of the most popular comedy magicians on the circuit.

The first in what is destined to become a cult detective series.

August 978-1-905548-92-7 £6.99 PB 197x130mm 288pp Rights: Home, Commonwealth, US market, Exclusive European, Translation, Serial

August 978-1-906321-75-8 £7.99 HB 165x111mm 160pp Rights: Home, Commonwealth, US market, Exclusive European, Translation, Serial, Film/TV

They Is Us Tama Janowitz The brilliant new novel from acclaimed author Tama Janowitz looks set to be her most notorious since Slaves of New York. Set in a twisted vision of America some years into the future, it tells the story of one ‘ordinary’ family as they attempt to stay together while everything around them falls apart in the chaos of airplane crashes, toxic waste and technology gone mad. As if Douglas Coupland had rewritten Oryx & Crake.

Montegue Blister’s Strange Games Montegue Blister's bogsnorkling, handslapping, finger jousting book of Strange Games counts down through the most hilarious, noisy and messy games ever invented from all over the world. Some will make you bleed; others may make you vomit. But one thing's for certain – they will all have you rolling around the floor – whether it be in pain or laughter. A collection of the most hilarious, noisy, messy, and often vomit-inducing games ever written.

‘Tama Janowitz maintains her reputation for extreme quirkiness’ The Times September 978-1-906321-30-7 £7.99 PB 197x130mm 352pp Rights: Home, Commonwealth, US market, Exclusive European, Translation, Serial

November 978-0-00-732009-7 £7.99 HB 160x120mm 256pp Rights: Home, Commonwealth, US market, Exclusive European, Translation, Serial

The Friday Project


October 978-1-905548-86-6 ÂŁ25.00 HB 231x173mm 176pp Rights: Home, Commonwealth, US market, Exclusive European, Translation, Serial, Film/TV

Jeanette Edgar and Rachel Godwin began working together in ostrich farming (Rachel is the only woman in the UK with a licence to slaughter ostriches!) before starting the Alternative Meats company early in this decade. They now run one of the biggest and most successful exotic meat suppliers in the country and are regulars at county fairs, food exhibitions and on television and radio.

The Exotic Meat Cookbook: From Alligator to Zebra Jeanette Edgar and Rachel Godwin With alternative meats proving more and more popular in supermarkets, restaurants and home kitchens, The Exotic Meat Cookbook is the ďŹ rst book to compile an extensive range of recipes from around the globe. Featuring beautiful design, stunning photography and over 100 recipes for meats such as kangaroo, ostrich, wildebeest and springbok, as well as more traditional fare, this is the perfect gift for the foodie who thinks he or she has tried everything.


The Friday Project

Author Index

Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi 30 Baird, Tom 10 Bingham, Harry 35 Blister, Montegue 39 Bower, Tom 25 Bryson, Bill 26 Bunting, Michael 38 Burke, Bob 38 Burroughs, William 28 Byrne, Paula 18 Cohen, Leonard 4 Cumming, Laura 16 Edgar, Jeanette 40 Fitzgerald, Penelope 35 Gale, Patrick 7 Gardiner, Juliet 22 Gemmell, Nikki 5 Godwin, Rachel 40 Godwin, Simon 14 Hamilton, Hugo 28 Hastings, Max 19 Hilton, Tim 24 Hoare, Philip 36 Holmes, Richard 36 House, Arthur 10 Janowitz, Tama 39 Keay, John 34 Kemp, Gary 13


Author Index

Lenahan, John 38 Li, Yiyun 30 Lisle, Leanda de 37 Lodato, Victor 6 Macy, Ed 20 Mitchell, David 9 Morton, Oliver 34 Nicolson, Adam 35 Odone, Cristina 31 Ollestad, Norman 17 Proulx, Annie 32, 33 Richards, Steve 12 Roche, Charlotte 36 Rooten, Luis d’Antin van 3 Rudd, Matt 29 SchoďŹ eld, Brian 34 Slater, Nigel 11 Smith, Penny 27 Smith, Susan Arnout 30 Snow, Dan 23 Stock, Jon 2 Sturrock, Donald 21 Truss, Lynne 15 Van Gogh 24 Webb, Robert 9 Wheen, Francis 8 Wroblewski, David 28

Title Index

Accordion Crimes 32 After the Break 27 Age of Wonder, The 36 Bad Dirt 32 Beautiful Losers 4 Book of Rapture, The 5 China 34 Close Range: Wyoming Stories 33 Crazy for the Storm 17 Dead Spy Running 2 Death or Victory 23 Disguise 28 Eating the Sun 34 Exotic Meat Cookbook: From Alligator to Zebra, The 40 Face to the World, A 16 Fair Cop, A 38 Favourite Game, The 4 Fine Just the Way It Is 32 Finest Years 19 Gentleman’s Relish 7 Get Her Off the Pitch! 15 Good Divorce Guide, The 31 Heart Songs 33 Hellfire 20 I Know This Much 13 Leviathan 36 Mad World 18 Mathilda Savitch 6 Montegue Blister’s Strange Games 39

Mots d’Heures 3 Naked Lunch 28 Out at Night 30 Postcards 33 Selling Your Father’s Bones 34 Shadowmagic 38 Shakespeare: The Illustrated Edition 26 Shipping News, The 33 Sissinghurst 35 Sitting on a Jigsaw 22 So I Have Thought of You 35 Squeeze, The 25 Story of Edgar Sawtelle, The 28 Storyteller 21 Strange Days Indeed 8 That Old Ace in the Hole 33 The Sisters Who Would Be Queen 37 They Is Us 39 Thing Around Your Neck, The 30 Third Pig Detective Agency, The 38 This Little Britain 35 This Mitchell and Webb Book 9 Ting Tang Tommy! 14 Vagrants, The 30 Van Gogh 24 Vegetables 11 Wetlands 36 What on Earth Is Going On? 10 Whatever It Takes 12 William Walker’s First Year of Marriage 29

Title Index




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