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The York Region Food Charter provides direction to guide community food programs and policies. The focus is on using agriculture and food as a way to build stronger, healthier and more prosperous communities across York Region. over

York Region Food Charter


All of our research, events & projects are articulated by the 5 values of the Food Charter

leveraged for community food programs, policy development & research in York Region

Environmental Economic Sustainability Opportunities

Health and Wellbeing



Education and Skills Equity and Social Justice

Reports based on community consultations

The York Region Food Charter has been at outreach events

over 45

Food for Change educational events with over 330 attendees

May 2011

November 2011 & March 2012

Working Group formed

Community consultations

April 2012 Food Charter Coordinator hired

November 2012 Release of our first report on food and agriculture

Since 2011, we* have been working to push forward a food systems approach at the municipal and regional levels, while also assisting the community to support food programs that make it easier for people to grow, prepare, eat and share food in their communities. Here are some of our accomplishments to date:


* we = visit www.yorkregionfoodcharter.com for a listing of partners, reports and projects


community food projects


over people have shared their views on what a healthy food system should look like





Community Parterships

Committees & Councils have endorsed the Charter, including City of Markham, Township of King, Town of WhitchurchStouffville & Town of Aurora

made up of residents, community partners, government representatives, farming and food sector March 2013 Final Food Charter released

2014 & 2015 Endorsements, projects, reports, policies, ongoing outreach & education events

September 2015 Demand for food education & policies continues to increase

A guiding document for the development of coordinated food-related policies and programs in York Region

We Value... Health and Wellbeing

Equity and Social Justice

Access to a variety of healthy and affordable

The basic right of all residents to safe,

food in all neighbourhoods and facilities.

nutritious, culturally appropriate, accessible

Food policies and practices to improve and


inspire health.

Dignified access to food for all.

The importance of food for physical, mental,

Fair compensation and a safe and respectful

emotional and cultural wellbeing.

work environment in the agriculture and food

Community ownership of healthy, locally-


grown and processed food.

Economic Opportunities

Education and Skills

Economic development plans that ensure

Food literacy and skills for all residents, with a

robust and financially sustainable agriculture.

focus on food growing, healthy cooking, and

Innovative food and related industries that


unite producer, processor, distributor, health,

Education that supports opportunities in the

tourism, education and hospitality sectors.

agriculture and food sector.

Locally-grown traditional and world foods.

Understand the connections between food,

Environmental Sustainability

farming, health and the environment.

Rural and urban agriculture practices that protect biodiversity and improve the health of our land, soil, water, and air. Integrate agriculture and food into energy and climate change policies and strategies. Protection of agricultural lands and a streamlined regulatory framework. Educate on reducing food and packaging waste among consumers, retailers, processors and producers.

What we do...

Strengthen the healthy food and farming sector by providing opportunities for diverse stakeholders to share their experiences, knowledge and ideas, and reach agreements on collaborative actions. Turn policy ideas into action through research, advocacy, education, and pilot projects. Find online at www.yorkregionfoodcharter.com

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