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Tristan Hore Candidate for President Hi, my name is Tristan and I am a third year geography student. I am running for president of Worcester Students’ Union because I feel I have a great understanding of how the SU works. This due to my previous role of Officer for Communication. I am very aware of the issues that will be facing the university within the next year (fees, Hive etc) and believe that particularly this year, the President should have a sound financial strategy whilst still engaging with the students and enhancing the university experience. I am to: Freeze accommodation costs within the university Ensure that the cash machines are always in service with no cash out time Attempt to widen participation within the Students’ Union Work with the VP Ed to develop the StAR system Find alternative funding/sponsors for the Students’ Union Be honest about what the SU can actually afford Be transparent with what the SU does.


Kynton Swingle Candidate for President Also standing as delegate to NUS National Conference If elected as YOUR Students Union President, I aim to campaign for the following issues to improve student life at Worcester: To improve parking across the two university campuses, and ensure there is adequate and cheap parking available at the Hive for students. To campaign for easier access to resources in the Hive for students based at St John’s Campus, and to ensure students don’t get isolated by the move, in particular students with disabilities. To make the Students Union and the Pear Tree the centre of Student Life again. To make sure more students are aware of the support that the Students Union can offer them with the issues they may have, whether its accommodation related, academic or personal. With the university withdrawing the bursary system, I aim to campaign to get the university to increase the number of scholarships and paid work, either on or off campus for students, in order to help support them financially. To increase the number of students involved in the Students Union, in particular mature students, international students and students who start in January such as nurses.


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President Manifestos