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Why a Celibate Marriage Is Not a Sexless Marriage By Kate Dixon With sexless marriages getting more and more attention in the media in recent years, another similar type of relationship is still hardly talked about. This is what's known as a celibate marriage. But wait, aren't the two one and the same? Is the meaning of celibacy sexlessness? There are a few differences between a celibate marriage and a sexless one. Let's see what these differences are: 1. Celibacy means no sex whatsoever. When nuns take a vow of celibacy, they don't get to have sex. Ever. On the other hand, a sexless marriage is defined as a marriage in which sex takes place 10 times a year or less. It does not mean that no sex occurs. This is a big difference. 2. A celibate marriage is usually an agreed upon arrangement, either before or during the relationship itself. The two spouses, for their own personal reasons, decide not to have sex in their marriage. Not even once. This doesn't mean that they're not happy together. It's as if they've given up on having sex completely. It may seem strange but it's a legitimate lifestyle choice. 3. A sexless marriage is often a one-sided thing. One spouse loses his or her sex drive or desire for their partner. The other spouse may still crave a lot more sex than what the marriage has at the moment. This can lead to feelings of despair, confusion, rejection, and may even lead to divorce. However, people continue to live in these marriages for a long time, often years. The main difference, in my opinion, between these two types of marriages is the one is often mutually agreed upon while the other leads to conflict, dissatisfaction and, sometimes, even to a breakup. To read more about how to have more sex in your marriage visit Kate Dixon is an author who has written a program on solving sexless relationships.

Celibate Marriage Vs. Sexless Marriage  

What is the difference between a celibate and a sexless marriage? Learn the key differences...

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