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in the mix kate hooper

in the mix kate hooper

The city The public realm is the setting for an “intricate ballet in which the individual dancers and ensembles all have distinctive parts which miraculously reinforce each other and compose an orderly whole.” Jane Jacob

“More than ever the (city) centre is the place for news and gossip, for the creation of ideas, for marketing them and swiping them, for hatching deals, for starting parades. This is the stuff of the public life of the city - by no means wholly admirable, noisy and contentious, without apparent purpose. But this human congress is the genius of the place, it’s the reason for being, its great marginal edge. This is the engine, the city’s true export.” William H Whyte

“ Free spaces are the environments in which people are able to learn a new self-respect, a deeper and more assertive group identity, public skills and values of cooperation and civic virtue. Put simply, free spaces are settings between private lives and large-scale institutions where ordinary citizens can act with dignity, independence and vision.” Sarah Evans and Harry Boyte

“Drawn from the four quarters of the earth...the city teems with people of different races, origins, cultures and beliefs. Diversity is celebrated for it gives rise to cosmopolitanism. The very multiplicity of populations permits and fosters worldliness - for the city itself and for those of its citizens who ‘get around’.” Anselm Strauss

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