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Robot Boy’s

First Day School of

Robot Boy’s

First Day School of


To people who have suffered from autism spectrum disorder have the most beautiful heart in the world, and their great family


Adam is a robot,

or to be specific, he looks like a robot but lives like a human boy with a warm and good heart.

However, he has trouble connecting with people due to his thick heavy metallic cover. This also prevents him from making decisions fast enough.

After a wholehearted hug, Mom encouraged Adam with some warm words, �you have a good heart and that is all that matters!� Adam regains his energy and is again ready for school.

During the language class, everybody articulates the text book loud and clearly; nevertheless, no one can grasp what Adam is trying to say.

In the afternoon, Adam also has trouble following the orders of the instructor during the physical training session. It seems that Adam can’t control his body or moves by will.

Sometimes, too many friends speak to him at one time, and too many messages roam in at the same time. The central operating system is too busy and almost crushed.

It takes a lot of effort for Adam to stand up again and to re-connect with his friends. Unfortunately, he can’t find the right frequency to transmit his signal for the right words. No wonder, nobody can ever perceive what Adam is trying to say.

After a long long day, Adam is exhausted and frustrated. He tries to hide and refuses to interact with other kids. Everyone is worried about him.

When everyone is worrying and trying to figure out a solution for Adam, the teacher gives an answer to the confused students.

“Everyone must be curious why Adam does’t play with us. In fact, he really wants to be friends with you. But through the cabinet window, Adam sees the world differently. Let’s try to be in his shoes. What would you do and feel if you were constrained inside a robot?”

After the wise explanation, all the kids suddently realize Adam’s feeling, he indeed wants to be friends with everyone and is trying so hard.

No matter who we are or what language we speak, just keep in mind that the true heart is the universal language that connects us together.

Autism Spectrum Disorder, also know as autism or ASD, is the fastest growing developmental disorder today. According to the latest poll by World Autism Organization, every one of 110 people is diagnosed as autism. They are among us very quietly. Some people says the autistic people closely resemble souls constrained in robots. It is hard for them to connect the outside world because of the difficulties in controlling the robotic body, obscuring the transmission of messages. This leads to false impression that people who suffered from autism are leaning toward to staying alone. However, this is not the case. Autistic people indeed feel the same way as we do. You will be able to communicate with them if you give a try to understand and get along with them.

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HiddenWorld New Perspectives on Autism

Today is the robot boy Adam’s first day of school! He is very excited but nervous. What’s going on at school?


HiddenWorld New Perspectives on Autism

Adam's First Day of School  

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