KATE STEVENS: Decal unites Mooresville's okay moms By Kate Stevens Apr 14, 2018

Kate Stevens

I was driving my children to soccer practice when I saw it.‌ay-moms/article_8eb551f0-3e5b-11e8-add4-cfc1da028d98.html

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A decal on the back of a light-colored SUV made me burst into laughter. The decal proudly declared the driver of the car was the “World’s Okayest Mom.” The message struck a chord for me, a woman who had just screeched out of her neighborhood on two wheels in order to make soccer practice on time. Some days -- no, let’s say most days -- I’m just okay when it comes to parenting. On my best day, I may deserve the title of “World’s Okayest Mom.” In a world where moms struggle to balance work with carpool, managing homework, laundry and meals plus rising above the pressure of hosting Instagram-worthy birthday parties, the owner of the SUV had nailed it. Since I was stopped at a red light, I grabbed my phone and took a picture of the decal. Later that night, I logged on to a closed Facebook paged called “Mooresville Moms.” In the group, we discuss parenting tips, problems at home and work, and of course, our children. The group has nearly 5,000 members if that’s any indication of the popularity of an online forum dedicated to moms and their problems, issues and successes. I uploaded the photo of the car and decal and titled the post “Whoever you are, I want to be your friend!” I thought it was just a funny photo that spoke to me. It spoke to plenty of other women, too. Nearly 300 group members liked, loved or otherwise signaled their amusement with emojis. The post had more than 70 comments with other women mentioning how they loved the basic parenting adequateness the decal bragged about. “This pretty much describes me too,” posted one mom. “Thank you for making us feel normal by being OK!” wrote another woman.…ay-moms/article_8eb551f0-3e5b-11e8-add4-cfc1da028d98.html

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Another mom had the same decal on her car. Others had the vinyl decal on plastic and metal cups. The decal certainly made me feel better about myself. Life is hard enough without constantly wondering if we’re failing as mothers. I stay awake at night wondering if I did enough for my kids -- or if I did too much -- so it was nice to realize other moms feel the same way. And then, through this small online community, I found the owner of the decal in less than an hour. Someone saw the post and alerted Jenn Zimmer that everyone was talking about her decal. “OMG, this is crazy!” Zimmer posted on the thread. “I’m flattered everyone loves my decal, though!” Zimmer did not respond to online requests to be interviewed for this column but her longtime friend Crystal Cook, who created the vinyl decal for Zimmer, said she loved the idea behind the decal. “I just thought it was the coolest thing because we’re all kind of okay moms,” said Cook. “Nobody’s perfect.” Cook, a Mooresville native and mom to two boys and a girl on the way, said it’s important to realize every mom parents differently. “We’re all just doing the best we can in this crazy world,” said Cook. “And nobody’s got the right answer for anything. Whatever your answer is is what works for your family.” That’s enough for me. So if you see a decal on a woman’s car that says “World’s Okayest Mom,” honk the horn and wave. It could be any one of us okay moms.…ay-moms/article_8eb551f0-3e5b-11e8-add4-cfc1da028d98.html

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Kate Stevens is a freelance journalist for the Tribune. She can be reached at‌ay-moms/article_8eb551f0-3e5b-11e8-add4-cfc1da028d98.html

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Kate stevens decal unites mooresville's okay moms | news | mooresvilletribune c  

It's OK just to be an OK mom. Maybe even the "Okayest Mom in the World."

Kate stevens decal unites mooresville's okay moms | news | mooresvilletribune c  

It's OK just to be an OK mom. Maybe even the "Okayest Mom in the World."