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Thomas Pee -Even in the face of dwindling numbers I got on the train at 7am and went to represent Worcester University at DEMO 2012 in London. You may have read about this in The Voice's December issue. -I have already been diligently representing the interests of the students I represent at Course Meetings, VP Forums and as part of The Voice. I feel ready to do this on a bigger scale and would ask around a large variety of students for their views on the issues presented to me prior to the Conference. Possible solutions may include online surveys on contentious issues to ensure I get the clearest possible representation of student popular opinion. -I interact with a variety of people as part of my responsibilities, from fellow students to Pro Vice Chancellors. It is because of this that I feel I am well-equipped to represent the student body with honour, dignity and good humour to the varied audience in attendance. -Despite our small size as a delegation, I will endeavour to make up for it by defending and forwarding our SU's interests with confidence and burning passion – as a drama student I already have experience at making myself heard in crowded halls. If you like what you have read, make sure to VOTE for Thomas Pee as one of your NUS Conference Delegates between 5th and 8th March!

Lisa Preece What a rare opportunity! At Worcester we are only allocated a few precious places at Conference – lets make sure the people we send are truly representative of our student body. I would love to attend Conference as your delegate. As a mature student active within the Students' Union I have knowledge of issues that affect our University as a whole. With the other elected delegate and SU President, I can ensure that Worcester has balanced representation at the national level, that we have our say on the national policies that will affect us, whatever our age or status. Plus it would just be SO cool to be there...

Zac Pritchard

Sam Uppal I have represented students at various NUS Events over the year and would like to represent our students at the NUS National Conference where policy will be discussed and passed in order to ensure the student movement is moving in the right direction. I would like to represent our students to ensure that we vote on policy that is right for our students. At Worcester the student demographic is vast, and I would like to ensure that we vote on policy which is best for the mature students, student parents, professional students, postgraduate students and all other undergraduate students who attend the University of Worcester.

INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS’ OFFICER Luciana Blaha, Business, Leadership and Human Resources Management As prospective International Officer for 2013 my main focus is improving and expanding the student experience not just for student with other countries as their home, but also for British students. I believe that International students need help and support during their stay at university, just as home students need support in opening themselves towards the world. Therefore, my primary objectives for this year are as follows:  International Student Integration  Access to information and opportunities for exchange  Maximising all student’s chances to share their culture and learn about different countries around the world  Leading the International Committee in organising events for all students  Fighting for equal rights and access to all necessary facilities for international students.  Representing international students does not imply simply organising events, but supporting change, and international competence. Vote for an internationally active University and Students’ Union! Vote for Luciana Blaha as International Officer!

MATURE STUDENTS’ OFFICER Lisa Preece, Biology Despite there being so many mature students at University we are woefully under-represented at the Students' Union and our voice is not getting through. As Mature Students' Officer I would work at getting:   

more INPUT into the Students' Union and University more INFORMATION available, what's going on and issues that may affect us in the future more INVOLVEMENT in the Students' Union for mature students

I am passionate about communication and my first priority would be to set up a communication network to make it easier to share information between those of us who are part-time or isolated. I believe that mature students can have the full University experience, no matter how little extra time they have, so I would work to enable more mature students get involved in the SU, sports and societies. The Students' Union represent ALL students but can only do so successfully if we let them know our issues – lets make sure our voice gets through.

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