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Arctic Update!

Fairbanks in the Winter‌ It is almost the end of January, how does that happen!? I thought I would send a little note out now that the holidays are behind us! Christmas and New Years were very low key events with a few close friends here in Fairbanks, but enjoyed thoroughly. Since the New Year, I have taken the time to go about a photo tour of Fairbanks and thought I would share some of my favorite shots with you

all. Most are simply nice shots of areas of my new home (above and right hand side bar), but I think my favorite excursion was one I took to a landmark that lies about 40 miles outside Fairbanks: Skinny Dicks Halfway-Inn. Yepp. You read that right. It used to be an actual Inn, but now is mostly a place to stop on your way out of town and grab a drink as well as quite a few photo opts (below). ENJOY!

Vol. 1 issue 3

To Have Finally Met Sarah… So, as most of you know, our lovely ex-governor, Mrs. Sarah Palin came out with a book. Well…My neighbor’s mom sent him a copy, and when we learned (on a Tuesday) that she would be in Wasilla on Wednesday signing books, we knew it was a place we had to be. Now, Wasilla is about a 5 ½ hour drive from Fairbanks. So we packed up after work that night, drove down to Anchorage (about an hour south of Wasilla), stayed with friends, got up super early the next morning drove back to North to Wasilla, and commenced waiting in line for about 3 hours. Look at the excitement on my face. We passed the time listening to how much others in line REALLY loved her, and reading excerpts of her book aloud to each other. In the

end though, worth it. My neighbor now has Sarah, Todd and ‘Chuck dad’ (Sarah’s Pops) signed copy of the book. And, as I think the photo below attests, He also has Todd Palin’s undying love and affection. (Look at Todd TOTALLY giving him the googly eyes. FACT.)

In a natural hot springs about an hour outside Fairbanks. It was -20 degrees Fahrenheit outside at the time!

And finally, updates on ‘real’ life… I have been nominated by the FNSB Mayor and accepted to travel to Bellevue, WA sometime in February (not sure when yet, or for how long) to check out 1811 Eastlake ( a nationally recognized ‘housing first’ unit that provides housing to chronic inebriates outside Seattle. Both Anchorage and Fairbanks, AK are looking into trying to finance the same sort of housing option, and ‘key’ members of the community are going ‘on a free fieldtrip’ to check out the groundbreaking facility. That’s right; apparently I am a ‘key’ community member. :D

I turn my back for one minute, and my cat jumps in the wood stove. Do you think he is trying to send me a message?

I fly to Anchorage in tomorrow to take place in their 7th Project Homeless Connect, and shadow the lead coordinator to help connect the dots for our first PHC here in Fairbanks on March 29th 2010. I have had my first interview with the Street Outreach Program, and am waiting on the next step. I am also looking at other opportunities that come my way, for mid-March is right around the corner, and I need a job! Within the next month I will have a new home, and a new roommate (who I can’t wait to arrive here in ALASKA!), as well as what looks like a new job to start reporting on Page 2

… until next time. Carry on.

It’s not often a chance to dress up happens in Alaska, let alone Fairbanks. Don and I took this opportunity to make sure and Practice out ‘Blue Steel’ Zoolander faces. I think we perfected it.

Krobb Update Vol. 1 Issue 3  

A little update on how My December and Janaury have been going here in the last frontier!