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Integrated Real Estate Solutions

Brinkman Construction Brinkman Construction is a unique blend of highly experienced, educated, and talented professionals who believe in our ability to deliver a high-end product with a cost-competitive and lean approach. We believe in relationship building and in hard work - these two principals are at the core of all that we do. Our team is dedicated to providing our clients with the utmost level of knowledge, innovative solutions, hands-on leadership, and predictable results. Our established industry relationships add significant value to each project through increased efficiencies and streamlined processes that place the owners’ best interests at the forefront of every decision made. Our breadth of industry understanding allows us to serve as a true partner from project start to completion. It is our mission to offer the highest level of team communication, design coordination, preconstruction, and construction services in the industry. We work together with our clients and an entire project team to continually add greater value and integrity to each project we build. We pair this collaborative effort with the employment of state-of-the-art tools to optimize productivity and create a better building experience and finished products.

Jim Ciesla, Kevin Brinkman, Paul Brinkman, Pete Meyer.

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Brinkman Construction

Our Company

Our People

We are a family-based Company

Brinkman employees are at the cornerstone of our success

The ability to grow and learn as individuals in our careers, grow and provide value as an organization, and take care of our families and community is at the heart of what we are about.

Brinkman employees are at the cornerstone of our success: Their expertise and capabilities win work, perform the work, create value for our clients, and generate loyalty. Ours is an environment that is exible to change and open to innovation. Here, every employee contributes to value-added performance.

People are our greatest asset We have been fortunate to be able to recruit the best in the market. Team members and their passion and commitment to the organization and each other are at the center of our success.

At Brinkman Construction, we are a group of leaders. Our employees strive to be leaders in business, leaders in community, and leaders in sustainability. We believe our business thrives, when our employees thrive.

We are a community of professionals committed to constant team collaboration to seamlessly support our clients throughout the building process. With our level of expertise in the industry, we are able to guide you through the building process while bringing you the highest level of customer service. Our team cohesively works with each other to leverage our knowledge and provide you with innovative ideas, customized project recommendations, and proactive solutions.

We deliver on the commitments we make to our customers We operate with the highest level of integrity and trust in an effort to build lasting relationships with our clients, partners, employees, and community.

Integration is at the core of our services The multiple touches with our clients remains a value proposition that puts our clients and their needs ďŹ rst.

We are a relationship-based company We focus on forging strong, long-term relationships with our clients. We cement these relationships by providing superior customer value and by continuously improving our performance.

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Brinkman Construction

Our Value Brinkman Construction’s unique approach of providing integrated services involves experts in many disciplines offering support and feedback to create cost-effective solutions to a wide variety of construction needs. Our encompassing business model brings direct and tangible benefits to our clients. The result of this integrated process is creative solutions, unparalleled customer service, increased project communication, and maximum value to owners.

Our History Our approach is founded on the desire to truly meet our clients’ widely-varied needs. Combining our construction expertise with our team’s commercial brokerage, development, capital markets, and real estate management knowledge, we are able to provide each client with a single point of contact for project requirements and an incomparable breadth of understanding that goes beyond one sector.




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The value of integration ÊVœiV̈ÛiÊÌi>“ÊivvœÀÌ ÕÌÕ>ÊLÕ`}iÌÊ>˜`Ê̈“iˆ˜iÊiÝ«iVÌ>̈œ˜ *Àœ`ÕVÌÊ`iˆÛiÀÞÊ>ÃÃÕÀ>˜Vi Ý«i`ˆÌi`ÊVœ˜ÃÌÀÕV̈œ˜ÊÃÌ>ÀÌÊ`>Ìià ˆviÊVÞViÊÛ>ÕiÊ>˜>ÞÈÃ

UÊ œ˜ÃÌÀÕV̈œ˜Ê>˜`ʏœ˜}‡ÌiÀ“Êœ«iÀ>̈œ˜>ÊVœÃÌà UÊ iÈ}˜Ê>˜`ÊVœ˜ÃÌÀÕV̈œ˜ÊVœœÀ`ˆ˜>̈œ˜ÊVœ˜yˆVÌà UÊ "ÛiÀ>Ê«ÀœiVÌÊ`ÕÀ>̈œ˜

Brinkman Construction was founded in 2005 by Paul and Kevin Brinkman. Upon their individual experiences in the real estate and construction industries, the brothers saw an opportunity to align all areas of real estate in a manner that created efficiencies and more encompassing service to clients. This mindset led to the full-service real estate company that we are today. The overall mission of the company is to integrate team expertise into the industry and offer clients creative opportunities through this collaboration. As a result of our dedication to serving clients and playing an active role in the community, Brinkman has experienced significant growth since its founding. Throughout our history, we have maintained the ideal that every client and every project comes with a new set of needs and obstacles that require us to create tailored solutions and out-side-of-the-box thinking.

