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GP Synergy Reconciliation Action Plan

Statement of commitment We are pleased to present GP Synergy’s Reconciliation Action Plan. The area that lies within the geographical boundaries of GP Synergy covers a wide and diverse area, ranging from the history laden regions of Sydney to the isolated hinterland of the New England/North West. As an organisation our first step towards reconciliation is to understand and accept what reconciliation means to us and to Aboriginal people. ‘Us’ means the GP Synergy board, management, educators, staff, GP supervisors and GP registrars. In 2008 the then Prime Minister of Australia, Mr Kevin Rudd made a national apology to the families and members of the ‘Stolen Generation’ for the pain and suffering that they have endured over the years. An understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history and the rationale underlying the national apology is the beginning of the reconciliation process. The next steps are to start to act to close the gaps in equity of and access to health and social services and the unacceptable differences in health status between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians. GP Synergy’s vision of reconciliation is to work in partnership with Aboriginal people, to develop practices and processes that will help overcome the current inequity and provide the same opportunities as enjoyed by nonAboriginal Australians. Our goal is to develop mutually beneficial relationships with Aboriginals by building a culturally diverse health workforce and by raising the awareness of all our stakeholders about the unique cultural history that Aboriginal people enjoy, particularly in our regions. GP Synergy recognises that too many Aboriginal people experience unacceptable levels of disadvantage. We recognise that by developing a Reconciliation Action Plan we can work towards making an impact on the life expectancy and health status of Aborigines. We will use the Reconciliation Action Plan and the frameworks for general practice training in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health to guide us and ensure that we follow a road of high expectation and do not detour along the way. As a mark of respect for the traditional owners, we will ensure that every community meeting will begin with a ‘Welcome to Country’ by the traditional owners. If the traditional owners are not present there will be an ‘Acknowledgment of Country’ and the Aboriginal Elders in whose boundaries the meeting is being held.

Val Dahlstrom

Aboriginal Liason Officer

Our Approach to Reconciliation Our Reconciliation Action Plan is a principles based document that details the values and behaviours we uphold as an organisation with respect to reconciliation and ‘closing the gap’. The tasks that are aimed at fulfilling our plans are continually developing and evolving. These are presented in the ‘RAP register’ that is updated and monitored. This register is a live schedule to our RAP at any given point in time. It keeps our approach to reconciliation alive.

Process for Reconciliation Planning Our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Committee brings us together in a partnership; all Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services that come within the geographical boundary of GP Synergy are offered membership, and membership may be extended to other properly constituted Aboriginal organisations as accepted by resolution of the Committee. The committee is the vehicle by which we develop, implement and monitor our action plans for reconciliation.

Relationships Trust is the key to maintaining effective relationships with our Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal partners. We continually promote ways of working with Aboriginal partners to develop and nurture trusting relationships. We recognise the importance of Aboriginal led input to the direction of our business including in training and initiatives aimed at ‘closing the gap’.

Respect We develop a sense of mutual respect through awareness and understanding of each other. We achieve this through sharing information, knowledge and learning, in ways that are relevant and build on our existing knowledge. Our cultural training is particular to our region, tailored to the needs of the individual and ‘adds value’. We share information about our business and ensure that our partners have the resources and support necessary to influence and shape the future of our organisation, its training program and business focus.

Opportunities Aboriginal health and training opportunities are identified and developed to be consistent with the agreed aspirations and needs of our region. These opportunities are identified and developed through sharing expertise and information in all areas of our business and influence. Importantly, we ensure that the necessary human capital and resources are made available to our partners who collectively act as the executive for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health matters in GP Synergy. We ensure they have the resources and power to act.

GP Synergy Reconciliation Action Plan  
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