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I believe simple and common objects

can be turned into something great for a house. I decorate my home, spending few dollars, with whatever I can find. Here are some of my favorite tips and ideas of decoration.

Old dressers can be turned into different original pieces of furniture. • A small dresser could become a chic buffet for your dinning room. It works perfectly in small spaces of the house because of its storage potential. • Placed either by your bed or by your sofa, a dresser can also be painted and used as a rustic end table. • You could use of creativity by transforming a dresser into a sink for your bathroom. Leave a large mirror on it and you will get a unique wash-handbasin. You can always bring outdoor items inside the house or bring inside items outside the house.


mismatched silverware? Make hooks out of them! You will breathe new life into mismatched and old flatware by turning them into useful hooks!

The bathroom ladder Instead of installing a typical metal rack bought at Wal-Mart to hold your towels (boring!), use an old ladder made of wood (that can, of course, withstand humidity) to do the job… No tools required!

Recycle! Auctions represent the opportunity to find oldfashioned objects often sold at low prizes. Here, these Wood-and-glass lockers from an old school in Pennsylvania were sold for 1000$. They have been encased inside a whitepainted lumber framework, and as you can see, the result is unique and absolutely fabulous.

Use wine glasses as

candleholders. What is better than that to cast romantic shadows at the dinner table? Simply place a candle on the top of the upside down wine glass feet. For extra romance, place a beautiful flower under each glass. Voilà!

• Placed in the living room or in the solarium, an old outdoor wicker chair looks lovely around an old farm table. • The idea of an old screen house without the top used as a trellis for a grape vine is a good way to personalised your backyard; with years, it Decoration is a passion, the possibilities for new ideas are infinite. I hope these few of mine inspired you and that will become its most special part. next time you think about trading an old table for a new one, you might want to give a second life to it. After all, reusing and recycling old pieces of furniture is very green and good for all of us.

Using recycled floor is a great way to save money and help the environment

Recycle wood! Even the simplest piece of wood can become the key accessory in your brand new contemporary kitchen.

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Renovations that PAY

Would you like to revamp your home? Different governmental programs could reduce the bill for you. Overview. BY CATHERINE GERVAIS

You think about improving the insulation of your house, changing the heating and ventilation systems, or upgrading your kitchen and your bathrooms, the Société d’Habitation du Québec (SHQ) offers multiple subventions to owners who need financial assistance for renovations of their residence. RENOVATION QUEBEC Renovation Québec is a financial assistance framework program for municipalities that wish to develop housing improvement programs in degraded residential areas. The advantage is that the renovation fees will be separated between the SHQ, the municipality and the owners. Financial assistance can be attributed for minor or major repairs to a residential building or even for the refinishing of the exterior façade. This way, in Montreal you could get a 600$ subvention to replace your front door or 2 400$ to rethink your entire

bathroom. However, in Sherbrooke, only major renovations of specific elements are admissible for financial assistance. RESIDENCES DAMAGED BY PYRRHOTITE Pyrrhotite is a brownish-bronze iron sulfide mineral, characterized by weak magnetic properties. Its presence in a house foundations can cause headaches and other discomforts. This program offers financial assistance to the owners of residential buildings with foundations that have been damaged by the presence of pyrrhotite. In order to enable the owners to get the necessary work done and to ensure the integrity of the foundations on these buildings, the SHQ finances 75% of the cost up to a maximum of 15 000$. It applies to a municipality where measureshave been put in place to avoid the risks associated with the presence of pyrrhotite in the foundations of residential buildings.


RESIDENTIAL ADAPTATION ASSISTANCE PROGRAM The SHQ offers an adaptation assistance program to help people with disabilities for their residence to be properly adapted for their particular needs and to remain in their home for longer. The financial assistance is offered to homeowners—who must therefore complete admissible work and renovations—and can get up to 23 000$ per eligible person. Additional assistance, not exceeding 10 000$, can be provided for required specialized equipment installations. If you wish to get more information on the programs go on habitation.

SAVE TWICE Managed by the minister of Natural Resources and Wild life of Quebec, the energy efficiency financial assistance program could help you in different ways. Not only that you would get financial assistance for renovations, but also see your electricity bills reduced. Learn more: http://www. A HUGE SUPPORT IN THREE STEPS 1. A first evaluation is made. You receive a report which tells you modifications needed to improve energetic efficiency of your residence. 2. You now have 18 months to bring, all or some of, the suggested modifications to your house. 3. Your home will be evaluated a second time to determine the financial assistance to be provided depending on the work done. SOME REFUNDINGS FOR A SINGLE-FAMILY HOUSE You could get between 100$ and 600$ for the attic insulation; between 150$ and 300$ to restore the house sealing by reducing air infiltration; 450$ to replace an old propane water-heater by an Energy Star instant waterheater, which heat up water only on demand.


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