Our Clients At Brinkman Construction, we are proud to work with some of Colorado’s top companies. Our partnerships with these companies drives the work we do. To us, there is nothing more important than creating a finished product that meets a client’s operational needs while exceeding

their visionary expectations. We are committed to maintaining these relationships and providing continual value to our clients which results in trust, open communication, and collaboration.

Collectively, our integrated approach results in: decreased owner risk and increased owner satisfaction

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Brinkman Construction


The Brinkman Construction team has a depth of experience creating innovative HUKPU]P[PUNVMÄJLZWHJL We collaborate with each client to deliver a finished product that is a direct reflection of their company’s culture. An environment that represents their values, is conducive to their processes, and engaging to their employees.

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6MÄJL OtterBox Corporate Headquarters Fort Collins, CO This 45,000 SF, state-of-the-art building serves as OtterBox’s Class A+ corporate headquarters. The innovative LEED Certified project is designed to create an exciting and productive atmosphere for the staff, clients, and visitors. It includes luxury offices and executive boardrooms, coffee bars on each floor, an interior slide, bike maintenance room, massage room,

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a custom built saltwater fish tank, built-in TV’s and monitors throughout, interior brick walls, engineered wood walls, real wood cabinetry, special lighting throughout, interior and exterior fireplace, open spaces, and an outdoor BBQ/patio area on the third floor. Other unique design features include an interior sloped storefront system and interior office garage doors.

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6MÄJL Drive I Denver, CO This 40,000 SF, four-story office building marks the sixth building in the Denver River North Taxi development. The innovative, LEED Silver Certified office space was built around the requirements of 20-30 new economy companies that cater to high tech and creative businesses. The striking modern design includes unique elements such as garage-style glass doors on the exterior of all

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levels, light and open air workspace, and a salon and coffee shop. Recycled gymnasium flooring provides countertops throughout the tenant spaces and common areas. Skylights and glass floors that span from the roof down to the second floor create a well-lit and natural feeling throughout the building.

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6MÄJL Harmony One Fort Collins, CO This five-story, 55,000 SF Class A office building was designed with the environment and innovation in mind. The LEED Certified core and shell project also included eight high-end tenant finishes- each with its own unique elements and requirements.

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Bicycle storage, a fitness center with locker rooms, decks off of each floor, and preferred parking for fuel efficient vehicles offer tenants ultimate amenities.

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Brinkman Construction


At Brinkman Construction, we are dedicated to building innovative medical facilities that improve the V]LYHSSLJVUVTPJLMÄJPLUJ`MVY physicians’ needs. We are experienced in creating premier, technologically-advanced healthcare facility solutions. As the changing face of healthcare facilities emerges, we are committed to providing creative real estate services that meet the needs of both patients and physicians.

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Healthcare Arête Surgical Center Johnstown, CO This is a 15,000 SF state-of-the-art healthcare project. The facility includes a covered porte-cochère drop-off zone with separate entrances from an internal courtyard to both wings of the building. The full Ambulatory Health Care unit offers pre/ post-op recovery beds and three class C operatories. One of the operating rooms has a video feed that links to the owners’ adjacent medical office building for training. The south portion

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of the building consists of the Convalescent Care Center containing six overnight stay patient beds. The owners’ neighboring building, Rocky Mountain Association & Orthopedic Medicine, was completed by Brinkman in November of 2012. The two facilities will work together to provide ongoing education opportunities for area physicians.

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Healthcare Medical Center of the Rockies Surgery Center Loveland, CO This 28,000 SF medical tenant finish was built with the future of healthcare in mind. The project focused on the incorporation of the latest technology throughout the design and equipment used. The construction schedule was tight and the team was required to work a seven-day week and follow strict rules to

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accommodate the MCR’s Sleep Center located on the first floor of the building. The facility offers operating rooms, patient bays, containing pre and post-operative beds, PACU beds, and two phase II private rooms. In the convalescent care area, there are five overnight rooms.

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Healthcare 25/34 Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery Center Johnstown, CO This aesthetics and plastic surgery institute implements cutting edge technology and design features that reflects a first class, five star, client-focused service. Brinkman Construction provided preconstruction and development services through each critical step of the planning process along with site and infrastructure work, ensuring an elite state-of-the-art final product.

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The exterior’s Mediterranean theme pairs perfectly with the high-end interior finishes. The facility includes a fully operational plastic surgery clinic, operating rooms, a patient care unit, overnight suites, exam rooms, procedure rooms, staff offices, and nurse work stations.

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Brinkman Construction


We are an industry leader in the construction of multi-family products and utilize our extensive knowledge to provide value to our clients. The experience we possess for this product-type goes beyond construction; we have steered every part of these projects from the early development and preconstruction to marketing and leasing upon completion.

