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W Happy wonderful new

year to you and yours

Look to this day For yesterday is but a dream And tomorrow is only a vision; And today well-lived, makes every o Yesterday a dream of happiness And every tomorrow a vision of hope. Look well therefore to this day;

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It is a season

Christmas Parties Calendar Don’t forget it’s a leap year! Girls! Ask your loved one to marry you!

(sanskrit proverb)

May you all have many happy days From Karen Pearce

Tuesday 14th February Valentines Day 20th – 27th February Student Volunteering Week Tuesday 21st February Shrove Tuesday/ Pancake day Wednesday 22nd February Equality and Diversity Meeting @ Headway

Walk to Success! Marion Stokes and her son achieved a ‘milestone’ as they walked just over 11 miles to raise money for Headway Worcester. Together they managed to raise over £250. Thank you and well done!

Student Volunteer Week: with Headway we It f is National student Volunteer week starting on February 20th 2012. We are hoping to run some stories in the Worcester News so watch this space!

Client’s The Headway clients, relatives, carers, staff and volunteers all enjoyed the Christmas party at the Vine! There was a disco, a buffet, karaoke, laughter and generally Christmas Cheer.

and Staff


Staff members, volunteers and Trustees enjoyed a o Christmas meal at the Diglis which was followed by a Disco – unfortunately a few people had to leave early because it was snowing!

Charlotte Parrett to do a Sky-Dive: n website Please look at the following as she is going to do a fundraising skydive for Headway Worcester. Charlotte is a volunteer from the University and comes to the Day Ops on a Tuesday and needs some sponsors to get the sky-dive ‘off the ground’! Thank you Charlotte – very brave!

Thursday 23rd February Client Involvement Meeting @ Headway Tuesday 28th February 6pm @ Ranelagh Road Barry Imms retirement party Ben 12th – 18th March Brain Awareness Week Wednesday 14th March No Smoking Day It was an Sunday 18th March Mothering Sunday Thursday 22nd March Client Involvement Meeting @ Headway Sunday 25th March We also raised British summer time begins – put your clocks FORWARD by 1 hour! Thursday 29th March Health and Safety Meeting @ Headway

HEADWAY WORCESTER TRUST LTD The Mill, Gregory's Mill Street Barbourne, Worcester WR3 8BA Tel: 01905 729729 Fax: 01905 729696

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Other News Santa’ and David’s mate Tom also popped in to wish everyone a happy Christmas. Stuart was out and about with all his friends for various meals and bowling nights and Jean also enjoyed a visit from her daughter as well as dining out several times. Emma, Jean, Stuart and Alf all went to the Disco at the Vine and had a We will fantastic time, Emma was a” Disco b Diva” on the dance floor. Both Jean and Stuart enjoyed helping out at the Charity Shop ADecember was quite a busy month at the Bungalow leading up to Christmas and are now looking forward to helping out every beginning with a visit to the Swan Theatre to watch week, Jean has said she could go H the panto. Alf, Jean and Emma really enjoyed the there everyday as it is so much fun. afternoon and rounded the visit off with a takeaway. o Support staff were kept really busy taking everyone into We would like to take this In place already is a huge opportunity to say thank you to Pat town on shopping trips to buy all their Christmas gifts. n All the tenants and staff met at the Barn Owl along with and her helpers for cooking and serving such a wonderful Christmas David Milner and his carer after enjoying a 3 course Christmas lunch everyone received presents from ‘Secret dinner and for making Christmas a

News from Brickfields Bungalow

News From Malvern Outreach Happy New Year to everyone! Everyone is now able to relax after a very busy Christmas. The Christmas party at The Vine was a great night and everyone who went had a brilliant evening........ More please!! BThe Team would like to wish Evette Coleman all the best in her new secondment to Headway North. As a result of this, Scott Mitchell has been seconded to Service Although the Leader, again we wish him luck. We are B happy to welcome Dawn Brooks to the Malvern Outreach Team. Dawn has worked for Headway for many years and has joined us from Worcester Outreach. We hope you settle in well! Jim Mercer wearing his Angry Bird hat. Maureen and the team

News From Worcester Outreach Bug Boxes that were made for Karen P in Barry's Woodwork workshop by Steve Synnock and Jeff Robinson – aren’t they amazing! Karen is obviously very pleased with them and would like to pass on her sincere thanks to Jeff and Steve for kindly completing them.

The staff had a lovely Christmas party at the Diglis, All had a well deserved boogie, meal and a few sherbets. Clients enjoyed themselves greatly at the Vine. Worcester Outreach Worker Damien did a fantastic job as mc!!! A record number of clients turned up to dance the night away. Lyn and the team would like to welcome Kerry Tudge and Jan Hughes to the outreach team. Kaz organised a Christmas party at Dickinson Court for the clients and they all had a ball. They also raised £52 towards some new furnishings for the conservatory. Damo dj'ed and a beautiful buffet was provided! This is also encouraging from a Lyn and the gang wish all Headway clients S a HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!

special time at the Day Opportunities. A week before Christmas we said goodbye to Alf as he was offered a flat and we are pleased to say the move went smoothly and Alf is now settled in his new home. He will still be going to the day ops so you will still be seeing him. We did have one little mishap to Christmas, a flood in leading Big up up to Worcester Outreach! the kitchen from the cold water tap under the sink, the tenants were all getting ready to practice their swimming skills but after a couple of attempts it was finally fixed and the For snorkels and wet suits were put away! A final note verytaking WeJean are isnow happy to announce the arrival of her first grandchild Jean has spent time with grandson Charlie and his parents and says he is absolutely perfect, congratulations Jean!

If you would like to be a Client Volunteer, please contact Claire on 01905 729729 or your support worker for more information

News from Day Ops Worcester University Volunteer Deborah South organised a fundraising ‘Cake Bake’ at the Student’s Union and raised a massive £110 for the Day Opportunities – thank you Deborah and all the other students who got involved or bought the yummy cakes! We had a lovely but hectic Christmas week – Thank you Pat and all the volunteers who helped make it a very special week for everyone! .

News from Evesham Outreach Everyone had a great Christmas, however the staff are now on a diet, which has not proven very successfully so far.... Apart from Christmas it has been quiet over in Evesham Evette and the team


News from The Charity Shop We need willing and able volunteers to come and support client volunteers in the charity shop as part of their volunteer placements – for more information contact Mo or We now have lots of Client volunteers at the Shop and it is working out very successfully! M

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HEADWAY WORCESTER TRUST LTD The Mill, Gregory's Mill Street Barbourne, Worcester WR3 8BA Tel: 01905 729729 Fax: 01905 729696

Headway Newsletter February 2012  

Headway Newsletter February 2012

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