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! e m h O , ! y G m 5 h O comes e r He By: Kate Fallon

On her screen, during a rainy day, Maya saw that “5G is coming our way!”

5G! It’s coming!

“5G? What will this be?” Maya wondered at once. With a curious mind, the answer she set out to find.

Through the town, over the stream, and into the forest Maya skipped. “What impact will it have on our future?� She pondered during her trip.

She arrived at an old cottage, quaint and so fair. A dear old wizard and his family lived there.

Maya walked in, and wizard said, “Welcome to Verizon, my name’s Fred.”

? “Dear wizard, can you tell me what in the world is 5G?”

? ?


“My dear, isn’t it clear?” The wizard replied. “5G will be the fifth generation of wireless technology. It’s fast and robust, so powerful and strong. Your downloads will be faster and your lag less long. It’s considered the fourth industrial revolution. And will usher a new era of technology solutions.”

Maya looked at the wizard and politely asked, “But, what does that mean for me? And my smart TV?�

“Those shows you stream and the VR games you play, will get better, and smarter and faster someday. From AI to VR to AR and robotics, 5G will make our lives with tech more symbiotic.�

“Can I interest you in a data plan?� The wizard then asked, and Maya walked out. Her need for more info was oh so steadfast.

After walking awhile through the brush and the pine, Maya reached a gemstone mine. Out bounced seven dwarves with iPhones and spreadsheets, they seemed like the people she needed to meet. “Sweet dwarves,” said Maya, “Can you please help me? I want to know more about 5G!”

The dwarves looked at each other, then took turns educating,

“It’s brilliant!”

“It’s certainly life-changing!” “It’s dangerous!”

The smallest of dwarves spoke up with such joy, “5G will start as a carrier ploy. Wireless services will be first to adopt, boasting quick speeds so their plans you will shop!�

“From this moment on through 2020, 5G will certainly pop up in your city.�

“See, lag times and slowness from too many users overpowers broadband and bogs down your computers. 5G will provide a wider spectrum of broadband connection, allowing more people more downloads, with a commercial intention.�

“Beyond cell phones and carriers, 5G has more meaning, it will give self-driving cars more chances at being. Cars will be able to connect with each other, learning more about collisions, conditions and life saving additions.�

“5G also means more for your select cities, giving public works offices great opportunities.�

“When street lights do fail or floods make you pale, more quickly can you notify public works and then bail! Plus, your energy usage can be read from afar, and better surveillance will help police tell danger ‘au revoir!’”

“Not to mention 5G will mean more for surgery! Healthcare will benefit widely, I’m sure, from telecommunication to AR therapy, remote surgery and more! 5G will allow us to better communicate with more communities in every state.”

Just then, quick as a flash, out jumped a wolf with a funny mustache. “There’s more than just good news my naive little girl, a battle of nations is beginning to unfurl. The competition for 5G has been brewing for years, the country who wins it creates many fears. For the 5G technology we so desperately crave is creating a silent war with China engaged. They’ve announced they have it and are ready to deploy, scaring the U.S. US and our friends who’s help we employ.”

“Whoever masters 5G will have us all beat. They’ll control the tech future, and we’ll have to compete to captain this cognitive revolution aided by technology...what a feat! Not to mention the billions for fiber optic networks it will take to install, in all of our buildings and through every wall! In our homes, our cities, in our states and all around, and there are also certain dangers due to radiation that could completely surround.”

Maya was so shocked by this harrowing news, her options of 5G had her bemused. She ran through the woods, over the river and flew back into town, up to her house, and into her bedroom safe and sound.

She sat and she pondered about all she had heard. Some was exciting, but some simply absurd. A battle with China china, unknown health risks and price, for AI, a wider spectrum of broadband, and driverless cars to come more to life. “Some parts are quite scary, and of those I am wary. But, 5G is coming, and sure coming fast. This new tech revolution could be such a blast.�

It could make our lives better, we’ll know much more in awhile. Until then, Maya decided to put down her phone and play outside… …with a smile.

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Oh My, Oh Me, Here Comes 5G!  

A short children's story about 5G technology.

Oh My, Oh Me, Here Comes 5G!  

A short children's story about 5G technology.