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Rationale & Statement of Intent Rationale My last year will mainly focus on developing my existing skills to a professional standard, and bringing up my own design practice to be at a young professional level. The direction of my professional practice is now in my own hands, which means taking risks and being confident with my own work. The briefs I have set myself are written to help me create a consistent design style explored through a range of different medias. Around half of my written briefs focus on the branding and identity design I have found a new passion for and the other half are based on illustration. Both are then tied together with print and finishing processes.The way I have compiled my briefs for this year means my three main interests and skills will be worked on and developed in conjunction with each other. In addition to this I will also be aiming to tweak some of the smaller skills like book making, my indesign and illustrator knowledge. And as ever, I am hoping to make serious progresswhen it comes to research, putting more time into the ideas behind my briefs in order to make the most of their potential.

Statement of Intent My aim for this year is to set myself up quickly in terms of regularly producing consistent high quality design, with a portfolio and online presence I am happy with. The next step will be to start building a network of designers, studios, printers, potential employers. It is important to me that I don't shy away from making contacts and start to change my mindset from feeling like an average design student to a young confident design professional. This should enable me to make the most of my position and make those contacts and not miss out on any opportunities. To do this I need to have my portfolio ready as quick as possible, a website just doesn't compare to physical printed work, especially becauseI want to start working with print processesmore. I have realised that although the internet is a brilliant resource, I depend on it heavily. I will always choose email over telephone, or the internet over going to the library which is terrible of me, and something I really cannot allow myself to do anymore, so having a portfolio which is physical and I can take everywhere with me is becoming something I am really excited about.



Every brief I have written reflects what I want to do and where I want to be as a professional. I love setting myself a challenge and with the exception of a couple of the briefs I really have given myself something to get stuck in with. It's not daunting anymore to have a brief which is enormous, it's exciting becauseI have written it for myself, my skills, the skills I want to develop and what kind of design I want to be producing. I didn't realise how just writing my own briefs would change my frame of mind, It has undoubtedly made me feel like a designer with more confidence, enthusiasm and independence rather than a student who wasn't quite sure of anything and was reluctant to move forward. I love how each brief is something different (some require book making, some are about branding, others are purely illustration and print based) but I can see all my resolutions fitting together quite nicely in my portfolio, looking like they've all been designed by the same person.



I have identified this as one of the areasI need to improve on. Many times in the past I have felt that research is something we did to tick boxes, in the past year I have recognised that it is in fact crucial to influencing the successof a body of work/piece of design. Without knowing your subject you cannot fully exploit it's potential. I will be doing more and more primary research, as I have mentioned before it can be too easy to fall into the trap of thinking the internet can find out everything for you. In the past few months it has become increasingly clear that the internet really cannot compare to first hand information or experience. I will be working on getting my ideas down on paper, drawing instead of describing with writing what I want to do, making variations of designs instead of following one idea and not exploring the possibilities. With this I will be able to get a better range of feedback from other designers, people on this course, professional designers etc.



The main practical issue I need to sort out is my research and initial design ideas. The processof making worksheets full of variations of the same design is what I need to be doing to give myself a better final resolution. I also need to be making better use of both digital print and screen printing facilities as these will be important to much of my work in this final year. Another huge problem I need to addressis the idea of where I find my secondary research. As it says in the box below, bibliography, articles and sources. I struggle with design books, and feel a bit foolish not knowing what I'm meant to be looking for in them. I tend to rely on zines, journals, design magazines, and design blogs to find inspiration so I don't usually feel the need to take out books. This is so stupid and another example of me being stubborn, but as with everything else it needs to change in order for me to be a good graphic designer. I will be using the library's resources and buying more books this year!



As last year, I will be using my array of blogs, design journals, notebooks and worksheets to document and evaluate everything. I need to use my blog more often and in more detail. As I have said before I will be using design sheets more to sketch out my initial ideas.


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Statement of Intent & Rationale  
Statement of Intent & Rationale  

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