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One Room Paradise My ‘Paradise room’ represents the organic qualities, unplanned beauty and simplicity that is nature. It is a delicate, cantilevered space which appreciates the surrounding nature, and in time will let nature take its course and intertwine with the structure. By allowing nature to work with the space, I am intending for it to mimic the nature of the environment, as nothing ever stays the same. Everything is unique. It is a way of structurally imitating the way in which nature provides an enclosure that is separate from everything

‘I want to walk into a room that hits you in the chest’ J.Holtzman

Rose Seidler House Technical drawings of plan, section, elevations and perspectives of the Rose Seidler house by Harry Seidler.

Anish Kapoor Brief: The visual presentation of a material composition for Anish Kapoor. Students are to attend the exhibition at the MCA, research the material work of and critical writings on Kapoor and respond with a composition of material elements in 2 and 3 dimensions.

Exercise 7 Portfolio