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Multi-Family Flats at the Oval Fort Collins, CO This mixed-use project is located on the site of the former home of Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) fraternity, vacated in 2006, and situated directly across from Colorado State University. This is a Green Globes certified project that includes ground-floor retail and three additional stories of residential, on an in-fill redevelopment site optimizing 34,000 SF.

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The residential component of the project includes 46 units, including 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, and 3-bedroom formats. The units are designed to enable tenants to enjoy views of the mountains, the Colorado State University Oval, and the historic roof lines of Old Town Fort Collins, integrating large windows and patios into each residence.

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Multi-Family Mason Street Flats Fort Collins, CO Mason Street Flats was constructed on top of a single level, below grade 70-space parking garage. The project serves as Old Town Fort Collins’ newest for-rent residential project and ties in with the city’s progressing mass-transit system. These modern apartments offer a mix of stylish studio, 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, and 3-bedroom units. There are 30 total

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units and 46 total bedrooms throughout the four-story building, each with its own private bathroom. Each unit is designed to provide an open layout offering ultimate functionality. The interior finishes play on the atmosphere of the surrounding community and provide stunning views. The project also offers practical lifestyle amenities and secure underground parking.

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Multi-Family Arrowhead Residences Fort Collins, CO These high-style condominiums offer distinct features and designer details throughout. These luxury residences consist of 10 customized units, two of which are luxury penthouse suites. This ďŹ rst phase included four stories and over 35,000 SF of tailored

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residences, common areas, and an underground parking garage beneath the units. The craftsmanship and sophistication of each unit, panoramic views, and nearby amenities made this project unlike anything else in Northern Colorado.

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Brinkman Construction


At Brinkman Construction, we are committed to constructing commercial space that meets our clients’ operational needs and visionary expectations. The technical knowledge and understanding we can provide for this product-type is unmatched. This level of proficiency enables us to help coordinate long-lead items, mitigate any scheduling issues early on, and accurately phase a project’s work from commencement through completion.

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Commercial Private Air Hangar Loveland, CO This world-class project includes a 55,000 SF private hangar and office facility located at the Fort Collins-Loveland Municipal Airport. It consists of a pre-engineered steel building with clear spans of 150’ connected to a conventional three-story office building. The finished product has allocated spaces for aircrafts,

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food storage, food prep, a commercial kitchen, as well as class A commercial offices and conference rooms. The overall look of the facility is innovative and poised to revolutionize the form of hangars nationally.

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Commercial Rodelle Inc. (Formerly Custom Blending) Fort Collins, CO This 32,717 SF corporate headquarters includes office, warehouse, and manufacturing areas for the blending of various seasonings and extracts. This location serves as the company’s headquarters and houses their administrative, manufacturing, packaging, and shipping functions for the business.

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The building was specifically designed and built to meet the unique needs of this client and includes considerations to accommodate dust control, scent migration, and flammable and explosive materials. Various structural and architectural elements and materials were used to mask the industrial nature of the facility.

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Commercial OtterBox Distribution Center Fort Collins, CO This expansion project consisted of a 50,368 SF addition to an existing 25,000 SF warehouse. The project was completed in a short amount of time and minimized disruption to ongoing business. To provide passage between the new and existing

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warehouse spaces, two large sections were removed from the adjoining wall. 25 additional parking stalls were built to adjoin the existing parking lot and 14,000 SF of truck access was added for the dock doors on the south side of the building.

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Brinkman Construction

Hospitality/ Retail

We specialize in the construction of high-quality hospitality, communitybased retail, and lifestyle destinations. We have earned a reputation for expertise, efficiency, and integrity in the industry and have created strong relationships with local and national companies. Our strong background in this area allows us to pay specific attention to incorporating the innovative details of each company’s brand to help our clients customize the customer experience they are able to provide.

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Hospitality/Retail Hampton Inn & Suites Boulder, CO This 69,100 SF, LEED CertiďŹ ed Hampton Inn & Suites offers guests stylish rooms and modern amenities. The three-story hotel features a conference room, board room, pool and hot tub area, workout facility, and breakfast area. Of the 100 total rooms, 30 are suites offering additional square footage and greater

layout functionality. Sustainable features are emphasized throughout the hotel such as a solar paneled roof, on-demand boiler system, occupancy sensor lighting, and energy recovery units.

Photos by Brian Weiss/Pahl Architecture

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Hospitality/Retail Palomino Mexican Restaurant Loveland, CO This 6,080 SF ground-up, single-story, wood-framed restaurant was completed for local restaurant owners in a growing area. The finished space can hold up to 250 occupants and includes a fully operational commercial kitchen with hood and grease

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interceptor, a wrap-around bar with five flat screen televisions, large dining room and outdoor, covered patio seating area. Construction included a concrete paved parking lot.

