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Lee Collyer Candidate for Vice President Student Experience I have been fortunate to be involved within a society here at Worcester. The experience has allowed me to witness firsthand how such opportunities can enhance a student’s experience in so many ways…So many more student’s deserve the opportunity to enhance their experience!! My Policies:Fast response – You have an issue, I won’t keep you waiting. Team Worcester Ethos – Opportunity for all societies to combine ideas, discuss hot topics and support one another to help us grow as a community Pro-active students – Encourage, enthuse & provide support for students to action their ideas. More Links– Develop further links between our societies, local clubs & establishments to create pathways for students into the community, and for coaches to support our societies. Volunteering opportunities & Initiatives – These should be more frequent, with better publicity and ease of access. Bridging the Gap – Safe, cheap and easy access between The Hive and the St. Johns & City Centre campus is a priority. The Wider Community – Make a conscious effort to reach out to students who are often overlooked Timetable vs. Participation – To push for student timetables from all pathways to affiliate both learning and participation.


Sophie Druce Candidate for Vice President Student Experience - Help to raise the profile of lesser known societies and boost their ‘worcester uni experience’ - -Work with the university to ensure all teams and societies get the best training times/desired space over outside organisations. - Encourage the involvement and weekly support of all sporting ‘home’ fixtures - Strive to find the best possible sponsorship deals to increase our sporting opportunities - Source good quality and reasonably priced kit and stash that stands out! - Work towards a WINNING mentality and upping WORCESTER UNI’s sporting status - Improve on the relationship between the University and their view of Worcester Uni sport -

Give equal time and support to societies in organising charity events and performances

- Recognising our sporting success by weekly bulletins on how teams got on and where they are in the league

Being part of my clubs committee for 2 years I feel I have the relevant skills and knowledge to represent Worcester Universities


Amy Wescott Candidate for Vice President Student Experience If I am voted in, I would like to propose the following ideas: - Many more promotional opportunities for sports and societies and therefore more chance for further inclusion of all students. - More support for sports and societies in terms of funding and budgeting. - Increased number of course societies with support from staff. - Promotion of more volunteering opportunities for students to be involved with and enabling students to help raise money for local charities. - I would like the opportunity to talk face to face with students in order to understand issues that they may be facing, rather than just through email. - Ensuring that there is higher awareness regarding the help and support that is available from the SU and University. - Developing better ease of access that is available for disabled students to and from the Hive. For example, transport provided for getting to and from the Hive. - More encouragement for an increased number of disability based sports and societies.


Lois Wilkinson Candidate for Vice President Student Experience Hello my name is Lois Wilkinson and I am running for the role of Vice President Student Experience. If I am elected these are some of the things I hope to achieve. Create a variety of events throughout the year to involve both students and sports and societies. Create volunteering opportunities for students to build up their CV's before leaving University. Giving them higher prospects of employment. Work with students to keep on enhancing sports and societies. Help improve housing situations for students. Keep building up varsity as a chance to showcase sporting talents. Improve the advertising of the student support and resources available to every student in the Student Union and University. To make sure the Students Union provides an enjoyable and fun experience for all students as possible. To make sure that all sports and society groups have the appropriate space to carry out their activities.


Student Experience Manifesto  
Student Experience Manifesto  

Student Experience Manifesto