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Candidates and Manifestos PRESIDENT Saransh Agarwal, Business, Accountancy and Economics My name is Saransh ‘Kiko’ Agarwal. I am running for the position of President of Worcester Students’ union. Since the start of this academic year I have been a student trustee at the students’ union, Chair of Student council, Institute representative for the Worcester Business School and Treasurer for the Men’s football society. From being in this range of influential positions I think I have gained good and useful knowledge and experience of what the students’ union would need in the year 2013-2014. I feel I am well equipped to help the Students’ Union find a more student-friendly direction. If elected I promise to:         

Fight to protect the Students, sports teams and societies affiliated with the Worcester Students’ union Continue to campaign against the rising tuition fees, for Local, National, EU and International students. Work with students to encourage participation and involvement in societies. Help students have an increased input and involvement in their own education. Support the students through the transition to the Hive and the Worcester Arena Work towards lowering hidden course costs for students Work with Landlords in the vicinity of both campuses to achieve better and cheaper accommodation. Help students living and/or studying in the Business campus be more socially involved at University. Work with the other Sabbatical and part time officers to ensure all students have a voice and feel adequately represented.

Abigail Bennett, Environmental Science With the increasing costs of university and the lack of jobs available are you getting value for money at the University of Worcester? Are YOU achieving your maximum potential at university? Do YOU feel prepared for life beyond Worcester? I intend to improve the Students Union so that YOU are. What will I improve?         

Improve Student Union opportunities for mature students at the university. Increase the amount of students actively involved with the Students Union. Ensure that all students can fairly voice their thoughts about the new September 2013 curriculum. Ensure all students can confidently join any SU group regardless of age/sex and voice their thoughts. Create more job fares for part-time work at Worcester. Maintain and develop the StARs system. Soothe and help students with queries about the Hive. Maintain and develop new societies within the Students Union. Ensure that I actively and persistently listen to everybody and voice the thoughts of all 11,000 students at the University of Worcester!

Aidan Goundry, Sociology and Politics I am Aidan Goundry, a 3rd year Sociology student. Whilst at Worcester I have lived on campus, off campus, commuted from home in Stourport and spent a semester in America. I am a UoW Student Ambassador and I already work with the Union, as a Trustee and as a Committee member for two societies. I now live in Worcester, where I have a strong local network, and I intend to remain based here long-term and to undertake postgraduate studies. If elected, I will:  Maintain an open door policy, be receptive to issues raised by students and aim to provide initial feedback on enquiries within 24hrs  Be an effective representative of the student voice to the Vice Chancellor, senior University staff and the Board of Governors  Help existing sports and societies grow and encourage new ones to develop  Work to ensure the University maintains high teaching standards and delivers value for money for students  Adopt an inclusive approach with non-traditional students, eg: part-time and mature, international and those with frequent placements, to ensure they feel fully integrated with - not forgotten by - the Union  Champion the needs of students with disabilities  Establish a mentoring system for incoming students  Work to ensure the Hive and other key University facilities provide the best possible service for students  Work to maintain a safe and secure University environment  Work with the local media and other agencies to safeguard the reputation of our students

Stina Salminen, Drama & Performance Our Students’ Union is not as visible in the lives of the University’s students nowadays. I, Stina Salminen, wish to change this. I am not only passionate about the student life in Worcester, but also dedicated to make sure the students are heard and their opinions enforced. I’ve worked closely with the SU as a volunteer for the past two years, listening to the voice of the whole student body, ranging from part-time students to mature students. Most concerning issues have been the raise of tuition and accommodation fees and the Peirson library’s move to the Hive. I feel it is important that each and every student have the same opportunities to a decent education and great experience with the SU, regardless of their age, gender, nationality, course or time they spend in the University of Worcester. Since this all includes financial and educational issues it is important to find new solutions to the students’ lives. The Students’ Union needs to be open and desirable for everyone, and I believe I am great at campaigning and highlighting the Students’ Union’s importance, and just what it can do for the students. I hope to achieve these aims:   

make the SU more visible give same opportunities for every student give more chances for students to make an impact

Vote for me and I will do all I can to represent you and fight for your benefits. It's your voice, and your choice.

Kynton Swingle, Sport & Exercise Science Manifesto If elected as your Students' Union President, I am to campaign for the following issues to enhance YOUR student experience at Worcester: 

Increase the Student Voice: To continually work to increase the student voice on matters that affect them, by increasing the number of students involved in the important discussions, whether this be at University or at Union level.

Money Matters: To campaign for there to be more money in student's pockets, by focusing on both, oncampus and off-campus accommodation prices, the price of on-campus facilities, and to ensure the University is up-front on hidden course costs and to ensure better publicity of the financial support available to all students through scholarships and other avenues.

Representing You: With the vast increase in size the University has undertaken in previous years, I am to increase the Students' Union presence to all our students, whether they are based on St. John's campus, City Campus or at partner colleges.

Participation: To increase the number of students involved in the Students' Union on one level or another, particularly focusing on under-represented students such as mature students, professional courses students and international students.

Communication: To improve the communication of the Students' Union so that more students know what's going on in and around the Union, and ensuring that students who have a large amount of placements aren't forgotten about through the development of a Union electronic newsletter, regular video blogs, and ensuring officers spend more time out of the office talking to students.

Candidates and Manifestos  
Candidates and Manifestos