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Taking on tough challenges for more than 30 Years. July 1975 Plant Process Equipment, Inc. began operations in Houston, Texas as an integrated process engineering and equipment fabrication company. February 2016 Plant Process Group, LLC was incorporated as a Holding Company and Plant Process Equipment, Inc. became a wholly owned Engineering Subsidiary. Plant Process Fabricators, LLC was formed as a wholly owned Fabrication Subsidiary with fabrication facilities in League City, Texas. November 2016 Plant Process Group, LLC acquired the assets of Summit Energy Equipment and the Sulphur Springs Fabrication Facility became a part of Plant Process Fabricators, LLC. Plant Process Energy, LLC was incorporated as a majority owned Upstream / Midstream Subsidiary of Plant Process Group serving the drilling and production sector.

Capabilities & Services Fabrication Capabilities Pressure vessels • American Society of Mechanical Engineers • Section VIII - Division 1

Piping • American Society of Mechanical Engineers • ASME B3.1.1 / 31.3/ 31.8 Welding Qualifications • ASME Section IX • AWS D1.1 • Welding Technologies • FCAW • GTAW • GMAW • SAW

Equipment • Choke Manifolds • Facility Fabrication • Flare Stacks • Flare Stack Smokeless Burner • Flow Line • Gas Scrubbers • Plug Catchers • Sand Separators • Separators Engineering Services • Oil & Gas Processing • Structural • Detail Piping


Production & Flowback Plant Process Energy’s three phase separator is used to separate oil, gas and water so that accurate measurement can be made on each phase. Various size meter runs are offered which measure gas flow. Turbine meters are supplied to measure the liquid flow rates both in produced water and oil outlet piping. These separators come in a variety of sizes. Plant Process Energy’s capabilities include diameters from 8” to 96” and lengths up to 20’ long. Pressures range from 50 psi to 2000 psi. The separators can be supplied with dual pressure relief valves. Based on piping design, these separators have sufficient valving to by-pass critical components or combine outlet flows as needed. These can also be supplied with a complete bypass on the inlet stream to bypass the separator if needed.


Facility Fabrication Many energy companies are now implementing fully-sustained facilities to manage multiple well sites in many oil field plays. These pre-engineered stations require a manufacturing facility that has incredible attention to detail, material traceability and shop control. Plant Process Energy is proud to offer this service to any company looking to follow this type of methodology. Please contact our sales staff to submit isometric drawings and Bid Packages. Plant Process Energy offers piping and vessel fabrication for Gathering Facilities and Compressor Stations. In our current facility, we are able to produce tens of thousands of weld inches a day of finished product in the effort to drastically diminish lead times and provide an opportunity to increase your productivity and margins with a very cost-effective solution.

Flare Stacks

Flowback & H2S Flaring Flare Stacks are equipped with a gas pilot that is red with a shot-tube type ignition system on our standard equipment. We also offer an electronic igniter that sparks every 2 seconds to ensure minimal gas escaping without being burned. Available in 4” to 10” diameter and 25’ to 60’ height. These can be either trailer or skid mounted with guy wires to secure once raised to the upright operating position. Fully self sufficient, solar charging hydraulic system to lower and raise stack easily by one or two operators. Flares are equipped with a counter-balancing valve that serves two important functions. First is to make the raising and lowering very smooth and secondly to stop the movement should a hydraulic hose ruptures during operations. Flares can also be purchased with an integral liquid collector/knock-out. Offered both as ASME coded or uncoded versions.

Sand Separators

5800 psi to 10,000 psi Sand Separators are used to extract produced solids from the well stream either before or after the choke manifold. In order to separate these produced solids the mixture enters the sand separator and strikes a sacrificial flow diverter which allows the solids to fall out of the mixture. Our separators can be designed for low pressure or high pressure conditions. We offer an ASME and API style with multiple inlet diverter designs to fit the current flow characteristics experienced by the well. Both styles offer over pressure protection by either PSVs or ruptured disk and are mounted to a standard Oilfield L-Skid with trailer mounting solutions.

