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Eugeni Velinov Re-open nominations

Eugeni Velinov Candidate for RAG Officer Who am I Hello, my name is Eugeni Velinov and I come from Finland. I’m studying Business, Marketing & Economics and I’m running for RAG officer. I have been working as an Event Officer in the International Committee for the past year. I also was chosen to direct a fashion charity event, for life limited children and we raised over 1,200 pounds. Why me I see myself as being lucky to have the chance to study in England and to have so many life opportunities. For this reason I feel passionate about helping those who are less fortunate in life and to give them the opportunities that I have been given. If elected as RAG officer I intend -

to create a RAG society so that everyone who is interested in making a difference can participate to raise awareness of different charities around our community to have different fundraising events for different charities to help out students at Uni (societies, sports etc.) in charity events they want to organise Bring interesting ideas and different cultural perspectives Next Step You can vote for me on the SOLE page from Thursday 8th of March till Wednesday 14th March. 2

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