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Hospitality/Retail St. Michael’s Town Square Greeley, CO St. Michael’s Town Square is a pedestrian-oriented town center development designed to mimic the look and feel of an authentic town square. The mixed-use buildings are positioned around a central amphitheater and park area. Each unit within the

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development is designed with a unique facade incorporating various materials and paint schemes that create the appearance of individual buildings.

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Hospitality/Retail Baseline Crossing Boulder, CO This 17,000 SF, two-building commercial inďŹ ll redevelopment project is located at the prime intersection of U.S. Highway 36 and Baseline Road. The exterior of the building plays on the

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vibrant natural backdrop and mountain scapes surrounding the project. The core/shell was build out for a 1,800 SF coffee shop and a 4,000 SF restaurant. Both spaces include a rooftop deck.

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Brinkman Construction

Tenant Finish

Brinkman Construction provides our clients with a complete array VMZLY]PJLZ[VLMÄJPLU[S`THUHNL [OLLU[PYL[LUHU[ÄUPZOWYVJLZZ From initial design and layout through completion, we work seamlessly with our clients and their staff to ensure that the project adheres to the schedule and stays on budget. Our goal is to deliver the highest value and a quality product that exceeds our clients’ expectations.

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Tenant Finish Crop Production Services Corporate Headquarters Loveland, CO This Class A, LEED Silver Certified tenant finish for Crop Production Services, a subsidiary of Agrium, includes 82,381 SF throughout three stories. This project includes high-end executive offices and boardroom meeting spaces, managers and staff offices, a granite-floored lobby, exterior patios, and break room areas with spectacular views of the Front Range.

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Unique architectural detail is seen throughout including etched glass custom floor-to-ceiling walls, decorative millwork and casework, and additional custom specialty walls. The renovation transformed the core and shell building into an aesthetically rich, yet functional, space.

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Tenant Finish Greeley Infusion Center Greeley, CO This existing one-story medical office space was modified to accommodate Greeley Medical Clinic’s oncology and rheumatology programs. The project consisted of renovations on the existing 8,200 SF (originally built in the 1950s) and the addition of 1,400 new SF that includes the center’s lobby, reception desk, and waiting area.

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The building was completely gutted and rebuilt after being ruined in a fire in July 2009. The new space includes brand new windows, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and interior finishes. Exam rooms, an infusion wing, and an outdoor healing garden were created. Elements of nature are integrated into the new design to create a peaceful, comfortable atmosphere for patients.

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Tenant Finish Harmony One Fort Collins, CO In addition to completing the core/shell work on Harmony One, Brinkman completed 100% of the interior finishes. The eight spaces made up a total of 55,000 SF. Each incorporates

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high-end finishes complementing the overall innovative design seen throughout the LEED Certified building.

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Brinkman Construction

Our Recognition

Our Commitment

Since our start, we have been honored to receive numerous business and industry awards:

Brinkman Construction recognizes that buildings have a major impact on the environment and even the smallest measures can create positive change.

Small Business of the Year Winner (2013)

Mercury 100 Award for Fastest Growing Company (2010)

Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce

Northern Colorado Business Report

#4 Mercury 100 Award for Fastest Growing Company (2012)

#5 Mercury 100 Award for Fastest Growing Company (2009)

Northern Colorado Business Report

Northern Colorado Business Report

Small Business of the Year Finalist (2012)

#1 Mercury 100 Award for Fastest Growing Company (2008)

Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce

Northern Colorado Business Report

Entrepreneur of the Year (2011)

#2 Mercury 100 Award for Fastest Growing Company (2007)

Colorado State University Everitt School of Business

We are committed to integrating smart environmental practices, internally and externally. We strive to leave as little environmental impact on the communities we build in as possible. As part of this role, we lead other businesses in the community to also adopt sustainable practices. We have established the belief that environmental stewardship is a sound economic investment and we work with our clients to create environmentally sound building solutions.

Sustainability Services: UÊ LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design™) feasibility and certification services. UÊ Green Globes® feasibility and certification services. UÊ Sustainable solutions for new and existing building owners to reduce energy and water consumption while improving tenant occupancy and reducing operating costs.

UÊ Cost/benefit analyses including the best return on investment for sustainable alternatives compared to standard building elements. UÊ Life cycle cost analysis for equipment and material purchases.

Northern Colorado Business Report

#6 Largest LEED Organization in Northern Colorado (2011) Northern Colorado Business Report

Our Sustainability Partners: Bravo Emerging Entrepreneur Award (2006) Northern Colorado Business Report

Mercury 100 Award for Fastest Growing Company (2011) Northern Colorado Business Report

Best Start-up Company of the Year Fort Collins (2005) Fort Collins Coloradoan

First Green Globes Building Initiative Award for Northern Colorado (2010) The Green Globes

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Brinkman Construction Corporate Brochure  
Brinkman Construction Corporate Brochure