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Manifestos NUS Conference Delegate (x2) Helen Anglin Martin Barker Kari Hakala Duncan Stafford Kynton Swingle Sam Uppal Re-open nominations

Please note the other candidates’ manifestos can be found in the document corresponding to the officer position they are seeking election to. Helen Anglin Candidate for NUS Conference Delegate NUS conference is an important event where the next leaders of NUS are chosen. As your current Vice President Education, I have been involved in and aware of the work NUS have been doing this year, I know what policies need to be in place for the next year and who the right kind of people are to be officers of NUS. Please vote for me to attend the conference where I can represent Worcester, listen to your views on what you would like to see NUS do next year and make sure the right people are in place.


NUS Manifesto