Heat Treatment

High Pressure Stress Relief The West building has a 560’ offset which houses the new heat treat furnace with interior measurements of 8’ x 10’ x 25’. The furnace has a weight capacity of approximately 40,000 lbs. and all the necessary controls and instrumentation to stress relieve our manufactured vessels. The maxium temperature on furnace is 1300 degrees. The West building is equipped with two 20 ton cranes. The addition of a new 9’ x 9’ SAW welder complements our existing 12’ x 12’ SAW unit.

Paint Facility

Painting & Sand Blasting Plant Process Energy’s new 7,500 sq. ft. paint facility contains a 20’ x 60’ x 20’ blasting booth. The blast booth utilizes steel blast medium which can be recovered, filtered and reused to reduce costs for our clients. The painting booth measures 20’ x 60’ x 18’ and takes advantage of most paint types from zinc primer to epoxy base paint and primers. We use standard air pots and air assist airless equipment powered by a massive 150 hp. air compressor with dryer to assure quality air supply.

Senior Management The Plant Process senior management team is composed of individuals that are well known and highly respected in the industry. Key personnel have an average of over 30 years’ experience. A listing of projects in which Plant Process personnel have been significantly involved along with biographies of key personnel is available upon request. The names of directors, officers and key personnel and their resumes are available on request. Plant Process Group Senior Management Team: Stephen Kennedy - President Stephen has been an integral part of the success of Plant Process from its very beginnings. He instills a high level of professionalism and creativity to Plant Process' projects from their initial design and engineering through the manufacturing process and the startup of completed facilities. Stephen has many years of experience in refining, gas treatment, chemical, power generation and green energy technology.

Joe Borg - Senior Vice President of Engineering Mr. Borg has worked with Plant Process for over twenty years providing valuable process engineering expertise before finally joining the Plant Process management team on a full-time basis in 2013. Joe's career began at the Lummus Company and he quickly moved to progressively more responsible positions with Howe-Baker Engineers and Fluor Engineers. He served as Sr. Vice President and Co-Founder with Hydro-Chem Processing and as Vice President of Engineering with the Process Plant Division of Liquid Carbonic Industries then with Linde Gas. Joe is a registered Professional Engineer and has many years of experience in process engineering, equipment design and fabrication, operations and process safety. He brings a deep understanding and wealth of experience, as well as professionalism and leadership to the Plant Process management group.

Josh Burnett - Senior Vice President of Operations Mr. Burnett joined the Plant Process management team in 2013. Josh began his career at Allied Chemical before moving to progressively more responsible positions as Vice President of Operations with the Process Plant Division of Liquid Carbonic Industries and Vice President of Operations with Linde Gas. Josh is a Certified Safety Professional and has many years of experience in operations, safety and business and financial management. He brings an increased depth of experience, professionalism and leadership to the Plant Process management group. Ken Reynaud - Senior Vice President Mr. Reynaud joined Plant Process in 2009 to combine his business development experience with the existing strong management team. Ken began his career with Baker Hughes as Vice President in the HSC Division, then serving successfully as a Vice President with the Process Plant Division of Liquid Carbonic Industries and a Vice President with Linde AG US (now Linde Gas). Ken has extensive experience in project planning, project development and business organization with years of experience in oil and gas production and chemical manufacturing.

Company Locations Our corporate office is located in the greater Houston, Texas area, the energy capital of the world. Our Houston offices provide us access to many of the major domestic and international operators, vendors, specialty subcontractors and original equipment manufacturers that we depend upon to provide custom designed modular plants competitively to clients around the world. We have quick access to Hobby Airport and Bush Intercontinental Airport for commercial flights and to Ellington Field for private aircraft. Our corporate office is located adjacent to a hotel complex which provides convenient residential facilities for our international clients visiting us for longer periods. Our fabrication facilities have convenient access to interstate highways, railways, the Intra-coastal Waterway, major seaports and major airports. Our corporate and subsidiary locations are as follows: Plant Process Group - Corporate Office Plant Process Equipment, Inc.

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